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-Liam's POV-

I'm woken up by the gentle shaking of my shoulder.

"babe," I hear a whisper. "babe wake up"

I open my eyes and they're met by Niall's striking blue ones. He's kneeling down next to the bed, still in his pajamas, with his hair a mess. I can feel my mouth turn up into a smile, almost of it's own accord.

"Liam, it snowed!" he says, bouncing slightly. Kind of like an excited chiuaua I can't help but let out a small chuckle at his childlike excitement. He always gets excited over the first snow. He stands up and walks around to the other side of the bed, where he sits cross legged next to me. I roll over to face him again. He's still bouncing up and down beside me, so by this point I'm fully awake. I sit up.

I grab his hand and interlace our fingers. "do you want to go outside?" he asks with longing in his voice.

"uh… Niall?" I say, gesturing towards his pjs.

He looks disappointed for a split second, but says "okay I'll go change. Meet me in the kitchen in like five minutes?"

I smile and squeeze his hand. "sure." he leans in and places a small kiss on my cheek before leaving to change in his own room.

I meet him in the kitchen, and he immediately takes my hand again. "don't you want to eat first?" I ask.

"nah it can wait." he replies. I'm surprised, he usually never passes up food. Although he looks rather torn at my question. "let's go!" he begins pulling me to the door. I laugh and follow behind him.

We walk to a park which is always surprisingly deserted, and the day passes like a bad romance movie. Drawing our names in hearts in the snow, catching snowflakes on our tounges, making snow angels and melting into each others kiss.

About 2 hours into our day he looks up from where he's making a tiny snowman on the ground. "Liam, I'm hungry." he says. I laugh as I knew his stomach would get the best of him.

"okay, c'mon we're going home." I put my hand out for him to take and pull him up from the cold snow, catching him as he stumbles.

When we get back to our flat, I make us each a cup of hot chocolate as he devours the rest of the kitchen, then we both go to change into some dry clothes.

"Liam!" I hear his voice call from the living room. I walk out and see him sitting on the couch with a white blanket on his lap and the T.V. playing the opening credits of Toy Story. He holds put his arms. "come cuddle with me?" he says innocently. I cross the room and sit next to him, pulling him into my arms.

I always loved the snow.

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