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Amora smirked as the man fell limply to the ground, the knife lying loosely in his hand. Ignoring the girl who was contained in a rope net she walked over to the prone figure and bent down to retrieve the knife. Looking up at the girl she let a ghost of a smile settle on her face as she cherished the look of fear on her face as she evaluated the make of the knife. Finding it satisfactory she slipped it into a sheath on her belt and made to the door.

"W-w-what are you going to do?" the girl stammered in a hushed voice, halting her exit.

"Not that it matters to you," Amora replied lazily, "But I'm going to kill the brats."


Above their heads in the vents Natasha and Clint shared an alarmed look as Amora waltzed out the door leaving Katie hanging over Coulson's prone body.

"I thought that Jarvis had a detector or something for spells." Clint whispered to Natasha in confusion.

"Stark had to take it down when Fury brought the babysitters in; just in case Loki did some spell that set the sensor off. No need to alert them to more than they need to know." She explained her eyes on Coulson for a sign of life.

"Well I think we have definitely passed the isles need to know and have entered the realm of spilling guts." Clint sighed as he started to undo the screws that held the vents cover together.


'I wonder how the others are getting along.' mused Steve as he and Thor finally made it into the kitchen.

It had taken longer than was expected to reach the tower's kitchen in their small forms, but the venture seemed to be worth it as their lower height gave them the advantage.

"Friend Rodgers!" bellowed Thor," what do you think will serve well for us if it comes to battle?"

"Well I could use pot tops and pans, Clint and Natasha have no problems using guns and knives, but we could get Clint a makeshift slingshot if he can't get his hands on a miniature bow set, Loki has his magic, God knows what Stark has, Banner can Hulk out if need be, and you can still handle your hammer, correct?" Steve listed, ticking off the team members on his fingers as he said their names.

"Aye, though I cannot summon it to me from afar, nor throw it with my usual strength."

"Great! Well, let's start by getting anything that may have use as a weapon."

"After you friend Rodgers!" Thor boomed as they race to scour the kitchen.


Katie whimpered as she swung precariously in her perch vainly trying to arouse the suited man, Agent Coulson she had introduced himself, with sheer willpower. So intent was her concentration she failed to notice the grating of the air vent swing open.

"Well I guess he's no mad eye Moody." Quipped a familiar voice.

"Really Clint?" another voice questioned in the direction of the ceiling. "What was your first clue?"

Katie's eyes widened as the owners of the voices came into view.

"Get away from me!"

"And again with the shrieking, haven't you gotten tired of that yet?" Natasha wondered as she bent down to check Coulson.

"How is he?" Clint asked, a touch of worry coloring his voice.

"Fine," Natasha answered straightening up, dusting her hands off as she did so. "He's just going to have a seriously bad headache when he wakes up. Now," Katie's eyes grew even larger as the little redheaded girl pulled a gun from god knows where and pointed it at her. "Let's take care of her first."



Bruce jumped startled as yet another mysterious gadget hit the floor next to him and glared up at the titanium covered six year old.

"Tony! I told you to stop doing that!" He shouted crossly. "You're going to make me Hulk out!"

"Yes Anthony, while it is amusing to be honored with you impression of a hummingbird, I for one would appreciate not having to deal with a small green problem, and I'm not too sure how he would deal with me." Loki chimed in from his spot at the table.

Sighing Tony flitted down to land next to the miniature trickster.

"Spoilsport." He chided, a grin belaying his true feelings as he gently nudged the younger boy.

"So what have we got?" Bruce questioned, poking at an odd lump of metal.

"A bunch of metal that glows." Loki replied drawly.

"Yes, I can see that. Thank you ever so much for you spectacular insight Holmes."

"Well with what goes on in your funny little head."

"My funny little head, is that right Box o' Cats?"

'Ummm, guys?" Tony interjected looking apprehensively at the bickering twosome.

"Box o' Cats, is that really the best you can do? Sarcasm really doesn't suit you Doctor Banner."

"Oh really-."

"GUYS!" Tony shouted resisting the urge to stomp his foot.

"Yes?" Loki drawled.

"Do you mind not getting into an argument when we had a scorned magical immortal woman eager for our ultimate demise?!"

"Tony we were not arguing."


"No Anthony, that was not arguing, that was merely just a small quibble, nothing to worry about, we are still completely focused on your useless pile of radioactive material."

"Just a small quib-. Hey! They are not useless or radioactive!"

Loki arched an aristocratic eyebrow.

"Well just a little bit radioactive."

"Tony!" Bruce shouted, suddenly wondering, and not for the first time, about his friend's mental health and sense of self preservation.

"But that's not important," Tony quickly said. "What's important is that this is going to help us contain Amora and hopefully restore us to our natural ages.

"Which for you is about two years less." Loki quipped.


"Are you sure they're safe Tony?" Bruce asked, getting back on track.

"Of course I am! Nothing could possibly go wrong!"

The tower gave a shuddering sigh before going pitch black except for the small pile of glowing metal.

"You were saying?"

"Oh shut up!"


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