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Memories of the Forgotten Guardian - Analise

Animerain14 - Sargent

Roseria Sylvester - Iyana

K Entertainment - Xanxus

Amylou11987 - Anastasia

"Hi there!" - Talking

*Ugh, why?* - Thinking

"Dude, what the hell?" - Al Bhed or visions

Danaya's POV:

"I'm sorry." Beclem muttered to me. My eyes widened in shock. "I know it wasn't your fault, Danaya. You understand, right?" I nodded my head. "Get up. I'm going to take a break and ride a boat to Kilika for now." I silently got up and reached for Analise's whip inside my boot. I brought it out and placed it in Beclem's hand.

I revealed, "This is Analise's whip. I'm sure you know that…I know she'd love for you to keep it. Please have it. I'm…I'm sorry Sir Beclem." I bowed and turned around to walk, hoping the others would follow me. I looked back one more time to glance at Beclem, but he wasn't there. *He probably ran to the ship…* I turned around and gasped as Beclem stood right in front of me. Beclem held a small smile on his face as he took my hand, opened it to my palm, and placed Analise's whip in my hand.

"Keep it. I know my daughter. If it would be anybody, she'd want you to have it." Beclem responded as he walked away. We all stared after him, but then continued to move on to the village. I stayed a bit ahead of the others, trying to conceal my emotions as much as I could. I felt someone grasp my hand, so I looked to my side to find Vidina staring straight ahead, acting as if everything was natural. I tightened my grip just a little on Vidina's hand as we walked over to the village. Lulu was waiting for us right at the entrance of the village. Once we got to her, she instantly embraced each one of us.

Lulu exclaimed, "Is everyone all right?" We looked down. "Danaya…Sargent and Vidina told me about Analise. Is it true?" My only response was closing my eyes. "Oh dear…" Lulu mumbled out.

"Lulu. We're going to rest here for a while." Xanxus explained for the whole group.

Lulu slightly smiled and nodded, "Of course! Take the time you need. Come, let's go to my hut and I'll serve you guys some food. We can talk about our future plans from there." We followed Lulu into her hut, many people's eyes glancing at us. When we got inside the hut, Lulu started to serve us some food. Xanxus stood up and decided to help her. "So, let me hear it. What do you guys plan on doing now?"

"Um…" I started. "We're going to wait it out somehow. If we attack too soon, Malfonse and Anastasia might actually get to me. Lulu, you see…" I continued to explain to her about my vision and how Malfonse needed me. She nodded in understanding and smiled.

Lulu explained, "The idea is not bad. All right, so you guys will be staying here for the time being? For how long?" I looked down and thought about it for a while.

"Just a few days. Then, we're going to venture out again and try to find something, anything that could prove Malfonse is the one behind all this." Iyana answered for me. The boys devoured Lulu's food as if they had not eaten in days. However, Iyana and I ate slower than them, still thinking about Analise. After finishing my food, I stood up and took my sword with me.

I announced, "I'll be outside wandering off, okay?" I headed out of the hut as the sunlight hit my face and shined brightly. I looked around the bustling people of Besaid and reminisced the memories between Analise and me. I walked to the entrance of Besaid village and remembered how Analise and I met like it was just yesterday.


I was eight years old then. Analise was 12. "Naya! Let's go to the beach! Vidina and the others are there!" Sainey exclaimed in her little girl voice. "Race you, ya!" I giggled and nodded.

However, as I started to run, I tripped and fell over a rock. "Uwaaaaa Saineeeeyyy!" I shouted out as I cried, but Sainey was already far ahead. Nobody else was around, so I started to cry. Then, Analise came to my rescue.

"Are you okay?" Analise asked as she stared at me worriedly with her forest green eyes. I nodded, but started to hiccup as my crying got the best of me. Analise smiled and poured a Potion over my injury as she helped me up.

I stopped crying and wiped my tears as I put on a smile and exclaimed, "Hi! My name is Danaya, but call me Naya! What's your name?" Analise smiled and giggled.

"My name is Analise. You can call me Lisie." Analise introduced as she started to walk with me to the beach.

"Are you new here? I've never seen you around before." I asked, trying to fix the ponytail Mom had fixed my hair in.

Analise nodded and replied, "Yeah! My father and I just moved here yesterday from Kilika Island. Your mother knows my father. Perhaps you know him, his name is Beclem." I scrunched up my nose and pouted.

"Him? The meanie who insulted my mom and Sir Wakka?" I exclaimed as I stopped walking. "You act nothing like him! You're very nice!"

"Thank you." Analise continued on, "But my dad is nothing like that now, I assure you. You should drop by and say hi in our hut."I thought about it for a little, before nodding my head.

I replied, "Okay! But in turn, you have to say hi to MY parents!"

*End Flashback!*

I didn't realize a tear ran down my cheek as I walked to the beach. Before you got to the beach, you would make a left turn instead of a right and you could jump into the water. I looked down onto the water and giggled. I smiled and remembered the fun times of jumping off the cliff and diving into the water with Vidina, Analise, and Iyana. I placed my sword down and removed my boots, planning to jump into the water. I removed my arm sleeves and skirt, leaving my shorts and top on. I prepared to jump into the water when I felt a hand push me from my back. "W-WHOA!" I shouted as I landed into the water. I swam up to the surface and gasped, taken by surprise. I wiped my face and looked up to where the cliff was. *Vidina…* I growled slightly. "You idiot!" I shouted. Vidina stood there laughing as he clutched his stomach. I was about to shout at him again, but he was pushed off the cliff as well. This time, it was Xanxus who pushed. I looked in surprise at him as Xanxus had a small smile on his face.

I guess he was trying to lighten up as he dove into the water, followed by Iyana and Sargent, some of their clothes and accessories removed. A ball hit my head and I turned around to see Vidina with a smirk on his face. "Come on, ya? Let's play some blitzball you guys! Cliff is my goal and the other cliff over there is the other team's goal, ya!" Iyana, Sargent, and I nodded, but Xanxus shook his head.

"There's only five people. It's uneven." Xanxus explained. I smiled and threw the ball at him. He caught it swiftly and looked at me in surprise.

Sargent called out, "Then you be goalie!" Xanxus shook his head with a smile as he threw the ball up into the air. "Huh? Wait, Iyana! Are you on my team?" Sargent shouted as Iyana caught the ball. She laughed and shrugged.

"Nope! I'm with Naya!" Iyana shouted as she threw the ball to me and ran over to our goal. I smirked and dove underwater, swimming to the cliff where we jumped off from. Vidina was the goalie as I could see his legs wavering in the water. I thought Vidina didn't see me kick the ball, but I knew he saw me when he caught the ball just after I kicked it. He swam up to the shore and laughed as he threw the ball over to Sargent.

"You have a weak kick, Dannie! Work on that, ya?" Vidina taunted me. I heard Xanxus whistle and shook his head.

I laughed as Xanxus said in a mock referee voice, "Red card! Taunting is not allowed. Point goes to Iyana and Danaya." Iyana and I cheered as Vidina and Sargent groaned. We all regrouped in the water, forming a small circle. "So…what do you guys want to do now?" Xanxus asked, floating on his back on the water. I started to play with the water, bending some of it in the air and splashing it back down.

Iyana asked, "Hey Danaya, did you know Saige is taking up Black Magic lessons with Lulu? Hah! Good luck with her. Lulu's going to drive her crazy!"

"Hey!" Vidina called out. We all laughed.

I smiled and replied, "That's good. Saige should start learning at a young age so she knows how to defend herself." After I said that, I started to freestyle back to the cliff, where a small ledge was at so we could climb that to get back up to the cliff. Once I brought myself up onto the ledge, I watched the others follow me. I started to twist my clothes so all the water could get out. I put back on my skirt and arm sleeves, but left my boots off as I carried them, and my sword, with me. The others did similar actions to me as we walked back to the village. I laughed as everyone hurried to either mine or Lulu's hut to dry themselves off. Xanxus, Iyana, and I went inside my hut as I grabbed towels from a shelf and handed it to them. Once we dried ourselves off and ate at Lulu's hut once again, it was already dark.

I was sitting down near the campfire that was lit every night in the middle of the village. "Danaya!" Sargent shouted in horror as he and Iyana ran towards me. I grabbed my sword from the ground and stood up quickly. "Inside the Chamber of Fayth, swarms of fiends are in there! Xanxus and Vidina are fighting them off, but that's not the only issue. Saige snuck in there too and is stuck in the middle of a group of fiends!" Sargent hurriedly shouted as we started to run to the temple.

"We have no idea why fiends started crawling out or appearing from nowhere. We just started to hear a scream from inside and found Saige up against a corner!" Iyana spoke out as we pushed through the crowd of people forming in front of the temple. We ran up the stairs and hurried all the way to the Chamber of Fayth. Once we arrived, we saw Vidina and Xanxus struggling against the huge amount of fiends in the room. I found Saige against a corner crying, but fiends were in my way.

"I'm coming, Saige!" I shouted as I started to cast Blizzara on every fiend in my way. Once I eliminated about half of the fiends, I grabbed Saige and brought her out of the Chamber of Fayth. As she went on the lift, I shouted, "Hurry! Run! Go to your father!" Saige nodded as she started to wipe her tears. I smiled, but my smile was replaced with pain as something clawed me on my back. I dropped down in pain, but recovered just in time to slice the Gecko behind me in half and make it disappear into pyreflies.

"Where are they coming from?" Iyana shouted. I looked around and found the fiends pouring out of the Fayth room. My eyebrows furrowed as I ran over there, letting the others take care of the other fiends. "Danaya! Where are you going? Come back!" Iyana shouted as I ran up the stairs and entered the Fayth room. The room was empty; no fiends were pouring out of anywhere and it was as if the fiends had stopped coming.

"Danaya! What's going on in there?" Xanxus shouted as I heard footsteps approaching. I slowly approached the hole in the middle of the room, peering down the darkness. Before I could react, a purple mist had started to rise up from the hole and surround me. I felt a hand grab my free hand and I looked to see it was Xanxus. "Guys! Help! Danaya's being pulled into the hole!" Xanxus exclaimed gruffly. I threw my sword across the room so I could grab onto Xanxus with my other hand. *Malfonse…you won't win! You won't get me!* The others soon came and helped Xanxus by pulling me up.

I heard the same evil laughter again, but I shook my head and ignored it. Finally, the others gathered enough strength to pull me up and push me out of the Fayth room. I tumbled down the stairs, my head throbbing as I landed on the ground.

"Dannie! You okay, ya?" Vidina shouted as he helped me up. I nodded and clutched my head. I looked around and didn't find another fiend in sight.

I muttered, "Let's get out of here." I grabbed my sword from Xanxus and walked out of the Chamber of Fayth with the others. "Saige!" I called out as I ran to the little girl, who was crying her father's arms. I took her in my arms and patted her hair. "Are you okay?" Saige just nodded and buried her face in my shoulder. Farmer Alix and Lulu walked up to us.

"Thank you. I thank all of you." Farmer Alix performed the prayer and bowed deeply. Lulu brought us back to her hut before any villagers could question us about what happened.

"Why did that happen all of a sudden?" Lulu questioned as she sat down with us. I looked down at my sword and bit my lip.

"I think I know why." I spoke up. "Malfonse is sending us a warning that he'll be coming for me very soon." The others nodded, but I could tell everyone was in deep thought over what happened. *Malfonse…just what are you?*