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In the attic, Chikage was sorting through ancient magic items, when out of her peripheral vision; she spied the leather-bound file containing a slightly worn, yellowed envelope. It was addressed to no one. Realising what it was, she carefully slid it out of its place…

A few days later, Kaito was absent-mindedly thinking about tricks to play on Aoko and the tantei-tachi while picking up the mail. His eyes skimmed over the paper until they came to rest on a cream-yellow (mostly cream) envelope. Slipping it out of its position in the pile, he tore it open hurriedly, curiosity getting the better of him. The letter,which was written in the black ink left specially for heist notes and was dated April 17th 2002, read:

My dear Kaito and Chikage,

Chikage, I am sorry to leave you at this early stage of Kaito's life, but the organisation has almost caught me. In precaution for the future, Kaito's future, I will make myself disappear from Japan.

You and Jii must take care of the estate, or else all our hard work will go to waste. Give the car to Kaito when he is old enough.

You must take care of Kaito until he is old enough to become part of the family business. Teach him everything you learnt from me and add your skills to that. Let Kaito find my little hiding place by himself, I am sure he will figure it out. Show this letter to him once that happens.

Kaito, you must learn everything your mother shows you. I am watching you, so never forget your poker face. I will keep hidden until it is safe to come out. Try to find me! Only a hint will suffice for the moment.

A simple arrow pointing downwards was underneath it, and this took up about a quarter of the page.It must be the hint, Kaito thought as he read on.

I leave you all the gadgets (except the car) that are in our mansion. Our family reputation is at stake against the organisation, you must beat them. I have one last secret to tell, but that will come after.

Toichi Kuroba,

1st Kaito KID. (KID doodle)

Underneath Toichi's immaculate, almost spidery, handwriting, there was a line, well disguised with the paper. A part of the paper had been folded and glued on to itself, but Toichi had deliberately left a corner sitting dog eared. Even more intrigued by the letter's message, Kaito slid his finger under the corner and folded it out. The writing continued:

My last secret is a legacy only nine of us know. Three of us once helped an angel, and that led to the angel deciding that we would be able to grant our children two powers each. You will gain Immunity and your special Card gun will be given a Boost.

The hint I promised you? It's where the jumping creatures are plentiful. There, find the riverside city of sparkling lights - also known as the most liveable city in the world. I will be near the glen, where the flowers glow.

Kaito's head was spinning. His father was alive?

Try to figure out Toichi's secret location!It will be revealed in time...

Snow is coming along…it's about half-done.

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