This story contains mature themes, such as sexual abuse, rape, abuse, mentions of suicide, suicide attempts and self harm. Please do not read if you are at any sort of risk of hurting yourself because of these words.

Chapter 1
The Law


"Oi, Seamus, come look at this!" Dean yelled from the living room of his and Seamus' apartment.

"I'm just about to get in the shower!" Seamus yelled back, his voice muffled from behind the bathroom door. Dean couldn't care less. He stood a few feet away from the couch, that day's copy of the Daily Prophet clutched in his hand staring in shock at the various headlines that littered the front page, the one in the very centre being the one that he was most focused on.


"Seamus!" Dean called warningly and he heard Seamus shut off the water in the bathroom.

"Alright, Alright you son of a banshee, I'm coming!" Seamus yelled back. Dean heard the bathroom door slam and Seamus' feet on the floorboards in the hallway. "What do you want Dean? I'm in a towel and this is getting really awkward."

Wordlessly, Dean tossed him the paper and Seamus caught it expertly, unfolding it.

"This better be really go-" he broke off as he saw the headline. "No" he breathed. "Parvati and –"

"Theodore Nott, yes" Dean interrupted. "What were they thinking?"

"This is not good, what will Parvati's parents say?" Seamus said, sitting down on the couch beside Dean who had his head in his hands. "You know how big they are on traditional Indian Marriage and after the fiasco with Padma and Terry."

"I can't believe all you're worried about is her parents!" Dean said angrily, "She is married to Theodore Nott! That slimy little son of a death eater that was friends with Malfoy at Hogwarts!"

"Dean, she's not your girl anymore, she has free reign." Seamus said softly, knowing how touchy his friend was when it came to his ex-girlfriend.

"This!" Dean shouted, standing up, snatching the paper from Seamus' hands and waving it in his face "This is not free reign Seamus! This is torture, this is the Ministry taking control of our lives, all to keep the pure blood race going! Not only is it racist, it's stupid and wrong!"

"Dean, calm down mate." Seamus said, attempting to console him. "You know Parvati, she's cool."

"Not with a marriage to him she's not!" Dean said, his voice filled with malice. "Read it." And he thrust the paper back at Seamus, who opened to page four where the article on Theodore and Parvati's marriage took up a section of the page. Dean read over Seamus' shoulder, shaking with anger at every word he read.

Lion and Snake tie the Nott

Even the title was stupid.

The law for the reasonable decree of wizarding marriage clearly states that if the pure blood race is at risk of becoming extinct (that is, dying out) marriages between a pureblood witch and a pureblood wizard may be forced. The couple will be expected to consummate the marriage within a month.

Yesterday, your Daily Prophet reporter witnessed the very first of these marriages, a marriage between twenty-one year old Theodore Nott and Parvati Patil, also twenty-one.

The wedding went against everything both families stood for. The Nott's having always married those of Slytherin Descent and the Patil's always having married those of Indian descent. But one would be wrong to say that the wedding wasn't a huge success.

"I never really thought I would marry a Gryffindor" says Theodore Nott at the reception of his wedding to Parvati Patil yesterday afternoon. "But for the sake of the pure blood race I'm happy to consent to it."

Seamus tossed the paper aside angrily. "Not only do they have to marry each other, they have to consummate the marriage within a month! That is pretty much borderline rape!" Dean shook his head, too disgusted to talk. "At least Nott looks relatively happy, look at the smile on his face." Seamus continued, pointing to the moving picture of Theodore and Parvati walking out of the wedding.

"Are you kidding me?" Dean asked "That's not a happy smile, that's an oh great a new sex toy smile"

"I thought it looked slightly funny, the smile that is." Seamus said, pulling himself up from the couch and walking out of the living room. "If you don't mind, I'm gonna go and have my shower now."

Dean waved him off, still immensely pissed off at the article that sat in front of him. His Parvati had been married off to a Slytherin, the same Slytherin that had hexed us on countless occasions, the same Slytherin who had helped the death eaters at the battle those four long years ago and had only got off because he was underage at the time. He screwed up the paper angrily and tossed it into the fire where he watched it burn.


Parvati tried not to touch him as they both got out of the car that had transported them to their new home. He was vile. She thanked the driver softly as Theodore waved his wand and all of their things flew out of the back of the truck and into the house, having to rearrange themselves into single file when they reached the front door, there was a few bangs and crashes from inside before there was silence.

Theodore turned and paid both drivers a generous amount of galleons.

"Good day Mr and Mrs Nott." They said, before retreating to their vehicles and driving off. Parvati shuddered. Mrs Nott she hated that name with a passion, she wasn't supposed to be Mrs Nott she hadn't even intended to be married until she was at least twenty-five, but then the ministry had introduced this horrid rule. That two pure bloods would be forced into marriage and to top it all off, they had to consummate it within a month. Parvati was still a virgin, and losing her virginity to a man she had not only never spoken to, but a man that she hated almost made her throw up.

"Come along Parvati dear." Theodore called from the front doorstep, "our house is waiting to be lived in!"

Parvati forced her legs to move. She walked stiffly across the neatly cut lawn towards the door, dreading what was to happen when she went inside. Theodore seemed a little too happy about this marriage for her liking. She had no idea why, it went against everything he stood for, but there he was, no media around at all and he was perfectly cheerful.

The house was nice enough. It was quite cosy, with a little kitchen at the end of the hallway which had several rooms leading off it. She saw Theodore disappear into the master bedroom and forced herself to follow him, fear growing in her chest at every step she took. She had no idea what this man was like, what he liked, what he disliked, if he was nice or mean, though she was leaning towards the latter seeing as he was placed in Slytherin. She put her bag down beside the door as Theodore unpacked his boxes with a wave of his wand, whistling a horrible tune all the while.

Parvati turned and walked out of the room, wanting to escape into the bathroom. But no sooner had she taken two steps, she found herself pinned up against the wall. She tried to scream but couldn't, a hand was clamped over her mouth. She turned her head slowly, looking where no-one ever wants to look, the corner of their eye. She saw Theodore behind her, breathing heavily, that manic smile still plastered on his face.

"Now, you will listen to me very carefully." He whispered in her face, showering her with spit and the smell of tobacco. "Bedroom, now, I want you naked on the bed within five minutes."

Parvati shook her head as best she could before her head was slammed back into the wall by Theodore's fist. "You will do as I tell you!" he roared "UNDERSTAND!"

Parvati stood her ground, her nose stinging where he had hit her. She felt his hand come across her face in a hard slap. "I said, do you understand?"

"No! I most certainly do not understand!" Parvati said, trying to bring some sort of authority into her voice as Theodore pushed her up against the wall, bruising her shoulder blades in the process. "Why should I consent to sex with you when I don't even know the slightest thing about you."

Another punch, this time to the gut. Parvati doubled over in pain as Theodore pushed her to the ground. "You worthless piece of shit, I am the authority in this marriage, not you and I may do to you whatever I please."

"I have rights you know!" Parvati gasped "This is abuse."

"Not in my family it's not, this is discipline, now you will do as I say or I will lock you in the cellar." Theodore said, bending down to whisper in her ear.

"I'd rather go in the cellar." Parvati spat. Theodore roared angrily, seizing her around the waist and swinging her over his shoulder. Parvati screamed as loud as she could, fighting tooth and nail to get away from him, to get out of the house and back to her parents where she was safe. Theodore threw her down on the double bed in the bedroom and locked the door behind him. She knew there was no escape, she could feel bruises rising all over her body but there was no way she was going to consent to having sex with this man, she would rather die. She hurried over to the window as Theodore took off his shirt. She desperately tried to open it but it was no good, it had been sealed shut and her wand was in her bag. She turned away, horrified as Theodore slipped off his trousers and started coming towards her. Parvati closed her eyes, knowing that the only escape was her mind. She thought of Padma and her little nephew Isaac, she thought of dancing with Harry at the Yule Ball, She thought of Voldemort's defeat, but most of all, she thought of Dean Thomas, her first boyfriend and how much she wished she'd stayed in contact with him.

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