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Author's Note: Originally written for a contest on the Nightflight/Haven_Corridor mailing list.

* * * * *

Batgirl's In My Shower
By Gen X

* * * * *

Batgirl's in my shower. She is! She's really here!
Sure, you don't believe me, but I have proof she's there.
Still this is my secret, that only I can know.
It happened just this night. Just an hour ago.

The night was still quite hot; the sun had just gone down.
We had gone a-swinging, patrolling around town.
The night wasn't hectic, but still gave us some fun,
Just Batgirl and Robin. The party had now begun.

First, a knock down fight, and then a robbery.
Nothing hard to handle, until scream number three.
We disarmed the gun shop. The drug bust was all right.
But the ice cream factory was not a pretty sight.

Pink bubblegum and more was flung just everywhere,
From ceiling to the floor, and even Batgirls hair!
The worse was yet to come, I blamed it on the heat,
Her boots kinda melted, and left her with bare feet.

We headed to the cave, with her clinging to me,
The shower's her idea! I'm innocent, you see?
The water just turned off. I'm waiting, waiting-wow!
She's wearing just a robe. Oh God, please take me now.

Shit! She sees me staring! My face is turning red.
Her eyes just locked with mine. I'm going to be dead!
With a laugh, she smiles, "Not in your wildest dream."
I can't help but to blush; there goes my self esteem!

She walks back to the room, and changes back to black.
This night, I won't forget, 'cause Batgirl's got a rack!