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Like a Boss

Prompt: First Kiss

Characters: Sawada Tsunayoshi, Sawada Lambo, Reborn

Pairings: Reborn/Lambo

Tsuna was shifting through a pile of papers on his desk when the door to his office burst open.

"Hayato, I don't have time to-" He began, having expected his storm guardian to be complaining about Yamamoto again. He was surprised to find Lambo standing in the doorway looking lost. "Lambo, what do you need?"

"Tsuna-nii, I-I…" the fifteen year old stuttered. Tsuna watched as his hand moved up to his lips and his fingers brushed them gently. "Tsuna-nii, he kissed… he kissed me…"

Tsuna's eyes scrunched together, "Who kissed you?"

"R-Reborn kissed me, Tsuna-nii," Lambo whimpered, "and I don't know what to do."

Tsuna's eyes widened. He'd known something was going on with Reborn and Lambo but he hadn't known it was…He hadn't known it was that.

After a moment, he stood up, "I'm almost finished here. Why don't I take you out for lunch and we can talk about this?"

Lambo nodded numbly as Tsuna placed a hand on his small of his back and led him out of the room.