"I can't belive it. All this time, they hated me...why couldn't they have told me? Instead they just play me for a fool." Throat tightening as tears poured down her face, Kitty stopped running and landed on a bench. She had been running for about thirty minutes not stopping for anything in her way, just phasing through it. At this moment she didn't care if anyone witnessed her "gift", she just wanted to be away...away from all the hurt. Burying her face in her hands, she thought back to what had taken place.


"Hey, like, Kur-" Kitty was cut off as Kurt pulled her down to the ground. He quickly covered her mouth giving her the silence signal.

"Sshhh! Zey are talking! I am trying to listen."

Kitty got the hint and crouched down next to him, listening to a conversation. She scrunched up her nose as she tried placing the voices, they seemed familar yet different. Jean was there, as was Scott, Rogue, Bobby, and Evan. The conversation seemed mildly serious.

"Yeesh Scott. Lighten up a bit. I swear, man, I didn't mean to."

"Evan you have to follow the rules around here. No skateboarding in the Professors's study. You are lucky he didn't catch you."

"Man, why don't you throw a tantrum at Kitty? She is dating, or was, a Brotherhood member. That is just as bad if not worse."

Jean was rubbing her temples, preparing for the major headache about to come. "He didn't yell at Kitty because technically there is no law against that."

"That's it man, I'm outta here." Skating away, Evan fumed at getting in trouble.

Kitty and Kurt stiffled giggles when they found out that Evan skated in the Prof's study. He was lucky for not getting caught. The conversation took a turn as Scott spoke again.

"I only let her date the Brotherhood to get her out of my hair."


"Don't you Scott me Jean, it is true. That is also why you supported it too if I remember correctly."

Bobby decided to interject here, "Ya Jean, she is, like, way annoying." He imitated her voice.

Kurt was horrified, but he kept listening while his ears twitched. He couldn't bring himself to look at Kitty right then and there. How the conversation got turned so quickly, he had no clue.

"Bobby, you know she doesn't mean to be annoying," Oh great now Jean was in on it too, "she just has that personality about her."

"Oh, Ah thinks she means to be annoying. Y'all have no clue what Ah hafta put up with while sharing a room with her. If she says -like- one more time, Ah'll strangle that pink right outta her." Rogue clenched her fist as she spoke.

Kitty just listened dumbfounded. 'I can't believe they feel that way about me.' She turned her head to Kurt, to find his yellow eyes focused on the group beyond, 'Is that what he thinks too? Am I really that bad...'

Kurt glanced out of the corner of his eye to see Kitty getting up from her crouching position. She glanced at the group before abruptly turning away. Not quite believing what he had heard, he watched her go. Twisting his head back to the accursed little group, his eyes suddenly were set ablaze with anger.

"Guys, the professor wants us to treat everyone kindly. Talking behind their backs cannot be an example of that." Jean glimpsed at the bush behind them. She could sense thoughts being crowded there but couldn't quite tell who it was.

"Whatever Jean, c'mon Scott. You promised to let me drive your car." Bobby began tugging at Scott's arm.

Kitty had stopped running and decided to watch a little more of this. It was sickening how they all left in ones and twos after they completely dissed her. Kurt was still laying low behind the bush. She couldn't tell what his reactions were to the conversation, his back was turned to her. Letting out a long sigh, she began running again, towards the park.

***End Flashback***

Memories flooded through her and she sat crying harder then ever. She did not notice as someone walked up to her, nor when they put their arm around her. The figure just sat there holding her like a small child, waiting for a perfect moment to speak. Finally it came just as she was drifting off into a sleep.

"Why don't you come home with me for today."
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