Draco Malfoy, an 11 year old boy with platinum blonde hair, entered Diagon Alley with his father, Lucius Malfoy and mother, Narcissa Black. Draco came from an elite family of pure-bloods in the wizarding world. His family once was a devoted follower to Voldemort, the infamous dark lord who was taken down by a mere baby. They abandoned their following to keep themselves in high standings and often donate money to the Ministry Of Magic. Despite this, the family has their love for the dark arts and often mettle in them. Lucius raised his son to be just like him in almost every way. Both loved the dark arts, and both hated any wizard unpure. Both were cruel and twisted and wouldn't hesitate to make an insult. Like father, like son, everyone said.

Usually when the Malfoys go to Diagon Alley, it's to go to Knockturn Alley to go through the dark arts shops, but today was different. This time, it was to get school supplies for Draco's first year in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was anxious to finally start to learn magic. He felt the sooner he learned, the sooner he can start dabbling in the dark arts like his father.

The family stopped in front of Madam Malkin's shop.

"Let's split up to do this so we aren't wasting our time here," Lucius said turning to Draco. "Draco, you can go in Madam Malkin's shop to be fitted for your school robes, while I go get your books, and your mother will check out the wands in Olivanders. We'll meet back here in 15, got it?'

"Sounds fine to me, father," Draco replied. And they split off.

Draco entered the shop, and Madam Malkin directed him to the back of the shop to be fitted by another witch. Shortly after entering, another boy walked in with dark hair and glasses. Malfoy instantly got the impression that he was pureblood. Malfoy instantly took a liking to him.

"Going to Hogwarts, too?" Draco asked.

"Uh, yes," the boy replied.

"My parents are off getting my other supplies, then I'm hoping I can convince my father to buy me a broom. I think it'd horrible they don't let us have brooms our first year. Hogwarts doesn't know what they are missing out on. I'd be a perfect candidate for their Quidditch team. Have you ever played?'

"Um…no." The boy sounded slightly confused for some odd reason. Maybe he was slightly shy.

"Well, maybe you'll wanna learn after seeing me play. I'll be playing on the Slytherin team of course. Which I expect, all of us purebloods to be a part of that house this year, don't you?'

"…..uh, yeah…"

Even with this boy's shyness, Malfoy liked him and felt like he already made a new companion. Now if only he could break this boy's shell. Malfoy looks behind the boy suddenly when it seems something has blocked the entire window.

"Ugh, what the bloody hell is that?" Malfoy exclaimed looking at a half giant in the window.

Harry looks behind him. "Oh, Hagrid?"

"Oh….that savage, who lives in a hut and gets drunk all the time?"

"I think he's brilliant…"

This boy obvious has been introduced to the wrong people…. Malfoy thought.

"Aren't your parents supposed to take you shopping, not that oaf?" Draco questioned.

"My parents are dead."

"What a shame. Offing our kind to make room for the filth in this world. What family are you from, by the way?"

"All done, dear" Madame Malkin said to the boy. And he stepped off the stool.

"Well, I guess I'll see you at Hogwarts then?" Draco said. The boy nodded and walked off to join that mangley man.

Draco was quite confused by that boy. It was almost like the boy had no knowledge of anything that was spoken. But he looked like a pureblood. Draco passed it off as shyness. Which he wasn't sure why, but he took a liking to that boy's shyness. None the less, Draco walked out the shop where his parents were waiting.

"Did you see him in there?" Lucius asked.

"Seen who, father?" Draco confused.

"Who else, other than Harry Potter, the boy who defeated the dark lord."

Draco seemed shocked. He wasn't sure, but he may have just met the infamous Harry Potter. He wasn't sure to be disgusted or enlightened. For being someone so famous, Potter seemed quite odd. Draco was intrigued to learn more about this infamous boy.

It was now the first of September. Today, Draco will finally be heading off to Hogwarts. His family arrived to King's Cross station ran into his longtime friends, Crabbe and Goyle, and headed straight for platform nine and three quarters. When he got there everyone was already buzzing about Harry Potter being there. Malfoy tried finding him in the crowd but all he seen was a glimpse of what was possibly his messy hair.

Ever since that day at Diagon Alley, Malfoy had been curious about Potter. Most he got from his father was that Potter's mother was a muggle born and then would went on to rant about how Potter destroyed Lord Voldemort's plan to take over the wizardry world. Lucius made it clear that Potter was not to be liked by his family. Maybe to be kept by Malfoy's side in case the dark lord was to return, but nothing more than that. Malfoy wasn't sure what to make of the situation. He just felt he needed to know more about this Boy Who Lived.

Crabbe, Goyle, and Malfoy got onto the train and found their own compartment. Pansy Parkinson joined them quickly. Rambling on about how Harry Potter was just a few compartments down.

"We should go take a look for ourselves. To see if that's really Potter." Draco suggested to Crabbe and Goyle. "Who knows, maybe we can get him to come join us and we can walk into Hogwarts being friends of the famous Harry Potter!" Draco laughed.

Crabbe and Goyle were quick to agree and they headed off towards Potter's compartment. Getting Crabbe and Goyle to come was easy. Though, Malfoy was lying on his reasoning on wanting to go over to Potter. They got to his compartment and opened the door. And there was the same boy from Malkin's shop. Sitting next to him was a redheaded Weasley, one of Malfoy's least favorite families.

"So, are you really Harry Potter?" Draco questioned.

"…Yes…" Harry said looking uneasy. Draco felt Harry's shyness was there again. But this time a bit different than before.

"Well, I'm Draco Malfoy, and these two are Crabbe and Goyle." Malfoy pointed each out. "What are you doing sitting here with a Weasley? If you're not careful, their filth will rub off on you."

The Weasley boy got enraged and stood up. Malfoy coolly ignored him.

"Come join, our compartment. You'll be hanging out with the best wizard families." Malfoy offered Harry.

"I'll be the judge of that myself." Harry said with a sudden confidence. Malfoy went pink. He wasn't expecting such a comeback. No one's ever stood up against him before.

"Well, if you want to hang with the riffraff Weasley's, be my guest. You'll find yourself in the same place as your parents." Malfoy felt enraged. He never had such anger flow through him.

"What'd you say about my family?" Ron shouted getting up to Malfoy's face.

"I think you heard me loud and clear."

"I think you should leave now." Harry said more intensely.

"But we just got here. And there's plenty of food for us to eat!" Malfoy sneered at them.

Malfoy's anger took control and felt the need to get revenge. But as soon as Goyle went to go for the food, he screeched. A rat had gotten a hold of Goyle's finger, who was now waving it around. Malfoy and Crabbe immediately back out of the compartment and booked it back to his own the second the rat had let go of Goyle's finger. They got back to their compartment and sat down.

"That Potter! He'll regret losing a Malfoy as a friend! Just you wait and see!" Malfoy was fuming. He punched Goyle in the arm out of anger. Goyle winched. "You stupid imbecile! You made us look like fools in there!"

Malfoy sat back in anger. He couldn't figure out what quite happened in there. No one ever went against any of the Malfoy's. But Potter unwittingly did. He didn't care about the Weasley getting in his face. They are just a bunch of hot headed idiots, who can't stand a chance against the Malfoy family anyway. But the fact that Harry Potter stood up against him, he couldn't quite grasp. For the rest of the train ride, Malfoy felt a feeling build up inside of him from his rage, that was quite unknown to him until now.

Author's Comments: I know they are quite young but I actually am planning to have the story going through all their years at Hogwarts. And I just feel it's odd starting in the middle and having it be like 'I've hated you for the last 4 or 5 years, but I now think I like your romantically'. I just can't make sense in that. And I don't find it odd for kids at 11 yrs old to have attraction or wanting to date, because I remember being 11 yrs old and all the kids in my class were trying to date. But as the characters age, their relationship and how they react to each other will change.