Prologue – the Potters

The Potters were well know family. They were liked and trusted with many friend always surrounding them. James Potter was an Auror who liked his job and had a great career in front of him. His wife Lily, while muggleborn, was exceptional witch whose charms were like no others.

The Potters had two children. The twins, older Harry and his younger brother Eric, were like any other children of their age. They were the pride of their parents and hopes for better future. Both were loved and cared for and nothing seemed to be able to endanger them.

Everything changed for the Potters when the dark lord Voldemort had risen to power starting war in magical community. People lived in fear for their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Nobody was safe. When the light side found that the next target were to be the Potters the parents with their children went into hiding.

Hidden by Fidelus charm with their friend Peter Petigrew as the secret keeper they hoped to overcome this crisis. Not even couple of mounts Peter betrayed them and told the dark lord about their whereabouts.

Nobody know to this time what exactly happened on that night. The parents were quickly overcame and when they regained consciousness they found the nursery with their children in shambles. Their oldest Harry was crying with a lightning scar on his forehead and younger Eric with a cross cut on his arm was clinging to his brother.

When Albus Dumbledor, the headmaster of the Hogwarts school of magic and the most prominent wizard of modern times, confirmed Eric as the one who banished the dark lord the entire magical community hailed the one year old as a hero – the Boy-Who-Lived.

That was when things changed for Harry.

Harry wished he could say he was used to it. His parents fussing over his twin and completely forgetting his existence but seeing his mother smother his brother in the warmth of her hug the only thing he felt was cold chill running up and down his spine.

It was like this since he could remember. At times it felt as if his parents forgotten he even existed. His mother sometimes got a surprised look on her face as if she just now remembered she had another son. When he asked question to his father Harry would be called by his twin's name until he remember that it was not Eric who asked.

His parents' friend Sirius Black treated Harry like the dog he himself was. A pat on his head while his sole attention was focused on his brother, animatedly chatting with him asking how was his day and what new he had learned.

Remus Lupin was better but he didn't stop by often. Though Harry loved his visits as it was the only time he felt like he mattered.

Eric was different as every other six years old he didn't fully comprehend what was happening but even he could tell that he was more loved then his brother. Some days he would be nice, some days he would be mean.

But it was alright. His brother was Boy-Who-Lived, he defeated the dark lord and thus deserve all the praise of the world. After all, how many could say the same. And today was Eric's birthday. All the reason to celebrate with all the vigor.

What did it matter that it was Harry's birthday too. For being six years old he really wished he could understood.

At the end of the Godric Hollow was a forest. The forest wasn't special or anything but for some reason people avoided it. Harry didn't mind. He could read in peace in here, nobody was bothering him and he could do things at his own pace.

It wasn't always like this at the beginning. He tried to stay out all night hoping his parents would come looking for him. It never happened. In no time the forest became his sanctuary. He didn't need to listen how great his brother was not all the questions about him.

Nobody was demeaning him by saying all of his achievements were nothing compare to Erik's. In the forest he was just Harry. His parents never questioned where he was all the time and he stopped talking to them a long time ago. It wasn't as if they were willing to hold a conversation with him anyway. That was also the reason why he stayed in the forest even though it was his birthday and the rest of his family and friends were at home celebrating.

It wasn't unusual for him to stay till nightfall in there, he was used to it and the damp feeling in the forest didn't bother him anymore. Looking through his picture book he hadn't realized at first that it was strange for him to be able to see in the dimness of the forest. Harry was startled and quickly got up to look around him properly. All around him were small shining lights dancing in the air like small entertaining troupe.

Harry laughed at their antics until he remembered hearing his father talking about them once. He was warning Erik from them – the night wisps. He told Erik they lured people to their death. Harry was wary of them but the lights were so pretty he was sure following them for a little while wouldn't hurt. With one last look over his shoulder Harry followed the night wisps to the forest.

It took the Potters three days to realize he was missing.

Chapter 1 – Hogwarts and Curabitur Luctus

Hadrian Wisps formerly known as Harry Potter in days long ago was not a happy camper. The twelve years old stood at his full height, which was hardly impressive, clad in black and silver coat with many clasps and leather belts holding the layers together. Long, pitch black hair were kept out of his face by a silver bandana leaving clear view at his face. His bright green eyes were clouded in resignation and the silent 'what-have-I-done-to-deserve-this' prominent in their depths.

He wasn't sure if this was the best way to approach things. First of all, he still didn't manage to find out what that artifact looked like and secondly he wasn't sure where he should start looking at all. He could feel something powerful and dark in the castle but there was also many more smaller things that were throwing his senses off.

Silently cursing the Madame and her out-of-mind assignments he sulkily looked around. He was starting to get the nagging feeling that this place, out of all, was probably not the best to be right at the moment. Currently hiding on the outskirt of the forest – quite dangerous if the creatures he had encountered were anything to go by – he kept watching the magnificent castle outside, forbiddingly sitting at the shore of the lake.

It was certainly smaller than Curabitur Luctus * where he lived in with the Madame but then again that was an actual city. With satisfaction he noticed the lack of warm atmosphere compare to Curabitur Luctus but that was quite childish from him. With a heavy sigh he sat down on the ground between roots and pulled out a book he took with him. He got a feeling he will be here for a while. Just as he was about to read, his god forsaken familiar decided to show up.

Luna was a Hakutaku ** with a completely white fur, dark magenta markings on her hinges and two horns curled back sitting on top of her head right between her ears. Her body resembled cat's, if said cat was almost as tall as him, he kept telling himself that he haven't hit his growth yet, and could ram into a tree with the strength of a heavy machinery. As every Hakutaku she didn't have a problem understanding humans and talk back. Though Harry preferred when she didn't, her looks were disturbing enough for other people and talking on top of that could send masses into hysterics. For everything it was worth he couldn't remember what made him to pick her out of everyone there. She sure was aggravating even for a mystical beast.

He wouldn't change her for anything else.

"It's gonna be cold tonight." a matter of fact. He scoffed at this.

"I know that's why I'm wearing warm clothes."

"You sure Madame didn't give you any other info about the stuff we are supposed to look for?"

He scoffed at her for real. "No, just the usual. Look for an artifact of dark magic in that area. It must be small, intricate and powerful. Make sure to impress me. And if I remember correctly you were there with me."

"I was busy sleeping, you are for the boring stuff."

He sighed. Picking his familiar five years ago was both blessing and curse. A blessing, because each familiar, apart for being a partner to them, was also very knowledgeable about magic and worked as a well of information to its master. Of course the familiars lived far longer than an average human so the knowledge they possessed could often fill up a moderate size library. The fact that Luna could help channel his magic was an additional bonus.

A curse, because she could speak and often find it pleasurable to be pain in the ass. Especially since she was left alone for quite some time.

"So, are you gonna look for some artifact or are you just going to read here? You know you could have done that at home. There was no reason to drag us both out in this weather just so you could immerse in your hobby."

"Of course not. But I can hardly look around during the day when so many other people is around. Besides, the seer gave me few hints about what to do, so don't worry." he ginned at Luna whose ear twitched in irritation.

"Your initiation is approaching and you still haven't told Madame what kind of magic subjects have you pick for yourself."

He paused at this. The Initiation was extremely important he knew that. It was a time when he would finally start to learn magic in much deeper sense. No more silly stuff he had done so far but a real deal of spell that would help him decide on the path he would eventually choose. When he decided to speak again it was in almost embarrassed whisper .

"I did pick some I just haven't told her yet."

"Well just make sure you don't put it off for too long." with a sigh Luna sat next to him and let him read in peace.

It wasn't getting colder yet when he noticed somebody sneaking towards the gamekeeper's garden. His senses could feel it immediately. Whoever the girl was she wasn't in her right state of mind. The jerky movement of her body was telling enough. Without really thinking about it Hadrian raised up from the ground and while ignoring Luna's indignant cry he strolled towards the girl while hidden in the forest. His eyes were firmly set on the girl as she went towards the chicken pen the black aura surrounding her like a cocoon.

"I think we found what we came here for Luna."

During his time in Curabitur Luctus he saw enough of people being possessed and thus he had no reason to doubt that this was the same case. He also knew from Madame some points of how to deal with such people. It would be easier if he knew what exactly was the nature of the possession but there will be time for finding out later. The most important thing right now was to move quickly without alerting the girl.

Seeing that there was no deterring him Luna silently jumped to his side her eyes narrowed and conscious of their surroundings. She was his familiar and she took great pride in that.

"Be careful, whatever is possessing her is made of some really dark stuff. It may be something on her but I can't see it clearly yet."

Her partner nodded in thanks his eyes never leaving the girl's form. He guessed that she may be the same age as him maybe younger. Moving swiftly he continued a little bit further because there was nothing to hide him between the forest and the game keepers hut.

Wordlessly he send Luna ahead. Once she was close enough she could tell him from where the darkness possessing the girl comes. Quickly preparing possible courses of action he waited on Luna's signal. It didn't took long and when he saw the firm nod of his familiar he moved fast.

Within a blink of eye he jumped behind the possessed girl and before she could even turn around and face him his fingers drew a rune in the air and with a quiet command he froze her movements.

With Luna keeping guard he quickly tore the old bag from the girl's shoulder and without missing a beat ripped it open. He almost hissed at the foul feeling he got from a small black diary. A few more runes and a stab from a ceremonial dagger and the connection was broken. When he pulled the dagger out ink flowed from the diary thoroughfully staining his hands and cloak.

Whatever was in the diary was now out of the picture and with that the girl regained her senses. He quickly undo the freezing spell grabbed her hand and pulled her behind a giant pumpkin. Finally he had enough time to take a closer look at the girl. From closer inspection she look a bit younger than him but not much. She had long hair with pretty shade of red color, brown eyes and nose peppered with freckles. Her face was pale and overall she looked sickly but he could tell it was due to the possession.

He cringed when he noticed that she was about to scream. Years of practice and experience with his alarm clock and the life in mansion in general made him move without even thinking about it. The girl was silenced before she managed to open her mouth fully.

"Ok first thing first. I'm not going to hurt you if I was I would let you stay possessed by that spirit that was in the diary." He stated firmly to keep the girl from going into panic. He raised the ruined diary up so she could see it properly.

"If you get an item of dark magic usually people make sure they can handle it." He hated sounding patronizing but the girl needed facts. In long turn it was much better then just let them off. At her bulged eyes he continued.

"It's ok now I'd got rid of it. On the down side whatever was written into it is now lost so if there was a school work I'm sorry but you will have to do it again." He internally cursed when he saw her eyes tearing up. Hadrian hated when girls around him cried he wasn't really good at comforting people, especially girls, that was his friend's strong point.

"Look I'm going to undo the silencing spell if you promise to be quiet. Do we have a deal?" he patiently waited for her to nod her head and then broke the spell.

"My name is Hadrian by the way and what is yours?" mentally slapping himself for the whole situation.

"Ginny." came out a shaken reply from the redheaded girl.

"That's a pretty name. Nice to meet you Ginny." he sincerely hoped that Akieh would never found out about this encounter – period. "Now I just need to check that you are alright and then you should go back to the castle to warm up." Once again he waited for her nod and then draw the appropriate rune sentence in the air in front of her. Each rune shined for a brief moment before settling on a specific color.

Hadrian frowned. Each rune was changing color accordingly to its finding and it wasn't good.

Apparently whoever was possessing Ginny was also leeching from her life energy and that wasn't a good sigh. One look at Luna confirm him that there was no lasting damage and Ginny would be back to herself in no time. Luna sauteed to Ginny and without any prompting laid head next to the girl's lap. Ginny blinked and petted her with a small smile. Hadrian put it down to her shock that she didn't scream, though, he had to admire Luna's ability to judge the situation and act accordingly.

"That's Luna. She is here with me." Ginny brightened up at this.

"I have a friend called Luna."

"I bet your friend is much nicer than she is." Hadrian grumbled.

"I have never seen something like her before. Is she a magical creature?"

"Luna goes more towards the lines of mystical beast, she is rare and she knows it. Can be annoying too." Luna throw him an annoyed look but kept silent, there was no reason to alert the little witch about her ability to speak.

"You should be fine. Lots of sleep and some sugar and you will be ok." he looked at her ruined bag and winced.

"Sorry about your bag, I had to be quick." Hadrian spotted his own bag nearby and thrown a suspicious look at Luna. He was sure he had left the bag at the tree he had been before.

"I tell you what. As an apology for ruining your bag I will give you mine. I have already bought a new one and I don't need two anyway." Ginny only nodded absently. Hadrian was sure that considering the circumstances he didn't own her any apology but Madame always insisted on them to be polite. It was bad enough that his people skills sucked in general.

He did wanted a new bag though.

Watching Ginny petting his familiar, Hadrian was fairly sure the the girl was still pretty much in shock. Or maybe her mind was a bit clouded by the possession, he would have to look into it later on. The fact that she wasn't bombarding him with questions was quite a relieve. It wasn't exaggerating about him not being good with people. Not wanting to lose any more time now that he had what he came for, Hadrian grabbed his own bag and emptied its content on the ground. There wasn't much to begging with. A book, that took most of the space in his bag, a ball pen, notebook and small sachet made of black satin with rune circle around its middle.

Ginny surprisingly noticed the ball pen.

"Is that a muggle pen?"

Hadrian paused from transferring his things into her ripped bag and vice versa. Looking at her quite confused he asked.

"A what?"

The red haired girl look equally confused at his question. "You know... this pen. Its not a quill and it looks like something my dad would bring home. He loves muggle made things."

"This may sound stupid but what on Earth is muggle?" he was sure he had heard it before. Somewhere.

Ginny looked even more confused.

"You know, non magical people. They are called muggles."

Hadrian blinked. It was quite the news to him. Shrugging his shoulder he went back to switching the bags.

"I have been learning magic for quite some time now and this is the first time I'm hearing it. I have a friend that isn't a wizard and giving him name that's even in the slightest derogatory would probably result in me having several fractures. I'm positive that whatever spell I would try to use on him would not be good enough to help me if we decided to fight." he didn't mention that Akieh was cleaning the floor with him on daily basis.

After all Akieh was a nineteen years old member of a traditional martial arts family originating from China with more than four thousand years of history. Most spells needed time – a fist into your gut usually didn't. Hadrian nodded grimly to himself, after all, that was usually Akieh's finishing move as far as he was concerned. He still haven't got the courage to ask where his name come from. It sure as hell wasn't Chinese. Then again he wasn't sure if the knowledge was worth his life.

"I didn't mean it in a bad way it's just what everyone is calling them." she looked embarrassed and Hadrian mentally kicked himself, he really wasn't in his element with this.

"I think it would be easier to call them people, but if it is like this among your folks I guess it would cause some confusion." he offered he small smile and held out now her bag.

"Here all packed. I charmed the bag against ripping, going wet – though it is not good for swimming – and accidentally forgetting. The last one is dead useful – I would know. It is little worn out since I have it for some time now but still serves its purpose. All yours now." his smile widened as he watched her hand close around the bag. Ginny's movements were surer now and she will start asking questions he didn't wish to answer very soon.

"It's getting late you should hurry to the castle so you wont get into trouble. Remember lots of sleep and some sugar. Hot chocolate works wonders in these cases. I and Luna have to go now." Hadrian's eyes turned serious as it focused on something behind her. "Remember to be more careful next time. Come Luna."

"Wait, you didn't tell me what house are you from or what year!" Ginny apparently didn't like his abrupt goodbye. Hadrian chuckled as he stood and straightened his shoulders his look still trained behind her.

"I'm not a student here. Farewell Ginny."

With that he faded from her sight like a ghost.

Hadrian liked traveling through the lower astral plane. It was comfortable, easy and certainly cut down the time needed for each trip. He remembered vividly how one of the wizards that visited Madame, took him in side-apparation – or how the common wizards called it – and the feeling of being squeezed through a tube way too small for him left him with a vow of never traveling like that again.

Reaching into his cloak Hadrian carefully pull out small bottle with white shining liquid. Getting back home was usually job for the familiar but Luna insisted he always had another means of getting to safety of their home. Uncorking the bottle and dripping the some of the content on both Luna and himself he felt his body being materialized once more as they left.

Leaving the astral realm he appeared in front of Curabitur Luctus. One thing that always strike people who saw it for the first time was the amount of colors. Soft light illuminated windows showing life inside of the city that was his home for the past six years. In the middle of nowhere in forest he doubted could be found on any map of the world was the city hidden among trees offering many homes those who needed it. Fragile looking arcs and bridges half covered in vice made him feel welcome in many ways. Small houses were every where. Between the roots of gigantic trees, on its branches or even dug in the very trunks. The gardens around Curabitur Luctus were already immersing in dusk of the day. Hadrian could hear few voices coming from the smaller children playing among the flower beds and moss growing like the finest lawn all around.

He could faintly hear the running water from forest lake behind the city and cry of night owls slowly waking up for night hunt. When he walked into the small square Hadrian briefly looked up. It still fascinated him to be able see the reflection of Earth and Moon on the skies as if he was on different planet even though he knew it wasn't like that.

The night wisps, after which he got his name, gather around him as to greet him. The same night wisps who were believed to bring people to their death, those were the magical beings who brought unwanted and unneeded to Curabitur Luctus to give them home. Those were the night wisps who carried Madame's wishes.

End Notes:

* Curabitur Luctus – means crystal garden in latin

** Hakutaku – a mystical beast originating from China that is supposed to wise and very knowledgeable. There is slight difference in appearances since I replaced its human like face with a feline. I was pretty sure that Harry wouldn't be able to move around freely with something that looked like large cat, with goat legs and face that resembled human. Thus the changes.

Author's note please read:

Hello everyone!

This is my first Harry Potter story so please be nice to me. After couple of years when I suffer major writer's bloc, faced problems at work and was diagnosed with general moodiness – I'm back. To those who read my previous stories you will probably notice some differences in my style which was inevitable. As for my other stories rest assured some will be rewritten (especially my older work that is still unfinished) the others will be finished – in time.

Also this is my first try at adventure instead of romance and angst as I was writing previously. It wouldn't be me not to have a dash of romance in this story but the main focus will be on adventure. I write slash (boy x boy) mostly did and mostly will. At some point it will be Harry and someone from Hogwarts. As I'm currently focusing on main the story line and ideas for some action the pairing is still not determined. As for that I would appreciate suggestion along with a REASON why the pairing would be the best.

As always reviews are appreciated, constructive criticism welcomed. Saying it sucked is contra-productive and will be ignored as it's not going to help me improve.

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