Blaine Anderson pulled the key out of the ignition and ran a hand through his curly dark hair, sighing. First period, he had French and Madame Crouton was handing out grade reports. Blaine wasn't sure exactly what it would say on his, but he knew it wouldn't be good. Why would I want to learn another language, he thought grumpily, when I'm already fluent in the only one I'll ever need? It wasn't his fault his buddies kept talking to him and making him laugh and maybe accidentally knocking over a bookcase when a paper airplane race got out of hand..

Brushing this thought aside, he smirked at his reflection in the rear view mirror and got out of his car, shrugging on his letterman jacket in the process. Blaine locked his car and walked through the parking lot towards the back entrance to the school, swaggering slightly. Just as he stepped onto the asphalt that surrounded the automatic doors, something in his peripheral vision caught his eye. He turned, to see a slim boy with perfectly coiffed hair clambering out of a dumpster with a haughty air.

Kurt Hummel.

Blaine glanced around furtively before looking back towards him. The other boy wore a sweater and tight black skinny jeans and boots. He was clutching a stack of books and papers, living up to his reputation as the school nerd. Kurt collected himself and began to walk in the same direction as Blaine, head held high, and Blaine ducked his head down and busied himself with his phone, keen not to be caught staring. As he walked past, Blaine raised his head and took in Kurt's appearance. His chiselled jaw, perfect hair and taut ass. God bless the inventor of skinny jeans, Blaine thought, biting his lip as Kurt and his ass disappeared from view. Then he mentally slapped himself.

Blaine Anderson had known he was gay ever since he could remember. The thing was, he had always assumed that it was normal to want to look at other boys in the locker room or to be so curious about their bodies. But, first year of junior high, he realised that he was very different to the other boys. Yeah, girls were nice to look at, but they just didn't excite him the way boys did. And was this really so bad? Would it affect his life that hugely? Blaine didn't think it would. However, after a week on the football team, after hearing some of the digs made by his 'friends' in the locker rooms, he realised that this was not something he wanted anyone else discovering. So, ever since, he kept it a secret. Only when Blaine reached the privacy of his room was he able to be alone with his thoughts and truly be himself.

And the fact was, Blaine Anderson had got it bad for Kurt Hummel. But if he wanted to keep his precious letterman jacket and all it embodied, he would have to keep it a secret.

Blaine shook his head to clear his mind. Then, slinging his bag further up his shoulder, he made his way through the doors and into the hallway. It was gloomy for first thing in the morning, but that was one of the many 'joys' of attending William Mckinley high school…

He reached his locker and began pulling assignments out. Suddenly, hands clapped upon his shoulders and he turned around to see the grinning face of his best friend Finn Hudson, the left back of the football team.

"'Sup, dude, done the history? Mrs Kleinman's gonna kill me, I did it on the bus this morning…" the tall boy yawned, running a hand through his sticking up hair.

"Wanna copy mine?" Blaine asked, rummaging for space in his bag.

"Nah, it's cool bro, I payed Kurt to do it. Waste of 10 bucks really, he's such a nerd, he lives off this stuff!" Finn snorted. Blaine grimaced. He had never understood how Finn could be so insensitive to Kurt, considering they were step-brothers and all. Add that to the fact that Kurt was frequently hassled for being so openly gay, and you'd come to the conclusion that Finn was a pretty lousy brother.

Also, Kurt's lingering presence at CoD marathons and homework sessions and the few times Blaine had stayed over at Finn's had made things very awkward indeed. Every time the boy popped his head round Finn's door with a question or they bumped into each other in the hallway, Blaine kept his eyes glued to the floor, cursing the blush that was creeping up the side of his face. With Kurt around, he just couldn't think straight. Thankfully, Finn was oblivious.

The jangle of first bell brought Blaine back to the present. "Listen, dude, I gotta go French. See you in the cafeteria for lunch, yeah?" He and Finn fist bumped, then went their separate ways through the crowd of students.