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At the Boarding House, Bonnie met with the others. "Hey, there's something that I found…what is she doing here?" Caroline looked uncomfortable beside Elena.

"Like it or not, she's part of the group too, Bonnie." Stefan pointed out.

"Yeah, besides with Katherine back in town, she needs all the help she can get." Damon added. Elena shot him a glare that said "you're not helping"

"And she's our friend, Bonnie." Elena pointed out. "We should've told her before. Whatever you have to say to us, you can say to her, too."

"Alright, but this still doesn't change anything." Bonnie said. "I was going through the grimore and came across a legend. It states that every generation, there's a group of witches that can control the four elements. They work with other witches to protect and help others."

She had everyone's attention now. "The legend also states that they're all descended from the same family, a group of siblings that were trying to save their people, and failed. As a result, it spread into the separation of them from the rest of the witch community."

"You don't think the legend's real, do you?" Damon asked.

"If it's one thing I've learned about the supernatural, it's that anything can happen." Bonnie said.

Meanwhile, across town, a girl with wavy dark hair was running out of the forest. She came across a house nearby and entered it. "Hello?"

"Marina, you're back!" A girl with long brown hair hugged her. "It's so good to see you again."

"Easy, Terra, she just got back to us."

"How'd you all get here?" Marina asked her friends. A girl with long, dark hair came into the room. Another girl joined them. She appeared to have an Asian complexion.

"Actually, we all just found each other." The girl with the dark hair said.

"Please, Lia, I could tell you were there." Terra pointed out. "Only you would end up nearly lighting our last place on fire."

"Hey, I have it under control now." Lea told them.

"Right, and that's not counting the time you thought that I could use my powers to put it out." The Asian girl said.

"Oh, Vanessa, you are so overdramatic." Lea pointed out.

"It's strange how we always manage to end up in the same place." Marina said.

"Maybe it's because we're witches." Vanessa stated.

"It might also be because we all transferred from the same high school." Lea pointed out.

"I know. Sophomore year wasn't as fun at that school." Marina said. "The only event I remember is when…" She cut off, remembering she was the only one who witnessed the event.

"At least you three didn't transfer in the middle of the year from out-of-state." Lea pointed out. "Then again, I moved around a lot."

"Well, our parents all lived here before." Vanessa pointed out. "Then we all meet up about a couple years ago."

"Technically, we all lived here before, too, except for Lea because she traveled around." Marina added.

"All I know is that coming here wasn't just a coincidence." Terra said. "We're here for a reason."

"I get that feeling, too." Marina told her. "But first, we should try to blend in."

"I think we already fit in." Vanessa stated. "I mean, isn't this town known for supernatural legends?"

"But we all know it's real." Lea said. "Maybe we should get some rest. We start at Mystic Falls High School tomorrow." The girls agreed with her. Marina had a feeling, however. She got the sense that she'd end up seeing someone she knew about from that night.