A/N: This is the final chapter, it is set sixteen years later and any flashbacks are in bold.

Chapter 32

Scotty sighed in frustration as he checked his watch for the umpteenth time that hour. His daughter was late, way past her curfew, and Scotty hadn't decided whether he was more scared or angry. He knew he should have stuck to his original plan of not letting Maria date until she was at least forty, but somehow his wife and daughter had teamed up and made him cave in and allow her to date that boy. The boy who he'd love to throttle if he put his hands on her body.

A lot had happened over the past sixteen years. He and Lilly still worked at separate precincts, the powers that be deciding that two detectives that were married couldn't work together out of the same precinct. His hair was also starting to turn grey, something that he wasn't too thrilled about ,even less so when Lilly refused to let him dye the greying hair black saying that the salt and pepper look was sexy. He just thought he was starting to look like a Latin Jon Stewart. He and Lilly had moved out their apartment and bought their first house just a block away from Mike and Allie. Lastly and most tragically, Boss had died. He had a heart attack one morning and never regained consciousness. They had both been left devastated as Boss had been like a father to both of them and a surrogate grandfather to their children. Then Will had retired leaving only Vera, Kat and Lilly.

Lilly was shocked when they had named her as John's replacement. She couldn't believe it, but Scotty had been thrilled. His gorgeous wife had deserved it, although Lilly hadn't been so sure.

He looked over at the family photo album beside the chair, Lilly had been flicking through it earlier and he decided to have a look through it now. He hadn't looked through it in a long time and as he turned to the first picture it made him smile.

It was a close up shot of him, Lilly and Maria at her first birthday party and she was completely covered from head to toe in chocolate cake.

Scotty carefully lowered the cake onto the dining room table and headed back into the kitchen to get the packet of candles he'd left on the bench. But before he could head back into dining room again to put the candles on the cake, he caught a glimpse of his wife. Lilly was wear that really gorgeous red dress, the one that stopped just above her knees and made her legs look even longer and sexier than normal, and her beautiful blonde hair was piled on top of her head leaving her neck and shoulders completely bare. He licked his lips and tossed the candle packet back on the table, the noise made Lilly turn around and smile at him. "Hey, there you are" Lilly said cheerily "Could you get that extra collapsible table out of the cupboard and set it up for me please? Your mother just rang and said she was bringing more food" she replied in frustration "even though I told her we have enough…..why are you looking at me like that?"

"Like what?" Scotty whispered as he walked over to her and placed his hands on the bench on either side of her, effectively trapping her.

"You're looking at me with those sexy eyes" Scotty chuckled and moved one of his hands to her waist, just under her breast and his lips brushed down her neck and along her shoulder. "Scotty, your family will be here any minute now" she replied breathlessly.

"I can be quick, let me show you"

With his free hand he started to hitch up the hem of her dress "Scotty, we can't"


He was trailing kisses down her throat when there was an almighty crash, followed by Maria's high pitched scream. The two parents panicked, picturing the worse situation they could think of, but what they saw made it hard for them not to laugh.

Little Maria had been starting to pull herself to her feet lately, using anything she could grab onto to haul herself up, pant legs, coffee tables or in this case the table cloth. The table cloth that was under the birthday cake that Scotty had just put out, the chocolate cake that was now all over the floor. The scream they heard had not been one of panic, but one of excitement as Maria pressed her little fists into the smashed up cake and started shoving it into her mouth. Lilly burst out in laughter almost collapsing on the floor, unable to remain standing.

Scotty simply shook his head and walked over to the coffee table and picked up the camera.

"Now this moment we have to get on film" he announced with a smile.

Lilly picked up her little girl, not caring that her dress was now getting covered in chocolate cake. Scotty wrapped his arm around his two girls and held out the camera in front of them before he took the picture, not sure whether or not he'd gotten them all in. "I better go give her a bath" Lilly said in amusement.

"And I better clean this up, and get Ma to pick up another cake on her way here"

They both leaned in and pressed kisses to both of Maria's little cheeks.

Scotty chuckled to himself as he remembered it had taken awhile to get the squashed chocolate cake out of the carpet. His pequeño ángel had grown up a lot since that day, and although that was not the first time she'd sprayed food all over the room, it was certainly the one he'll remember for the rest of his life.

He sighed and turned the page looking at the next photo, a picture that was taken at his mother's sixty-fifth birthday party. He had a three year old Maria in one arm and his other arm wrapped around his wife, his hand resting on the baby bump that was just visible under the shirt she was wearing.

He would always remember the day that Lilly told him he was going to be a Daddy again; it seemed like only yesterday and not thirteen years ago.

Maria giggled as she raced across the bullpen and ran full-force into Scotty's legs, tugging on his pant leg until Scotty bent down and scooped her into his arms. "Hola Papi" she said, clapping her hands together.

"Hola pequeño ángel" Scotty replied, still overjoyed that his little girl was speaking Spanish already "Where's Mummy baby?"

"She too slow" Maria replied almost dramatically.

Scotty chuckled as he saw his wife walking over to them "We need to get her one of those leash things" Lilly complained as she approached them "She like a runaway puppy"

"She doesn't run away from me" Scotty replied teasingly.

Lilly rolled her eyes "That's 'cause she's a Daddy's girl"

Scotty chuckled again and pressed a kiss to Lilly's cheek "What are you doing here anyway?"

Lilly looked around at the rest of his squad gathered around his desk and lowered her voice "Can we talk in private?" she asked.

Scotty's brow furrowed in confusion "Sure Lil"

"Do you want me to watch Maria?" Kate asked as Scotty started to guide Lilly over to the free interview room. He nodded and past over his daughter to his partner. Kate was always so good with his daughter, even babysitting her occasionally so Lilly and Scotty could have a night out alone. Maria didn't seem to mind, Kate was one of her best friends.

Scotty closed the door behind him and was starting to panic as Lilly paced back and forth in front of him. "Lil is there something wrong? You're scaring me a little; you're not here to ask for a divorce or something, are you?"

Lilly stopped dead in her tracks and scowled "Of course not" she snapped "I just got some news that I really need to tell you right away"

Scotty swallowed "Ok, so what's up?"

Lilly took a deep breath "I know that we have been talking about having more children and whenever we talked about it we always agreed that we wouldn't start trying for a few more years but…"

"But what?"

"But how do you feel about it happening sooner than that?"

Scotty thought he knew what she was telling him but he wasn't entirely sure "What are you telling me Lil?"

"I am pregnant….again"

Scotty remained silent for a few seconds and then a huge smile appeared on his face and he pulled Lilly into a hug "Really? We're having another baby?"

Lilly nodded, relief evident on her face. She had clearly thought that Scotty would be angry.

"I can't believe it, I am not sure how though. I not sure how though, we're the reason the condom industry has been booming over the past few years"

Lilly shook her head "Do you remember the celebration after you made Detective second grade last month….in the bathroom at your parent's house…."

Scotty blushed slightly at the memory of him, slightly tipsy, following Lilly into the bathroom upstairs and locking the door behind him. "Right" He replied sheepishly as the memory sunk in "…then" Lilly smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"So you're happy?"

"Hell yeah I am happy!" Scotty cried "Come on, I wanna tell everyone" he replied as he grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the interview room and back over to his squad.

Scotty sighed and turned the page and his smile increased. It was a photo of one of the best days of his entire life. It was the first picture of him and his son, Emanuel Luis Valens. Scotty was wearing hospital green scrubs, a hospital cap and holding up his little boy for the camera.

Lilly had been in labour for over seven hours now, and nothing appeared to be happening. Dr Hunter was concerned that her labour wasn't progressing as well as it should be and a quick ultrasound showed that the baby had turned around and was now presenting in a breach position. Lilly wasn't too happy when Dr Hunter suggested that she have a caesarean, but when Dr Hunter told her that the baby was struggling to maintain his heart rate, Lilly had reluctantly agreed to consent.

Scotty insisted that he be in the operating room with her and he was hurried away to change into scrubs and wash his hands. As he walked into the hospital room, a nurse helped him tie up his mask and he was offered a stool so he could sit down beside his wife.

"You look really hot in that cap and mask" Lilly announced teasingly as Scotty sat down and pushed her blonde hair off her face. Scotty chuckled "I'll make sure I take them with me when we leave"

Lilly smiled, but it didn't reach her eyes and soon it faded altogether "I am scared Scotty"

"I know me too. But Dr Hunter says he can have him out in 60 seconds if he needs too" Lilly nodded but tears were starting to form in the corner of her eyes "It's going to be ok baby" Scotty whispered reassuringly and he bent down to press a kiss to her forehead.

"Ok let's get this show on the road" Dr Hunter said as he came into the room "You're going to be fine Lilly" He added reassuringly.

Lilly took a deep breath and nodded.

Scotty waited with bated breath as he waited for the sound of his son's crying, only then would he know for sure that his niño pequeño would be ok.

He didn't have to wait long as soon the room was filled with a sharp, disgruntled cry.

"Wanna cut the cord Scotty?" A nurse asked him, holding out the scissors to him.

After his son was taken over to be cleaned off, he was brought back over to them and Scotty carefully took him in his arms, smiling down at the tiny person he and Lilly had created. "He's perfect Lil" Scotty whispered as he held the baby up so Lilly could see him.

"He looks just like his Daddy" Lilly replied with a smile, exhaustion evident in her eyes.

"You want me to take a picture?" The nurse asked as she held up the camera Scotty had brought in with him.

"Yes, please" Scotty held up his son and smiled as the nurse took a quick picture.

He knew even then that that would be the last baby he and Lilly had, she had only wanted two children but he still wished that they could have more. Even now if Lilly told him she was pregnant he'd be thrilled. The next photo he stopped on was one of Maria, getting ready for her first day of school. She had a huge smile on her face in the photo but it all changed a few minutes later.

"You look so pretty baby" Scotty said as he put the camera away and reached down to take her hand.

"You ready for your first day of school" Lilly asked as she shifted Emanuel on her hip and held out her other hand for her daughter to take.

Maria's bottom lip quivered and she shook her head rapidly "No!" she cried

Scotty squatted down to her level "What's the matter sweetie?"

"I don't want you to go" she pouted

Scotty chuckled "Oh honey, I can't stay. I have to go to work"

"Can't you stay, please?"

Scotty felt as though his heart was being ripped out, he hated seeing Maria upset. His little girl had him wrapped around her little finger and she knew that if she pouted and even cried a little she would usually get what she wanted.

Lilly was a little more immune to Maria's own version of the Ice Queen mask and gestured for Scotty to take Emanuel while Lilly had a heart to heart with her daughter "Sweetie I know you're scared" she began "Mummy was scared on her first day of school, so was Daddy"

Maria shook her head in disbelief "But you and Daddy are policemen, you're not scared of anything"

Lilly smiled and wiped a tear off Maria's cheek "Everyone gets scared sometimes"

"Really? Even Daddy? " her daughter asked

Lilly nodded "Especially Daddy" Lilly replied and Scotty scowled down at her "But you know what? All you have to do is smile and try and be brave. You'll make some friends and school won't be so scary anymore"


"Definitely" Lilly said as she kissed her daughter's cheek and gave her a quick hug "Now get in there"

Maria nodded defiantly and she turned on her heel and marched right through the front gate.

"Our little girl is all grown up" Scotty said as Lilly stood behind him, tears forming in her eyes despite the talk she had just given her daughter.

Lilly wrapped her arms around Scotty's waist and pressed a kiss to his cheek "I know" she replied.

"Come on; let's get this little one to day care before we're late" Lilly nodded and smiled weakly as she followed Scotty back to the car.

Scotty sighed again and checked his watch. She was now almost two hours past her curfew and he was starting to picture the worst things he had seen in his almost twenty year career, but this time he was picturing them happening to his little baby. Just when he was about to pick up his cell and call in a missing persons report he heard someone walking up the front steps. He breathed a sigh of relief which a second later turned to anger. He was walking towards the front door, making sure he had his angry father face on when he heard two voices on the porch.

He stopped and pushed back the curtains and looked out onto the front veranda. And there she was, his sweet baby girl, his pequeño ángel, with her arms around the waist of a tall, dark haired sleazy looking guy. He saw red, as the sleazy guy bent down to kiss his innocent daughter on the lips, and not just a friendly kiss good night either . It looked like the little asshole had his tongue down his baby's throat. He growled and flung open the front door.

Maria and the sleaze jumped apart. The sleaze looked terrified, Maria looked embarrassed, than angry.

"Daddy!" she snapped, stamping her foot.

Scotty glowed at the sleaze and he gulped "Hey….hey Mr Valens" he said as he cowered under Scotty's best intimidating a suspect look.

Maria rolled her eyes. She knew that her father was just being his usual over-protective self "Daddy, this is Juan Hernandez"

"Hernandez? As in Renato Hernandez"

"Yes sir, he's my brother"

"Didn't he get arrested for dealin' over in Fishtown?"

Juan nodded again "Yes sir, he did"

"Daddy, stop interrogating him" Maria snapped.

Maria had definitely developed her mother's ice queen glare and it was almost as scary as Lilly's. "Juan isn't anything like his brother"

"Goodnight Juan" Scotty said as he grabbed his daughter's hand and pulled her inside the house. He closed the front door and Maria rounded on him "Daddy, you just embarrassed me!" she yelled

"You promised you'd be home before 10" Scotty growled.

"And you promised you wouldn't wait up for me, so I guess we both lied" Maria turned to walk up the stairs to go to her room but Scotty stopped her. "Don't you walk away from me Maria, I am talking to you" Maria rolled her eyes and turned around "What were you doin' out with that scumbag?"

"He's not a scumbag Daddy, he's a good boy"

"Yeah right, half his family is in jail or dealin' on street corners"




"What is all the yelling about?"

Scotty and Maria, turned around to see Lilly walking down the stairs "You're going to wake Emanuel"

"Daddy just embarrassed me in front of my boyfriend" Maria said

"He is not your boyfriend Maria. You are never going to see him again" Scotty interjected

"Daddy!" Maria protested

Lilly moved to step between them "Stop it both of you, Maria go to your room"

"Mum, I didn't do anything wrong"

"Maria, don't argue, you're two hours past your curfew. Go before I decide to ground you" Maria sighed and stomped off up the stairs "And don't wake your brother"

"She is never seeing that little scumbag again if I have to lock her up 'til she's thirty!"

Lilly smiled and put her arms around her husband, pressing a kiss to his cheek "He is really not a scumbag Scotty"

"You knew that she was dating that little asshole?"

"Scotty, Juan is a good kid. He has a scholarship to Penn state next year"

"He's seventeen?"

Lilly shook her head "No, he is sixteen. He skipped a grade"


"He is going to do pre-med" she added

"Crap, I really screwed up didn't I"

Lilly smiled "Do you think that I wouldn't run a back ground check on the boyfriend of my little girl?"

Scotty chuckled "I should go apologise I guess"

"It can wait 'til tomorrow when Juan comes over for dinner and you can apologise to him too" she replied teasingly.

"Thanks" he replied sarcastically

Lilly grinned "Now are you going to come to bed?"

Scotty nodded "I'll be up in a minute"

Lilly shrugged "Ok" she walked over to the stairs and started to climb up, stopping halfway up she turned "You have five minutes before I start without you"

Scotty barely had time to register what she had just said before she was gone. Scotty didn't hesitate, he locked the front door, turned off the outside lights and was up the stairs in record time.

Lilly was already in bed when Scotty opened the door and his libido shot into overdrive. They hadn't had sex in almost two months and normally he didn't like to have sex while he knew the kids were awake but right now, he didn't care.

"What's all this about?" he asked as he started to undress.

"We are celebrating" Lilly replied.

Scotty frowned "What are we celebrating?" He asked as he crawled into bed with Lilly and started to kiss her neck.

"I found out that Captain Fox is retiring and that you're up for consideration to take over his job" Lilly said, pride evident in her voice.

"How'd you find that out?" Scotty asked as he lifted his head up and looked down at her, Lilly smiled "Vera fucking told you didn't he?"

Lilly giggled "Don't be mad at him, I used my very intimidating Boss voice" Scotty rolled off her and covered his face with his hands "Scotty I am so proud of you" Lilly replied happily.

"Don't be, it ain't going to happen"

Lilly frowned "Why not?"

Scotty sighed "Deputy Commissioner Fuller is on the selection panel Lil"


"So, your ex-boyfriend ain't going to give me the job. Especially when I was the one you had an affair with"

"Scotty, you'd make a really good captain. Besides it's been sixteen years, I am sure he is over it by now"

"I doubt it"


Scotty smiled and brushed a lock of hair from her face "'Cause if the roles were reversed and I lost you" he leant in closer to her "I would never have gotten over you"

Lilly grinned and pulled him closer, pressing her lips to his and wrapping her legs and arms around him. "You want me to talk to him for you?" She asked softly as she rolled him on top of her.

"Nah, I'll just have to prove to them that I am the only person for that job"

Lilly grinned "Well, then congratulation Captain Valens" Lilly whispered as she threaded her fingers through his salt and pepper hair. God he looked so fucking sexy with that hair she thought to herself.

"Thanks Lieutenant Rush-Valens" Scotty replied and he kissed her, tugging the blankets over them both.

The end

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