KG: Alright people, even KyuubiGoku has problems. He is not invincible by any stretch of the imagination and as such he has encountered a problem of epic proportions. As you all are about to realize, KyuubiGoku's computer has crashed and as such he has resorted himself to using the computer's at the library. Unfortunately such time rarely offering me the way of getting my stories done as I would like to so until further notice or until further update, KyuubiGoku's stories are suspended until he can acquire a new laptop. Sumimasen to all of you for going through this. I'll return and hopefully soon, but that's life.

KG: That's all guys. Stay Breezy, protect what's important to you, have fun, and DRINK CREAM SODA! Also, whether KyuubiGoku updates his stories or not, you will all RESPECT THE DAMN CREAM!