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Chapter 19

Tifa's POV


We reached the other end of the room, And Mister Ignis made the other Man he was dragging sit at the Center. Was he their leader? I had that confused expression all over my face.

Soon enough, He sighed heavily. I got confused again, It's because he motioned for me to sit beside that man. True, I've saved him, Tended him for several times already, but it seems that I always forget to ask for his name. Mister Ignis grabbed my shoulders and forced me to sit down-beside the dark haired man.

All soon become quiet, and I looked around when I stumbled at his face. He's biting his lip, and looks like he wants to just go away from this room. I giggled.

Mister Ignis then stood up, with a Wine glass in his hand and exclaimed.

"Long live the Lovers!"

I widened my eyes from what I heard. Did he just say 'Lovers'?

Whaaaaaat? - I screamed at my head. How the heck did I become his lover and vice versa? Truth to be told, I really don't have any clue about this 'Looove'. You might not believe it but, that really could happen if for your whole freaking life, You're stuck on your house. It's not that I don't like it but, It still sure makes you want to know more about the outside world.

All of the people-Men, screamed and partied. I felt blood rushing in my face. This is so embarrassing! I tried to look around, and that's the only time that I came to notice the man I was sitting beside. I'm too drowned in my own thoughts that I forgot about him! I looked at him, he's just quiet, sitting pretty, while still biting his lip. He looked relaxed. Maybe I should just relax too. I guess I can't change anything.. It's not true anyway. Even though I'm locked up for years (lol.), I still watch those Corny Soap Operas they show on T.V.. Nehh. He'll deal with it anyway.. Right?

I again took a glance at him, He's kind of vexed than some moments ago, but he's still quiet. Still relaxed. But one thing though.. He's still biting his lower lip, And I think it's kind of trembling.. What's he doing? If he continues to do that, He might injure himself from biting his lip. He's such a kid. Nyahahaha.

I stared at the other men partying. Some are going towards us, to him. To me. Before they reach us, I took an another stare back at Mr. Ignis. He's having fun with some of the goons. I think.. He's saying something but I can't hear it, And I'm not really good at reading lips. He's kind of showing them something, Are those pictures? I really can't see much, some of his friends are blocking the sight.

I just giggled, They're all having fun. I wanted to start a conversation too, but I don't know any of their names. Only Mister Ignis.. I looked back at 'their leader', I was thinking of asking his name, Since it'll really be weirder if I don't ask is sooner or later. But what I saw made me really laugh. Of course, I'm still kind of worried but, I knew this would happen.

Noctis' POV

I bit my lip to the fullest. That's the only reaction I need right now. I am so gonna kill Ignis later.

I sat there, pretending to be calm, At least to ease the girl sitting beside me. I relaxed my Eyebrows, trying all my hard for it not to twitch. I tried to relax all my nerves, But my feet are fighting me, for they're already cramping from my Position. I simply did an Indian Sit, with my hands tensed at my lap, emanating those 'I-am-the-boss' aura.

I snatch glances from the corner of my eyes, first at my colleagues, then at Tifa time to time. But mostly at Tifa's. I want to see how she's taking it, and as I see, it's better than how I take it.

I observed my surroundings. And oh this is bad. Shanteis, and other members are coming towards us. I can't let them touch Tifa. This'll just worsen the lies Ignis gave them. I looked around, Only to see Ignis showing some kind of stuff from his Cellphone to Prompto and the others. Just you wait Ignis! I am so gonna smack your head off.

More men are coming towards us. Some of them are drunk, some are half drunk, some are just playing dumb so I won't have to smack their heads off tomorrow when they're sober, given the reason that they're-'Drunk'.

Without knowing, My lip already bled from the strength of my Clenching teeth.

I jumped, Not because of my bleeding lip, But because of what this Tifa did. My eyes have the very clues of shockness. She suddenly leaned in, My face inches away from hers. She had grabbed a handkerchief-a white one, and immediately wiped the blood off of my lip.

"Geez. Are you done dilly-dallying? You should really know how to take care of yourself. See? " She paused from wiping, and made me see the amount of blood she got. "Tsk Tsk.." She hummed, and wiped my lip again. I felt all the blood from my feet rush up to my face.

But it's just since then that I notice everyone stopped from whatever they were doing. All soon become quiet, and I, We, got all kind of stares. Dirty looks, Ahuh ahuh looks, 'I-knew-it! Faces, And so much more. It's good though, that the girl who was currently wiping my mouth didn't noticed anything.

"There! That's better!" She beamed a smile to me, making me feel an another set of blood rush. She then turned around to me and called to Ignis. She asked for something I think. Ignis went out, and after some seconds, he went back with an some ices in his hands.

"Gee! Don't you even have some Ice packs here? Judging that you're a Yakuza, you must have at least some first aid kits, right?" She sighed and leaned on to me again. I just sat there, speechless. Why can't I freaking say something?

She had the ice packed by an another handkerchief, This time a patterned one. She had her hands at my head and tilted it, putting the ice pack at my lips which won a very long set of 'awww'.

"Close your eyes and rest for a bit." Her voice is so soothing, that I can't help but just comply. It's just since then I felt another touch which led my head on a wall, A soft one though. It's a bit low however, which made me adjust my position but owned an 'ouch' because of the cramp I'm having.

"Why? Do you have a cramp or something?" She asked into which I nodded, with still my eyes closed.

"Why don't you straighten your body? C'mon, lay here." She smiled, while patting something. I opened my eyes, only to see that I was leaning on her shoulders. I blushed, again. And another blush came in, as that I see that the 'here' she was saying was her lap.

"Its okay. I think you're also tired so, come on, I'm gonna lend you my lap." She smiled again. I returned a simple 'hm', motioning yes. I again adjusted and put my head to her lap. Oh how's that! So soft and delicate. This is heaven!

It's only that time that I came to hear the chatters.

"She really will make a good wife!"

"Yes, Yes. A Beauty, Has the smarts, Plus the kindness that matches to Noctis-ouji!"

"Look at those two! I can't help but say awww"


"She's my Idol! Did you just see what she did? She commanded Ouji-sama and Ouji-sama didn't even made any complaints and just complied to all of what she says!"

"Such a great lady! Aigooo!"

"Anegoo! You have my utmost respects!"

Noctis' eyebrows twitched, but still had his smirk.

"If Noctis-sama will let go of her, I will be so glad to chase after her."

Then that did it. His face went to an annoyed one unconsciously. Why? He really doesn't know either. Just as he was about to open his eyes to search for the one who made the statement, He felt a soft, delicate hand put into his eyes, which made him relax and just forget his annoyed-ness. It's as if though it was placed there just to sooth his nerves.

"Rest well." That was the last thing he remembered before going to dreamland.

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