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'Well, what do we have here?' The two blonde dolls chorused together, bright blue eyes studying the red-haired boy intently, their previous victim already forgotten in favour of another.

Hatsune Ted could only stare in shock, his mouth hanging slightly open. Behind the twins, his little sister lay motionless, ruby-colored eyes wide open and staring blankly into space, crimson blood painting her pretty face. Ted was horrified, to say the least.

'Hey, you mute?' Len grumbled, still irked that his turn had ended early.

'Len,' Rin chided affectionately, not taking her eyes off the violently shivering red-head. 'Be more polite.'

'Like how?' Len retorted, obviously in a bad mood, 'Should I offer him tea? Maybe some cookies?'


'...' As Len wondered just how deranged his twin was, he stared at the currently-going-into-shock Ted by the door before asking abruptly, 'So. You want some tea?'

Ted nodded instinctively, and was immediately appalled with himself. Tea? At a time like this? While his little sister lay dead on her bed? Ted felt a sudden sharp pain on his upper arm and winced. A trail of reddish-brown blood flowed down his arms.

'There's your tea,' Len intoned dryly, 'And here's your cookie.' With that, he snatched Rin's knife and threw it at Ted.

The last thing Ted thought of was his baby sister.


'You're not dead yet?'

Ted cracked open his eyes, blinking against the harsh lighting of the room. He tried to sit up, then winced at the sharp pain at his shoulder. Trails of blood coruscated down his arm. His glasses were smudged, and the right lense was cracked. It was, luckily, still in good enough condition for him to see through. I thought I... He threw a... Where am I?

Everything around him was strange, unusual. As far as Ted could tell, he was in a small house; a shack or something. Rows of shelves lines the walls, and a wooden cupboard with a glass door leaned against the door. The windows were old and covered in layers of dust... In fact, the only thing that didn't seem old in the house was the wide-screen television.

Which brought him back to the speaker whom had woken him lounging on the couch.

Rin and Len, the two dolls his innocent sister and picked up and brought him, were staring at him with their creepy cerulean eyes. It wasn't the color that was terrifying- Cerulean was a beautiful color. It was what was inside their eyes or, more specifically, what wasn't. Their pupils held no emotion at all. Not a trace of amusement, or anger, or even curiousity. The two blonde dolls were just glassy-eyed, talking, killer... Dolls.

'... All those shelves,' Ted finally said, 'They're all empty. Why is that?'

'It's nothing important,' Rin drawled, not taking her empty eyes off him, 'We just did a bit of... Cleaning up.'

'You mean you threw everything inside away. Everything. Because...?'

'Because they were a nuisance,' Len said sharply, 'An annoyance. Irritance. Whichever word you want to use.'

'Annoyance...?' Ted muttered in confusion. A second later, his ruby eyes widened considerably and horror washed over his face, 'Because there are -were- more of... You, weren't there? More dolls. You threw them out. Disposed of them, so that you two would be the only wants left?'

'Sharp aren't we?' Rin slid off the couch and made her way gracefully in front of Ted. She bent down so their faces were at the same level, 'Well, that's not going to help you mych, Red.'

Red? 'Why am I not dead?'

'Would you prefer to die?'



Ted tried to understand the blonde doll's strange logic to no avail and gave up, deciding to just sit there like an idiot and stare until someone explained everything to him. Len decided to take up that role.

'Rin doesn't make sense. You're not dead yet because we haven't killed you. We haven't killed you because we're bored, and lonely, and the TV only has stupid soap opreas that I don't understand at all.'

'It's not really that hard to get, Len.' Rin interrupted, 'Mary-Whatever likes that blonde dude, who likes that one girl with too much make-up. Who likes him back, except make-up girl isn't actually a girl, "she" is a "he". Gays and all that. Then Mary-Whatever found out about little girl-boy's secret, and is currently blackmailing girl-boy. Oh yeah, and blonde dude's long-lost brother just washed up ashore, like, three episodes ago. Get it?'

'No. Not at all.'

Ted couldn't get the flow of the conversation. From what he had just hear, the twins had just changed the topic from why he was still alive to... Soap opreas. Which was quite a big shift. Not a bad shift, really, but still a huge one. The longer Ted stayed with the bickering twins, the more he felt that they were more... Human than he assumed they would be. In fact, Ted was afraid that if he stayed any longer, he might very well forget those two were murderous, non-living, creepy-eyed dolls.

'Do you like soap opreas?' Ted blinked in shock at the sudden question presented to him, before giving a small shrug.

'What an ambiguous answer,' Rin and Len muttered together, turning away. Their eyes shone with boredom.

Ted blinked.


I'm starting to mistake them for humans.