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"No, wait. What are you doing? I thought you were supposed to rest for a week after your return from the mission in Russia." Evangeline Smith tried, but there was no masking the anger beneath her words.

It was one thing to be stood up for their customary Friday dinner eat-out, but when her roommate, Adrian Gray, didn't return for two consecutive days -with no text or phone call to explain- Evangeline felt that she have the rights to at least get some answers.

"Two days. You were gone for two days. Did you know how worried I was? No text? No phone calls? Where were you that you can't even reply a fu-"

She halted her tirade, running her hands through her hair in frustration. Keep calm. Stay cool…

"…alright. I want to keep this civil. You were missing for two days, unreachable and uncontactable. No one in CIA knew where you had gone to. All I want to know is, what happened?"

But Adrian simply ignored her as he rummaged through the mess of papers on the coffee table, his face a slate of eerie calmness. His hands moved deftly through the pile of letters, sifting through the colorful brochures and leaflets of advertisement, intent on his search of something.

"Hey. Are you even listening to-"

"The previous mission where we had a joint collaboration," He cut her off, letting the last of the papers fall from his hands. "We were supposed to oversee the transfer of the iridium to Stuttgart, Germany. The blueprint overview of the safe that we were given, where is it?" He fixated her with a look that made Evangeline's hair stand.

"It's in the folder where the completed assignments are stored. Why'd you need it?" Then Evangeline frowned. "And why are your eyes…blue? Are you wearing contacts?"

Adrian did not acknowledge her, his form already disappearing into her room where she could hear the rummaging of her folders.

By the time she'd reached the doorway of the room, he was already heading out, making his way towards the exit, a pale yellow folder tucked under his arm.

"Where are you heading to? Oh wait. I know. You're just going to ignore me again right?" She asked drily, half-tempted to roll her eyes. "What, are you on a top-secret mission that I'm not aware of?"

Adrian paused, hand already on the doorknob. "It's not any of your business." He spat at her, a cold look thrown over his shoulders, the nothingness present in the blue iris creating an unsettling feeling within Evangeline.

And then, he was out, the door slamming behind him.

Evangeline's eyes narrowed. "Well...don't say I haven't tried playing nice…"

She drew out her cellphone, dialing the number of one of the many acquaintances she had while pulling out a suitcase from her cupboard.

"Mr. Wells, this is Evangeline Smith speaking. I'm sure you remember me from- …no, the pleasure is all mine, to be able to work with someone like you, it's a real honor. Yes, well, you see, there is this favor I need, and I was wondering if you could secure me an invitation to..."


People were pushing and fighting to getaway. Shouts and alarmed sheiks echoed slightly in the museum as guests hurried to make themselves scarce, the crowd pilling out of the doors rapidly. Chaos was all around her, and it seem to inject her with a sudden burst of adrenaline. The rush, the thrill of the chase and hunt, she could taste it on the tip of her tongue. And the prey…her eyes darted to the retreating back of one man.

He'd just walked up to the curator of the museum and stabbed that poor guy in the eyeball with a mechanism of sorts. Like it or not, that guy is going down, she thought grimly.

Palming a thin knife strapped to her right thigh, she went with the flow of escaping guest, eyes never leaving her target. Closer…just a little more…

And then she leapt at him, knife flashing in the air as she slashed at his thigh-

- only to cut through air.

The form before her disintegrated into nothingness, her eyes widened in surprise, but she was given no reprieve to register the shock, before she heard the slicing of wind from behind.

Her muscles instantly protested at her sudden leap to the side she had to take to dodge the bladed end of a scepter that arced through the space where she once occupied. Her assailant wasted no time, making use of the momentum of the missed blow to swing at her again, this time aiming for her neck. There was no avoiding it, and Evangeline met the scepter's blade with that of her knife. There was a sharp screeching sound of metal on metal, and then her knife flew out of her grip, clattering noisily on the ground, leaving her hand trembling from the impact of the blow.

Evangeline stumbled back, the heels she wore for the ceremony now a costly hindrance more than anything, as another swing caused the tip of the blade to catch the sleeve of her dress, easily drawing blood from her shoulder.

She gritted her teeth in pain, but took the window of chance for whatever it was worth, launching herself at him. One hand grabbed the scepter just as he was about to bring it up again, and the palm of her other hand slammed below his chin, causing his head to snap upwards in a painful angle.

Her breath was already coming out short and haggard. Taking advantage of his momentary disabled state, she released her hold on the staff, kicked off her heels and then bolted for the exit.

Evangeline knew she had to make out of the museum, fast. She had seen what the scepter could do, the prowess already demonstrated adequately by that man, before she engage him. How he was able to even solidify and amass energy into something physical and then proceed to knock out a horde of guards with it was beyond her, and she definitely wasn't interested to find it out through experience -not after confirming that he was also apt in close combat.

Her feet slapped against the marbled floor of the museum, breath coming out in short puffs as she dashed for the wide open doors-

-and then collide with a solid body.

She grunted, trying to catch her balance, even it was quite futile, the ground becoming nearer by the milliseconds-

-and then a vice-like grip on her injured arm jerked her up, spinning her so that her back was towards the door. Evangeline felt the presence of a body behind her, and just as she was about to twist around to see, a smooth voice behind her halted her actions.

"I didn't say you could turn around yet."

A cold, trickling feeling of dread ran down her back when a glance at the space where she had left that scepter-wielding guy at came up empty.


"You have seen what this scepter can do and yet you dare challenge me? You, who are a weak mortal woman?" The voice was dark and smooth, and she could even hear the faint hint of amusement beneath his tone.

The sexist asshole… But Evangeline kept her own opinions to herself. It'd do her no good if she were to antagonize him any further, not when she was in this compromising position.

But then again, playing nice was never her style.

She turned her head away from the voice and continued struggling and fighting against his hold. It wasn't until his grip tightened on her bleeding arm, his nails digging none too gently into her skin that she wasn't able to keep the pained hiss from escaping her lips, and then cease to struggle.

"I asked you a question and, as you can see, I don't take too well to being ignored."

Silence again, and her harsh panting echoed throughout the walls of the now empty museum. She contemplated on holding back on her answer, but the thin blade of the scepter near her neck and the increasing pressure he applied on her arm made her think twice.

"I don't see why I am obliged to answer the questions of a stranger." She spat out, and then proceeded to make another sharp jerk of her arm in an attempt to get him to loosen his hold.

The pressure lessened, but his grip on her still held strong.

A soft chuckle sounded from beside her ear and for a moment, -some sick, insane and crazy part of her mind- she couldn't help but find that his voice is rather…sexy. His voice, like honey and dark chocolate, an exotic mix...mmm...

Still, nice voice or not, it doesn't change the situation at all.

"Unhand me now." Evangeline demanded as her struggles became weaker, her strength drained and muscles sorely overworked.

"Well, perhaps, if you tell me your name…"

"It is of no-"

A voice sounded from the other end of the museum, and its familiarity caused her look up. "Sir. We have secured the iridium." Adrian walked up and addressed her aggressor as if her presence was not even noted.

"Very good."

Evangeline's eyes widened a fraction, before they narrowed on Adrian. "Agent Grey, what is the meaning of this? You are working with terrorist fractions?"

He didn't answer her, his blue iris still devoid of any emotion, and he simply stood there awaiting his next orders.

"His allegiance is of no concern to you right now. I asked you a question. What is your name?"

Anger festered within her. Not her concern? She'll show him what IS her concern.

Her hand slowly reached down for her concealed dagger strapped to her left thigh.

"My name isn't for you to-"

"Her name is Evangeline Smith." Adrian answered.

"Evangeline Smith, is it…" The nameless aggressor's voice trailed off.

Slowly, her fingers curled around the hilt of the blade, the cool material bringing to her some semblance of confidence. In a further attempt to distract them while she palmed the dagger, Evangeline said, "Now that you know mine, it is only polite for you to tell me yours."

"But of course," He agreed, the undercurrent of amusement in his words more than enough to tell her that he was humoring her.

She was at his mercy right now, and both of them knew that.

Still, Evangeline wasn't one to go down without a fight. The dagger hidden within the palm of her hand, she just had to wait for the right moment.

"Throughout planets and galaxies, I'm known to most, as the God of Mischief. And my name…is Loki."

Evangeline stilled.

Okay. So she was being held captive by a delusional terrorist who thinks that he is some mythological Norse god. That and her friend have -for some weird unknown reason- defected and joined this terrorist group, and oh, did she mention that he have stolen a top secret metal from the vaults of a museum?

Well, she is a big girl. She could handle this, Evangeline thought even as she felt the fraying ends of her sanity disappearing. No biggie.

She pivoted on the spot, turning to face her attacker, dagger withdrawn and already slicing through the air. But before she could even get a glimpse of or even bring her blade close to Loki, Adrian grabbed her knife hand and brought her arm behind her back, twisting her wrist to make her drop the weapon.

Evangeline gave a frustrated shout as her weapon clattered on the ground, and doubled over, coughing harshly when Adrian kneed her stomach, his hand forcing her head down.

"Do you want me to take her out, sir?"

With her head down, Evangeline could only see Loki's shoes -no, leather boots, she corrected herself mentally- stepping closer to her. She tensed, waiting for the sting of the scepter's blade on her neck, waiting for the gunshot.

But nothing came.

"So defiant, even when you know that you are doomed to fail. Most would have given in, would have submitted, at this point, with the odds so much against them, maybe even have begged me to let them go… But you…till now you still think to defy me."

A pale hand stroked her cheeks gently. "You may be mortal, but you are very interesting…"

His touch was cool and oh-so-inviting upon her heated and sweaty skin, but she knew better than to lean into that mock gentleness.

"Perhaps, if Fate allows it, we may meet again."

"Huh?" Before Evangeline could even manage to contemplate the meaning behind those words, a heavy blow dealt to the back of her head caused her vision to be enveloped in darkness.


It was a day after that crazy incident with the lunatic whom she knew only as 'Loki'. Evangeline had woken up in a hospital and, after reassuring the doctor and nurses that she was fine, discharged herself.

She had then borrowed various books from the library and from what she could see, the man was -to put it mildly- off his rockers.

"…Norse god of mischief and chaos."

"In the beginning, Loki was merely a personification of fire and the hearth. As the stories went on, they say he was a god and a devil. The balance in life, the Yin-Yang."

"…son of Fárbauti and Laufey, and the brother of Helblindi and Býleistr."

So, yeah, Evangeline believes him… AS IF.

Though...looking at the goblin-like character that Loki was portrayed as in the mythology books, she was struck with the sudden realization that she didn't know how he looked like. At all. During the fight, it was too fast, and then later, he stood behind her and even after that, Adrian had forced her head down.

She chuckled a little to herself. Well if she looked like the illustrations in those books, she would not want people to look at her too.

Putting aside yet another book on the Norse mythology, Evangeline was deciding on whether if she should bring this up to her superiors when the door bell rang.

Sighing, Evangeline extracted herself from the comforts of her sofa and opened the door. She was greeted by the sight of a man in a suit, but something about him tells her that he wasn't the usual door-to-door salesman. Not with his smile not reaching his eyes.

"Umm…how can I help you?" Evangeline asked, plastering a smile on her face even as she secretly withdrew the blade of the Swiss-army knife that was together with her keys on a key-chain.

"I am Agent Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D." He flashed his identification to her, and a quick scan confirmed his identity. "Evangeline Smith, we have reason to believe that you have dealings with an otherworldly being that currently poses a threat to the entire world. We are bringing you in for questioning."

"Whoa, slow down," Evangeline frowned, wondering if she'd just heard him right. "What do you mean by 'otherworldly'? And even if there are questions on where my loyalty lies, shouldn't you approach my superiors in CIA first? It is not according to protocol if you just barge in here and arrest me based on false accusations."

Agent Coulson's smile thinned and he produced a gun from within his suit. "S.H.I.E.L.D have a different way of doing things as you can see, and I hope that you can cooperate with us, Agent Smith. I don't want to have to do this the hard way. Also, I'd put the knife down, if I were you."

She stared at the gun barrel for a moment before sighing and hoping that, maybe, just maybe, if she was really lucky, her guess is wrong. "I don't suppose you can tell me who this alleged otherworldly being you are speaking of is?"

"Loki, the God of Mischief."

Sometimes, it really doesn't pay to stay sane.

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