After The Star Has Struck

Author Notes- While I realize that this movie came out a while ago I just recently saw it and I must say that I was impressed. It is the first Disney channel original movie I have liked in a while. I had so many ideas rushing through my head so I had to find an outlet for them. I noticed that there weren't a whole lot of realistic or completed stories for this movie and I hope that my story will help leave the fans of the movie satisfied.

Chapter 1: The Dance

As the night went on Jessica noticed the stares she was getting from her fellow classmates. Some of them were looks of admiration, jealousy and others were looks of anger. She wasn't the only one to notice these looks though. Chris leaned in and whispered

"Some of them are going to hate you."
"That's quite a way to start a relationship" she whispered back.
"A relationship?" Chris asked with a smile crossing his face.
"Well I assumed that it's what you wanted after flying halfway across the country to sing to me and professing the truth on national television." Jessica smirked back with an obvious hint of sarcasm.
"I'm dating Jessica Olsen" Chris whispered aloud more to himself than anyone else.
"And I'm dating Christopher Wilde, pop star extraordinaire!" Jessica said this time donning her crazy fan girl voice.

The playful atmosphere vanished as quickly as it had come.

"What if your fans don't like me though? I have heard about the crazy hate mail and stalkers."
"What's not to like Jess? You're beautiful, smart, and funny. You're perfect." He said with sincerity
"They aren't going to think that though all that they'll see is a girl from nowhere using there star to get famous and spends your mone-" she was cut off by Christopher pressing his lips to hers.
"They can think whatever they want. You are the only one whose opinion actually matters to me."

"Ladies and Gentlemen this is the last song of the night." A voice rang over the loud speakers.

"May I have this dance?" Chris asked as pulled Jessica in closer and started swaying with her as the soft music filled the gym.
"Like I have a choice." Jess shot back with a huge smile on her face.

The song came to an end the gymnasium started to empty A few people stayed back to have Chris sign various objects for them. As Jess moved towards the exit Chris quickly caught up.

"Is there a different way out of here Jess?"
"Yeah but all those doors are locked by now, how come?"
"Let's just say that starting tonight your whole world is going to change" He stated as he grabbed her hand and led her towards the exit.
"What do you mean my world is going to change?" Jess said nervously.
"You'll see." Chris said with a sad smile.

Chris pushed open the school doors and the two were bombarded with bright flashes of light and questions being thrown at them from every direction. It was so overwhelming that you couldn't make out what was being asked or where the cameras weren't. Chris pulled Jess in towards him in a protective embrace as he carefully navigated through the sea of paparazzi.

They made it to the car that Stubby had running and waiting for the two and once inside it took off.


"Wow you really weren't kidding when you said that they were everywhere." Jess said as she leaned into Chris.
"Not even a little bit. Are you sure that you're up for this?" He asked making it clear that this was the time to back out if she wanted to.
"If I can handle a weekend with you and manage Libby Lam all in the same week I am pretty sure that I can handle a few photographers." Jess said with a smirk.

Stubby pulled into Jessica's driveway where Sarah was eagerly waiting to talk to her sister. Jessica waved for her to go inside and after a brief flash of annoyance a look of understanding crossed her face and she quickly entered the house.

Chris exited the car and quickly made his way to Jess's door. Once he had opened it and helped her out of the car they walked nervously to the front door.
"I had a great time tonight" Jess said once they had reached their destination.
"Me too, so I guess I will see you tomorrow?" Chris said ending his statement with a question.
"I would like that. Goodnight Christopher." Jess said as she turned to go inside.
Chris quickly grabbed for her wrist and gave her a kiss. "Goodnight Jessica."


With that he made his way back to the car where Stubby sat all alone. Once the vehicle had pulled out of the driveway Jess was engulfed in a hug from her sister. Sarah picked her up and spun her in circles.

"I can't believe it you're dating Christopher Wildes!" Sarah practically screamed.
"I've only been crushing on him since forever and now you have him and I get to see him and talk to him. This is so exciting!"

Sarah continue to ramble incessantly as Jessica made her way up the stairs to go to bed. She quickly grabbed her pajamas and headed toward the shower. Once she was back in her room she got into bed and wrapped herself in the blankets. As her head touched the pillow the last thought to float through her head was I am the luckiest girl alive.

An ear shattering scream rung though the house waking Jessica in a panic.

To Be Continued…

Authors Notes: So that's it for chapter one I know it was a little short but I promise the chapters will get longer. This story will be updated sporadically but It will be continued I would love to hear back from all of you so please read and review.