Hi everyone! My name is Mary and this is my first attempt at writing a story. The idea stuck in my head and I needed to get it out. English is not my mother language so please don't start making plans for my execution because of my awful grammar.

Oh and I don't own Harry Potter but I thought that was obvious…

The bastard child

Chapter 1

Our story begins in a warm night of July. The rain was falling softly on the ground and everything seemed to be calm and peaceful. A lone woman figure was standing at the edge of the Black forest, a forest known, from the ancient myths, for its dangerous wildlife and magical vegetation. She was holding a sleeping baby in her arms, trying to protect it from the raindrops, which were trying to disturb its sleep. Her hair was long and red and her green eyes kept searching for something in the darkness.

Suddenly loud footsteps could be heard from a distance. A young man appeared from the shadows, followed by a dark brown horse. He stopped in front of her and their eyes instantly met. There was silence for a few moments, not awkward but familiar, the one that only people who know each other very well can have. Then the woman finally broke it with a whisper.

"Please help him."

The man glanced at the small infant for a moment and then said

"It's too risky to bring him to the castle. You know my father will not like it one bit if I suddenly appear with a baby he knows nothing about. And I can't just walk in there and present a new heir to the throne right now, not while my wife is still pregnant. He will never be accepted."

"But they will kill him!" The woman cried "You can't let them kill him! Please, please I beg you James, save him. He is just a baby. He hasn't even started his life yet. That…that awful snake-man told them that he will become too powerful for his own good and that they should kill him now before he destroys them all. Look at him James! Do you think he is dangerous?"

"But…" James tried to say something but he was cut off.

"No buts! I don't CARE about your father! I don't care about your STUPID throne! All I care about is for my son to live even if he won't be accepted from your precious court. Now take our child and save him from the fate that waits for him back in the forest."

She pushed the baby in his hands forcefully and James managed to grab him just in time. He had never held a baby before and the experience was overwhelming. What if he dropped him? Was he holding him right? He had heard somewhere that you have to support the baby's head because it couldn't support it by itself. He tried that and then studied his son for the first time in his life.

He looked like him. He looked like him a lot. No one could say that he wasn't the baby's father. The little one had his hair and his nose and maybe his chin but he wasn't sure. Maybe it was his grandfather's.

Suddenly the baby stirred. All this yelling and moving must have finally done their job because he opened his eyes slowly and stared directly at James.

His eyes were green! At least they looked like green. It was hard to tell in the darkness of the night. He had his mother's eyes. Yes, he definitely had his mother's eyes. Big, shiny and so piercing you could almost believe that they can look into your soul.

Identical eyes watched them with tears, as their owner realized that this was their first and maybe their last moment for them as a true family.

"What about you?" James asked.

"I have to go back."

"Why don't you come with us? The castle is well guarded and I will protect you if something happens"

"No. I can't risk it. The dogs know my scent too well and our assassins won't hesitate to break into the castle. If they find me, they will find the baby. I can't put his life into unnecessary danger."

"Unnecessary danger? You won't survive if you go back there. They won't let you survive!"

"My life is a price I am willing to pay for my son's. I won't let anything happen to him, not while I am still alive and breathing. I love him too much to let anyone harm him."

Tears started running down James's cheeks. Everything was happening too fast and he couldn't do anything to stop it.

"So… I will never see you again." whispered James.

"Maybe we will meet in the afterlife, if it actually exists."

"Are you sure there is no other way? Maybe you can hide somewhere or we can start a war with the elves."

"You can't start a war with my family for just a mistress. Your father will never allow you to. And even if I hide the result will still be the same. They don't know you are the father of my child. They will never search for him at your home. He will be safe and I will die in peace if you promise me that you will always protect him."


"Promise me James."

"I will protect him"

"Good. Now go before they realize I am missing."

"I loved you, I really did love you Lily. I wasn't lying then."

"I know James. I know…"

James mounted his horse and with his son in his arm but before he started his journey Lily stopped him.

"And James…?"

"Yes Lily?

"His name is Harry"