A voice. That was all Blaine was conscious of. He was floating, completely blind. All he could see was blackness. All he could hear was a voice, soft and sweet like dripping honey calling his name over and over again. Then suddenly he was lying down on a bed, and porcelain like arms were caressing his body and face. "Blaine…Blaine…"

Then a pair of lips met his, and fireworks exploded in the background as he responded. Arms slid around his neck, pulling him in closer, tangling fingers in his hair-

BEEP BEEP! BEEP BEEP! Blaine opened his eyes and saw nothing but his bedroom that was just visible in the pale morning light. Groaning, he rolled over and shut off his alarm. Then he lay back on his pillows and tried to process his dream.

It was Kurt, he thought. The guy in my dream was definitely Kurt. This didn't worry him, though. He'd had a lot of dreams like this before, but this one felt different. It was like, instead of just wanting to make out with the guy in the dream, Blaine had felt more connected to Kurt in the dream than he ever had before. Sure, it was a bit premature, but for whatever reason, it felt like part of him was attached to Kurt, and no matter what happened, he could never completely let him go.

Shaking his head at his situation, he crawled out of bed and headed for the shower. Today's gonna be lousy, he thought, as the hot water began to cascade down his back. Still. One more day til Wednesday.

Blaine collapsed on his bed and exhaled loudly. God, what a crappy day. He'd been hoping to catch Kurt's eye in the cafeteria or run into him in the corridor, but no such luck. I'd better start planning what I'm going to wear for our study session tomorrow..he was just making his way to his closet when on his nightstand, his phone beeped. New message, Finn, 15:38 – Dude, I'm bored out of my mind. CoD marathon at mine tonight? Yes! Blaine tapped out a reply. To Finn, 15:39 – same here bro. That sounds great, what time? Beep! New message, Finn, 15:41 - Six? Mom and Dad are out, so it's just me and Kurt in tonight. Do you mind? Ohmygodohmygodohmygod Kurt's going to be there? To Finn, 15:42 – I'll be there :D

Blaine sat back on the bed for a second and exhaled, processing what had just happened. I'm going to Finn's tonight. And Kurt's going to be there. And I'm going to be able to talk to him. ARGH! He leapt up and started rifling through his closet frantically. God, how much has changed in 2 days? Blaine thought fondly, kicking through piles of shoes at the bottom of his closet. Yesterday morning I was leering at Kurt's butt in the parking lot. Now I'm getting ready to practically GO ON A DATE with him. Well, kind of.

At 2 minutes to 6 Blaine hopped out of his car and walked up the Hudson/Hummel's front path. As it was well into October, the sky was dark and a cool breeze rustled the tree branches above the house. Blaine reached the door and knocked twice. He stuffed his hands into his pockets and shuffled from foot to foot. He was jittery with the cold, excitement and nerves. He had been waiting there for about 20 seconds and was just going to knock again when the door opened and Kurt was stood there. His hair was uncharacteristically messy, but Blaine liked it better this way. Blaine gulped, trying not to be too obvious in his leering."Blaine?" Kurt said curiously. "What are you doing here?" He was raising his eyebrows, but smiling, so that was a good sign.

"Oh," Blaine began, not quite sure what to say. "I'm just-"

"Dude, come on up!" Finn yelled from his room at the top of the house. Realisation dawned on Kurt's face and he pressed his lips together as if to say 'OK, I get it'. Blaine smiled at him apologetically. God, this is awkward… on impulse, he reached out and squeezed Kurt's arm and then dashed up the stairs before he could see Kurt's reaction.

Don't think about Kurt, Blaine told himself, jogging into Finn's room and hastily closing the door. Whatever you do, just avoid all thoughts of Kurt. Turning around, he saw Finn leaning against his bed, gazing intently at the screen. "Dude! Glad you're here bro, I was gonna be so bored tonight,"he said, pausing his game and reaching over for a fist bump. "Si'down. 5 bucks says I get a bullet through your head in the first five minutes?"

Blaine smirked, sitting down and grabbing a controller. "It's on."

Two hours later, Blaine was running through a dust-choked military base in Moscow and was on the alert for any sign of movement. He was pounding away at his controller, fingers aching and clammy. Just then he spotted something in the corner of the screen. Finn's character was stood Oh my god, it's Finn! Blaine whipped his head round to see the lanky boy asleep, his nose mushed into the mattress, snoring loudly. Blaine chuckled and stood up stretching his legs. He made his way out of his room to the bathroom, mussing his hair absentmindedly.

As he came out into the dim landing, he suddenly realised that running into Kurt unexpectedly was a very real possibility. He turned to go back into Finn's room, wanting to avoid the awkwardness, when he stopped. I want to see him. I want to talk to him. He fought between the impulse to go and have a deep and meaningful chat with Kurt, and the impulse to go and hide under Finn's bed and rock backwards and forwards. In the end, though, Blaine's bladder won the argument for him and he walked resolutely down the stairs to the 1st floor where the largest bathroom was.

His heart was pounding as he shuffled onto the landing of the 1st floor and the door of the bathroom came into view. You're nearly there, Blaine, nearly there. Just this one corridor to go. But he still jittered with worry. What if he's mad at me? What if he doesn't want to talk to me? What if he backs out of our study sessions? Blaine's stomach started to turn.

The bathroom door was glowing from within. That's weird, Blaine thought. But he pushed this thought away and pushed the door open.

Oh. My. God.


Yelping an apology, Blaine slammed the door shut and ran downstairs to the kitchen as if his life depended on it. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, my life is over. He reached the kitchen and propped himself up over the island in the centre, breathing heavily.

Images flashed up in his brain. Finn punching him for perving on his brother. Him changing his name, getting a facelift and running away to be a monk in the Tibetan mountains. But one image was at the forefront of his mind right now. Kurt, face in complete shock and embarrassment, shower fresh, hair tousled and dripping wet, steam rising off his bare shoulders, muscles tautened and yelping in surprise, with water running down his porcelain back and trickling over his pink, goddamn perfect ass.