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Jinx slowly moved to sit on the sofa next to the empath. "So we've covered the name, the whole sentient birth thing and who your Dad is. Why the hell aren't you on our side? Okay fuck the side I'm on, why the fuck haven't you already gone for world domination? You're half demon and you're one of the good guys? I mean how screwy is that?"

"Have you forgotten I'm now a wanted criminal?" Raven asked, frowning.

"Oh come on – so you stole one thing, big deal. Sure, you broke the law, but that doesn't make you one of the bad guys, and you know it. You didn't steal the amulet or break us out of jail because you enjoyed it, and that's the difference. Why don't you? I mean, if your Dad really is Trigon of all things, you should be able to take cities easy, and kick some serious ass. Why don't you?"

"Trigon didn't raise me. The Monks of Azarath did and under their guidance I learnt how to more or less control my … demonic urges."

"Right. You've mentioned these dudes before. Why didn't your Mom? You said she quit the cult after she conceived you."

"And was found by Azar, hence how we ended up in Azarath. Arella didn't have the means to raise me. She knew nothing of demons, and little of the being she had been offered to. I'm sure you know from personal experience that a young child – a young meta human – can't control their ability when it first appears, no matter what the parents or guardians do to help. If all you're doing is breaking a few microwaves or busting the plumbing, who cares? In time the individual gains control naturally, with the odd exception. As a young child I couldn't throw a tantrum without pulling down several rooms in the immediate area. How was Arella supposed to deal with that? The Monks found a way to give me more time to develop that control, before I could do any serious damage."

"More time?" Jinx frowned. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"You have to understand, most … demons become stronger with age. That's why most of the higher demonic powers are thousands of years old, at least – my father being an exception. In the long term, no one was concerned about what that would mean for me in the long run as my life was supposed to end shortly after my sixteenth birthday. They focused instead on the immediate effects, on how it might affect my ability to gain control of my powers. What the Monks did delayed the growth of my powers for several years – long enough for them to teach me control before I became too destructive."

"… How did they know you were meant to die at sixteen?"

"I was born for a purpose. Trigon didn't take brides for fun. At least, that wasn't his only reason. From what I can gather he'd been trying for a half human child for a while before he had Arella and got me. That's why he'd set up a link with the Church of Blood. He doesn't care much for worshipers, but they proved to be useful. Anyway, years before my birth, a prophecy had been spoken. A prophecy that foretold my birth and the end of the world. Of course it wasn't until the Monks found Arella pregnant with me that they realised it was Trigon the prophecy spoke of. Much work was put into reading my future. They knew how the end would happen and who the threat was, but they didn't have a date. Then Trigon contacted me, and told me what I had been created for, when it would commence ... everything. Shortly after my sixteenth birthday, I would open the portal, releasing him from the inter-dimensional prison the Order of Azarath placed him in a couple of centuries prior. They never did admit that the line of contact I had with my father was somewhat useful, and quickly worked to shut it off."

"Damn it girl; every fucking answer gives me ten new questions!" The thief shook her head, frustrated. "Why half human? I mean he might have had more luck fucking some alien for all he knows. And how did he even managed to fuck anyone when he was supposedly in some kind of prison?"

"Trigon is a human creation; it made sense for him to try and breed with humans. Although as similar as he may be physically, it's like trying to breed a horse and donkey. There are enough differences that producing fertile offspring is impossible."

"Holy shit, Raven, I – "

"As far as I and many other people are concerned, it's an extremely goodthing." The empath quickly interrupted, not liking the tone of Jinx's voice. "Mixing demon genetics into the human population could have drastic consequences both in the short and long term. In the long run we're looking at increases in violent behaviour, stronger and more advance individuals … and in the short term, I couldn't have a child, knowing what they were inheriting. Demon genetics are strong enough that it would at least be several generations before any offspring could be classed in the same categories as your average meta human on the power scale. I don't blame my mother for her lack of involvement in my younger years, because I don't think I could do it either." She paused, before changing the subject. "As for the second question, the Church of Blood found a way to contact Trigon, and through rituals that used disturbing numbers of human sacrifices they allowed Trigon to leave his prison for a short period of time. It was during that time that he … raped my mother."

Jinx stayed quiet for a minute, and Raven could see from the woman's expression that she was running over everything she'd been told.

"You said they slowed down the growth of your powers and why. You didn't say how."

"My powers, as you know, are linked to my emotions. The more emotional I get, the more uncontrollable and destructive my powers get."

"Apart from during sex, thank god. The noises you make are destructive enough. At least to any self-control I might have had left." Jinx cut in, shrugging when the empath scowled at her. "Well Ihaven't noticed your powers going wacko at any point during sex."

"That's because they don't. I'm not sure why my powers lash out when they do, but I think it might be some sort of defence mechanism, or a territorial thing – something to protect me. Going back to your question, they dampened my powers by shattering my soul into pieces. Each piece represented something, most of them an emotion."

"They what?"

"I'm not sure I know how to explain it. I could – and would – show you, had my mind been in a better condition. I'm not sure now is the best time."

"Show me how?"

"Using my meditation mirror. It gives me a way of directly accessing and dealing with my emotions. Hence why I didn't want you to mess with it."

"Sounds pretty useful." Jinx commented.

"Hmph. Sometimes it just makes things even more confusing."

"You said Trigon was created by us guys. How the fuck …?"

"The original Order of Azar, the first inhabitants of Azarath, wanted to remove all evil from those living there. They had separated from earth because they believed it was the only way to live in complete peace, without violence and greed and pride, where people only died from natural causes. In order to ensure Azarath could remain such a place they took all the sins of the people and placed them into a single woman. They had hoped to kill the demon as soon as he had been born, but Trigon had been stronger than they could have imagined."

"A group of pacifists tried to reach perfection by killin' something else? Sounds like every other extremist crackpot group to me."

"They made some mistakes." Raven defended them. "Just like everyone else."

"That what they told your Mom too?"

Raven was on her feet before Jinx had even blinked, something else in the room shattering. "You think they planned for this to happen?"

Jinx didn't stand up to match her. Instead she tried to ignore her instinct to run and slouched back in her seat. "I think they were idiots, creating Trigon even knowing what it was they were creating. Now sit down and stop being such a drama queen."

Jinx watched as the empath's expression dropped until she looked somewhere between upset and scared and prepared herself for the waterworks she thought were overdue, but within seconds Raven's face was back to its stoic mask, the woman calmly sitting down before asking, "Your next question?"

"Raven, I love you, but this really isn't going to work unless you start talking to me. You know what? I can deal with everything else, but I can't deal with you doing … this." She motioned generally towards the woman. "Stop trying to hide what you're feeling from me. I talk to you when something's bothering me. Why can't you do the same?"

Raven stared at her, not knowing how to respond.

"I know you're upset, and I'm not making it any easier for you but why are you trying to act like none of this is a big deal?"

"… I'm still stuck on the first part." Raven spoke quietly.

"Yes, I said it, okay? Now answer the damn question."

"My emotions are dangerousJinx. I can't freely express what I'm feeling."

"Well why not? We've already lost the deposit for this room. Might as well go ahead and trash the entire place."

"No. If you got hurt because something –"

"I can look after myself." Jinx interrupted. "I've taken more than a life time's worth of beating from you. I can take a few more."

Raven fidgeted uncomfortably, her eyes dropping to the floor. "I've spent so much time on retaining and perfecting control that … letting go is …hard."

"Then we'll just have to work on it." Jinx pulled out her H.I.V.E communicator and checked the time on the face of the device. "I'll go back to the apartment first thing tomorrow, just to see if they bothered looking there, then we'll look into finding somewhere else. It's probably stupid to try and threaten you, but if I found out you left this hotel tonight, I'm not gonna be happy, and you are gonna know about it." She stood up and walked in the bedroom, re-appearing a few seconds later with a pillow and blanket. "Good job hotels always put too many layers of bedding on their beds, huh?"

(The next day)

"Looks like I wasn't the only one who had a rough night." Cyborg commented upon seeing his teammates spread out across the common room. "Did anyof you get any sleep?"

"A few hours." Starfire spoke up as she stood up from her seat on the large sofa, offering her teammate a weary smile. "Beast Boy and I have spent the early hours of the morning researching more on this Prison Technician Mark, and have come up with a list of people connected to the man that may be worth interviewing to give us a better idea on what type of person this man is." She looked over to her leader who was sat at the main console before continuing. "And I request that we inform the police Mark O'Connal is a definite suspect, and ask that he be held for the forty-two hour probation time."

"They have nothing to hold him on, other than the fact that he was there at the time." Robin replied without looking round. "But feel free to contact the people on this list of yours. Just remember I need you ready to respond, should there be – "

"Dude, Jinx isn't stupid." The changeling interrupted. "If Raven's gone to her for help, Jinx isn't going to pull a robbery or draw attention to herself any time soon. At least not for a few days. So in the meantime how about we focus on finding out who tampered with Plasmus's holding container and why they did it. I personally liked Rae's theory of it being some way for someone to observe us and see how we work as a team or something, and I don't know about you dudes, but if she's right about this, I wanna catch whoever it is as quick as possible."

"Then Cyborg and I can begin on this list of people who might be able to help us while Beast Boy and Robin can inform the police that Mark is currently our only suspect." Seeing Robin was about to argue, Starfire held up her hand to silence him. "Unless you decide to question him personally, it will take no more than an hour or two of your time. It will not take up your day on the small chance Jinx does decide to attract our attention."

Cyborg took in the house they were about to visit, looking more than slightly sceptical as he looked over the various potted plants arranged on the inside of the white picket fence that marked out the front garden.

"If he doesn't have a Mrs. I think we've got the wrong house."

Starfire frowned at him. "Why do you say that?"

"No way does a prison guard live here on his own." He checked the list of names and addresses he was holding, double checking they had the right house.

"On Tamaran such a man would be highly viewed – we lost a lot of our native vegetation during the war against the Gordanians."

"I'm not saying they shouldn't be. I'm just saying tough prison guard and botanist doesn't exactly mix …"

Starfire moved through the gate, and Cyborg was quick to follow, checking the name on his list before knocking on the door. He looked behind him at the small flowerbeds along the drive, caught off guard when the door swung open.

"Can I help you?"

Cyborg looked round in time to see the man do a double take, straightening up slightly as a frown adorned his face.

"Adam Richie?"

"Yeah, that's me. Let me guess; you're here about the jail break with that … thing, Plasmus?"

"Yeah." He offered the man his hand. "I'm Cyborg and this is my teammate –"

"Starfire. Yeah, I know." Adam interrupted, shaking Cyborg's hand before reaching out to shake Starfire's hand.

"Our apologies for taking up your time, but we'd like to ask you a few questions regarding the incident, if you don't mind." Starfire offered the man a smile.

He glanced back into his house for a moment, before stepping aside and grudgingly let them past. "I dunno what help I'll be. I don't have much to do with Plasmus's containment."

"You never know. Even the tiniest detail, or smallest bit of information could be all we need." Cyborg commented as he walked past, Starfire following.

"Would you like a coffee? Tea?" Adam asked as he closed the door.

Both titans shook their heads, Starfire replying with, "Thank you, but no. We only have one or two questions to ask you."

He nodded at Starfire, before leading them through the house and into a modern looking living room all done in white and grey, motioning for them to take a seat on one of the two white sofas. The alien took a seat, but Cyborg remained standing.

"Wouldn't want to scratch the leather." He offered the man a smile. "How well do you know Mark?"

"You're gonna have to be more specific. He got a last name?"

"O'Connal. He's one of the – "

"Technicians." Adam finished. "The new guy. Only been here for a month or two. You think he has something to do with it?"

Cyborg shrugged. "He's one suspect."

"So, what do you wanna know?"

"How well do you know him?"

"Not that well." The man shook his head. "He keeps to himself a lot. Rarely joins us after work for a few drinks, and never really talks about his personal life, where he's from or about his family. He's sort of quiet, but he knows how to do his job."

"Can you think of any reason he, or someone else working at the prison, might have to explain why Plasmus's container was tampered with?"

"You mean besides the usual bribes we hear every day? Some people will do anything for money. Maybe that's the type of guy you're looking for."

"Bribes?" Starfire asked. "Do you have any names of the people trying to bribe workers at the prison?"

"Most of 'em are behind bars and we're not stupid – they'd never pay up. If it was one of them, they must have been hoping the thing would do more internal damage. Maybe knock down one of their cell walls. Should have used Cinderblock if that was what they were trying to achieve." Seeing the two titans weren't happy with his answer, he offered them an apologetic look. "Sorry. I wish I could be of more help, but that's all I really got."

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