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Losing My Mind—The Cranberries

Come in to bed

Switch off the light

Close your eyes

Sleep tonight

Think of all the things we did today

Cindy opened her eyes to study her bedmate. Lindsay's face was calm and relaxed, nothing like when she had first shown up on Cindy's doorstep. She had known who it was before she'd even opened the door and she warred with herself before answering the determined knocks. But she knew it was a losing battle; sadly, leaving the door closed would be even more painful. At least she got some small satisfaction knowing that Lindsay was just as conflicted. She could sense that the inspector didn't expect to be allowed entrance, but there was no way Cindy could see the need in the dark eyes and turn the woman away.

You touch me then

I fall apart

I lose control

The hardest part

I wish that it could be another way

Cindy reached out and chased away the small frown forming on Lindsay's face. She traced her finger slowly down the chiseled jaw and let her hand rest on the bed between them. Lindsay smiled, then, and reached up to take Cindy's hand. The touch sent a wave of warmth through her, though not quite as intense as the heat that coursed through her when Lindsay had stepped through the door and the two had instantly melded together. It always amazed her how quickly they could make it from the front door to the bed. Especially considering their hands and mouths never left each other, but somehow their clothes always did. Some warped part of her brain wanted to record the journey just so she could see how they actually accomplished it.

Losing, I'm losing, I'm losing my mind

Ruining, you're ruining, you're ruining my mind

Cindy closed her eyes and took a deep breath to keep the tears at bay. A small part of her wished she had been strong enough to keep her date with Sami but when Lindsay had called with an update on the case she could hear in the husky voice that the inspector would be making a late night visit.

You cut me deep

Like broken glass

I wonder when

This time will pass

Or will I fall asunder every day?

Cindy turned her head on her pillow to wipe the tears from her face, not wanting to pull her hand away from Lindsay's grasp. Pathetic, she knew, but she couldn't resist the touch. Last week the touch had been gone. Last week Lindsay had spent the nights in her own bed, with Pete. But this week Pete was back to whatever damn country he was in and Cindy had once again opened the door. When the same thing happened three months ago Cindy told Lindsay that she had to make a choice, it wasn't fair to any of them. This time she was too far in to risk not being the one chosen, so she made no ultimatum.

Sitting here

Beside the fire

The flames they grow

Just like desire

Will I hold asunder every day?

Cindy watched as Lindsay's nose twitched and her eyes began to flutter, her first signs of waking. She prayed that her lover would wake guilt free-a not entirely selfless hope. They could spend the morning with a quiet breakfast and quick glances or they could re-stoke the night fire. She tried to calm her breathing and closed her eyes, reopening them slowly when she felt a slight squeeze of her hand.


"Morning," Cindy returned in a whisper.

"Thanks...for last night," Lindsay said tentatively as she raised Cindy's hand and placed a kiss on her knuckles

"Anytime," Cindy replied as her eyes slid closed.

"Yeah?" Lindsay asked as she moved closer.

"Definitely," Cindy answered with a sincere smile.

Losing, I'm losing, I'm losing my mind

Ruining, you're ruining, you're ruining my mind

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