I was watching the episode 'Means To An End' and I thought up another way for it to end and the fact that no more was said about it in following episodes kinda bugged me, so I figured I'd add a little extra to it, including the scene at Amanda Tanner's apartment.

Summary: Jo struggles with what John Curtis puts her through at Amanda Tanner's apartment. She has to receive department mandate counselling and although it helps a little it is Mac who helps her through it in the end.

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Chapter 1

It was all happening so quick, too quick for Jo to really register. Her mouth suddenly filled with blood, blood that threated to choke her. She rolled onto her side, spitting out the metallic tasting blood. God her mouth hurt. The taste of blood lingered in her mouth, or was it just still bleeding? It was so strong it was nauseating.

Everything moved before her eyes in a blur. She saw the light being shut out some as someone pulled the curtains together. Whoever it was, they were tall, one big silhouette of a shadow against the light. It was only as they moved closer and her vision became less blurred that she saw who it was. The second she did she felt her heart skip a beat, felt her stomach flip in nauseating panic, John Curtis

A hundred questions were racing through her mind: how had John Curtis got into the apartment? How did he know they were there? Had he been following her, if so for how long? Was Amanda still alive in the next room? Was he going to kill her now? How was she going to get them out of this situation, or was she about to become John Curtis' latest victim?

She saw him come towards her and quickly rolled onto her stomach, sure the son-uva-bitch was going to kick her whilst she was down. Instead he barked orders at her. "Get up! Come on, get up!" he snapped, clapping his hands showing her he meant now.

She pushed herself up quick as she could, her head spinning. Once on her feet she glared at him. He looked back at her and smiled, she was sure it had something to do with her bloodied nose and bruised face, his handy work. She saw him swing his arm at her but she was too slow to try to dodge the blow. His iron fist connected hard with her face, so hard it knocked her right back down to her hands and knees on the floor.

She didn't have chance to think about pushing herself back up before he grabbed hold of her jacket and pulled her up, only to shove her forward. She couldn't stop herself so she could only try to shield her face with her arms as she slammed into a long mirror. The sound of glass smashing was deafening but as she crashed back down onto the floor she fell into a world of silence, of unconsciousness.

She wasn't sure how long after she'd fallen unconscious she woke up. She figured it was barely minutes she'd been out for. She watched as John dragged a lifeless looking Amanda into the room with them. She watched her for a second, praying she would move, but nothing. She looked up to see John grab her ankles and pull her across the broken glass and across the room.

He let go of her ankles and moved to stand over her. She watched with heavy eyes as he crouched over her. He grabbed hold of her head and lifted her face closer to him. She had no energy to push him away, as much as she would have liked to.

"Beg me not to kill you." he said, snarling at her, "Come on, I wanna hear you say it!"

Not about to give him the satisfaction she replied, "Never!" and spat at him, her blood spattering his face.

John just laughed and let go of her head, letting it bang down against the hard wooden floor, like it wasn't hurting enough. John wiped his face and stood up, still standing above her. "That'a girl! You never did know when to give up, did ya'?" he said as he pulled a gun out of the back of his trousers, her gun.

For a moment she thought this is it, question answered 'yes he is going to kill you, Jo'. She was momentarily happily surprised when he pulled out the magazine. He kept a hold of it but put the gun down on the coffee table beside them. She was more than confused, especially when he started flicking the bullets out at her. She began counting them, one…

"You' know how some experts say that sick people,"


"People like me," he said as he stepped away from, "You'know, that ultimately we wanna be caught." Jo tried to ignore his words and rolled over to look at Amanda who still had yet to move. She hated to think that she was the one who had got her back into a situation with John Curtis.

John sat down in a chair by Jo's feet and got comfy as he continued to talk, "That the mistakes we make are intentional…" Out came another bullet, landing right by her face as she lay on her side, listening, waiting.


"Or that we stray from some particular course of action because we like the risk." he continued before flicking out another two bullets.

Four, five…

"Those experts are morons," he said as Jo watched the bullets bounce and dance along the floor in front of her eyes. She suddenly wondered if he was going to empty the full magazine. What were his intentions?

"I have no intention of being caught." he told her firmly, "This was not intentional." he said as he grabbed hold of the bagged wine glass Amanda had gave her what seemed like hours ago now. He dropped it to the floor and stomped his shoe down on it, breaking it, losing her her evidence, for what it mattered now.

"You got too close Jo!" he said to her, raising his voice.

Out came another bullet. Six…

"Can I call you Jo?" he asked her as the bullet bounced off the floor. It was quickly followed by another. Seven… "O oh! No bullets." John said as he showed Jo the empty magazine.

Jo groaned as she pushed her aching body up as much as her body would allow, she looked up at John, never taking her eyes off him as she shuffled closer to the coffee table and reached towards her gun, to her surprise he didn't try to stop her, he even encouraged her, "Come on, come on you can do it." he said as he watched her.

She wrapped her fingers around it and slumped back off the table, clutching it tightly in her hand. "There you go." She heard him say to her. She was exhausted and in pain but she pushed herself up again, propping herself up on one arm as she used her other to point the gun at him. Thinking about how much of an idiot he was.

He stood up from the chair and held his arms out to the side of him, a smirk on his face. Jo glared up at him and said, "You'know how most gun accidents happen and people end up shooting themselves..?"

"Bang!" he yelled, before slapping his hands down on his chest, "You got me. You finally got me!" he said to her.

"They always forget the one in the chamber!" she told him. Giving him just a second for her words to register and panic to flash across his face before she pulled the trigger.

The bullet slammed into him, knocking him down to the floor. Jo shuffled across the floor, offering a quick glance in his direction. She wanted to cry when she suddenly saw him push himself up from the floor. He gaze fixed on her and he was clearly pissed off.

She reached down and grabbed another bullet. With shaking hands she tried desperately to load her gun. She saw him get to his feet and take a step towards her. She'd just loaded the bullet when he kicked the gun out of her hands, sending it sliding across the shiny wooden floor.

She threw her body to the side and tried to grab it but John grabbed hold of her hair and ripped her up to her feet. She yelped in pain and could only reach up and try to pull his hand out of her hair. She swung her arm back, her elbow connecting hard with his face. He let go of her but only so he could punch her again.

She fell into the cupboard behind her, wishing she'd hit him harder, hard enough to give herself a chance. Once more he grabbed hold of her; one hand grabbed a handful of her jacket and the other a handful of her hair.

He pushed her forward, stepping right over Amanda's body. He threw Jo into the bedroom. She stumbled forward and tried to save herself on a set of drawers but instead sent everything flying off it. It landed on the floor with a loud smash and she wondered if the neighbours could hear this. Had any of them bothered to call the police?

Her head was spinning again, she felt dizzy and sick. She felt John grab hold of her again. She tried to swat his hands away but his grip moved to her wrists. He held her in place and brought his knee up to meet her stomach. She yelped in pain and doubled over.

He still kept a tight and painful grip on her wrists as he pushed her back. She felt the edge of the bed knock her legs from under her. She fell down on the bed and John came down right on top of her, pinning her wrists down above her head with his hands, his body pinning her body to the hard mattress.

"You' know, I thought about doing this a dozen times since you and I met, and when I saw you and that little whore come back here I actually just thought about killing you, getting you outta my life for good. Now, I'm thinking I was right with what I first thought! You may have wanted me, Jo, but you have no idea how I've wanted you. Looks like I'm gunna get what I want. It's just a shame for you that you won't."

"Get off of me you son-uva-bitch!"

John laughed and let go of her wrist so he could deliver a hard punch to her face again. Jo couldn't hold in a yelp of pain. She didn't want to give him the satisfaction but her face felt like it was ready to explode.

She felt him thrust against her and thanked God they had clothes separating their bodies. He let go of both her wrists and punched her face again. She wanted to scream in pain but her breath caught in her throat and she could only bring her hands up to her face. She could feel blood oozing from a gash beneath her eye, her blood mixing with her salty tears.

She snapped to her sense as she felt him unbutton her trousers. She tried not to panic too much and punched him in the face as hard as she could and was satisfied to hear him yelp in pain for a change. He went to punch her again but she brought her knee up between his legs.

He made a choking sound as he held himself and rolled off her. She pushed herself up and dashed out of the bedroom. She ran over to where her gun lay on the floor and was about to grab it when John pulled her back, letting go of her causing her to fall to the floor.

She screamed in agony as she felt something sharp slice the palm of her hand wide open. She didn't have chance to look at the damage, she knew had been caused by the glass of the broken mirror, because John moved in to attack again. She beat him to it, kicking her leg out. It connected hard with the top of his leg and sent him tumbling backwards and onto his ass.

Jo pushed herself up with just one hand and grabbed her gun. She aimed it at John as he got to his feet and was about to pounce. She pulled the trigger hard and quick. The bullet slammed into John's chest. She watched him fall to the ground, lifeless.

With a sigh of relief she slumped back against the cupboard behind her. She turned to look at Amanda and was overwhelmed to see the young woman move. She was alive, thank God. Jo wanted to let unconsciousness take over her as it threatened to do so, but instead she grabbed her cell phone out of her pocket. Although it looked a little banged up it still worked. She pressed 2 on speed dial and waited.

As soon as she heard his voice she lost her own, "Mac," she whimpered, her voice barely more than a whisper. "Mac, I need you to come help me and I need you to call an ambulance." she told him, before trying to explain what had just happened.


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