this is dedicated to all the beautiful mothers out there. who bring us into this world without any expectations or biases, and bring us food and comfort. even if you are not close to her, nor like her, even if she's gone from this world or is in the process, remember to always try your best and show her how much you care.

because she carried a fifty pound belly for nine months just so you could live.

happy mother's day!

because he had been a bastard child, alone, despised, forgotten. because he could never pass the ninja exams, not good enough, not deserving of that title. because he never had a warm home to return to, because no one hugged him on his birthday or held him close to protect him from the cold winds that brought in pure white snow, burning bare skin in a chilling way. because of all that, some part of his burning, passionate soul had corroded and turned black with hatred.

no one truly loved him.

they were just happy that he was dealing with what they couldn't handle. he just couldn't face the truth, it was cold and painful and that was why he had held out for too long. he was a hopeless believer, weak, a vessel for a monster who's only purpose was to die.

you have to be a monster to defeat one, even more so to control one, right?

but then there's warmth and long red hair that reminds him of sweet things like cherries and blood red roses. she punches him and goddammit why did his heart ache.


this was his mother.

the woman who had given life to him. carried him for nine months inside her stomach (who even had the determination to do that?). at her smile, at her warmth, at the feeling of her in his arms and knowing that she had never truly left him alone, that she and dad had given up everything so that he…

his beautiful, strong, and caring mother.

" There are some important words I want to tell, only to the men who compliment my hair… Naruto, will you hear them? I love you. "

he's longed to hear that for so long, his heart heals as he smiles back at her. black becomes pure and erosion is reversed; he can practically feel a new sort of courage building up inside of him. his light, his reason, the woman who gave up everything to give him everything. she never made him breakfast, or said 'I'm proud of you!' when he passed the ninja exam, but she didn't need to. she was here and she loved him and dammit ma why do you have to be so amazing.

somehow, she becomes a sun, flaring and burning passionately, providing him with the needed courage to face anything.

thank you, ma, for everything you've done for me.