Addendum #20

Series 1, Episode 11: Five Down

She ran her fingers over her tattoo.

She wondered how Bennet could have overpowered her.

It couldn't have been the rocks, not really. She knew these woods, knew this kind of terrain. She'd hunted in this terrain.

Maybe it was cosmic justice, a sign to stop messing her own life up.

Four down, two to go. That's what she'd told him – Konrad Meyers. Right before she'd put a bullet in his head.

He was still out there, at the foot of the mountain, covered by about four feet of forest soil. One of the five she'd made disappear.

Her thoughts wandered to Barry Kingleader. The last one. The sixth one. The one who had no stick-figure portrait on her left wrist alongside the others. Not yet, maybe never. Because, now that she was actually in prison, she wondered if it really was worth it. Her father had loved her, and she had loved him. And she knew that he wouldn't want her in jail. When she'd "disappeared" the other five, she hadn't cared about that, though. Taking those thugs to justice – and be it her own – had mattered to her more than his wishes. More than her daughter, more than anything.

But not anymore. She was leading a lost life. Kingleader was safe. She would not drop him.