Chapter 20
On Top Of the World

It was hard for Dean to believe that it had been six years. Six whole years since Daniel was born, six years since Parvati had first kissed him, six years since she had gone through her terrible ordeal with Theodore Nott, who, to both Dean and Parvati's relief, was now dead. He had lasted not much longer than a year in Azkaban and after his death, the Ministry had been able to confirm that his early demise was due to unstable mental health. In normal circumstances, the family of the person might've sued the ministry's arse off for imprisoning an mentally unwell person, but Theodore had no family left, and if he did, they either didn't know about him or particularly care. Dean knew it was wrong for him to be happy that Theodore was dead, but he was. It meant that while Parvati wasn't fully safe, she was definitely safe from him, and so was Daniel.

Dean had lived in constant fear for both Daniel and Parvati's safety when they had come home from the hospital. He knew that he would be capable of protecting one of them, but not both and that had scared him to death. Nothing happened though, nothing had since Theodore had gone to Azkaban and Dean, being a man of action, was surprised to find that he liked it just like that.

"Ready?" Parvati said, looking into the doorway of their bedroom as Dean buttoned up his shirt.

"Yeah," he smiled, walking towards her and taking her hand, "How did you manage to get them all into the car, you know that they hate it."

"I don't know," Parvati smiled, "I guess that they want to see Tessa and Leah, it's been ages since the last time."

"Yeah I'm starting to miss Seamus a little as well," Dean admitted as the two of them walked out the door of their house and down towards their black SUV where their three children were waiting patiently to be driven to Seamus and Lavender's house.

Dean and Parvati got into the front and Dean quickly waved his wand so that the car became invisible.

"We ready to go?" Dean asked the car at large and was met with three calls of 'yes' from the back seats, "Alright then," Dean said, pressing a button on the dashboard and the car rose slowly into the sky.

Dean knew that tampering with a muggle car to let it fly was illegal, however it was a lot more convenient than sitting in muggle traffic all day, plus, nobody could see them.

"When are we going to be there?" Daniel asked from his seat in the very back. Dean chuckled.

"Soon, squirt," he said, looking back briefly at the six year old. Even after six years, it felt weird to call Daniel his son. Sure, he had raised him, fed him, comforted him when he cried, hell, Dean's name was even on the birth certificate (Dean was still not sure if that was legal or not) but still he was not Daniel's actual father. Dean was glad to see that he showed more of Parvati's physical appearance than Theodore's, but it didn't stop him from having the same blue eyes that belonged to Theodore. Dean hoped that the warmth that resided in them now would never leave.

"How long now Daddy?" Simon said from his seat next to Daniel. Dean laughed again, resigning himself to an hour of questions from his children.

"Soon, buddy," he said, smiling in the rear view mirror.

He hadn't expected Parvati to want any more children after Daniel and Dean was completely fine with that. He had her and that was all that mattered, but three years ago, just after the eighth anniversary of the war, that had all changed. Dean remembered it like it was yesterday.

"Dean," Parvati said as she stood in the doorway. Dean looked up from his book.

"Hey," he said, smiling, "You got Daniel down alright then?"

"Yeah, he went off pretty quickly."

"That's good," Dean said, pulling back her side of the covers, inviting her to get in.


"Yeah?" Dean said, noticing how she used his name as a question.

"I need to talk to you about something," she said.

"I'm all ears," Dean said jokingly as he patted the empty space beside him. Parvati walked the short distance from the doorway to the bed and got in, Dean immediately pulled her in close to him and she rested her head on his shoulder, "What is it?" he asked curiously.

"I've just been thinking lately," she said, looking up at him. "that it might be nice for Daniel to have someone to play with. He's getting tired of me, I can tell."

"Nobody can get tired of you," Dean said, planting a kiss on Parvati's forehead. Parvati smiled slightly.

"He is though," she protested half-heartedly, "he told me that I was boring today."

"That's probably just him being a temperamental three year old," Dean shrugged.

"Either way," Parvati said, "It might be nice for him to have someone to play with that's around his age."

Dean sat back against his pillows, "Parvati are you suggesting that we move in with Seamus, Lavender and Tessa because I love them all but I couldn't live with them on a daily basis, Lavender drives me up the wall if I'm around her for too long."

Parvati chuckled, "She does have that effect on people."

"Seriously Parvati, I can't live with them. I will go stir freaking crazy."

Parvati rolled her eyes, "I'm not suggesting that at all, stupid," she said.

"Oh…" Dean said, his voice faltering, "what were you suggesting then?"

Parvati rolled her eyes again and muttered something that sounded suspiciously like 'men', "I was suggesting…" she said, sitting up and snuggling closer to him, "That maybe we could have another child."

Dean almost felt off the bed in surprise. Never in a million years had he thought that Parvati would come to him and ask if they could have another child. He had just assumed that with her previous experience, she wouldn't want to re-live it.

"A-are you sure?" Dean said.

"Of course I'm sure," Parvati said, "I wouldn't have asked you if I wasn't."

"But I just thought…" Dean trailed off.

"What?" Parvati asked.
"I just thought that after how Daniel came to be… that you wouldn't want to have… I mean… to be involved in the process that makes babies."

Parvati snorted," What?"

"I'm trying to be delicate here, I know how you can blush," Dean said, feeling himself flushing a deep red.

"Try me," Parvati said, crossing her arms and sending him a challenging smirk.

Dean felt himself flush again, not wanting to say what he had been trying to imply moments ago.

"You know…" he said, rubbing the back of his neck, "The act of making a baby."

Parvati raised her eyebrows at him and Dean knew that she was deliberately trying to make him uncomfortable.

"Jesus Christ," Dean said in frustration before ploughing into what he had been trying to say, "I thought after you being raped by Theodore that you wouldn't want to have sex with me."

Parvati burst out laughing.

"Shut up," Dean said, getting up and pouring some water to put out his face, which he was sure was on fire.

"That was priceless," Parvati said. Dean glared at her.

"Seriously though," Dean said, getting back into bed with his glass of water, "Are you sure that you're ready for this."

The smile dropped off Parvati's face, "I've thought about it a lot, and I know that I'm ready." She said sombrely.

"Really?" Dean asked cautiously.

"Really, really," she said earnestly.

"but what if you're not?" Dean asked, worrying a bit more than he probably should've and almost knocking his glass of water over. Parvati placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I am," she whispered.


"Shut up," Parvati said exasperatedly, grabbing his head and silencing him with her lips. They were like fire on his and they moved so quickly and perfectly together, making Dean never want to let her go, he wanted to spend his whole life with her. He broke away from the kiss.

"Marry me Parvati?" he said breathlessly as he fought to contain his arousal.

"Yes," she breathed back, and before Dean could do anything, she had pinned him to the bed…

"Daddy look!" Simon said, pointing down as they flew over the rooftops of a block of houses, "It's Leah and Tessa!"

"It sure is," Dean smiled, looking down at the two sandy haired girls playing in their front garden, "Shall we land?" he asked and both Daniel and Simon nodded fervently, their daughter, one year old Mira just slept. Dean grinned at the two young boys and angled the car downwards and the ground started to rush up towards them.

Parvati closed her eyes as they descended while Simon and Daniel squealed in delight as they descended. Dean smiled at the looks on the boys faces as they landed successfully in the Finnigan's front garden.

Dean lifted the invisibility charm and the SUV became visible again. He watched as Leah and Tessa realised that they had company. He watched Tessa whisper something to her younger sister and Leah ran inside, yelling for Seamus.

Dean opened the car door and got out, "Hi Tess," he said with a grin.

"Hi Dean," she said shyly, craning her neck for a look at who had accompanied him, "Is Danny here?" she asked, blushing slightly.

Dean smiled at her, "He sure is!" he said, opening the car door and stepping out of the way as Daniel barrelled out of the car and towards Tessa.

"Tess!" he yelled, tackling her to the ground. Tessa fell back, laughing as Daniel pinned her down. Tessa didn't submit for any longer than a few seconds. Laughing, the six year old pushed Daniel off her with ease, pinning him down after a couple of seconds of wrestling.

Dean watched fondly as Parvati got Mira out of the car. Simon stood behind Dean's leg, watching curiously.

"Dean, Parvati!"

Dean looked up to see none other than Seamus and Lavender Finnigan standing, framed in the doorway of their house, Leah standing as Simon was, just behind her father's legs.

"Hi," Dean said brightly, taking Simon's hand and leading him towards the front steps. Parvati followed with Mira, who was still asleep.

"God it's been too long," Seamus said as the two of them embraced with hard slaps on each other's backs,

"You should move closer to us, that way we don't have to travel for an hour to get to you," Dean said, smiling as he kissed Lavender on the cheek.

"No way mate, if anyone's moving, it'll be you. We've got a baby due any day now." Seamus said, gesturing to Lavender's bulging stomach.

"Yeah, I can see," Dean said, "Any idea what you're going to call it."

"Nope," Seamus said, "Not a clue."

Dean rolled his eyes, it was typical of Seamus.

"But then again, when they get to this stage, you can't really negotiate with them," Seamus whispered, but a little too loudly, earning him a hit from Seamus.

"May I say Lavender, you're glowing," Dean said, in an attempt to make up for Seamus' lack of tact.

"Thank you," Lavender said with a smile, "Come on in, we've got firewhiskey and lemonade for the kids."

Parvati smiled and took Simon's hand as Dean was left with the task of getting Daniel and Tessa to come inside. Instead of reverting to dragging them in by the scruffs of their necks like Seamus did when it was his turn to get them to do something that wasn't playing, he simply waved his wand and the two of them were immediately forced apart.

"Dad!" Daniel whined, "That's not fair!"

"Time to come inside," Dean said, "You can play later, I promise."

"Pinky Swear?" Daniel asked, looking reproachful.

"Pinky Swear," Dean confirmed, holding out his little finger to Daniel who walked forward slowly and wrapped his smaller finger around Dean's larger one.

"Okay," Daniel said, a smile appearing on his face, content with the promise that playing was allowed later, "Come on Tess, let's go hide from Leah and Simon and when they walk past we'll jump out and scare them."

Tessa nodded eagerly and followed Daniel inside. Dean watched as they ran down the corridor and into the dining room to hide from their younger siblings.

Dean walked down the hallway and into the dining room where Parvati was strapping a grumpy looking Mira into the high chair that Seamus and Lavender had set up for her. Three years ago he had married this beautiful woman and he hadn't regretted it a single day. She had been through so much, climbed a thousand mountains in her twenty-nine years of life, defied all of the signs that pointed to depression and suicide. She was as beautiful as a flower on a crisp spring morning, even without the makeup that she used to cover the scars that had been left from those terrible few months six years ago.

Every time he saw her he just wanted to sing with joy because he was hers, and she was his and they could always count on each other.

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