My first fanfiction with an OC. I hope you all like it. This is a request story by Just a Vaati Fan girl.



A loud crash was heard in the middle of the park. It was late in the evening so there was no one around to hear it. Except for a few tramps who didn't pay any attention, they only focused on the booze they were currently drinking.

But what made the crash and why did it happen? Only the first question could be answered by a certain redhead. At the moment he was lying face first on the hard ground of a path. A path he didn't recognize and he definitely didn't know what kind of material it was made off. All he knew was that it was hard and it scratched open his face. It hurt like hell.

Wait it hurts? The redhead thought. It had been a long time since he last felt pain, but how could he be feeling it now? He slowly looked up at the sky and saw the broken branches which he had cracked when he fell through them. He shouldn't have survived such a fall, but all he could feel was a few scratches and bruises. He would definitely make it out alive.

He tried to remember what happened before. What had made him like this? He was human again and he didn't recall ever asking for it. He had been fighting his granny and that pink headed brat. He had been winning right until the last blow. His granny had pierced his heart with a sword. He should have died, but instead he was here very much alive.

He took another glance around, but stopped his movement when he heard footsteps. Someone was coming and he needed to defend himself. He tried making chakrastrings, but his fingers did nothing. Confused he tried flicking them, but still nothing. He was never going to make it through this if he couldn't defend himself. He tried getting up, but his body didn't listen to him. Of course being a puppet for so long didn't help. He didn't even know how to move his own body.

The footsteps came closer and closer, tapping on the hard ground with every pace. It was just one pair of feet and they sound they made weren't too loud. It should be a child or a female, the redhead thought, maybe a small male.

The person was now a few paces behind him and he started to feel anxious. What was about to come? The footsteps slowed down, like the person was unsure what to do. Maybe the person recognized who I was and is now scared to come any closer, he thought, smiling his evil smirk.

'Are you alright?' a woman asked hesitatingly.

He turned his head towards the noise and saw indeed a female, but a young one still. About the age of that pink headed brat. Great, another brat he had to take care of. She was standing by his feet and the light of the streetlamp just missed her face. He still couldn't see what she looked like.

She took a small step forward and he could now see some soft features, nothing more. 'Did you fall down? Do you need any help?' she asked.

'Well, you could help me get up, brat,' he said with a sneer. His eyes narrowed in anger at her, but she didn't even budge. She just kept looking at him, annoyance seeping through her careful face.

'Excuse me, you should be nicer to the people who want to help you. And who are you calling a brat anyway, you're barely a year older than me.' She stood straight up and crossed her arms. She wasn't about to help him now.

Her face was again hidden from light and it annoyed the puppetmaster. He looked away from her and tried getting up himself again to no avail.

'You're very stubborn aren't you.' Suddenly two pair of arms were around his chest and together they got him standing up. He dusted of his clothes before looking at her again. Finally he could see her face. Brown hair was tied in a ponytail and bangs were all messy on her forehead, hazelnut colored eyes, a small sharp nose and plump pink lips. She was nothing special, very ordinary actually.

Her eyes glanced at his clothing and his did the same. At the end they were both looking at it like it belonged to someone going to a dress up party.

After the girl snapped out if it, she extended her hand towards his in a means of shaking it. After a few long moments he grabbed her hand and shook it lightly.

'I'm Kimberly,' she said, smiling a bit.

'I'm Sasori of the red sand.'

She gave him a bewildered look, but left the comment hanging. She already thought he was drunk, so this wasn't too out of the ordinary.

He flicked his fingers again, trying to make chakra strings, but still nothing. He couldn't even feel his chakra anymore.

'Where is my damn chakra,' he said angrily.

She raised an eyebrow. 'What? You're a yoga teacher or something?' They gave each other funny looks until Kimberly had enough of it. 'You know what, my parents aren't home right now, so why don't you come with me. I'll clean you up and give you some normal clothes.' She gave it a weird look again, making Sasori look at it as well. It was still his Akatsuki robe, what's so weird about that?

'Follow me,' she motioned for him to come and walked on on the hard ground. He should ask her what kind of material it was sometime, but first better follow her. A servant is always nice, especially in these sort of situations.

Characters © Masashi Kishimoto