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"Bree, you ready?" Mom asked. I was sat on my bedroom floor cross legged looking around, I wasn't that big on the whole 'Moving to Beijing' idea but it was best for mom. She wasn't exactly my real mom to be truthfull, my dad had me with another woman, he didn't cheat though, he actually found out my real mom was cheating and left her. Only thing was, she didn't know she was pregnant with me until a few months later, by then dad had already met Sherry and was happy with her. He agreed to help mom with me and then before I knew it, my mom didn't want me anymore. She dumped me on my dad and Sherry, they both kept me and then they had Dre a few months later. When my dad died a few years ago it hit us all pretty hard, and even though Sherry wasn't my real mom, she still treated me like her own daughter.

Anyways, now that mom/Sherry had gotten a promotion, or something like that, we all had to permanently move to China. Dre was taking it a little worse than me, but we all saw that coming "Sweety you okay?" Mom asked, standing in the doorway. I nodded and stood up.

"I'm fine, just feel a little weird" I replied shrugging, she nodded.

"I know it's a big move for us, but I have a good feeling about it" she said, I nodded and she got back to whatever she had to do "Dre let's go!" Mom called. I took the handle of my suitcase and wheeled it out of my room "Make sure you guys use the bathroom" she said, I giggled.

"Okay mom" Dre said with an annoyed tone, I stood at the door of our apartment and sighed.

"C'mon Bree" Mom said from the stairway, I nodded and took one last look around the room before shutting the door for good.

- Time Skip -

We all sat down on the plan, me somehow ending up in the middle seat "Oh look guys, we're already on lesson 10" she said excitedly, she said something in chinese and translated it "How are you" She clicked on the laptop and the picture switched to something else.

"Mom look, in China everything is old. There's old houses, old parks, old people. Look, this guy is at least 400 years old" Dre said, showing us a photo of an old Chinese man in one of the books, I laughed.

"Dre please focus okay" she said frustratedly, she said something in Chinese but he just looked bored "You need to practice, you need to try it" she glanced around us, her eyes falling on something or someone behind us "Ask him, go ahead, ask him. What's your name and how are you, now" she demanded in a tone that scared the crap out of me an' Dre. Dre reluctantly turned to the man next to him and slowly spoke Chinese.

"Dude, I'm from Detroit" The man replied, I laughed quietly at Dre's lost expression.

"Oh...uh...what's up?" he asked, the man shrugged and turned to his book.

"That had to be the funniest thing I've ever seen" I said, finally composing myself.

"Like you could do any better, sides the dude look's Chinese" Dre replied defensively, I glanced between Dre and the guy.

"Okay that's a fair point" I shrugged, Dre nodded and pulled out his Gameboy. I pulled out my I-pod and flicked through my songs before finally landing on one I liked.

- Time Skip -

After what felt like years, the plane finally landed in China. But not I was even more nervous than before "She said to meet her at number 5" Mom said as we dragged our luggage through the airport. She finally saw the woman who was going to help us out and we followed her to the car. Though as we were driving I noticed a lot of huge buildings "There's the Olympic Village, isn't it beautiful?" The woman driving asked, motioning to a massive building that seemed very far away.

"Yeah it is, I guess there's nothing old in China huh Dre?" Mom asked, I smiled in amusement and turned my head back to look out the window.