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Chapter 6

Their lips continued to touch as the last few of Jo's tears fell. Once she felt like she had cried every tear she had within her did she pull away from the kiss, but only to rest her head on Mac's shoulder as he continued to keep his arms wrapped around her. Both of them wondered about the kiss but neither dared to question it.

Only when Mac thought she had settled some did he lead her back over to the couch and sit her down. She'd laughed when he ran off and then came back with some tissues for her. He then settled down on the couch next to her and hoped she'd be ready to talk some more.

"You must think I'm such a cry baby." Jo said, able to laugh at herself.

"Not at all, I think you're someone who went through hell and has every right to cry about it." he replied.

"I never cry like this." she confessed as she wiped her tears away.

"Sometime it requires a lot more strength to show weakness than it does to remain strong." Mac said.

Jo could only smile, he was right. "I lost my career with the FBI because of John Curtis, then I felt like I was going to lose this job too and I think that would have destroyed me."

"Because then you wouldn't get to work at the lab anymore and get underpaid for chasing down bad guys?" Mac joked.

Jo had to laugh, "It would have killed me knowing I couldn't work with you every day…" she suddenly realised how pathetic and needy that probably sounded so quickly added, "And Lindsay, Danny, Sid, Hawkes and Flack and Adam…." she told him.

"Jo, I would have made damn sure that you not being allowed to come back to the lab weren't an option."

Jo nodded thankfully and reached over and placed her hand on his knee. "I don't think I've ever had a friend as good as you."

"Likewise." he replied before he reached up and cupped her face and used his thumb to gently brush a tear away.

Jo nuzzled her face into his palm and placed a soft kiss there. It was only meant to be a friendly gesture, appreciative of his caring about her, but the moment her lips touched his skin electricity seemed to shoot through her body. She wanted to leave her lips linger there forever but she forced herself to pull them away and she offered him a sheepish smile.

She expected him to pull his hand away from her face but instead she found him moving his face towards hers. She closed her eyes and prayed she wasn't dreaming this moment, like she had done so many times before, but then she felt his lips touch hers.

They felt soft, perfect against hers. She kissed him back and for a moment their lips seemed to do a sort of slow dance with each other, but then she felt the tip of his tongue brush against her lips and she opened her mouth to let his tongue explore. She was quickly becoming lost in the kiss. She had figured Mac would be a good kisser but this good was unbelievable.

She couldn't hold in a moan as his hand found its way onto her thigh and slowly trailed upwards, nothing too intrusive but enough to make Jo's body beg for more and completely take her breath away.

She had to pull away from the kiss before she passed out. She was suddenly feeling dizzy and felt like a schoolgirl kissing her crush, a thought that made her laugh.

"Sorry." Mac said guiltily.

"Don't be," she said and quickly placed her hand down on his so he couldn't move it away from her thigh. "It's just, I've actually wished you wold kiss me for a really long time now, and no offense but I never imagined you would be such a damn good kisser, Mac Taylor." She had to laugh at that or else she would blush like a fool.

Mac laughed with her, "Thank you." he replied, "Would you believe me if I said I felt the same way."

Jo looked at him, praying he was being serious. "Really?"

"Ever since that first day I saw you standing on the balcony I wanted to kiss you. It's been like torture some day's wanting to and not being able to." he said.

"I know what you mean."

As if to make up for all those times Jo moved in and her lips met with Mac's once more. She moved her arms up to rest around his neck and felt his arm slip around her back. She wondered if maybe he was doing it because he thought she would pull away and decide this was all a mistake. Fat chance Mac Taylor she thought to herself.

She felt him tighten his hold around her back slightly and she reluctantly stopped the kiss and said to him, "I'm not going anywhere."

Mac smiled and then replied, "Good, because I never wanna lose you." he told her as he brushed a lock of her soft hair behind her ear.

Their lips came together once more and another more passionate kiss began. This time Jo couldn't resist the urge to not deepen the kiss. She took hold of Mac's hand and stood up from the couch and pulled Mac up. Mac allowed her to lead him across the living room and into her bedroom. There he stopped her.

"Jo, are you sure you want to do this?" After what she had been through he didn't want her to feel rushed into this and regret it later.

She stepped forward and placed her lips on his. She tenderly kissed him and then replied, "Mac, I want this."

Mac nodded, he wanted this too. He reached up and placed his hand on Jo's face and cupped it as they backed up until Jo moved to sit down on the end of her bed. Mac stood in front of her and gently held her face as he lovingly kissed her.

Jo wanted him closer but first she wanted to shed some of the clothing getting in their way. She pushed Mac's jacket off and grabbed hold of his shirt and gently pulled him down, falling back herself so that Mac came down on top of her, quickly supporting his weight above her.

For a moment they simply lay that way, looking up at one another, both of them thinking that they were getting just what they had wanted and that it couldn't be more perfect.

"You're so beautiful." Mac had to say to Jo as he gazed down at her.

She moved her face towards his until their lips met and began another passionate kiss.

They continued to kiss and slowly removed each other's clothes as they did so. They had no reason to rush, neither of them were going anywhere, neither of them wanted too. What was happening right at that very moment was all they wanted.

Even after their clothes were shed they took their time, exploring each other's bodies. Mac trailed kisses from Jo's mouth and down her neck, down to her breasts which he lovingly kissed and gently caressed. He then trailed kisses down her stomach and Jo couldn't help but arch her back, his kisses alone threatened to send her over the edge.

When he moved to kiss the top of her thigh she couldn't hold in a moan, "Mac, please…" she begged, she wasn't going to be able to hold on much longer and as Mac moved and positioned himself at her opening she could feel that he was almost ready for falling over the edge with her.

Their lips met again as Mac slowly pushed into her. As their bodies became one the desire to make things happen quicker became stronger and stronger. They quickly found a rhythm and just minutes later the both reached their climax together.

Afterwards, they lay there for a moment, their bodies still joined, both of them fighting for breath. Once they had finally caught their breath Mac moved to lie next to Jo, snuggled right against her. He placed his arm over her stomach and Jo held onto it, tracing soft circles on the back of his hand with her thumb.

She then turned and nuzzled her face against his. "God I love you, mac Taylor." she told him as she moved in closer to him.

"I love you too, Jo." he told her before he kissed her cheek.

That night, wrapped in one another's arms they fell asleep.


The next day Jo walked stepped out of the elevator and into the crime lab lobby feeling fresh as Daisy. She had never been happier to see the place. "Home sweet home." she muttered to herself before she headed towards her office. She and Mac had decided to keep their new found relationship a secret for now so had agreed it best to show up to work separately.

Still she decided after putting her bag in her office she would go find him. She turned the corner and could see her office, but she couldn't help but be a little curious to see that all the blinds were shut and that the place seemed to be in total darkness. It suddenly occurred to her how quiet the lab seemed. She then realised what was about to happen, a surprise 'welcome back' party.

She got to her office door and slowly pushed it open. She reached into the room and as she flicked the light switch prepared herself for the "Surprise!"

However, as the lights came on she didn't know whether to be a little revealed or totally disappointed to see nothing but an empty office. But just a second later she almost jumped a mile out of her skin when a choir of voices suddenly yelled "Surprise!" from behind her.

She had to put her hand on her heart to stop the thing from feeling like it wanted to jump up into her throat. She could only laugh to see her friends standing behind her. Adam was holding a large chocolate cake with candles on it. Written on it was "Welcome back, Jo."

"Blow out the candles!" Lindsay said excitedly.

Jo did so and everyone cheered to it. She wasted no time in giving them all a hug. Mac's hug lingered a little longer as he whispered into her ear, "The place just wasn't the same without you."

Jo pulled away from the hug and could only smile at him. God she loved everything about him.


Jo and Lindsay's office had been used as a space to cut the cake and eat it and toast to Jo being back. As she watched her friends toast, with sparkling grape juice, she had to smile. She truly couldn't be happier to be back. She felt like she had been torn away from her family not being able to be here, and now she had them back and she never planned to let them go.

She turned to face Mac and smiled like a fool to find him watching her, his smile as wide as hers. Mac was someone she certainly never planned to let go, not now she finally had him. For Jo, life was suddenly perfect.

The End

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