Chapter 5 – The Triwizard tournament part I.

Hadrian sat perched on the roof of the Hogwarts school of Magic and wizardry well hidden behind a very helpful gargoyle who offered to hide him out of view. The night was clear and reasonably warm even though he could feel the night chill already.

Luna was scouting the Forbidden forest already mapping all possible routes they may need to use once they will be leaving. She also acted as his emissary with the inhabitants who may have valuable information for them.

Hadrian kept his eyes trained at the crowd of students on the school grounds. Everyone was anticipating the other schools that were due any time now. Shifting his weigh slightly to get more comfortable, if that was even possible; Hadrian didn't allow himself to lose focus for a second.

His dreams got worse since the summer warning him about things to come but too vague to be any real use. Madame and Akieh had tried to ease his mind but it was useless. Something was about to happen in Hogwarts during this year and he was determined to find out if only for his own peace of mind. Granted, Luna was not being happy about this since she wanted to be as far from common wizards as possible. The summer at Wesley's was enough for her to last lifetime. Hadrian managed to placate her by promising trip to mages in Romania later.

Through the darkened night sky passed a darker shaped and Hadrian tried to make out the shape of it. Cursing under his breath he reached into his jacked and took out an egg sized crystal on silver chain. Quickly warming it in his hand Hadrian watched as the crystal started to glow with pale white light. Hiding the glow with his sleeve he let it shown him the distant shape of carriage that was fast approaching. Raising his eyebrow at the sight of the winged horses he finished the spell and waited for the students of Hogwarts to notice on their own.

As on cue the headmaster was first to notice and loudly informed the students and teachers alike. Hadrian rolled his eyes at that flamboyant personality and more firmly putting himself behind the gargoyle he waited.

"You know, dude, you could just put some invisibly spell over ya and be done with it." the gargoyle grunted and stretched his stone wings more widely to give Hadrian better cover. The green eyed mage smirked in return.

"True, my friend, but such a spell takes a lot of energy and attention that could be used more efficiently. What's with that yanks accent by the way?" this got Hadrian dry laugh that sounded lot like crushing stones. He almost cringed at that.

"Old headmaster Dippet used to travel a lot. Spend there some time and came back talkin' like that. I guess it stuck."

"Headmaster Dippet was talking to you often?"

"Ya bet he was! This was his favourite hidin' place when he wanta to think."

From below them was heard the awed voices of the students. The gargoyle gave another dry laugh.

"They go to school for magic and crap and still are so easily floored. Sad really."

Hadrian stay silent at this as he too was busy taking the carriage in. it was certainly a sight to behold. Then again after what he saw at the Cup during summer he guessed that it was in the wizards to try to show off with all it was worth. He watched half hidden behind one stone wing as the carriage pulled at the ground in front of the students.

The door opened and one presumingly student hopped out and pulled out steps for the rest of the carriage. Soon after other students were pouring out of the carriage and onto the school grounds. Once there were twenty of so students an enormous woman followed.

"If that ain't half giant than I don't know what is." grumbled the gargoyle and Hadrian nodded in agreement to himself.

"Dumbledoo', how fabulous to zee you!"

"Crap, she is French." half cursed Hadrian's companion.

"I take it you don't appreciate other countries much, do you?"

"Hey man, I'm patriot to the core!"

"British patriot with a yank accent?"

"One of the kind, dude!" was a shrugged reply.

Hadrian only smirked and continued watching as the students of the French school for magic went to warm up inside.

"Well, at least now I know how the Madame Maxime looks like."

"Yup, she sure is in the maxi category. But, dude, don't let is fool you she is well known through the Europe as an excellent witch. Maybe not as great as good ol' Dumbles but still good enough."

One thing that stunned Hadrian about his new friend was how talkative and knowledgeable he was. Not only he was more than willing to share what he knew but the information were more than valuable to Hadrian. He couldn't help but voice this shortly after they had met. The gruff - "The hell do you think I am doin' here all day long? Scratchin' poetry on the roof?" - was more than enough as an explanation. Once Hadrian swore that he meant no harm to Hogwarts and its students the gargoyle was more than happy to help. Thinking about it from the gargoyle's perspective Hadrian guessed that just sitting on the roof would get quite boring after a while.

They didn't have to wait long for the other school to arrive. The water of the lake rippled and a skeleton ship rose like a dark promise from its depth. Some students took one step back in unconscious attempt to protect themselves from any possible danger while other started excitedly whisper among each other.

"This just looks so ineffective." he couldn't help but comment. The gargoyle nodded in grim affirmation.

"The headmaster of this school is Karkarov from what I've heard. Used to be a Death Eater but got off by selling off his other comrades. Sleazy bastard that one."

Hadrian carefully mulled over this piece of information.

"Makes you wonder what kind of retard let a former convict to teach at school full of children." to Hadrian that very notion seemed ridiculous.

"Maybe their parents don't particularly care for them." added the gargoyle after a moment.

"Seems so." Hadrian watched as there was a bit of commotion when the Hogwarts students realized that among the other students was Victor Krum.

"Who's Viktor Krum?"

The gargoyle sighed. "You don't go out often, do you?"


The vicious look Ronald Weasley was aiming at the Slytherin table would be funny if one didn't have to sit next to it. Eric sighed as his eyes kept browsing towards the Ravenclaw table were sat the students of the Beaux along with the veela girl. Personally he though she was indeed pretty and the Ravenclaws were lucky to have her at their table. Not that he would dare to say something like that in front of the girls of his house.

To be honest with himself, Eric didn't know what to do with all the different dishes on the table. On one side he wanted to be polite and try something of the new variety but on the other side he still vividly remembered how sick he was on his family vacation last year when his mother persuaded him to try local food.

Playing it safe he stuck with meat loaf and roasted potatoes same as many others from their table. Hermione Granger went for French soup with seafood in it which earned her suspicious looks from all around. Well, exception for Ron who was too busy eating and glaring at Malfoy at the same time.

"Pompous little snot. Bet he is not so sure of himself since his daddy is in Azkaban. Bloody little Death Eater."

"Seriously, Ronald, can't you quit it at least during the Welcoming feast?" snapped Hermione at their red haired friend.

"What else would you want to talk about? Victor Krum is sitting at the snake's table and the French are with Ravenclaws. There goes all possible conversations we could have had," retorted Ron defensively. Eric just sighed. Honestly, Ron had sometimes one tracked mind. More than anything he wanted to talk to Ginny about the mysterious Hadrian and his familiar. Eric wondered if the spell he did at the Cup could be taught or if he could find it in some books. He was the Boy-who-lived but so far all his accomplishments went to staying alive when he was one year old. After all Hadrian didn't look any older then himself so how hard it could be.

"... you are incorrigible, Ronald! It would do you some good if you sometimes listened to what are people saying. And as for Viktor Krum he is just a quidditch player for heaven's sake!"

Eric caught the end of Ron and Hermione's conversation and almost choked on piece of potato. Such comments were the reason that most guys couldn't stand her. She was probably the only person who didn't consider quidditch as the highlight of the season. Well, her and Hadrian apparently if what Bill said was true. Trying to stop upcoming fight between his friends Eric quickly draw their attention.

"Any word from Ginny if she got message from Hadrian?" at this Ron and Hermione stopped glaring at each other and moved closer to him.

"It has been only a day, Eric. Depending on where he lives it may take even couple of weeks before he replies."

"Or he was pulling Ginny's leg and doesn't plan to reply at all," added Ron into the conversation. At this point Ginny caught what they were talking about and angrily whispered to her brother.

"Or you could stay out of my business, Ron. It's not as if you were extra helpful this whole week," she was still sore about his rough treatment back at Burrow. Never before was she so embarrassed as the moment he grabbed her and shouted at Akieh. With a huff she turned back to her friends and ignored Ron who wanted to argue but a swift kick from Hermione silenced him. Eric wisely kept silent till the end of the feast hoping Ron and Hermione won't start again between them. Luckily he didn't have to wait long before the headmaster rose up and made one last speech for the night.

"As I believe all of you had enough of the food and are pleasantly tired so allow me to make it short." he watched as the Goblet of fire was brought in front of the staff table and sat on a stool for everyone to see.

"Everyone who is already seventeen years old may participate in choosing the champion for the Triwizard tournament. Anyone who is not at the appropriate age will face the consequences of giving their name into the Goblet," at this he threw a meaningful look at the Weasley twins. "Tomorrow evening the Goblet will choose three champions who will compete at various task for the honour of becoming the winner and also a price of thousand galleons." at this students cheered. "But that will be tomorrow. If you are seventeen and wish to participate don't forget to put your name and school into the Goblet. Now I wish you all pleasant dreams."

And just like usual the feast ended by sending the students to their beds.

The golden trio rose up and chatted among themselves like others about the exciting news. Who would pass on the opportunity to become a champion, especially if the prize was thousand galleons? Ron was making plans on how to bypass the age limit to be able to participate and was shot down almost immediately by Hermione who stated that some half thought plans were not going to work if Dumbledore was keeping his eye on the Goblet.

Eric couldn't help but think about becoming the champion for Hogwarts. It would be perfect chance to prove he was no worse if not better than Hadrian his parents and the rest of the former Order of Phoenix kept talking about. Eric wanted to prove everyone that he deserved the title of Boy-who-lived more than anything and what better way than this there would be?


With a single word Hadrian let go of the spell that allowed him to watch what was happening in the great hall. The shining circle glowed one more time before fading into nothing but a chalk circle drawn on the stone roof of Hogwarts School.

"You have to admit that ol' Dumbles loves speeches. So, dude, ran that spell through me again?" the gargoyle was watching him with interest as the show below ended. Hadrian threw him a look.

"I explained it to you two times already. What makes you think one more will make difference?"

"Dunno, third time's the charm?"

"Ok, whatever but this is seriously the last time." this was their argument for the past couple of hours. Since Hadrian need to know what was happening at the great hall below them but not be seen by the students and teaches he decided for a simple but effective spell circle he had learnt few weeks ago. The beauty of it was in simple keying into the existing wards and spells of the Hogwarts School so nobody will notice. It was a tricky work that relied heavily on precise skills but it would be more that helpful.

"First you draw with chalk a basic circle to start the spell and give it a range. Then you use the three times cursed chalk to draw the symbols for water - that one stands for illusion – fire – it will keep you hidden making the spell only one way – and wood – so it can penetrate through the wards and spells of the rooftop." at this Hadrian pointed at each symbol still visible on the stone drawn on the outside of the first circle. "Put a small ruby on the fire symbol and sapphire on the water they will channel the magic through and leave the wood symbol bare. Use the normal chalk again to draw outer circle around the symbols to trap the spell within. Don't forget to connect the symbols with a heart. Lastly place an Alveo crystal in the middle and stab it through with a ceremonial dagger. That will connect all the components and ignites the spell."

The gargoyle was silent for a moment and just watched the lines drew with chalk.

"It's depressing how you make an amazing piece of magic sound so damn easy. There wouldn't be any chance of me learning that spell, would it?" he added a bit hopefully. Hadrian only shook his head.

"Even if I left you all the necessary components the final form of the spell must be a connection between the wizard and the circle. Without magic of your own it won't work for you. Sorry about that." He felt genuinely sorry for the gargoyle. Being stuck on the roof all year round without anyone to talk to had to be hard on him.

"But I can ask someone from home if it would be possible to make you something with the same purpose as this circle, if that's any consolation?" the brightened expression on the stone face was definitely worth the offer.

"That would be fantastic. By the way didn't you have a familiar with you?"

"Luna is in the Forbidden forest. That white fur of hers glows like a firefly's butt in the dark. It's pretty but not very handy when you need to keep a low profile." that earned him a wicked grin.

"Must be great when it rains and mud is everywhere."

Hadrian actually shuddered at this.

"Don't remind me."

Later that night Hadrian walked through the Forbidden forest in search of his familiar. The only light he got was from his ceremonial dagger but even that was enough as he made his way towards the small cave that was luckily uninhibited at the moment. He found Luna sleeping at the entrance the magic ripples telling him that the vicinity was already warded against any wizard who may find themselves in this part of the forest.

"Found anything?" he asked instead of greeting. It was a long day for both of them.

"You mean apart from wizards being idiots? Not really. The whole forest is full of quite dangerous creatures but they agreed to leave us alone if we don't bother them in return. I'm starting to think that the schooling system among the wizards is tad bit whacked."

"Tell me about it. Made a new friend in one of the rooftop gargoyles and apparently one of the headmasters is a former Death Eater. Karkarov" Hadrian was tired and his voice sounded quite sour from that. "What about the warding of this place? Did you find anything?" he asked her with a yawn. Luna snorted at this.

"The warding of this place is probably only thing worth a damn in this school. Most of the wards are here from the time this place was build and is connected with everything, the school, the grounds and partially even the forest. There is few spells now and there that are newer but that's it. As for the purpose it is the usual for wizardry communities – anti-apparation and non-magical repelling wards. Not crucial since we can get pass that easily."

Hadrian sat down and snuggled into Luna's side. He was so tired he could barely keep his eyes open.

"You could have brought the tent with you and sleep in bed." chastised Luna gently.

"I know but it has been a while since we were camping under the sky like this. Besides Akieh still hasn't fixed it." with another yawn Hadrian closed his eyes and fell asleep without hearing Luna wishing him good night or noticing her casting warming charms all around him.


The Gryffindor tower was busting with activity as all the lions hurried out into the great hall to have breakfast and more importantly to watch the students of age to put their name into the Goblet. The golden trio was no different. Eric, Ron and Hermione were almost running to get there.

"You think Malfoy will try to get his name in?" asked Ron as they were on their way to breakfast.

"I doubt he would try anything, all things considered. But it would be shame if a Slytherin student got to be a champion for Hogwarts." mused Eric. They entered the great hall and almost fell back again. There were never so many people during breakfast at the same time. Most people were ogling the Goblet which didn't move from its spot now only circled with a single chalk line. The Golden trio quickly picked a place at the table and watched as students came to put their name in. they were pleased to find out that Angelina from Gryffindor put her name in as a champion.

When the students from other schools came it caused a bit of commotion along with the Weasley twins who tried to fool the age limit set by the headmaster and failed.

As everyone watched remaining students who were of age Eric kept eyes on the owls. If Hadrian was sending Ginny a message he sure didn't want to miss it. He still wasn't sure if that strange wizard was trustworthy or not but either way he wanted to talk to him again.


"Do you think Potter's stupid enough to try for the tournament?" asked Luna as she watched next to Hadrian what was happening in the great hall. Both of them were perched on the roof again this morning along with their new friend. Making sure they would knew if something interesting was happening. The stone gargoyle Hadrian befriended look up expectantly at Luna's words as well.

"I don't know him well enough to say but I wouldn't be surprised if someone tried to volunteer him without his knowledge."

"The hell what for?" the confusion on the stone face was kind of cute.

"He has lots of enemies among the Death Eaters and there are bound to be people who would like to use him to tarnish Dumbledore's reputation. Can you see it in the newspapers? The Boy-who-lived died under Dumbledore's watch! That would be quite the stain on his records as the most fabulous wizard of modern times. Besides he is fourteen and that means he would have less knowledge than the other champions that equals lots of opportunities for some fatal accident." Hadrian shuddered at this. "And if nothing else the embarrassment would be satisfactory as well."

"You really are nasty when you are not keeping yourself in check." pointed their new friend out. Luna only chuckled.

"Hadrian is not nasty he is simply missing the necessary amount of empathy to be more human. But don't worry we are working on it."

The person in question nonchalantly ignored his two companions and absent-mindedly chewed on some crackers while watching the students slowly leaving for their respective classes.

"Luna, is one of the Chibis around now?" he asked suddenly as he finished with watching the great hall below.

"Akieh hates it when you call them that."

"I can't pronounce their names without making knot on my tongue. Besides it's the best way to describe them." at that questioning look he got from the gargoyle he explained more.

"Chibis are about two foots long dragons. They are fantastic for mail because it's near impossible to apprehend them with magic. They have that much common with normal dragons but unlike owls they can travel anywhere and are way faster." he didn't add that they could travel through minor realm as well. With a mouthful of another cracker he finished. "They look cooler than owls too."

"One was hanging around few hours ago, should I go look for him? Unless he returned back home." asked Luna. She didn't want to go back to Curabitur Luctus if that was the case. Unfortunately the Chibis didn't live anywhere else any more as they were almost extinct on Earth now.

"If you could it would be perfect. I believe I'm due to send a letter to certain miss Ginny."

"She is a nice girl, Hadrian."

"I know that's why I'm treating her as a friend. But it would be good if we had and insider's opinion on what is happening in Hogwarts now." Hadrian knew that Luna didn't agree with him coming anywhere near Hogwarts and his brother but he couldn't help it. Something was brewing and it didn't bode well for him and the people he cared about. The fact that the blasted scar on his forehead started hurt like crazy since the summer was another warning bell for him. Luna wouldn't believe him how much he would give to be anywhere else but at Hogwarts but the circumstances were not as favourable as he would had wished for.

Until he found out what was happening Luna would have to grit her teeth and deal with it.


Ginny was having History of magic half sleeping just like the rest of the class. Professor Binns was making records on his let's-put-the-students-to-sleep way of teaching. There was probably not even one student who would listen to the ghost professor. Some of Ginny's classmates were playing exploding snaps, some were working on their homework for other classes and the rest was excitedly talking about the upcoming tournament.

The small red head was absent-mindedly doodling into her parchment and didn't even bother to pretend to listen. She briefly wondered how someone could spend so much time just on goblin wars. It made the history look as if there was nothing else then on-going war between wizards and goblins.

She was so absorbed in her doodling that she almost snapped her quill in two when she was interrupted by a rapping sound on the window. Ginny turned her head towards the sound along with some of her classmates.

The professor was shocked for second time in the last two years when his class was interrupted by unusual activity when the students let out a startled gasp and half of them moved towards the window with excited shouts sounding through the classroom.

Ignoring her professor Ginny quickly opened the window and allowed a small dragon in. Her classmates both boys and girls where cooing at it for being cute and some tried to pet it. The dragon snapped at their fingers but otherwise didn't do anything. Amanda who was Ginny's year in Gryffindor noticed first the letter tied to the dragon's leg addressed to Ginny.

Her name was written in neat strokes and she was sure that she had never seen such writing before. Suddenly hoping that the letter would be from her mysterious friend Hadrian she threw all the cautions to the wind and quickly opened the letter.

Dear Ginny,

I apologize for whatever commotion my friend Akieh caused at your house. Unfortunately he was born with a certain degree of dramatic tendencies we have yet to dispose him off. Luna informed me you and your family were in good health when she was leaving and for that I'm glad. It was unfortunate that the spell I'd cast cost me lot of strength and thus I couldn't send you a letter sooner.

The little dragon that brought you this message is Chibi. It is not his actual name or the name of his breed but since I can barely pronounce it let alone write it this is what I have called them since I can remember. Please, don't ever mention it in front of Akieh. These dragons originate from his home country and he is awfully sensitive to anyone calling them that.

As for me, aside for being bedridden for two weeks, I'm alright. It was silly mistake on my part that the spell went out the way it did.

If you won't be insulted by practical advice – before casting any constructive spells make sure you don't have any Alveo crystals on you. It can save you the headache of waking up in hospital and by default people yelling at you for being stupid.

How are you? I do remember you have insisted on me staying in touch and letting you know about what is new but I do believe the proper response would be asking about you in return. At least I think it would be something like that. Last time I had to write a letter it was a formal request for my apprentice-ship. So the requirements were bit different.

Currently I'm still in England. I will be travelling a bit before the reply for my letter to master Azizi arrives back. Master Azizi is the man I hope to become apprentice to. Hopefully, it will go well. He is the best in ceremonial magic I am aware of and it would be great to be able to study under his guidance.

I believe you and your fellow student have some weekends off when you can visit the village near your school. If your timetable permits please let me know when you will be there. I would like to invite you to a drink of Butterbeer if it is well with you. I don't really know what a Butterbeer is so I will also bring something from my home as well. Last time I tried to drink a typical wizard drink it didn't end up well. For me that's it.

Luna says hi to you as well and I hope to hear from you soon.

Hadrian Wisps

PS: Was it really necessary to groom Luna all the time? She pretty much demands it from me now any chance she gets.

Ginny giggled when she finished reading the last parts of Hadrian's letter. It certainly cheered her up when she received his letter.

"Miss Weasley, I believe that you are interrupting an important lesson in history!" professor's Binns voice snapped her out of her review and she blushed up to the roots of her hair at that reprimand.

"Sorry professor," Ginny squeaked in embarrassment quickly hiding the letter in her backpack.

"Who was it from?" asked Amanda once the class quieted down. Professor Bins went back to his lecture but the class was still watching the little dragon which now happily curled himself around Ginny's shoulders.

"A friend. I will tell you about it all later. Just please don't tell my brothers about the letter."

"You realize this will be the talk of the school for the rest of the week?"

"Yes, but you were reading over my shoulder while the rest just ogled the dragon!"

"So what is so important about this friend of yours?"

At this Ginny hesitated. It was true that Hadrian was important to her but it wasn't as if she has told anybody about the possession either. He was a friend. Someone who has saved her and was nice to her when no one was but that was all. She didn't want to presume anything but the she did though well of him.

"He… really helped me up when I was in the first year." That much was true. Hadrian did save her that time.

"Is it him who got you that fantastic bag you have since the first year?"

"Yes, that's originally his. He kind of ripped up mine so he switched them. I ended up with his and he's got mine."

"Wait, he ripped up your back and now he still has it? What in the name of Merlin has he have it for?"

"Well this bag," Ginny pointed at her bag sitting at her desk, "was made by him, last summer when we met him at the Tournament he still had mine but he fixed it up. Not by putting it back to its original shape but changing it a bit. It looked so much cooler than it did when mum bought it for me." At that point Ginny was blushing and almost stammering. Amanda fixed her with a long look and then cheekily asked.

"So when are we going to meet him in Hogsmeade?"


Eric almost couldn't stay still due to anxiety. The choosing of the champions was finally here. He couldn't wait to find out who would be the champion for Hogwarts. Along with the rest of the Gryffindor he hoped it would be Angelina or if not her then Cedric Diggory. It would be a disaster if a Slytherin had won the honours to represent Hogwarts at the Triwizard tournament.

While usually the breakfast was a half chaotic affair when most of the students were still trying to wake up before their respective classes.

This time though everyone was there waiting in anxiety to find out who would be putting their name into the Goblet of Fire. The Weasley twins' fiasco didn't really surprise anyone. The beards on their faces were quite the sight to see though.

After all seeing all the other schools' student putting their names into the Goblet made the younger students want to do the same. Eric bitterly regretted he wasn't old enough to participate. Since Hermione informed them that Ginny received letter from Hadrian he was thinking about was to get his hands on it. Almost any information about the mysterious boy would be worth it. But Ginny refused to budge. When Ron approached her about the letter she was almost violent, not that Eric would blame her after the treatment her brother gave her at the Burrow and it was a personal letter. Eric himself wouldn't just show letter meant for him to anybody who would ask.

At times like this he regretted they didn't include Ginny more in their group. Then again it was always him, Ron and Hermione. Including someone else – especially Ron's younger sister – would be weird. While Hermione tried to think out ways to get Ginny to show them the letter – mostly asking her friend – but so far it were only ideas of what to do.

"Ginny refuse to talk to me," grumbled Ron while sitting down next to Eric. "She says it is not any of my business."

"Well that's hardly surprising since you were very pushy about it!" snapped Hermione without looking up from her Arithmacy book which was laid next to her oatmeal.

"What do you expect me to be about it? She's getting mail from a complete weirdo! Mum and dad were talking about it at home before we left for school. How it could be dangerous for her to know such person no matter how nice Bill and Charlie thinks he is."

At this both Hermione and Eric started quietly laugh as not to alert others about their conversation.

"I'm pretty sure Charlie thinks he is nice in a whole different meaning, Ron!" giggled Hermione as she remembered the awe stricken look at Ron's brother's face. At her words Ron's face inflamed as bright as his hair.

"If Charlie thinks it like that than he has a very lousy taste."

"The letter from Hadrian aside when do you think they will announce the champions?"

"Do you ever listen, Eric? It will be tonight during the dinner. I really cannot wait to see who it will be for Hogwarts. It would be fantastic if Angelina got it. While it of course doesn't matter who will be the champion it would be nice to have one from our House." She added hastily as if she was afraid that someone would listen to her and accuse her from favourism. Which would be ridiculous since every student was hoping for a champion from their own House.

"We got it, Hermione. Believe us," smiled Eric while she continued blushing.


Ginny and Amanda were sitting under an oak tree outside on the school grounds trying to write letter back to Hadrian. Well, Ginny was trying to write letter back to him and Amanda was playing with the little dragon.

"I just don't know what to write to him. The next weekend we will have the Hogsmeade and I don't know if he manages to get here in time. I really want to see him again. I don't even know if he is alright."

It was almost time for lunch and she still didn't know what to write aside from "Dear Hadrian". It was driving her up to wall not to be able to put anything on the parchment after wishing for two years her letters would reach him. Her friend wasn't exactly helpful either.

"Just tell him about your day. And you can always wait for him in Hogsmeade I'm sure if he can get there than he will, even if he can't send you a reply in time to confirm it." Amanda wasn't even looking at her completely engrossed in playing with the dragon.

"What did you say Hadrian calls him?"

"Chibi, whatever that means. And he also said not to call them that in front of his brother," groused Ginny while biting the end of her quill.

"I think we should officially call him Chibi then. It's short, cute and he totally agree, aren't you Chibi?"

The dragon keened happily at Amanda and Ginny wandered why every magical creature she met through Hadrian couldn't get enough of petting from them.

"Or you could just wait for tonight and write him all about the Tournament. You will even know the names of the champions by then."

Ginny gave the idea a moment to think it through.

"That would probably be for the best. For now I will just write everything that happened at school so far and hope not to bore him to death." with a renewed resolution Ginny started to write.

Author's note:

Chibi – midget (roughly translated)

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