Malfoy didn't go to class for the next few days on orders from his father. He walked into Potions class late. He figured Snape wouldn't care and he wanted to see Potter. He was ready to put on a show for the class. His father had told him to keep faking his injury to make the oaf look bad. Potter didn't like it, but Malfoy had no choice when it came to his father though. Pansy Parkinson asked him if it hurt. He faked a grimace and pretended it did. He gave Crabbe and Goyle a wink though since both them knew it was faked. Malfoy purposely set up his cauldron by Weasley and Potter. He figured he could use his arm for an advantage of being by Potter during Potions. If even it meant bullyilng him the entire lesson. He got to force Weasley to cut his ingredients and when Weasley did a bad job, he got to switch his ingredients with him. He then got Potter to skin his shrivelfig. Potter did so not looking at Malfoy, going slightly red. Potter had been acting weird since that night in the hospital when he left. Malfoy wasn't sure why. Malfoy started a conversation with them. He had something to tell Potter, but he needed to not sound suspicious. He started off by bringing the oaf up. Of course, Weasley and Potter got mad instantly. Malfoy knew of course, Potter was more mad at his father, than Malfoy himself. A gryffindor saved Malfoy the trouble of bringing up the subject. He mentioned about how Sirius Black had been sighted. Malfoy listened closely to see what information the boy would give away. He had meant to bring up Black to Potter before, but never gotten the chance. He wasn't even sure if Potter knew the truth about Sirius Black. He knew he had to weasle the information to Potter somehow during this lesson. Ron noticed he was starting at Potter. Potter looked confused.

"Wanting to catch Black yourself, Potter," he said smoothly.

"Definitely am," Potter said sarcastically thinking Malfoy was messing with him.

"If it was me, I would've been out there looking for him the second he escaped," Malfoy said putting his best mean smile on trying to make it look like he was taunting Potter.

"What the bloody hell are you talking about, Malfoy," Ron questioned Malfoy.

"Didn't you know?" Malfoy asked Potter starting at him questionably looking for hits if Potter knew or not.

"Know what?" Potter said confused. Malfoy understood that no one told Potter anything about Black. He gave a fake laugh.

"Maybe you rather leave it for the dementors, but if it was me, I'd be out there hunting Black down myself to get revenge."

"What are you talking about?" Potter said getting annoyed with Malfoy and wanting him to give a straight answer.

Malfoy was about to, but then Snape interrupted them. He wasn't able to talk to Potter for the rest of the lesson. When he walked out of the lesson, he gave Potter a smirk. It wasn't hard for him to keep messing with Potter in public. The hard part was having to deal with Potter being annoyed with him when they got to be alone.

That night, Malfoy wondered why no one told Potter the truth about Black. He started pondering if he really should tell Potter what Black did to his parents. If everyone else was hiding the truth from Potter, it may have been for the best. Who knows what Potter would do if he found out. Whether he'd go after Black and get himself killed or have some sort of mental breakdown. After some thought, Malfoy decided against telling Potter for now.

The next time, he saw Potter, he claimed it was just to mess with him during class. Potter got greatly annoyed with him and stormed out. But he went back to willingly hang out with Malfoy by the next week. Malfoy and Potter started to see each other once a week in private. They'd either do homework together or sometimes play wizard games. Most Malfoy triumphed Potter over. Malfoy would still occasionally see Potter give him a weird stare from time to time. Malfoy wasn't sure what it was but he usually just shrugged it off. And then in public, Malfoy did his best to bully Potter and his friends. Potter was getting more and more used to it. But he'd still occasionally get mad. Malfoy started getting increasingly more aware about how much he was starting to care for Potter. He surprised himself when Sirius Black broke into Hogwarts and he started to worry about Potter's safety. And then again got worried when Potter was injured during Quidditch. He really never expected to feel like that towards Potter. Hell, he never even worries about Crabbe and Goyle. But then again, he didn't really consider them much of friends. Malfoy tried not to overthink his new emotion towards Potter though.

Fall had past, and it was the night before Malfoy was going to leave for the holidays. He waited in the abandoned classroom where him and Potter usually met. They had made arrangements to see each other after Malfoy got back from Hogsmeade. Potter walked in and Malfoy went to greet him, but Potter was in a rage.

"You were hiding the truth about Black this entire time, weren't you?!" Potter shouted at him.

"What are you talking about?" Malfoy asked confused.

"I know Black got my parents killed! You knew about it this entire time, didn't you?"

"What-? Where did you hear this from?" Malfoy said still in a slight confusion.
"I overheard it when I went to Hogsmeade today! You were lying to me to me when you said you were just messing with me back in Potions when you brought him up! You lied to me! This entire time, you knew Black was why my parents are dead!" Potter was almost in tears now.

"I had to lie! Just like everyone else who've been hiding it from you! Just look at you now! I didn't tell you because I knew this is how you'd react!" Malfoy slowly walked towards Potter.

"Just because everyone else was lying, didn't mean you had to, too! You're my friend! And you didn't tell me! Those were my parents, he betrayed!"

Potter started sobbing and collapsed to the ground with his hands covering his face.

"He was their friend and he betrayed them," Potter said through sobs. "He's got them killed and now wants me killed, shouldn't I have been told about it?"

"Potter, look at you, you're a mess," Malfoy said kneeling on the ground. He wrapped his arms around Potter in a hug. "I didn't tell you, because I wanted to protect you. I didn't want to see you like this."

Potter sobbed uncontrollably into Malfoy's chest as Malfoy kept his embrace.

"I just wanna kill him, Malfoy," Potter sobbed. "I wanna see him dead. I hear my mother's screams every time I'm around dementors. And he's the one who caused it."

"I know, I know," Malfoy whispered.

Malfoy stroked Potter's hair trying to comfort him. They stayed in that embrace for what seemed like forever to Malfoy with Potter crying softly. Malfoy felt like another new emotion was rising up in him.

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