a/n Written after Episode six, "And the winner is..."

I am in love with Legend of Korra...you have no idea.

She Almost Feels Bad For Him

When Korra learns that Tahno has had his bending taken away by Amon, she almost feels bad for him.

She can picture how it all must have gone down: Tahno's supercilious smirk at first, how he thought his hot-shit bending could have made a difference. He has that rich boy's sneer, that rich boy's nose-in-the-air, the hair with lacquered waves that defy gravity. But Korra knows better, knows that Tahno was all for show, for cheap shots and puerile insults. He would not have lasted against Amon for more than two seconds; Korra knows. She's been there, herself.

When he felt himself restrained and lifted up by two strong arms, did his face blanch? Did his eyes, usually cruel, pinched, and piggish, widen with fear? Did he beg, plead, saying please, anything but my bending—

Korra exhales hotly and blinks, coming back to the present. Her breakfast is untouched in front of her; the morning paper is crinkled in her twisting hands. She smooths out the newspaper and sees Tahno's sallow face, rendered even paler by the black and white print. She chews the inside of her cheek and reads the investigative report: the sole survivor of a rich family; mother, father, brothers and sisters all dead in a freak car accident; used the inheritance money for a lucrative bending career. The Wolfbats were all Tahno had left in the world—it was all taken away by the terrorist Amon.

Those words echo in Korra's head: all taken away by Amon.

Korra folds the newspaper back up, neatly. She takes her chopsticks and pushes the food around her plate, until it is a mutilated mess of mushy vegetables and rice. Korra has spent so many hours hurling water and insults at Tahno's pictures, concentrating all her frustration and anger at that pasty-faced prick, that imperious smirk. Oh, when her fists flew against Tahno during round two, when she pushed him off the pillar, how her heart had thumped against her ribs like a triumphant war drum. I am the avatar, asshole! Hear me roar!

Now, in the aftermath, when Amon is the only winner, and Tahno's tear-streaked face graces the front page of the newspaper, Korra can almost feel bad for that jerk.


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