Zena's Pov 3

I woke up to the smell of pancakes downstairs. Ahhhh, finally it's the last day of the hell hole called school, then I can be free!.Chill at home, eat, go to the park, the mall and the beach. Oh right, I hate the beach. It's not that I hate it but I just hate how I look like in a bathing suit. That's why I have a….. swimming pool! Yep we aren't that rich but we are not poor either, we are just normal :) anyways… enough about me.. I must have bored you so lets get going to the story ..

So I just went and got a shower. Put on a hoodie, jeans, pair of supras and a bracelet(.com/cgi/set?id=41758857).I just let my hair flow down in its natural waves and put a headband on. I really don't dress to impress like sluts at school, which im happy that I won't see at summer.. woohoo! I went downstairs and ate the pancakes my momma made.. yes I still call my mother "momma" and I'm 16, don't blame me :P.

I went in my car and drove to school. The day went on slowly and boring as usual. By the end of the day everyone was throwing papers around and celebrating (kinda like the one in HSM but don't include the singing shit =)). This was the sad part.. I had to say bye to my BFF. We have been bestfriends since we were in kindergarten. She was perefect. She was beautiful, skinny, smart, funny and everything you could look for in a girl. And I was fat, ugly, stupid, shy and everything you DON'T want in a girl. Anyway , we said bye because she was going to France the next we said our goodbyes and I headed home ready to start my summer by being lazy.

Justin's POV 3

"JUSTIN!" my mom screamed from downstairs."Get up! We're going to be late for our flight"she screamed some more. I groaned and flipped so I can lay on my stomach. Sudddenly the door to my room opened and my mom tried to snatch the sheets from me but I had a tight grip on it. So we started tugging on the sheets. Until I gave up and let her win. "get in the shower now.. hurry!"she said and left. I got in the shower and did the morning routine. I put on this outfit (.com/cgi/set?id=41760262) and went downstairs with my suitcases and headed straight to the car. Mom was already sitting in the passengers seat so I threw the suitcases in the back and jumped in the driver's seat and sped won the road to the airport.

We were finally in the airplane after all the paparazzi's following us with big ass cameras. I sighed and sat down in the seat I was assigned to which was of course in the VIP section. I plugged on my beats put on "how to love" by lil wayne and just stared out the window. After some minutes I was just thinking about how relaxing it would be to be back in Stratford and stay away from the fame for the summer.I really miss my stupid friends and cant wait to play some ball with them and just be me. After thinking a lot I just went to sleep leaning my head against the window.

"Justin, wake up, we landed." My mom said. I rubbed my eyes, unbuckled my seatbelt and stood up getting ready to get out of this plane. We got our luggage and went out with my mom and Kenny. Oh.. Kenny was here? Didn't notice haha. He drove us home and we started unpacking.

Finally! We were done unpacking our shit. We were in my new house here in Stratford. I wasn't big it was just like the other houses here. I went upstairs to my room and just laid down in my bed. As I was just staring at the ceiling I heard a slam from beside me. I looked in that direction and saw that a girl just entered her room. She was beautiful. Tall, she's chubby but really beautiful. I didn't realize I was staring until she gave me a smile and closed the curtains of her window. She had a beautiful smile, brown wavy hair, and a cute face. I wanted to know her. Hmmm, we'll see.

Zena's POV 3

I ran upstairs, unlocked the door with my keys and slammed the door happily. I had a strange feeling that I was being watched. I looked out my window and saw.. A boy.. staring at me… no boy ever stares at me. So I treid to study his features. He has short golden brown hair, from his position he looked tall.. about 5"9 or something. But him staring at me got me really insecure. So I walked over to the window, gave him a smile and closed the curtains to give me some privacy. I guess he was our new neighbors my mom was talking about."Zena!"my mom called."Yeah?"I screamed for nothing. "Yeah?" I screamed ." Ugh" I groaned and went downstairs. "yeah ma?" I asked. "please throw the trash out" she said pointing to the trash bag behind her. "fine" I said. When I went out I saw the boy on his porch just staring at me again. So I threw the trash turned aroung and saw him still staring at me. I got insecure again and went in my house as fast as I could. That was the last time I saw him that day.