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I've Started a new New York Undercover its called NYU Up-Close and Personal.

Instead of having more cop stuff than personal stuff my stories are mostly

about the personal lives of the NYU characters. Sometimes there is the cop

stuff when it ties into the story. So I hope you enjoy.

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NYU Up-Close and Personal Episode 1: Is this Real?

Prologue: Its 2001 which is three years since Eddie died. Even though Nina

said that she couldn't handle a relationship with JC she has decided that

she is ready to date JC. Melissa is living with her and attends Woodbridge

with G. She is 13 and will be 14 soon and G is 15. Melissa and G get along

but G feels it is his duty to watch over Melissa at school. Melissa can't

stand it so they fight a lot, but deep down they love each other. Nina and

JC have been dating for about 6 months so there relationship is getting

serious. Guys don't get mad because all stories pay off in the end.

Scene 1 at the Williams residence the front door opens and G and Melissa

enter the apartment.

G: (he is yelling) Dad we're here

Melissa: Yea and we brought breakfast

Cut to G and Melissa opening the door to JC's room. JC and Nina are in the


G: (G groans) Not again

Melissa: (Melissa is stunned) Uhhh.... anyone want a bagel?

JC and Nina: Get out!

Melissa and Nina are in the car

Nina: we should talk about this

Melissa: you know we really don't have to because frankly I could have went

my whole life without seeing that.

Nina: so you're not upset are you?

Melissa: well I knew you were like dating and all that but it's just a little

weird that you're sleeping with G's dad.

Nina: Melissa!

Melissa: It's fine with me but I don't think G likes it.

Nina: why not?

Melissa: he won't say but I think it has something to do with Eddie

Nina: well how do you feel about it

Melissa: well I saw Eddie like once so I don't know him but if I did I think

I would be a little uncomfortable. (She sees Nina getting a little

disappointed) look Mom if you like somebody I say go for it. I mean you

can' t keep punishing yourself for something your not responsible for. You

can date hundreds of guys but if JC is the one then your never going to be

completely happy with any of those guys. G likes you and he'll get over it.

I'll talk to him I promise mom.

You deserve to be happy okay.

Nina: (smiling) how'd did you get so smart.

Melissa: You I guess.

Scene 2: at Natalies Nina and JC are at a table and Alicia Key's Fallin is


JC: Whats wrong?

Nina: does G hate me?

JC: (he laughs a little) why would you say that?

Nina: because Melissa says he is uncomfortable and I don' t want him to

dislike me

JC: No he likes you maybe a little too much

Nina: (smiling) you worried I'll leave you for your cute 15 year old son?

Well you shouldn't because it runs in the family.

JC: so I'm cute know huh?

Nina: and sexy

JC: that's what I want to here, you want to get out of here

Nina: yea but I shouldn't leave Melissa and her friend alone for too long I

promised I'd take them shopping.

JC: (he grins) that's fine this won't take long.

Nina: (smiling) what did you have in mine?

JC: you'll have to come and see.

Switch to the entrance of Natalie's Eddie is standing there watching Nina

and JC leave. He leaves quickly so they won't see him. He gets in his car

and watches JC open the car door for Nina. JC and Nina pull off. Eddie pulls

out his cell phone and begins to dial.

Eddie: yea is this Julie

Julie: what's wrong?

Eddie: Whats up with JC and my wife

Julie: look your just imaging things they've gotten close over the years

they're partners and best friends just chill.

Eddie: are you sure

Julie: she wouldn't do that to you.

Eddie: did you send the two packages

Julie: yea they should get them today

Eddie: good I'm sick of living like this I'll never do this again nothing is

more important than Nina and our love.

Scene 3 at the Moreno residence Melissa and a girl who is mixed with black

and Hispanic are watching television. Nina is in the Kitchen she opens the

fridge and get bottled water out. She is about to open it when she

notices a manila envelope on the table. She opens it and start to scan the

letter and things inside. Nina walks into the living room where Melissa is.

Nina: When did this come

Melissa: today

Nina: are you sure

Melissa: yea

Nina grabs her coat

Melissa: wait Mom you promised to take me and Carlyn shopping.

Nina: I know but this is really important

Melissa: yea and so is spending time with me

Nina: (she hands Melissa card) take my credit card and take a cab not the

subway and be back by nine

Melissa: are you serious

Nina: yes Melissa I'm trusting you don't blow it

Melissa: Okay (Nina goes to leave) wait mom is everything okay you look

nervous and kinda scared

Nina: yea sweetie I'm fine

Melissa: okay see ya

Nina: bye (Nina leaves)

Carlyn: your Mom is so cool Melissa

Melissa: yea I know but something's wrong

Carlyn: how do you know

Melissa: cause she never calls me sweetie

Carlyn: well if you follow her you'll get grounded

Melissa: I know but it's worth it

Carlyn: look lets go out first and if she not her when we call we will go

and find her it may be nothing

Melissa: yea your right lets go. Besides when will I ever get her credit

card again.

Scene 4: at the 4th precinct two car pull up at the same time JC gets out of

one and Nina gets out of the other.

Nina: did you get one of these (Nina holds up a manila folder)

JC: yea this shit isn't funny

Nina: you think its a joke?

JC: It has to be because this is impossible.

Nina: come on.

Cut to Nina and JC in Cooper's office.

Cooper: well its been awhile detectives.

Nina: Hi Lu.

JC: Do you have any idea of what's going on.

Cooper: Well I did get a phone call with someone disguising their voice.

Whoever it was said to wait for further details. Now I got permission from

Barker to have you on this case I thought it would be wrong not to but if

this is too much just tell me.

JC: No because if Eddie is alive I wanna know and if someone is playing a

joke I want to nail there asses to the wall.

Cooper: I guess it left up to you Nina. Are you game?

Nina: hell yea

JC: alright lets do this

Scene5: at a department store Melissa and Carlyn are looking at some clothes

Melissa: I wonder if my mom will let me have a sleepover

Carlyn: that would be really cool. So I saw you talking to Chase McDaniel

after school

Melissa: so

Carlyn: so he is like the cutest boy in school

Melissa: whatever we just decided that we were going to play basketball

together on Saturday

Carlyn: You mean at the two on two tournament

Melissa: Uh huh it has to be a girl boy team.

Carlyn: cool but who is G going to play with

Melissa: well I think Marinee wants to play with him and we don't have to do

everything together.

Carlyn: but he is like your big brother he's not going to let you play with


Melissa: Screw him I playing with Chase on Saturday

Eddie is watching Melissa in the store and begins and is talking on the


Eddie: do you think she will know who I am

Julie: no she saw you when she got kidnapped and most kids block out bad

memories. Just pretend to bump into her and say hi

Eddie: okay

Melissa and Carlyn are about to walk out of the store when Eddie bumps into

Melissa and she drops her bag.

Eddie: (Eddie picks the bag up) Sorry

Melissa: (she is taking the bags from him) Oh thats okay (she stands up

and looks at him Melissa closes her eyes and flashes back to seeing Eddie in

the warehouse where she was hidden) Oh my God!

Carlyn: what's wrong Melissa

Eddie: (he touches her shoulder) are you okay

Melissa: get the hell off of me come on Carlyn (Melissa pulls Carlyn's arm

and they begin to run off)

Cut to the street outside the store

Carlyn: Melissa you didn't have to curse at the man why did you freak out

back there is something wrong?

Melissa: (as if she just came out of a daze) I'm fine I just need to get

away from here and I need to get home to check something.

Carlyn: what do you need to check

Melissa: I need a picture of Eddie

Carlyn: huh isn't that your mom's husband

Melissa: yea I can't remember but I think that was him

Carlyn: M think about what your saying you told me he blew up in a

Melissa: Car I know but I swear I just saw him (Melissa is almost in tears)

Carlyn: (seeing that she is getting upset) Okay Melissa look if he is Eddie

or someone pretended to be him then someone is up to no good we shouldn't go

back home we should find your mom.

Melissa: your right (Melissa pulls out her cell phone and begins to dial )

Nina: hello

Melissa: Mom

Nina: Melissa what's wrong

Melissa: Mom something weird is going on because I swear I just saw Eddie

and I'm really scared

Nina: are you serious?

Melissa: this is crazy

Nina: Okay where are you

Melissa: I'm in front of the Gap

Nina: thats close to JC's house and G should be there

Melissa: Okay I'm on my way

Nina: Melissa I'll meet you but it will take awhile because I'm on the other

side of town

Melissa: I'm cool I can handle this

Nina: alright be careful I love you

Melissa: Me too bye

Carlyn: What did she say

Melissa: It's not what she said its what she didn't say. She wasn't surprised

which something's going on.

Scene 6:at the Williams residence Melissa is sitting on the couch beside

Carlyn and G is standing.

G: you know you probably didn't see him

Melissa: I know what I saw

G: your crazy I went to his funeral

Melissa: Oh and just because you went to his funeral you know right? Tell me

G did you see his body?

G: you know they wouldn't show that stuff

Melissa: well then shut up I'm sick of you always telling me what to do and

what to think

Carlyn: Okay both of you just calm down lets just wait till Nina and JC get


Melissa and G are looking each other dead in the eye and there is a knock at

the door

Melissa: that can't be my mom or your dad because they have a key

G: look both of you should go in the back and pretend like your not here

Melissa: no way Carlyn can go in the back but I won't leave you

Carlyn: well if Melissa is staying so am I

G: fine (someone knocks again G look through the peep hole) I don't believe

it..... its him..... its Eddie

Melissa: let him in

G: are you crazy he could hurt us and you don't know if thats really him

Melissa: G I'm not afraid of him

G: Melissa just because you just got you black belt doesn't mean your


Melissa: I can handle it let him in

G: my father is going to kill me for this ( he opens the door Eddie walks


Eddie: you guys don't be afraid I won't hurt you

Melissa: thats too bad because I plan to hurt you

Eddie: look I didn't mean too scare you in the store and I understand if

your mad

Melissa: I don't care about that but do you have any idea what you've done

to my mother

and since your being so understanding please understand why I plan too kill


Carlyn: Melissa calm down you don't know what he is capable of

Eddie: I'm not going to hurt anyone and Melissa I love your Mother with all

my heart

Melissa: I don't doubt that but you are going to break her heart all over

again I see her when she looks at your pictures she looks like she has so

many great memories inside but she is still hurt because she had to live

without you and Eddie if you look in her eyes you'll see the hurt too. She's

finally moving on so excuse me for not wanting you to bring all that pain


Nina and JC walk in

Nina: Melissa are you - Oh my God (she is looking at Eddie)

JC: Yo Ed what the hell is this man

Nina: (almost in tears) I don't need this Carlyn I should take you home

Melissa lets go

Eddie: Nina wait can we talk

Nina: you should have thought about that before you decided to play whatever

game it is that your playing.

Eddie: I didn't have a choice

Nina: (Nina is looking straight in Eddie's eyes) There's always a choice.

Melissa, lets go

Melissa: Wait Mom maybe you should stay and talk

Nina: I said lets go and I mean it now come on

Melissa: But I just thought

Nina:( Nina looks angry) Well you thought wrong now I'm not going to argue


Melissa looks at Eddie and walks out with Carlyn and Nina

Scene 7 at Woodbridge Melissa is on the basketball court with Carlyn and

some other friends

Eddie walks up.

Eddie: Melissa can I talk to you for a minute

Melissa begins to walk towards Eddie

Carlyn: (she grabs Melissa) are your crazy your Mom said not to talk to him

Melissa: Carlyn its cool what she doesn't know won't hurt her (Melissa walks

over to Eddie)

Eddie: hey

Melissa: Carlyn Mom is picking us up and she'll flip if she sees you and I

know she'll tell my mom.

Eddie: well do you have to go home with Carlyn. I could take you

Melissa: Why?

Eddie: because I think we should talk

Melissa: hold on ( Melissa runs over to Carlyn and says something to her and

walks back)

I told her I was riding with G so lets go on the other side of the school.

Eddie: I got a better idea why don't you pretend to walk around the school

and meet me at the next block

Melissa: Okay cool

Scene 8 at a diner Melissa has a drink in front of her and Eddie is sitting

across from her.

Eddie: Are you sure you don't want a hamburger or something?

Melissa: I'm sure, I thought we came here to talk not to eat

Eddie: your right

Melissa: So you gonna talk or what?

Eddie: before your mom got there you were dead set on doing bodily harm to

me. What changed your mine.

Melissa: Well for one my mom looked at you with those ice cold eyes that she

gets when shes pissed. And anyone who gets that look deserves mercy.

Eddie: I don't think you should say pissed

Melissa: And I don't think you should play dead now you gonna let me finish?

Eddie: go ahead

Melissa: and then I got to thinking for whatever reason you did what you did

it must have been hard not being able to see the women you wanted to spend

the rest of your life with.

Eddie: you thought this up in a matter of 30 seconds

Melissa: basically

Eddie:( he laughs and then Melissa laughs) its good to see you can actually


Melissa: I'm not as mean as you think I am. I'm just protecting her

Eddie: Yea I know

Melissa ( she looks at Eddie thoughtfully and smiles) I'm glad you


Eddie: so what do I do we both know she doesn't want to talk to me.

Melissa: don't take no for an answer be aggressive but not to aggressive

you might get hurt.

Eddie: your probably right.

Melissa: make her talk to you tell your sorry and make her understand that

even though you made a huge mistake you can't change the past.

Eddie: thats good stuff, but what if she is dating someone

Melissa: ( she pauses) Um

Eddie: she is dating someone isn't she?

Melissa: that doesn't matter you were married to her obviously she loved you

a whole lot more than any guy she's dating

Eddie: I guess your right

Melissa: ( looking at her watch) I should go its getting late and if my mom

finds out she'll be piss-- I mean mad (Eddie smiles)

Eddie: you want me to drive you

Melissa: Its not dark yet I can go alone besides I don't want to risk my mom

seeing you.

Eddie: thanks Melissa

Melissa: it was nothing besides I didn't do it for you I want my mom to be

happy cause she's really important to me

Eddie: and I bet she feels the same about you too

Melissa: Yea but I think your at the top of her list now don't let your

chance slip away ( she smiles and walks away)

Eddie smiles to hm self and runs his hands through his hair and watches

Melissa leave.

Scene 9: At the Moreno residence the front door opens and Melissa enters she

begins to walk in to the living room , but sees Nina sittng in there looking

a little upset so she turns and walks to her room

Nina: hold it

cut to Melissa rolling her eyes and walking back to were Nina is

Melissa ( trying to smile) What's wrong?

Nina: Don't play that game with me where were you

Melissa: With G

Nina: that's funny because I just talk to G and he is on his way to his

mother's house

Melissa: Oh

Nina: you might want to make a note to yourself that when you lie you

should check with the other person before saying your with them

Melissa: (Melissa sighs and speaks sacastically) Okay Mom I'll be sure to

write that down in my handy dandy notebook.

Nina: What the hell is wrong with you I have always trusted you if you

wanted to go somewhere with your friends then all you had to do was ask.

Melissa: I know I just didn't think you'd understand

Nina: Melissa I use to sneak out and do stupid stuff because my parents were

strict and I felt like they didn't understand me,I don't want you to feel

that way.

Melissa: I don't

Nina: well then what is

Melissa: your always comparing me to you I'm not the same person you don't

even listen to what I have to say you think you treat me like an adult but

that's only when its convient for you.( Melissa begins to walk away but then

looks at Nina who's eyes are glassy )

Melissa: ( in a softer tone) I just don't want to tell you ever little

detail of my life because half the time its not even important.

Nina: fine, but what happened are you upset about something ( Melissa looks

away) Please talk to me.

Melissa:(she sighs) Look the other day when we were at JC' house you treated

me like I was two. You've always talked to me about stuff and now your

pretending nothing happened like it was all a dream. I don't expect you to

talk about everything that goes on because your my mom, but this affects me

too. And I gotta tell you this sucks. ( Nina laughs)

Nina: I know but I just don't know what to say right now or muchless what to

do. I mean I'm I supposed to pretend that I'm still married to him or what?

Melissa: I guess it is kind of weird ( she pauses and begins to speak really

fast) What I'm about to say I know I'm gonna regret because all probably end

up grounded but I'll feel really bad if I don't so her goes: Eddie can to my

school today

Nina: What!?

Melissa: That's not all I meet him at a diner and we talked(Nina is not

saying anything but she looks angry) Mom please say something

Nina: (calmly) Melissa I really don't think I should talk to you now because

I don't know what I might say. I think you should go to bed.

Melissa:( she looks a little afraid) Mom-

Nina: (Nina is yelling)Go! (Melissa leaves)

Scene: 9

At the Moreno residence. There is a knock at the Door. Cut to Nina opening

the door. On the other side is Eddie.

Nina: I can't believe you have the audacity to show up here after

practically kidnapping my kid.

Eddie: Look I'm sorry. I just felt like you were shutting me out and I

couldn't take it. I have been living like this for three years.

Nina: Lets get one thing straight you chose to leave. So this is all you

don't try to put it on me.

Eddie: I'm not blaming you. I made a mistake people make mistakes.

Nina: Yea your right and some you don't forgive. Do you have any idea what

the first 6 months of my life where like when you were so called dead?

Eddie: Nina...

Nina: No let me finish. Eddie I couldn't eat, sleep, hell I couldn't even

sleep. I wanted to die. Living meet nothing to me. I felt so alone.

Eddie: What changed it?

Nina: Melissa and then my mom and JC where there.

Eddie: I don't what to say I didn't know you be in so much pain

Nina: Eddie you were the only one I wanted to be with. The love of my

life. And now all I can think is I must have done something wrong to make

you leave me. Because I would have done anything to wake up next to you


Eddie: Nina we can have all that again just trust me let me be there for


Nina: I can't I just want this to go away( tears are falling) I just want

my life to be back to like it was a week ago.

Eddie: If you can look me in my eyes and tell me that you don't love me I'll

go away. If you can tell me that there is nothing there then this will all

be over in an instance. I leave and you can go on with your life. Just say

the word.

Nina: (crying) you know I can't

Eddie: (he touches Nina's cheek and wipes some of her tears away.) God I

love you

Nina: I love you too. ( Eddie leans in to kiss Nina but she stops him)

wait. You have to go slow okay. I don't know if I'm ready for this.

Eddie: Anything you want I only want you to be happy. I don't want you to

feel pressured. Just tell me if ...

Nina: Eddie, shut up and kiss me.

Eddie looks at Nina and takes her hands. They kiss . Cut to Melissa spying

on them and smiling to herself.

Fade to black.

On the next NYU Up-Close and Personal: Nina has to find a way to tell J.C.

About her and Eddie. But while she is spending so much time trying to tell

him will Eddie find out there past relationship on his own or will J.C. tell

him out of spite. Look out for the next episode.