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A lot of things happen in the dead of the night.

This particularly story starts with a lonely Toy Maker. Misunderstood and abandoned by everyone, he flung himself into making toys. Robotic cars that moved by themselves, life-like dolls with glassy-eyed stares, building blocks that stacked themselves... The more toys he made, the more he craved. He started wanting stronger, more realistic, smarter toys.

The Toy Maker started giving something from something alive to every toy he made. He released his anger onto the people whom had once thrown him away mercilessly, and started on the path of blood. He killed with a smile, and always brought back a part of his victim carefully to attach to his toys. Soon, the Toy Maker was only making dolls.

A lock of beautiful camarel hair from his horrible, cheating wife, attach it to this beautiful, lithe doll! A pair of deep green eyes from his daughter whom had chosen to live with her mother instead of him, let it give life to this girl-like boy doll!

The Toy Maker lived in blood, and worked in blood. He started to develop a strange kind of love for murder, doing it for fun instead of for revenge now. His best creations were, in fact, a pair of twin dolls. They had a bit of everything. Silky blonde hair from a petite school girl, bright cerulean eyes from a whiny little baby, and the smile of a charismatic young man... His secret ingredient, however, was drops of blood, and from who else but himself?

He called the dolls 'Right' and 'Left', and kept them by his side always, even when he was on his terrible killing sprees. After a while, the Toy Maker made a real name for the dolls: Rin and Len.

The two blonde dolls watched the Toy Maker. They started getting life, because of the Toy Maker's sinful blood, and finally, one day, they blinked. The Toy Maker was, needless to say, overjoyed. He laughed and cried and danced, spinning his beloved dolls around in a circle, for he had finally found companians for his lonely heart.

He was to be betrayed again, however.


'Master! Oh, Master!'

Two sing-song voices rang out through the dark night, breaking the haunting silence. The Toy Maker stiffled a horrified gasp and increased his speed, sprinting blindly through the forest. He stumbled, tripped, climbed back up, and kept on running. Never in his life did he imagine that his dolls, his creations, would ever come after him.

'Master! You shouldn't run away from us, y'know?' This was obviously the girl's voice.

'Since you made us, we should always be together right?' And this was the boy's voice, ringing out stronger than his twin's.

The Toy Maker was panting now, but he still continued running. That was all he could do to stay alive: Run.

'Oh, are we playing hide and seek?' Rin asked cheerfully.

'We shall be the seekers, Master!' Len laughed and the toy dolls started counting down together.

'Ten! Nine!' Their foot-steps increased in speed.

'Eight! Seven!' Their voices seemed closer now.

'Six! Five!' The Toy Maker could hear them clearly now, close by.

'Four! Three!' He let out a strangled scream. They were closer, they were catching up!

'Two!' He could hear them right behidn him.

'One!' The Toy Maker realized, with a shock, that he could hear their breaths now.

'We found you!' Rin and Len sang together. They raised their arms together, sharp metal glinting in both their hands, and brought that piece of deadly metal as hard as they could onto the body of their creator. Cold metal tore through skin and flesh, spraying splatters of blood in all directions. The eyes of the twin dolls gleamed, as blue as the night sky in hell. Their beautiful golden hair splashed with brown-red stains. Streams of crimson blood trailed down their smooth skin.

The Toy Maker's scream echoed throughout the forest, but could not reach the ears of anyone within the city.