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Gregory Lestrade groaned coming back into consciousness with a viscous headache pounding his skull. He tried to move his arms but found he was tied up, thoroughly, the rope (they used actual rope?!) wrapped around him nearly obscuring him entirely.

He groaned again, resolutely pushing down the first signs of panic, great, he had been kidnapped.

"Greg?" Questioned a voice from his left, he turned. Sally Donovan was also tied up in a chair, staring at him in concern, fear flashing in her eyes. It was her first kidnapping; it wasn't often in the job description. In fact it was only Greg's 2nd kidnapping and he didn't know if it counted if it was Sherlock's brother doing the kidnapping. Mycroft had tried to bribe Greg into telling Mycroft things about Sherlock, how he was doing etc. It had been a very pleasant kidnapping, no beatings, no being tied up and minimal threats.

Greg might have enjoyed it if he hadn't been scared for his life.

His gaze took in the other two men tied to chairs. Grey eyes met his, he mentally cursed Sherlock. Surely he should be a little panicked, he was currently tied up, but no the bugger looked nearly as relaxed as when he was at home. Greg took in the only other occupant to the room, a calm looking Mi5 official, going by the name of Jack West.

Greg pieced together the events that had led to their kidnapping.


Sherlock had been offered a case from his brother, Mycroft Holmes, to help Mi5 solve a case. John had eventually managed to brow beat Sherlock into agreeing to it. Sherlock had been bored for days but was still going to refuse to spite his brother.

John, Greg, Sally and the Mi5 agent, Jack West, had been assigned to work with Sherlock.

The organisation they had been infiltrating was pretty major in the criminal classes; Sherlock was convinced Moriaty was indirectly involved with it, though too far distanced and clever to be implicated.

So while John had gone off to his job at the clinic this morning the others had made their way to where Sherlock had worked out the base was due to the people in the organisation stealing medical supplies and some of them going to A+E to get stitched up. They had then followed one of the lackeys back from the hospital back to a normal looking business firm, great cover up, hiding their criminal business in the guise of solicitors, Greg sniped sarcastically. It meant they were hidden in plain sight.

The group of four had obviously been spotted and soon after they entered the building pretending to be filing a case they had been jumped by about 10 thugs. They had attempted to fight but two of the goons had held Sally and Jack West at gun point, Sherlock and Greg had decided to go along with the goons after that.


Greg remembered being hit over the head then nothing till he came to, in what he presumed was the basement. Sherlock looked at him smugly.

"Worked out where you are yet?" He asked patronisingly. Greg glared at the insufferable bastard. Which of course just made him grin wider. Sally was still looking vaguely panicked.

"Don't worry, the Yard will be looking for us." Greg hoped it was a soothing tone. The Mi5 official snorted.

"And before they blunder in here agents from Mi5 will have already diffused the situation and we should be walking out free men" he glanced at Sally, "and women." Jack said obviously holding a very poor opinion of the met.

Greg and Sally scowled. Yes it was probably true that Mi5 would be there before the Yard but the man's arrogant statement grated. Sherlock sniffed.

"You seem to have forgotten a very important, very essential thing, like always. John knows we've been kidnapped." Sherlock's voice brimming with confidence and surety, like usual.

Greg, Sally and Jack stared at him. Mi5 would probably be here before the Yard, but John was just one man, sure the man was more than he seemed at first sight and he had surprised them all at different points, but well, Mi5 was, Mi5. And the Yard was pretty competent no matter what Sherlock said. Sally, Jack and Greg all made eye contact before looking away.

"Hang on how does he know we've been kidnapped?" Sally asked curiously still looking more than a bit frazzled at being so helpless.

"Really how do you survive with such tiny brains? Is all your brain power used up with just remembering to breath or string words together? It is past 5pm and John's shift ends at 4:30. None of us is in Baker Street and there is no note and he hasn't been texted by any of us. Not even Greg complaining at how infuriating I am." he grinned at this. Greg blushed, how had the detective known he was texting John and about him? "Also he naturally worries and when stressed his brain starts working in overdrive and he starts observing, not quite to my standard but much closer than normal idiots. Plus you all seem to forget he was in the army and is a crack shot." Sally and Greg shared a glance, astonished at the fond tone to Sherlock's usually cold tones and the fact he had actually complemented someone without an ulterior motive.

Greg looked around trying to undo the knots with no luck. Suddenly the door behind them opened. They had been placed with their backs to the doors; it was an intimidation tactic interrogators sometimes used. It was also surprisingly effective, Greg had used the very same tactic when interrogating criminals but he had never been on the receiving end.

Footsteps started pacing behind them. It was impossible to turn round, the bonds were too tight. The hairs on the back of Greg's neck rose in trepidation. The man behind him began to speak.

"Well, what have we here?" He asked in a nasal voice then continued not wanting an answer. Sherlock just smirked infuriatingly. "Seems like you four were sticking your overly long noses into somebody else's business, my business in fact. Oh and that doctor friend of yours. We sent him a little present to brighten his dreary day at work; he won't look so pretty after!" The man started sniggering.

Greg's eyebrows rose in concern and he twisted to look at Sherlock, he looked relatively calm but his lips had tightened and there was a hardness in his eyes that only appeared when John was threatened or harmed.

Jack butted in before the man could begin speaking again.

"Do you know who I am?" He asked imperatively.

"'Course I do your bleedin' highness. We'll be gone and you'll be dead long before you agent buddies catch wind of our organisation. The only reason you guys did was 'cause we sent out deliberate clues to trap you." Greg paled and Sally gulped. If Sherlock had only just got it with clues how was anyone else going to work out where they were in time, without those same clues?

"Hmmm cleverer than I expected but you're still boring." Sherlock sneered. The man behind them stopped pacing.

"Boring!" He screeched. "You're tied up in a chair, we have outmanoeuvred you, and all you can say is boring?"

Sherlock just yawned. The man came round and faced Sherlock. He was about 5"11 dressed in black jeans, a smart shirt and a leather jacket. His face was purple with outrage. He looked normal, just extremely pissed off and holding a gun. Not a good mixture. Just as he was about to speak a voice surrounded the room coming from the speakers.

"If you give up Sherlock, Greg, Sally and Jack now, unharmed, I will let you leave untouched and all your goons alive and unhurt." A familiar voice said in his calm, reasonable tone that made you feel stupid about even contemplating a different course of action to the one urged.

Their captor was mouthing in shock. The voice spoke again.

"I will be there in five minutes" The voice said with finalty as if he was announcing when he could be around for tea.

"Oh well done John." Sherlock spoke, probably just to unnerve and annoy his captor Jack, Greg and Sally could only stare in shock. Their captor laughed.

"I've got guards up there. Say goodbye to your friend." Their captor said ordering his men to attack the man in the speaker room through his mobile. They all remembered the other 10 thugs who had kidnapped them let alone all the workers dotted around. There had to be at least 13 men with a weapon. Greg's eyes closed in fear there was no way John would survive.

Muffled thumps, cut short yelps and vile curses met Sherlock, Greg, Sally, Jack and their captor's ears. There was also the sound of gunshots. The sounds steadily got louder.

About 2 minutes after the speaker message they heard footsteps outside the door before it swung open. Their captor quickly fumbled for his gun and held it to Jack's head, his hand was shaking. The figure at the door stepped forward. They all stared, speechless. Apart from Sherlock, he just looked smug.

Dr. John Watson stood before them in jeans and a jumper, blue eyes gleaming, a perfectly innocent image if you removed the gun held tightly in his hand though not too tightly; the bloodstains covering his jumper and hair and the rips in his jumper. John levelled a disapproving stare to their captor. Silence surrounded them.

"I lied, I wasn't going to wait for a response." John stated. He stepped forward eyes dancing over them all. He hissed as he took them in. "Three broken ribs" he nodded to Sherlock, "a black eye" he nodded at Jack "sprained wrist" he nodded at Sally "and a wicked concussion." He nodded at Greg this time.

Greg stared around, how had he known all that? He hadn't realised Sherlock or Sally was hurt, he could see the bruise on Jack though. John's face darkened as he gazed at their captor. "That is not unharmed." He stated still in his calm disappointed sounding voice.

"I'll shoot if you come any closer." Their captor said holding the shaking gun to Jack's head. Before they could blink John had moved his arm up and shot. Their captor fell down screaming; bullet lodged in his leg and pain filled shock on his face.

John tucked his gun away then moved forwards quickly tying up the whimpering man on the floor and roughly stemming the bleeding with the material from the mans shirt.

He got to work cutting them free with a knife he had strapped to his leg hidden by his jeans, he thought it necessary to carry one round when he had moved in with Sherlock.

Greg and Sally glanced at each other.

"Um what?"Greg articulately asked. John didn't stop sawing at the ropes but seemed to understand what was being asked.

"The men they sent to the clinic to capture me weren't the best. Three of them came in while two waited outside. They didn't expect me to put up a fight." He grinned at this. "They were under orders to kidnap me, not kill me, so it was pretty easy. After I managed to pistol whip one of them on the back of the head the other two nicked my gun. I pretended to be winded grabbed the paper weight on my desk and chucked it, it hit one on the head dazing him then I tackled the man holding my gun. I grabbed my gun and flipped him over my desk; he hit his head pretty bad. Then I shot the other man in the leg when he came closer the when he was down hit him over the head. The two outside then came in and I knocked them out too." John stated as though it was a perfectly normal every day occurrence.

"I then looked through their wallets they all had a card from this solicitors and none of you had texted me and didn't reply to my calls or texts so I assumed the same had happened to you and came straight over. I hijacked the speakers to inform them I was here so they would all come to me and I didn't have to worry about the others in the building. Then I found a strategic position and made my way down, most of the men I just knocked out with a frying pan, a couple I shot in the leg." He finished mournfully surveying his wrecked jumper.

Greg, Sally and Jack stood there contemplating the seemingly innocuous man in front of them. John stood from where he had strapping Sherlock's ribs with strips from their captors shirt. With the spares he made a temporary sling for Sally. Greg stood up and tried not to moan as he felt the return of blood to his arms.

Suddenly running footsteps came down stairs and burst through the door. In a flash John had his gun out and had tossed the one their captor had held to Jack. Dimmock rushed through the door with about seven other police men and women. They stared in shock. John lowered his gun, so did Dimmock.

"We saw all the people tied up outside there's lots of blood..." Dimmock seemed unable to continue a slight tremor to his voice. Shock was the main expression being supported. Greg decided to explain.

"John realised where we were and stormed in saving us." He shrugged. Dimmock turned to John.

"Just you?" He asked confused. John shrugged.

Dimmock mouthed. "But there was so many of them...You have a cane!" Dimmock said almost accusingly as if he couldn't reconcile the fact that John, who occasionally limped and needed a cane had beaten to unconsciousness a gang that had been bugging the police for months.

Suddenly Greg realised something.

"Hang on." Greg smirked at Jack, "John beat Mi5 here and so did the Yard, ha." Greg said triumphantly much to Jack's disgruntlement. Dimmock interrupted

"We had help from a Mr Mycroft Holmes." Sherlock scowled.

"I knew he would interfere." He muttered.

Suddenly people in nondescript outfits and supporting high technology gear entered the room and looked around in confusion.

"Finally." Smirked Sherlock. John looked at the confused faces and tugged at Sherlock's sleeve indicating his desire to leave and not explain again. They slipped away from the melee. Greg saw them at the door.

"Hey, we still need your statements..." He trailed off. He could have sworn he heard giggles coming from the staircase. He rolled his eyes and sighed.