Category: Land before Time

Rating: T

Couples: none

Warnings: Blood, Character Death (Same level as first Movie)

Chapter: 1

Copyright: © characters and places by United Pictures; © Plot and OC by me


The earthshake had been minor, toppling only a few small trees which had quickly been cleaned up. But several of the entrances to the valley were only closed with heaps of rubble, so to ensure their safety, it was decided they should be checked up upon.

That is how Grandma Longneck found herself climbing up the path to the side of the valley where the Bright Circle touched down. She was not alone however: behind her trailed her grandson and one of his friends, the little Sharptooth named Chomper.

"What will we do when it is open?" Littlefoot asked, climbing up the path beside her. Chomper followed the young longneck. He had grown over time, now being nearly the height of Ruby.

"We will warn the others and close it." She raised her neck, checking whether she could see the entrance already. "But it is unlikely it'll come that far: the rock above is brittle and the slightest tremor can cause it to collapse."

"Oh…" Littlefoot looked back into the valley, seeing the long neck of his grandfather in the distance.

"Oh dear…" His grandmother said, looking over some stones on the ground. It were strange stones unlike any he had seen ever before: they had a dark sand-color and there were imprints of shells on them.

"What are those?" Chomper picked one up, studying it.

"These are stones from the ravine we're checking. If they are this far away it means that at least part of the blockade has collapsed." The older longneck started walking again, this time a bit faster as before. "Quickly now."

She gasped when she saw the ravine: the rubble had collapsed completely, while the surrounding rock had not, leaving a small hill even the clumsiest Dinosaur could climb across.

"Chomper, do you smell anything?" She looked down on the small Sharptooth who obediently scanned the air.

"No, nothing." He said after a while. "But that only means there have been no Sharpteeth lately."

"I understand. Both of you stay here, I'll go and check." Grandma Longneck carefully crossed the rubble, gingerly approaching the other end.

There was no sound, but that did not mean there were no dangers outside. Sharpteeth did not always roar before attacking. She steeled herself, stepping out into the Mysterious Beyond.

She looked around, each of her muscles tensed.

She whipped around at the sound of a hiss, her eyes widening when she saw Fast Biters.

"Children, run!" She called back through the ravine.

"Grandma!" Littlefoot answered her.

"Go, warn the others!" She had no time to check whether they had listened to her as more Fast Biters poured from between the surrounding rocks. She snarled as they started to screech at her, baring their teeth.


The two boys ran as fast as they could down the mountain-side. Littlefoot all too well remembered the tone of voice his grandmother had used; he had heard it before when his mother had saved him and Cera from the Sharptooth which killed her. He did not want to draw any more parallels though: it simply couldn't happen again.

"Grandpa!" The older longneck turned as he heard the desperate voice of his grandson.

"Littlefoot, what is it?" Grandpa Longneck lowered his head to face the two panting youngsters. He recalled that the two of them had joined Grandma Longneck and he was almost afraid to wonder why she wasn't with them.

"Ravine open…" The boy panted. "Told us… to run…"

The old one looked up, feeling dread rise in his heart when he realized how far away he was from his mate.

Several other grown-ups joined him while Petrie's mother flew ahead. Soon enough she returned, just as they were half-way up the mountain-side.

"There are about a dozen Fast Biters. She's holding her own, but her strength is giving way." The flyer flew over them, worry in her face. "We'll have to hurry."

The longneck's face hardened as he sped up. He had a terrible feeling they would be too late.

"No!" He screamed as he saw the ravine. On the other side a longneck was balancing on her hind-legs, towering far above any other dinosaur. Her back was to him, but he could recognize her even in the dark: his mate. She turned her head to look at him, weakly smiling and allowed herself to lose her balance. Over 20 tons of massive muscle crashed against the side of the ravine. The Earthshake had not caused the walls to collapse, but the weight of the adult longneck most certainly did.

The last he saw of her was her body on the ground with Fast Biters approaching the unmoving longneck. Then there was only rubble and dust.