I just remained seated as I was waiting for my 'plus one' to arrive back from the restroom. I decided to take advantage of this moment and see for myself why this place was brought out as the most spectacular diner in town. The surroundings were simple and neat. It really showed off the minimalism style perfectly. The polished marble tables with the beautifully cooked food on top which was served with unique dishes and cutlery. I sighed happily and mentally praised the chefs that had put all the skills into all these edibles. They were a work of art. I also noticed the ebony flooring beneath me- this establishment was so high class. I could imagine myself feeling greatly intimidated by everyone else because of everyone's great fortune and luxuries that they owned- I lacked that. Once again I focused my attention on everything around me in admiration. I felt pleased with how everything was matching and fitting. The chandeliers that were hanging from above gave an illuminating glow and of course the beautiful painting which filled the high ceiling. The vintage creation was truly magnificent and I was certain that this was probably the only talent of expressionism that held so much beauty within it that I've ever witnessed. I finally averted my gaze to the waiter at my side and I noticed how my partner hasn't returned yet. I cleared my throat, feeling a tiny bit disappointed, "Ah sorry waiter... not at the moment. My friend still isn't here, please come back in a few." With that he nodded and shared a warm smile. I thought to myself, 'I hope she comes back quick... the food here looks absolutely delicious!"