After they had eaten the rest of their food in peace and Sasori had decided that the greasy stuff was the best thing he had ever tasted, they left the place. Sasori was rambling something about how the food they just ate really was something special and how it differs from the stuff he had eaten when he was a kid. Kimberly just listened, smiling once in a while. Somehow they ended up holding hands as they walked through the mall. Kimberly didn't even notice until she felt his fingers squeeze hers a bit. He was still talking about the food and hadn't even noticed himself. Kimberly started blushing heavily and only then did Sasori notice the handholding. He turned just as red as she and they both looked away from each other, but never released the other's hand.

An awkward silence started slipping in and together with the fact that they weren't really going somewhere, made it even worse. Sasori was contemplating if he should ask her out now or if he should wait a little longer. Somehow waiting seemed better now, but he wasn't sure why. There was no reason for it to be better, only worse. Why would his body tell him it would be better to wait? Was he scared? He couldn't be scared. He never had been scared before, ever. Not even when death was staring him in the eye. But now he found himself scared of this little girl he would have destroyed when he was still in his old form. He wouldn't even have bothered with getting to know her. Maybe he had been really flawed back then, but at least he would have had the guts to ask her something.

Suddenly a pair of arms were around his neck and he was pulled back by someone. He had to release Kimberly's hand and confused she turned around to where he was standing. Her eyes narrowed and then she turned her head away, hurt flashing through her eyes. Sasori still didn't know who was holding him from behind, but it couldn't be good.

And then he heard the voice. 'Sassy, what are you doing with that little twat? You should hang out with us,' Jenny said, turning him around and now placing her hands on his waist. Why was she so close? He just kept his hands at his side.

'Don't call me Sassy,' was the only thing he said in a monotone voice. Why couldn't this girl just leave him alone? He had never shown any interest in her and she was just plain out annoying.

She lust flat out ignored his comment and continued whining about him coming with them. He didn't even know who the them was, but he didn't really care either. 'Come on, Sassy. We're going to the movies, you should come with us. You can sit next to me and we will share popcorn and maybe something else.' She did some weird pouting with her lip and winked at him. Was she trying to look like a duck or something?

He took her hands from as back and she thought he was going to take her hand, but instead he pushed her a step back, out of his comfort zone. 'I think I'll pass. I was spending my day with someone else you know, the one you've been ignoring completely.' He pointed Kimberly out, but she just rolled her eyes at him. Like Jenny would want to talk to her now. That girl hated her and only god knew why. Jenny didn't have a reason to hate her, but what could she do about it. Hate Jenny as much as Jenny hated her, that's what she could do about it.

'Ah, but Sas, you can have so much fun with us. Just ditch the loser and we can go see that movie.' Jenny was still smiling like she was the nicest person on earth, even though she just said something horrible. How can some people think so highly off themselves?

Sasori's knuckles turned white as he balled his hands into fists. 'I'm not sure who the loser is of the two of you. She's at least not as stupid as you to think that you can lure me in by making yourself appear better then another. And she's also a lot smarter than you, but I guess you don't need that. You probably have your ways with the teachers too.' He turned around and grabbed Kimberly's sleeve, pulling her away from the group.

Jenny looked like she just got slapped in the face and also like she understood only half of it. Yeah, she really wasn't that smart. Kimberly was giggling behind her hand, but didn't comment further. Sasori's face still was scrunched up in anger and she didn't need him to explode on her.

Sasori was still pulling her somewhere and he didn't even know where, but suddenly they found themselves in front of the escalator again. So these things also went down… He would do it faster now. He took a deep breath and stepped on the first step. Immediately it pulled him down, taking Kimberly with him too.

Kimberly was trying to take her wrist out of his firm grip and slowly slipped out of his hand. When he noticed his hand was empty, he lifted it up and looked at it as if it was the strangest thing he had ever seen. He was really out of it. Kimberly rolled her eyes at his behavior and stood next to him on the escalator, taking his hand back in hers. Again they were holding hands, but now because Kimberly wanted to. Sasori was now staring at her while she pulled them towards the exit. They had shopped enough and they needed to work again tonight. They better get back and drop off the stuff they bought.

It was still raining outside and Kimberly didn't really want to get back, so she went to a little shop that sold souvenirs. She didn't understand why they had one in the first place, but at least they also sold umbrellas and that would be perfect.

Sasori was still standing in front of the main exist, trying to see what she was doing in the little shop. When she came back with a sweet smile on her face and the umbrella up in the air, he couldn't help but laugh.

She stood beside him and opened the umbrella. They barely fitted under it together, but if they walked close enough to each other, they were both fine. It felt kind of strange being this close, but somehow also a little right. Sasori liked how warm she felt against the side of his arm. They were both blushing a bit, but kept a close hold on each other.

The streets were deserted, people staying inside when it rained this much. Probably smart since their legs were still getting wet. Sasori's jeans were sticking against his leg and it felt gross. The world looked awfully grey like this. The buildings sadly dripping down the rain. Somehow it was also a bit peaceful. Now that no one was around, he really was alone with Kimberly in complete silence except for the rain hitting the pavement.

Suddenly Sasori found this the perfect time to ask her out. He would give her the little puppet and then tell her he wanted to take her out. He could use Jenny's idea and take her to the movies. He had never been to one, but they also had them in his world. Deidara talked about it sometimes when he had seen a really good one. He liked the action movies, because they were filled with explosions. So they wouldn't be going to an action movie, but what would he take her to then. He hadn't planned this out right, but he had to ask. He could figure it all out later if the stress wouldn't have killed him by then.

He stopped in his tracks and Kimberly also stopped since she would get wet if she didn't. Sasori was the one holding the umbrella. She looked at him a bit confused. They didn't really have the time to hang around and it wasn't really the weather for it either.

She was about to open her mouth and ask him what he was doing when he opened his own. He wasn't looking at her, instead he looked at his shoes. 'I-I want to give you something,' he said barely noticeable. He held up the paper back that held the puppet and handed it to her. She took it from him, still a bit confused, but opened the bag anyway.

She took out the little wooden statue. It were a male and a female entangled in a dance. It was almost like they were moving. The wood was dark with light details. It was beautiful and the carvings so detailed. It must have been a lot of work to create something like this.

'Th-thank you so much. You really didn't have to buy me this,' she said exasperated.

'Yes I did. You have been doing so much for me and buying me things. It's time I do something back for you, so I would like to, uhm,' he felt silent. How was he going to continue this? Should he just say it? She was staring at him like he should continue this. Was he really sweating his bad? 'I just wanted to ask you, uhh. Will you go out with me?' He just blurted it out in the end and maybe even scared her a bit.

She was just staring at him. Her eyes were wide. He was getting a bit worried after a couple of minutes and was about to say she should just forget it. He got blown of pretty fast apparently. But then she chose to say something.

'B-but why would you want to go out with me? I mean there are girls lined up for you and they are all a lot prettier than me and better. You shouldn't go out with me, just go with someone else. Go back to Jenny, she would love to go out with you!' She wanted to ramble some more, but Sasori grabbed her chin and silenced her up by kissing her softly.

Immediately she took a step back, unable to look at him anymore. She didn't care she was getting wet now, she needed to cool off a bit. 'D-don't ever do that again,' she said, finger raised in the air.'

He sighed loudly. Well, that didn't work and now he felt more nervous than before. Her lips were really soft and they felt so nice. He started blushing even more. 'Just go out with me. I will pay for everything and I will show you how much I like you in comparison to that twat Jenny.'

She was practically bouncing in her shoes. She had never been asked out before and Sasori really started to creep her out. Why would he even want to go out with her? They spent enough time together as it was. Still she did want to go out on that date. What was wrong with her? He better not kiss her again or she might faint or whatever. Even her brain wasn't working anymore.

'F-fine, I'll go out with you, but this better not mean anything major.' She turned resolute and started walking away fast. She just wanted to get home as fast as possible and forget about this whole thing. They would go out on that date, but she wouldn't think about it until then. Sasori could plan everything, because she sure as hell couldn't do it. Where would she even take the redhead? A museum? The movies? An elevator? No, he would have to think of something.

He sighed again and started going after her. He still held the umbrella, but he didn't think Kimberly actually noticed that she got wet. Hopefully everything went better on the date itself. His heart still made a little jump when she had said yes, sort of. Maybe this was really going to work out.

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