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Naruto didn't know how this happened. Cursing, he flipped through the air as large winds bullets brushed past his body. His heart pumping fast, Naruto gripped his sword while glaring down towards his unknown assailant. Neither said anything to each other. For some reason the words were lost in Naruto's throat and he assumed the same for his opponent, but right now that didn't matter. He would have to think about such things later.

Landing on the ground, Naruto gripped the hilt of his sword before dashing forward in his best speed. His opponent smirked before raising their own sword and sped off in unfathomable speed before the two forces collided and clashed swords. The pressure from their swords and their respective power sources lit up the forest that they were in. Despite being so close to the person, Naruto still couldn't see his or her face, but their lips came into view and it was a sight that he noticed them beginning to move. "It…would…be…a…shame…if…that…mask…broke?" Naruto said in his thoughts while the person finished mouthing the words to him before a smirk appeared on their nonexistent face.

"What mask?" Naruto mouthed more to himself, but since his mouth was moving then the assailant read the words too. The smirk never left their face before their arms went into the air. Instinct taking over, Naruto jumped back and resumed his Uzumaki kenjutsu stance. The Phantom quickly vanished and Naruto widened his eyes. He looked left and right, up and down, but he didn't see anything to give the person away before he gasped. He felt malicious intent and ducked his head as a sword swing appeared right where he stood. He lowered himself to the ground before widening his eyes as the assailant's foot slammed into his face sending Naruto spiraling through the ground and out of the forest into a large lake. Naruto didn't recognize this terrain, but it was obvious that the assailant did.

Falling through the air, Naruto shook his head and backflipped once more to land in the wet surface of the water keeping him above it. He took shallow breaths while the phantom person appeared in front of him and mouthed. "Look…at…you. How…pathetic," Naruto thought the assailant said before scowling. He then noticed the person point their finger to him and then point downward at the water. Naruto didn't know what made him do it, but he looked down and surprise wasn't even the completely correct word to describe how he was feeling. Widening his eyes, Naruto looked at his reflection. He was wearing a mask. It had a face so similar to Shin. Two large horns at the top of the forehead, sculpted nose, dark eye openings where his eyes could see and finally a mouth filled with jagged teeth finished the mask itself. However as Naruto looked closer he noticed that his eyes were silver-colored, but his pupils were slits.

"What…is this?" Naruto thought to himself and as if sensing his inner turmoil, the assailant's laugh echoed through the walls of Naruto's mine. It never occurred to Naruto that he could now hear it so well.

"Die Shinigami summoner!" The person shouted as his firm hands grabbed a hold of Naruto's mask and with that, his face. Naruto widened his eyes before his mask slowly started to crack into pieces. Naruto could do nothing, but scream.


"Onii-sama? Onii-sama?!Onii-sama!" Naruto's eyes jolted opened before pain seeped into his eyes and he covered them with his hands. He had just opened his eyes wide to the rays of sunlight letting him know that it was morning. He noticed he was panting considerably before turning his head to see Shion looking at him worriedly.

"Shion…what happened?" Naruto asked and Shion blinked. "You were having a bad dream. You're sweating," Shion said and Naruto frowned slightly before letting out a small sigh. So that was just a dream thank goodness. Naruto steadied himself while he felt a soothing wet cloth on his forehead. He turned and noticed Shion gently wiping his head from the sweat and he couldn't help, but give her a small smile.

"Thanks, Shion-chan," Naruto said and Shion immediately blushed and looked away before smiling. "It's fine. I want to go home so I want to make sure that you're better," Shion responded. Naruto slowly nodded in agreement before leaning himself up. As he did, he winced and touched his forehead. Seems like that small matter still wasn't settled.

"Well, are you ready to continue?" Naruto asked. Shion turned to look at him before slowly narrowing her eyes. She quickly pressed her face unbearably close to her cousin's before giving a decent half-glare. She quickly pulled her finger back before plucking Naruto in the head.

"That's my line Onii-sama. Are you going to be alright?" Shion asked worriedly. She had just gotten potential family back and she would be damned if she lost him that easily. Granted Shion wasn't that much of a fighter, but she was stubborn and she would get her way eventually. Plus, fighting wasn't completely her strong suit, but she did have a good thing about herself that no one else did. It was what made her this way. She would do her job...priestess-ing and predicting. That was her strong suit.

Naruto, for his part, merely looked at Shion's eyes before looking off. While he would have liked to tell her that he had an minor headache and he felt like he was working on only seventy or so percent of his honshou capacity, the stubbornness in him made him address her otherwise stating that the blond male Konoha member was fine. Nodding to his consent, Shion slowly backed away on the tree branch before Naruto stood and brought her to her feet. Both got into their original position with Shion holding onto Naruto's neckline while he held her up against his back. Naruto shot off through the trees in an effort to make up some lost time. Naruto had to reunite with Sai, Kakashi, and Sasuke. Hopefully, they weren't going to be too late. The alternate compound was just a few miles away and there truly was no more time to lose.

-Shrine Compound-

"Yes, that's good. Just like that. Hold it steady!" Yugao instructed as she looked at a large scroll in front of her dictating the layout of the shrine and its compound. People continued to work as they drew the seals that Naruto had taught to Yugao. Along with her was Yamato doing the exact same. Since the group had left, Yugao took to some of her own instructions and began making arrangements. Ever since her group had left, she had a feeling in her body that something heavy was going to go down, something that was truly going to have a place for these seals. She hoped that she was wrong, she had this feeling before. It was right before…Hayate died, but she had passed it off as nothing, now she wouldn't do that again.

"Yugao-san, everything is in place though I think you're paranoid," Yamato said trying to speak with one of his former anbu associates. When everyone heard that the next heir to the Anbu Commander position had declined for another team it was a shock to the other anbu. Most had to pick up the pace to compensate for Yugao's leaving. Some took it better than others. Yamato was one of those people though he greatly missed the young middle-aged woman.

"Yamato, you should remember that paranoia is justified in our line of work. If you're done with that side then begin with the outer rim," Yugao instructed. Yamato sighed, but didn't refute a nod as he rushed off, or well...he would have if he hadn't heard someone shouting.

"Yugao!" said woman looked up from the plans and was surprised to see Yuna dashing through the trees…with Sakura on her back. Yamato widened his eyes before he and Yugao quickly ran out of the front doors of the compound to go meet Yuna on the dirt road.

Yuna landed down from the trees with Sakura on her back before setting her down on the ground. "What happened?" Yugao asked while Yamato quickly tended to Sakura. Her body looked like it had seen a lot worse than ever before, not to mention the slight throbbing in Sakura's right arm. Yamato quickly picked Sakura up into his arms while Yuna explained.

"We…were attacked. We had assumed that the priestess died, but Naruto-sama went to investigate. He found some…unusual information with his…abilities," Yuna explained cryptically. Yugao's eyes hardened feeling the presence of Yamato behind her. She narrowed her eyes before managing a tiny nod though she was sure that Yamato caught it anyway.

"It turns out that the priestess ran off. Naruto-sama had me bring Sakura back to the compound while he went to the other one. Sasuke, Sai, and Kakashi went ahead. I would assume that Naruto-sama went ahead having met up with Shion as well. But that's not the most amazing information," Yuna said suddenly stopping and Yugao wanted her to continue, but everyone heard a painful groan come from a certain unconscious pink-haired medic nin. Things were quickly put back into perspective with that.

"Tell me and Yamato inside. Did Naruto leave any specific instructions?" Yugao asked and Yuna raised an eyebrow. "No, he only had me do this. He also told me to support you two since he felt that something bad was coming. Nothing more than that," Yuna answered. Yugao quickly steeled her eyes at that moment. Seems that something bad really was going to happen.

"Alright then, Yamato, take Sakura inside. Yuna and I will go over everything and I'll relay that information to you," Yugao said and Yamato looked at her for a second. The two anbu locked their eyes with each other and Yamato wasn't sure, but he felt something…dare he say off regarding Yugao. There was something in her eyes. He didn't know what, but there was a laden amount of loyalty in her eyes. Now this wouldn't have bothered him in the slightest if this loyalty was to Konoha, but…it wasn't.

The words 'Yugao' and 'traitor' could never be in the same sentence with each other. For as long as Tenzo had known Neko, she had always had a rough line of loyalty. She never gave out loyalty easily. The only ones who could take it were the Hokage and a few of her superiors. One of which was Itachi before he turned traitor. She even only showed this much dying loyalty to one other person, Hayate. What…was this ominous feeling? Yamato would have to report this to the Hokage. Maybe he was just being paranoid, but as Yugao had said, 'paranoid is justified in our line of work.'

Yuna bore her eyes between the replacement sensei of what remained of the former team seven and one of her best friends of Hinoken. There seemed to be some underlying tension here. It was like streaks of lightning were bashing violently between the two of them as one tried to overcome the other. Yuna had only ever felt such pressure one time and that was when Naruto had been severely angered when Kazuma raised the dead within Konoha's walls.

"Something wrong, Yamato?" Yugao asked neutrally. Yuna snapped herself out of her gaze looking between the two and Yamato's eyes slowly narrowed before a smile came to his face. It slowly went up further and further before the tension seemingly dissipated.

"No, there is nothing wrong Yugao. I'll see you later," Yamato said taking Sakura away, the deadly glare he sent forward would have scared anyone had they seen him. Yugao watched him leave while Yuna appeared at her side.

"What's with him?" Yuna asked and Yugao's seemingly dangerous stance ceased. "I don't know, but we'll deal with it later," Yugao said and Yuna nodded as she walked off leaving Yugao on the dirt road. Yugao frowned as she looked down to the side of her waist to see her hand slowly inching its way for her sword. What was she about to do just then?

-With Sasuke, Sai and Kakashi-

Sasuke, Sai and Kakashi dropped down to the ground in front of the cave just beyond of the rendezvous compound. Kneeling to the ground, Sasuke placed his hands on the dirt and collected a few bits of it into his palm. "There is highly concentrated chakra here." Sasuke said. Kakashi nodded placing his hands on the walls.

"Ah, I feel it too. Something powerful is sealed here. It must be the demon's body that they told us about. If his spirit escaped the other temple then it's easy to see why they might come here next. I wonder if Naruto found the priestess," Kakashi responded. Sasuke didn't offer a reaction to Kakashi's response.

"However I wonder about those warriors back there," Both didn't think that their other companion would say something before they looked back at one of the stranger sights that they had seen. Just a bit off from where the compound was there was a large spot of land where a few statutes of stone warriors were situated. Sasuke didn't say anything, but he felt something off about them. There wasn't any chakra flowing through them so maybe it was nothing, but he just felt like he couldn't leave it that way. He didn't know, maybe it was nothing. Sasuke wasn't sure, but ever since had left Orochimaru that time he felt something different. Since learning of the Uchiha massacre, Sasuke could tell that he was a little wary. He didn't know of what, but he hoped that he wouldn't find out.

"Leave them alone. They aren't a concern for us," Sasuke said. Sai turned to look at him strangely, but he didn't say anything to make it seem like he was questioning the supposed second-in-command for this mission. Though sometimes he wonder why a capable jonin like Kakashi wasn't leading. It seemed weird if Sai merely made his point clear, which he didn't.

Walking into the cave, Sasuke, Sai, and Kakashi memorized the shape of the walls. It began with various curves and turns before they popped out the other side. Inside the cave was an enormous hole in the ground. "This seems to be where the chakra is centered. Strange that it seems to be resonating like this," Sasuke said.

"Should we go down there?" Sai asked. However, Sasuke shook his head. He didn't know what was down there so he would rather not risk it at the moment. At least until they knew what they were dealing with. More than likely this was the sealing chamber if the various seals running across the wall were any indication. Unsheathing his sword, Sasuke quickly stabbed it at the ground. Sai and Kakashi eyed him for a little while before Sasuke narrowed his eyes.

"What do you guys see?" Sasuke asked. Kakashi looked down and the sight surprised him. Sai looked down and he raised an eyebrow. Sasuke's sword didn't even pierce the earth where they stood. Given that Sasuke's sword was more than likely crafted from the same material as Orochimaru's blade then it had some of the best metal to offer. The only thing it couldn't pierce was a blade capable of being its equal or something like that.

"The ground is so laced with concentrated chakra that even with your strength you can't pierce it, at least not without your other abilities. The same is most likely true for Sai and myself," Kakashi answered.

"Do you believe that the same would before someone…say our small-dick squad leader?" Sai asked with his fake smile. Sasuke and Kakashi turned to the pale-looking young teen giving him a light glare. The only ones who got to insult Naruto, not mean it, and get away with it was them and vice versa. Both chose to ignore the question for now since it hadn't done anything short of irk them if only slightly.

"Sai, be careful. Naruto is the leader of this mission and your comments can and will land you insubordination. Remember that," Kakashi responded. Sai's smile lessened as he would be sure to keep that in mind, but it's not like he truly cared about any of this.

"Hai, forgive me Kakashi Hatake-san. With how busy you are, I wonder if you still have time to visit your friends at the Memorial Stone," Sai instigated calmly. Kakashi didn't rise to the accusation if only because he already had nothing to regret over. Both his teammates were alive even if one of them was…

"Sai, be quiet. We're leaving." Sasuke said with a tone of finality. Kakashi and Sai nodded and the three walked away quickly. Something was wrong. Their run here had been too smooth. There was no sign of the enemy. What was going on here?

-With Naruto and Shion-

Naruto took a small breath as he landed on a tree branch. "It sounds like they are all interesting people. Why would this…Komachi-san be so cold?" Shion asked. For the past hour, Naruto had been regaling her with tales of his family and his earlier adventures.

"Hmm that one's a little complicated. Komachi-chan is weird like that, but that's just her I guess. She was used by a guy that I despise and so her memory is a little jumbled at the moment. Baa-chan has tried to get back what she could, but if she isn't careful then she could regain all her memories or lose them all in their entirety. She also tends to say 'Ah' a lot. Must be her thing," Naruto explained. Shion slowly nodded and smiled at the idea of her long, lost heritage.

"So the island is now like a…mini country?" Shion asked and Naruto sighed. "The outcome to having all of us leave Haku and Zabuza in charge. Technically yes, but it's all up in the air at the moment. Don't worry about those details," Naruto said and Shion just looked at him before sighing and shaking her head. She just slowly nodded before she felt Naruto's body shiver.

"Shion, hold on," Naruto said suddenly. Before she could offer her asking of why, Naruto bolted through the trees with his unseen speed. Shion gulped as she clutched his jacket while Naruto rushed through the forest. The male blond cursed as his sensory capabilities told him of the person right behind him. He had been hoping that they would need more recovery time than that. Turns out…they didn't. Well, fuck.

"Katon: Hibashiri," came a loud shout and Naruto cursed as rushing flames devoured the trees behind him. Shion widened her eyes in horror at the approaching flames before she heard Naruto's voice, it firm and chilling unlike the flames that continued to race towards them.

"Shion, give me my sword," Naruto commanded. Now wasn't the time for luxuries and Shion wasn't about to complain if her supposed family knew what he was doing. Taking the hilt of Naruto's sword, she drew it from its sheath and gave it to the blonde. Naruto quickly stopped and let Shion onto a tree branch. He then turned around and closed his eyes. Taking his sword in both hands, Shion gasped as the older blonde's steel was encased in a pure, white, hot flame. Naruto raised it overhead as the flames neared them. He then quickly slashed downward burying his sword in the coming flames before the red flames dissipated into nothingness. Shion widened her eyes to the sight while Naruto shivered. That use of Honshou still hurt.

However, Naruto didn't have the time to focus on that before he felt the chakra signature of Gitai right behind him. "Your priestess is really getting on my nerves with not being dead. That was a pretty cheap trick, but it will not happen again," Gitai said while Naruto smirked.

"Seems like you have a lot more to learn, but it shouldn't surprise you. We, Uzumaki, are natural-born tricksters," Naruto said with a grin. Gitai quickly frowned and his teeth seethed before he chuckled darkly. The dark aura coming from his body made Shion gulp. Naruto and Shion could feel the chakra rolling off his body like a cup that had been run over with water. This sense of foreboding was quickly increasing every time Naruto saw this.

Gitai suddenly hunched over. Extra arms sprouted off the sides of his body. His skin turned dark and his hair turned more white and pale than before. "I'll kill you both. Then I'll take the blond to our master. You will die here priestess and so will your guard. Now that I am like this…there is NO ESCAPE!" He screeched and he suddenly vanished in a rush of wind destroying the trees branches behind him. Naruto just barely had the time to raise his sword and block before he and Gitai were sent crashing through the trees. Shion braced against one of the trees while her hair thrashed in the breeze,

"Onii-sama!" Shion called out. Somehow, she managed to get to the ground and quickly darted off in her best speed which…wasn't as best as she would have liked, but at least she was moving.

Meanwhile, Naruto and Gitai exited the trees and landed on the ground. Gitai's forearm was launched at Naruto's person before Naruto quickly countered with his sword. Pushing Gitai back, the young Uzumaki swirled his body across the ground for a sweep kick. Gitai saw the incoming strike and jumped over it. He swung his leg in the air for Naruto's face before he widened his eyes when his foot was caught by a Kage Bunshin. The bunshin leapt over the real Naruto's backside and kicked Gitai in the chin sending him flying back. "Tch. Damn brat," Gitai said sucking his teeth and slapping his hands together.

"Doton: Tsuchi Kairō( Earth Release: Earth Corridor)," Gitai shouted slamming his hands on the ground. The earth quickly shot up all around Naruto and his clone before the two blonde's smirk. "That's not going to work on me again!" Naruto called out and before Gitai could ask what he meant, he was surprised to see the Naruto clone hunch over and the real Naruto use his back as a stepping stone before launching himself into the air away from the earth raising technique.

"HA! Now you're finished. You can't move so good in the air can you?" Gitai asked and quickly swept through his handsigns one more time. Naruto quickly gripped his sword and pulled it back letting the seals across it surge in power.

"Katon: Hibashiri," Gitai shouted spewing another set of roaring flames for Naruto's form. Naruto took notice of the incoming flames before frowning lips and narrowing his eyes. The seals glowed bright before Naruto swung his sword.

"Uzu no Fukushū: Dai Uzumaki Ikari( Whirlpool Revenge: Great Maelstrom Rage)," Naruto hollered swinging his sword. Gitai watched in surprise as water sprayed from Naruto's sword before quickly shaping into the form of missiles as they each converged on the coming flames. The water and fire bashed into each other as Naruto landed on the ground, the air already began to fill with steam.

Gitai's form disappeared from his view. Naruto took a deep breath before closing his eyes. It was quiet. A little too quiet. Naruto knew that Gitai was here and that he was stalking him. The only question was if the prey would escape before the predator came out. It was simple enough in nature. Naruto suddenly turned his head to the right in a hurry and in a small state of surprise, swung his sword through the steam. It was only then that he saw light blond hair. Cursing greatly, Naruto reined in his sense just in time as Shion quickly appeared next to him only for her to freeze with his sword at her throat. "Onii-sama, are you okay?" Shion asked not feeling the slightest winded after her run.

"I'm fine, but you shouldn't be here," Naruto said quickly taking a look around. Shion looked at her alert family member before frowning. "I am also an Uzumaki. I won't let you get hurt. You still have to keep your promise to me. Until then, you will not disappear on me," Shion said answered. Naruto turned to stare at her sternly, but Shion returned the glare quickly and effectively. The two Uzumaki bore their eyes to each other. If Shion were honest then being subjected to Naruto's intense stare was just a little unnerving, but she didn't move at all.

Finally, Naruto sighed and rubbed the top of his head. "You're just like Kaa-chan, I swear. Fine, just stick close to me. Like it or not, I'm not entirely at my best at the moment so I want you to sense him for me. Can you do that?" Naruto asked. Shion blinked before quickly nodding. Shion stood behind Naruto while the blond held his Uzumaki stance. In that time, Shion closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Focusing her chakra, she felt the blue energy of the trees and the grass. She felt a few other things and they all seemed to have just a small constant flow. Finally, she felt a very disturbed amount of chakra rapidly heading for their location.

"Onii-sama, to the right!" Shion spoke. Naruto's head shifted to the right quickly and his body followed. Naruto swung his sword and watched it clash with a kunai. Gitai appeared out of the steam while Naruto frowned.

"You're both dead!" He said, but Naruto wasn't about to let that come to pass. Gitai quickly launched his foot for Naruto's side. Shion stumbled a ways away allowing Naruto to quickly intercept. The whiskered shinobi growled and then twisted his body moving Naruto through Gitai's swift punches with minimum difficulty.

"You talk too much. You're not going to take Shion-chan," Naruto announced. Gitai snarled before he noticed Naruto take his sword back. He brought it around his back before focusing the remains of his Honshou.

"Fūton: Daitoppa," Naruto called out swinging his sword sending a fierce wind blowing the smoke away. Gitai widened his eyes before shielding his body from a large part of the jutsu. It literally blew him back just a couple of feet before he finally landed however…

Gitai widened his eyes only being able to take the steam in at the moment before it dissipated. He looked at the blurry forms of Naruto and Shion before the former vanished out of view. Gitai widened his eyes before a loud scream came from his voice. Gitai's felt his entire being on fire, it literally burning with agony as he slumped to the ground. Once he did he took notice of Naruto directly under him to the side, his sword extended. In the air swung the left side of his arm. He watched it go through the air before landing on the ground. The red fluid known as blood seeped from his arm before he grabbed it and clutched it painfully. "You let your guard down, Teme," Naruto said before Gitai's painful screeching turned into chuckling and then laughter then full blown insane cackles.

"Mōryō-sama, I will kill him! I Do. Not. Care!" He shouted and Naruto felt his chakra pulse dangerously before Gitai held up a handsign. Naruto could literally feel the massive amount of chakra swelling up in his body. Behind him, Shion widened her eyes as she felt the same chakra that Naruto felt. She suddenly grew fearful. All that chakra that sprang forward was intoxicating, and not in the good way.

"Katon: Karyū Endan," Gitai shouted spewing out a massive wall of flames over the fields directly for Naruto's location. Naruto quickly raised his sword into the air before a sharp pain came from his right arm. The seal on his right arm burned before he dropped to the ground.

"Kuso," Naruto said to himself before he jumped into the air away from the coursing flames. Gitai growled while Naruto smirked. "Missed teme," Naruto said with a grin before he noticed Gitai's shock turn into a grin as well.

"Or did I?" he asked and Naruto widened his eyes in horror before looking back to see the flames rushing for a surprise Shion. She merely stood watching the incoming flames, her legs paralyzed with fear as her body shivered uncontrollably. Naruto gasped before landing on the ground. With a quick turn of his foot, Naruto disappeared with a burst of sudden wind easily leaving a footprint on the dirt.

"Shion!" Naruto cried as he appeared next to her. "Onii-sama!" Shion shouted turning next to Naruto. Naruto quickly grabbed Shion and embraced her into a tight hug as the flames washed over their beings and ushering in the sound of a thunderous explosion across the flames. The flames and smoke settled high into the sky while Gitai watched the play unfold with a maniac grin on his face.

Looking up at the sky, Gitai cackled and outstretched his free hand to the heavens above. "Mōryō-sama, I did it! I killed the brat and the priestess! I win!" He hollered with all his might to anyone who heard him. If they did hear him then they would have easily mistaken him for an escaped asylum patient, but none of that mattered to Gitai. He had won! He didn't need to care anymore!

However, slowly Gitai turned back to see the inside of the flames explode violently. A large ping rang through the forest. The spirits of the Land of Demons widened their eyes as the flames quickly turned white. All flew down until they were on their knees and bowed keep their ethereal heads close to the physical earth.

Far off, the Shinigami narrowed his eyes greatly. He turned his eyes back in the location that his only summoner was in before a grave sense of dread filled his face. He could feel his powers being forcefully taken. It wasn't possible. There was no way that this could come to pass. Had Naruto truly acquired so much Honshou that it turned into this? Had Kushina actually not been able to siphon off his power fast enough that this wasn't preventable? No matter how the Shinigami felt, this could either be very good or very bad. However, Shin couldn't stop the light glare and smile on his face. Things had truly turned…interesting.

Far off in Suna, Gaara groaned. Quickly sweat dripped from his face to his desk before he fell to the ground in pain. The sand in his gourd swayed around dangerously while Gaara clutched his head in pain. "Naruto…what…is this power? What's happened to you?" Gaara asked in his thoughts. Whatever was happening, he hoped that it stopped soon.

Back in Konoha, Hinako and Hizashi also groaned as they fell where they were. Side Branch members and Main Branch members quickly gathered around the two before quickly running off to go and inform Hiashi and the Hokage about this latest development. It looked like it was getting very bad if given the way that the two seemed to be seething in pain. "Shikyō-sama," They said in their thoughts. They hoped that this would pass.

In Uzushio, nearly everyone was surprised as Kushina, Rin, Haku, Zabuza, Mikoto, and Itachi fell to the ground. "Oi oi, what the hell happened? What's wrong with you guys?!" Suigetsu shouted before Komachi came running through the main compound with Yukimaru, Fuka and Guren.

"Someone get them some water!" Guren shouted quickly taking over everything at that point. Everyone glanced to each other before racing off throughout the compound. "You're going to be alright Kushina-obachan. Who's going to be my rival for Nii-chan if you're gone?" Yuri asked. Kushina panted heavily while the seals on her body burned. Underneath her attire they burned with a type of heat that she had felt similar to the time that her son had been in Sunagakure at the time."Sochi," Kushina thought to herself while the others had their own thoughts as well.

In the Land of Demons, Yugao wanted to curse whatever god was making fun of them at the moment as everyone panicked once Yuna dropped to the ground in agony. Yugao quickly took control of everyone and ordered the medics to quickly begin working with Yuna to help her to get back on her feet, but deep down Yugao could feel that this was something else entirely and that something else had to do with her blond teammate.

Meanwhile, Gitai widened his eyes as the ground beneath the fire cracked and cackled. Its massive wall of white flames still hot to the human touch if one did touch them. Gitai, somehow through his pain, stood to his feet in shock before he felt the sensation of death on his being. He could literally see the Shinigami forcefully ripping out his soul with what looked like the form of a sword. The transformed human didn't know what kind of KI this was, but it was easy to say that this was otherworldly. Gitai actually found it painful to stand on his feet, the sweat dripping down from the sides of his face to his chin. "W-What is this? Where is this pressure coming from? This…chakra isn't human!" He said to himself before he felt his attention drawn to the white fire.

Inside of that fire, he noticed two figures. Both should have been incinerated by his flames, but they stood just fine. The first was male holding his sword into the air, the sword glowing brightly as he did so. Meanwhile the female laid out unconscious on the ground, however that wasn't what was surprising to Gitai. No, what was the most surprising was the blond hair, but also the…single horn that came from the side of his face.

"In death, there is life. In life, there is death. I will become the bridge that ferries you to the Land of the Dead. You. Will. Die," Naruto said turning his body around. Gitai gulped as he watched Naruto standing in the flames before the blond quickly vanished out of sight. Gitai widened his eyes as the white flames instantly died down. He then felt a hand on his shoulder. Slowly turning his head, the follower of Mōryō gawked when he saw Naruto's face however he was different. Half of the blond's face was his own, and the other half was covered by a mask. The horn that Gitai saw belonged to half of the mask with its steely eyes, ferocious jagged teeth and crafted mouth. Naruto cracked half a grin and smirked.

"Fall into death," he said and held his sword into the air. Gitai had to run! He couldn't stay here. Not with this. If he stayed here then…then…he would….

Gitai jumped to his feet and quickly launched his unsevered fist at Naruto's face. The blonde merely watched the punch coming for him before he brought his sword down. Gitai's fist bashed into the metal of Naruto's sword forcefully expelling white flames from the metal that he held. Cursing Gitai swerved his body across the ground letting one of his legs glide to Naruto's side. The half-masked blonde grinned widely before he swiftly jumped into the air. Gitai's foot swung beneath the blonde's body as Naruto sucked in his legs. "Damn him! He's messing with me!" Gitai said before jumping back as Naruto landed on the ground. However just as Naruto landed, Gitai found that he was gone. Moving his eyes left, right, up and down, he found no sight of Naruto before a hand grabbed his shoulder. He turned and noticed Naruto cackling madly with his sword poised for Gitai's throat.

Naruto swung the blade for Gitai's throat and the follower of Mōryō lowered his head out of fear. It turned out to be beneficial as a burst of Honshou expelled from Naruto's sword over the grass somehow making sure not to burn the land as it happened. Gitai then rose up and brought his fist back. He then tensed sending his fist crashing into the half-masked Naruto landing him in the face before sending him flying back. Naruto's body flew through the air before he crashed into the ground with a loud thud.

"Hehe, your speed isn't so impressive now that my eyes have gotten used to it. I can't believe that I was also afraid of you. Mōryō-sama's power flows through my veins. So you severed my arm? I don't need it to kill you brat!" Gitai shouted with a large laugh.

However that laugh didn't stay long before he heard a separate laugh. He looked over to Naruto's body and he watched in amazement as the blond stood to his feet, his strange mask no even dented from Gitai's assault. Naruto's laugh continued for a little while before it finally stopped and he stood silent. The wind blew in the grass before he watched Naruto raise his sword into the air, his eyes as cold as ice as he did so. Gitai watched the sword become coated in white flames and suddenly his legs stiffened. The mask was slowly becoming complete. The lower half was made in proportion to the opposite half revealing the jagged teeth that the mask possessed.

Gitai took an unconscious step back. Naruto looked ready to move and Gitai found himself before he dashed off in his best speed. He ran across the field leaving Naruto and the unconscious priestess Shion behind. Naruto watched him leave, but his eyes never left his form as he did. He kept his sword raised in the air.

Gitai's feet became a blur across the plains. "What the fuck is with that brat?" he wondered until his eyes picked up on movement. He looked to his left and he instantly noticed a blond flash next to him. With a sharp turn the blur appeared in front of him halting his movement. In front of him appeared Naruto with his half-masked face. The Shinigami-like mask looked even more intimidating than before as Gitai skidded to a stop.

"To run from death is impossible. Your soul will be sent to the world of the dead to roam in agony for eternity. For I am the Shinigami's summoner and with our contract, I will end you," Naruto said holding his sword up again. Gitai sent a punch for Naruto's face in frustration of the blonde's words, but Naruto easily anticipated it. His once blue-azure eyes now turned silver-white glared slowly behind the half mask on his face. The fist from Gitai slowly neared him before he mouthed his words.

"Kukanyugami no Jutsu," Naruto said and time instantly stopped. Naruto felt no pain and he didn't contemplate why this was so. He just felt great at the moment and that was all that mattered. Gitai's fist stopped right in front of his face and Naruto held his sword into the air.

"You will not be given the chance for last words. Face death and find solace in the stomach of the Shinigami," Naruto said before twisting his body and holding his sword back. He plunged it right through Gitai's chest allowing for time to resume. Before Gitai could ever register anything, he dropped to the ground as Naruto yanked his soul from his body. His sword slowly engulfed the soul until there was nothing anymore. Gitai lay dead at Naruto's feet. The wind flowed through the plains before Naruto dropped his sword. It fell to the grass while the silver in Naruto's eyes died down. The half of the Shinigami mask dropped from his face breaking into piece of Honshou before dissipating as he fell to his knees. He then arched forward and bashed his face into the ground, completely unconscious.

From far off in the trees, Kusuna widened his eyes as he fell back and landed on his behind. He swallowed the tough pill in his throat. "W-What was that? Is this really Konoha shinobi? Gitai, you fool! Who told you to leave the cavern! Now we're one short!" Kusuna said before sighing.

"Well at least the Uzumaki is far away from the priestess. Now I will not make the same mistake again!" Kusuna said. He took a kunai from his pouch with a small grin on his face before he felt the familiar feeling of steel on his throat. Turning around, Kusuna widened his eyes when he saw a man in an animal mask. He cackled strangely, but didn't speak for a moment.

"You…come with me. Let's go somewhere and talk. Oh don't worry about your little demon god or whatever you worship. You won't need him where you're going," he said and Kusuna quickly opened his mouth to retort before he was slammed in the stomach with unrivaled force. Kusuna quickly did a double-take before falling unconscious and hunching over the person's shoulder.

"Even with one arm you're probably still useful to me. If I'm not mistaken there was a mask like that back in the Uzumaki shrine. Tch, not like I can go back there now. Who knows who's going to find me. Well whatever. Events are moving faster than I could have ever anticipated. Truly the Uzumaki clan showcases its resolve. That clan never could stay down for long. When I read the report that Uzumaki Naruto nearly died only to have been saved through extraordinary means I never fathomed something like this. Obito…I wonder what will happen when your destiny clashes with Naruto's. You can't run like this forever," the figure said before he grabbed the fallen Kusuna and vanished into the trees and the leaves only just in time to see a large bird coming into view from the horizon.


"Oi Setsuna, where is Gitai? The plan is commencing tonight!" Shizuku called and the third male of the Gang of Four quickly turned his head hoping to put a stop to his teammate irate rampage though working with the woman for so long then it was easy to see that such wasn't as possible as he would have liked.

"Calm down Shizuku. Kusuna went after him. Gitai disappeared and Yomi-sama ordered Kusuna to go after him. They should be back soon," Setsuna spoke and Shizuku quickly snorted before folding her arms, but it was easy to see that she had accepted the answer from him for now. Though he could tell from her features that she really didn't like it.

However, soon all conversations or lack thereof were ceased when the two followers noticed Yomi step out of the darkness. Both quickly knelt down, but they noticed dark chakra flow through the walls of the cave, it shrouding everything in its grasp as Shizuku and Setsuna shivered immensely from the pressure this darkness held. Unlike that blond guy's power which seemed to bask anyone in its warmth, white glow, this one seemed to drown anyone in an endless sea of hopelessness and despair.

The Mōryō-possessed Yomi stepped forward before he gave a semi-wide grin. "Stand up. Both of you!"He commanded and the two quickly stood to their feet without a single complaint. The two seemed confused once they looked into his dark, soulless eyes, but they decided not to comment on it. They trusted that their leader knew what he was doing.

"Tonight is the time. For centuries I have been stuck, but now I will be free! I will bathe this world in a baptism of fire that it has never seen before. Devouring the priestess and her Uzumaki charge is a trifling matter now. We will release my body and I will resurrect my Thousand year Kingdom," He spoke. The two shuddered underneath his powerful tone, but Shizuku didn't say anything. However, Setsuna did.

"Yomi-sama, what of Gitai and Kusuna? Will we leave them behind to catch up with us?" Setsuna asked causing Mōryō to glare towards him. He could see the insignificant mortals who would no doubt be dead to his cause in any later processes, but for now he would indulge them if only slightly.

"Leave them behind. The spirit of the mortal Gitai has passed from this plane of existence therefore he is useless to me. As for the one known as Kusuna, he will be elsewhere. Do not worry over insignificant things," Mōryō spoke and Setsuna nodded quickly with a slight bow. Both didn't understand this reasoning, but they knew better than to question their leader. They truly did not want to be the ones who suffered his wrath like the thousands, if not millions, of people who would very soon.

Seeing that he had their obedience in this matter, Mōryō dragged Yomi's possessed body and walked out of the cave and into the outside to see the setting sun. The sun almost disappeared over the mountain top before Mōryō offered the smallest of grins. "I can feel them, my army. They are right where I was sealed. You will take us there immediately," Mōryō spoke to Yomi and the man quickly nodded inwardly though outwardly his head didn't move the slightest bit.

"Setsuna, Shizuku, I want no help for the priestess. Take my power and annihilate her compound. Destroy everyone and everything. Every last man, woman, or child will die in that compound in your sea of flames. You will do it, right?" Yomi asked as Mōryō had allowed the man just the slightest bit of control to utter those words. Shizuku and Setsuna glanced to each other and then back to Yomi and then back to each other again.

"Hai Yomi-sama!" They said. Setsuna and Shizuku both sported small smiles on their faces as they did so. This would be the night. The night to release the Ghost Army. It was the best night that any other demon could hope for.

-With Naruto and Shion-

Naruto groaned as he opened his eyes. He felt like he had the most splitting headache than he had ever had before. This one just trumped all the others. He remembered grabbing Shion into a tight hug, but after that he drew a large blank. "Kyuubi, what happened?" Naruto asked. The Kyuubi no Yoko cracked open one eye and snorted.

"That's my line brat. Whatever you did, you killed that pathetic ningen who attacked not long ago, but how you did it I don't know. All I know is that you experienced something very similar with chakra overload. I don't know what to tell you. The seal on this damn cage experienced it too. It knocked the both of us out. I just woke up a few minutes before you. Unfortunately I can't run damage control on your body, mostly because there is nothing physically wrong with you. My chakra wouldn't know what to do with itself if it when around your body. Anyway, the only thing I can do is lessen your pain by keeping a constant rush of adrenaline in your bloodstream however even that will wear off soon," Kyuubi said and Naruto widened his eyes in sudden realization.

"Shion!"he shouted mentally, however his body didn't share in his enthusiasm to try and rise from the bed. "Calm down kit. The Uzumaki priestess is right next to you," Kyuubi said and Naruto craned his neck to see Shion resting easily next to him on her side. Relief came to Naruto's face until he heard the door open.

"You look like you've seen worse days, loser," Naruto couldn't resist the urge to chuckle before looking up to see Sasuke looking at him from the door right with Kakashi and Sai.

"How long have I been out?" Naruto asked. "A few hours, more or less. It's almost night time. We felt that surge you unleashed so we came flying over here because of Sai. You mind telling us what that was all about?" Sasuke asked. Kakashi closed the door after letting Sai into the room as well.

"Shion and I were attacked by Gitai. It…took a little more than I thought and I guess I lost control for a second and the result would be this," Naruto said sheepishly. Sasuke shook his head while Kakashi's eye turned up into a smile. Sai didn't show a real emotion so no one truly minded.

"So he's dead?" Sasuke asked and Naruto slowly nodded his head. Everyone seemed to relax if only slightly. That was one thing out of the way that they didn't need to worry about.

"You don't seem particularly happy about that Naruto-san. Why is that?" Sai asked. Naruto turned to offer a small, tired glare, but it didn't exactly stand because Naruto was willing to admit that Sai was right. He didn't recall the things that happened that possibly made Gitai lose his life so he didn't know what to say.

"I'm just tired, Sai. Where are we Sasuke?" Naruto asked and Sasuke looked out of the window of the house they were in. "We're in the compound where the body is located. However I feel something off, I'm sure that you can feel it too," Sasuke said and Naruto quickly nodded though not being able to move at the moment then it was a little irritating.

"Yeah, I feel it. Not in so much, but in the little that is present at the moment. Let me guess, you guys went into the cavern?" Naruto asked and Sasuke quickly nodded. Naruto closed his eyes for a second and decided not to reprimand them this time, if only because he knew that he would have done the same thing if he were in their shoes.

Silence ensued for a bit and Sasuke took that opportunity as the time to explain. "The ground of that sealing chamber is tough. Without the use of chakra or elemental affinities it isn't going to have a normal scratch in it which will lead me to think that this was easily designed by those who came even before Shion's parents. I don't think I have to tell you that this is most likely something to do with fūinjutsu, though of what type I don't know," Sasuke answered. Naruto glared up at the ceiling, the scene with Gitai still playing around in his mind before he decided to put it to the side for now. He could hear faint chuckling in the recesses of his mind and he knew for sure that it wasn't Kyuubi.

"Given that Shion-san's Uzumaki bloodline heritage then it might not be so farfetched to think that other priestesses had done something to the room before," Kakashi theorized. Naruto didn't move, but if he could then he would have cupped his chin in thought with one of his hands.

"Perhaps it is best if we merely have Shion-san seal the demon now rather than later. It will jeopardize the mission anymore if she doesn't," Sai said and Naruto turned somewhat painfully to see Shion's rising and falling chest. Naruto couldn't fault Sai's words, but all the same he wished that the pale teen had worded them better.

Everyone tensed for a second as they watched Shion's squirm. The priestess slowly opened her eyes and leaned up. She seemed fine before taking a look to the left. "Onii-sama!" She exclaimed. Everyone watched as Shion kicked off the covers and swiftly appeared next to Naruto's side.

"Onii-sama, are you alright?" Shion asked and Naruto chuckled. He could tell that if this was any other situation then he would be looking very vulnerable at the moment. It was sort of a surprise to see so much worry in the previously cold priestess, but it was still a welcome change. "I'll live Shion-chan," Naruto uttered with a small grin. Shion let out a small melodious chuckle from her lips before leaning back and sighing.

"Onii-sama, what happened? I remember that fire was rushing towards us. For once in my life I was truly afraid to die, but I felt somewhat at piece that you were with me. I passed out so I don't remember much. The last thing I remember was the feeling of calm, soothing, warm white fire before I became unconscious," Shion said and she watched everyone tense, well except for Sai but he was a case on his own.

"Apparently we're trying to figure that out. So far we believe that Naruto defeated Gitai, however it's puzzling that even he doesn't know how he did it," the one-eyed Hinoken member spoke with his back against the wall. Sasuke seemed to be having thoughts of his own while Shion placed a hand on Naruto's arm. No one said anything for a while prompting Sasuke to seek his own question.

"What did you feel during that time?" Sasuke asked and Naruto raised an eyebrow. He turned to the second-in-command of this mission before sighing. "What are you getting at?" Naruto asked. Sasuke stared back at him evenly before turning his head to look out the window.

"The power I felt at that time was very different, but I'm sure the way of activation is the same as the time that we fought in the Valley of the End. Right before you used that chakra," Sasuke answered making Naruto frown. Kakashi did the same very quickly glancing over to the young blond. Sai kept the creepy smile on his face, but his thoughts belied the calm face that he held. Shion looked at everyone curiously. She didn't know what they were talking about, but she just figured that it was Shinobi stuff.

"Whether you know it or not loser, you, either consciously or unconsciously, release power to survive when the situation seems hopeless. You manage to do something no one else can do when you're in true danger of losing your life or someone else losing their life. Ever since I found out about the Kyuubi I had a reason to believe that while it was using your anger to draw out power, it was also a reflex of survival for both you and the fox. I believe this is what happened now only you didn't know what caused it," Sasuke explained. Everyone glanced to him and Naruto leaned back.

"Much as I loathe agreeing with a damnable Uchiha, the boy is correct. One of the many reasons why I lent you power was to survive for myself. Whether he's right in that little theory of his, but something happened to us. I don't know what you did, but now seven of my tails are white. They are white! This thing spreads like a disease!" Kyuubi hollered before Naruto cut the connection with an internal sigh.

"Naruto, what did you feel that time?" Kakashi asked this time. It was the same question Sasuke asked moments ago, but only now did Naruto know what this was all being based from. Glancing to Shion who was looking down at his arm for some reason, he finally spoke.

"I felt frustration for how things planned out, anger for him endangering Shion, and a large sense of dread when Shion-chan joined the fight. When those flames rushed for me, I…grabbed Shion into my arms. Nothing else mattered except that she live. It was after that that I passed out" Naruto said. Shion trembled from those words and though she wanted to actually hit her cousin for being that foolish, she couldn't help, but find it endearing. Kakashi and Sasuke glanced to each other and slowly nodded to each other. Sai didn't miss that, but it's not like they were being discreet about it.

"Maa, if that's all then there's nothing we can do about it now. It's over so we can finally get on with our business. Naruto, Shion do you know where you are?" Kakashi asked. Both Naruto and Shion shook their heads so Sai decided to tell them.

"We are at the next compound where the demon's body is. Please seal it so that our mission may be a success," Sai said and Shion's smile quickly flew downward into a frown. Naruto noticed her shoulders seem strangely heavy as they slumped forward.

"I understand," she said standing to her feet. Shion wobbled slightly, but finally stood up straight finally. She shook her head slightly before walking out of the room. Naruto tried to lean up, but only groaned as his head hit the pillow of his futon.

"Don't try it loser. You're not going anywhere in your condition," Sasuke said as he quickly left the room with a smirk. Kakashi gave an eyesmile before he stood next to Naruto's form. He looked down at the blond and Naruto glared at him, but neither said anything.

"Looks like you were useless after all Naruto-san, just like your dick," Sai said smiling before he left as well. Naruto's eyebrow twitched while Kyuubi snorted. Kakashi sweatdropped before sighing. "Rest Naruto. We'll take care of things now," Kakashi said. Naruto didn't say anything and turned his head to look away in response. Kakashi just chuckled before he grabbed Naruto's sword from the wall and then placed it by the blonde's side at his bed. Naruto didn't see Kakashi leave, but he knew that if he could see his face then there would be the biggest grin right now.

"You're acting childish again," Kyuubi said watching Naruto pout. "You're so lucky I can't move right now," Naruto spoke before slowly closing his eyes. Naruto groaned his hardest as he stretched his fingers. His efforts were rewarded quickly as his right hand clenched into a fist. Naruto grinned slightly.

-With Shion-

Exiting the house, Shion's sandals stepped on the hard ground. She looked out across the ground to see the plains barren. Trees surrounded them all like a circle or something like that. Shion took a deep breath before sighing. "Onii-sama, if you can live then this will not be such a big deal," Shion said to herself before she walked towards the cave. Sasuke, Sai and Kakashi exited the house to follow after Shion.

"You really think it was right to leave him behind?" Sasuke asked while Kakashi smiled. "Without a doubt he is going to be angry at all three of us when this is over, but he does need his rest," Kakashi said. Sasuke nodded in return. Sai merely continued smiling as the trio followed after Shion.

The priestess tried not to let the stone statues disturb her all that much, but the fact of the matter was that they did and she really couldn't place her finger on it, but she could feel that something was wrong, deathly wrong.

-Shion's Compound-

Yugao and Yamato were running rapidly through the compound. The shouts and scream of people all around them were heard in their ears. Yuna was off somewhere else having a matter tended to by Yugao. However, Yugao now wished that she didn't send Yuna away. In her eyes, she could see the orange flames threatening to engulf the compound like an inferno. It was getting hot, very hot.

"Tenzo, find the remaining people. Get them out of here!" Yugao shouted urgently. Tenzo, otherwise known as Yamato, frowned before looking forward. He saw someone looking at them both with a malicious grin. It was obvious that whoever this was that they were involved and they were leaking KI easily.

"You expect to just stay here yourself?" he asked calmly yet firmly. He wasn't about to leave Neko behind to fend for herself, but he could see her hands touch the hilt of her sword. "Don't argue with me! I said go!" Yugao called back. Yamato didn't flinch from her voice for it was understandable at the very least, but he was still taken aback with it. He had never known Yugao to have a heated look so easily. She was always more of the laidback type, but always willing to push herself. Her spending time away from the anbu looked like it did her an entire world of good.

"You're not going to die on me are you?" Yamato asked and Yugao gave a small smirk. "Now I couldn't do that. As much as I gravely miss him, I am not ready to join Hayate just yet," Yugao said taking her sword from its sheath. The steel flared into the sky as she took her kenjutsu stance.

"Now leave. I'll take care of things here," Yugao said and Yamato finally sighed before he finally nodded. He quickly hopped away across the rooftops, but he eyes turned back to Yugao's form. As he dashed away, she got smaller and smaller, but he hoped that she would be fine on her own.

Watching her subordinate leave, Yugao gave a sigh of relief. "You think you saved him, but you didn't. You're only wasting your time. Submit to the will of Mōryō-sama!" uttered a feminine voice. Yugao watched the figure come into appearance. Tightening her grip over her sword, Yugao snorted as the woman came into view.

"I do not care to follow the will of a demon. However I can promise that I will give you my sword's will," Yugao spoke and she watched Shizuku cackle lightly. "I don't care about that cheap hunk of metal. Once Mōryō-sama is released then you will understand your place in his kingdom. Your sword is nothing before him!" Shizuku defended vehemently. Yugao wasn't so easily fazed.

"I had recently gone to our island's blacksmithing shop. When Hayate died, I took his sword, but it wasn't enough. No matter how I used it I never felt…it was strong enough. I had a dream where it broke into thousands of pieces from the tip to the handle. I could do nothing as my opponent plunged their weapon into my chest over and over while laughing at my misery," Yugao spoke. The smile on Shizuku's face slowly began to fall as Yugao's blade to glow in a wonderful white light. Yugao took a deep breath and continued speaking.

Yugao opened the door to the shop and walked inside. Taking a glance at all the weapons on the wall, she marveled at the skill of their craftsmanship as well as their creativity. Some of the weapons went into curves that she didn't know could be found for a blade. It all the more steeled her resolve to do this as she walked up to the counter. "Um hello?" Yugao called out. She didn't get a response. Blinking to herself, Yugao sighed before clearing her throat.

"Hello!" Yugao spoke more clearly and loudly. She saw a door burst open in the corner with bouts of black smoke coming from the door. She watched in mild surprise as a man and woman came out of the room coughing and hacking. "Think we used too much powder?" he asked while she quickly nodded her head. Both took time to collect themselves before they noticed Yugao looking at them both. The woman was merely middle-aged. She had short brown hair, some clothes and a dark, dirty apron. Same for the man only this guy had beady eyes of some sort. Yugao didn't delve deeply into it.

"How might we help you?" the woman asked coughing slightly. The man did the same and Yugao raised an eyebrow as they made their way over to the counter. Ever since Haku had, albeit unwarrantedly, allowed people to build houses on the island Yugao still had to wonder how it was that business never seemed to settle down. It was always flourishing here. This was something she never understood.

"Umm, it's my sword," Yugao said deciding to get to the point. She placed it on the table getting the couple to look at it strangely. The man unsheathed it revealing the shiny metal inside. There wasn't a single flaw with it that he could see. Both turned back to see Yugao with saddened eyes."

"I gave them my request. I told them everything that I wanted. I said that it's not the sword, it's the user. I wanted a sword that responded more to my feelings that I ever imagined possible. It took weeks, but they did it. I asked Naruto and Kushina to help me with the seals which both did without a complaint of question of why. I still don't understand, but know I do. They trust me. They trusted that I knew what I was doing. It was a very hard pain, but I have it. Hayate, please watch me. I want to do something for my team. I will show them all," Yugao raised her sword into the air and closed her eyes.

"Ha! You think that sword will help you? Not on your life!" Shizuku shouted venomously. She quickly slapped her hands together and weaved through her handsigns while Yugao continued to hold her sword in the air. Shizuku watched as the sword sent out a rather loud ping through the compound before she finished her handsigns. Yugao sighed and her eyes blinked.

"Do you know how to...forge one weapon from others?" Yugao asked. The couple looked at each other in confusion before seeing the look on the purple-haired woman's face. "The art of merging weapons has been lost to the ages, miss. We aren't sure what you require of us, but we think that you won't be able to find it here," The man said and Yugao quickly bit her lower lip. She quickly took a step back to observe the couple in front of her eyes.

"You're lying. I know it. I have been trained to detect lies," Yugao said surprising the two before they slowly narrowed their eyes at her. "We want to cause trouble for us? If you don't then we suggest you leave," It was the woman who spoke this time with edge in her voice. The husband seemed to discreetly be moving for a weapon before both paused when Yugao slumped her shoulders.

"Please," Yugao said effectively swallowing whatever pride she had as a swordswoman and kenjutsu user. The man and woman stalled for a second before looking towards her. Yugao sighed and she could already feel the growing headache of the day taking its toll on her. "I did not come here for trouble, I just...want to know what I have to offer to my team. Kushina-taichou is our leader, she's our most skilled kenjutsu user. Then there is Naruto-kun, his sword is unique. It's like a true sword that can pierce death somehow," Yugao said just letting a small bit of information go to describe how Naruto's sword seemed to her. She hoped she didn't give away too much, but judging from the look on the couple's face, she hadn't. Yugao continued.

"Uchiha Sasuke's sword was crafted in the same manner as Orochimaru of the Sannin's blade. I don't want to admit it, but it's one of the finest sword fit for him. Then there is Kakashi Hatake-senpai. His sword was given to him by his father, the White Fang of Konoha. Lastly there is Mikoto Uchiha-san, her sword is of historical importance and yet it grants her a lot of strength. It...can turn fire to her will if she wants. I just...wonder what I have. I don't have special abilities or a sword like that. I don't want to say I'm jealous, but...I wonder where my place is," Yugao finished. The couple bore their eyes forward without a word. They didn't seem to dismiss her so Yugao stayed for a bit.

It seemed to be a very long while that anything happened and Yugao heard the man sigh. He reached forward and grabbed Yugao's sword. He then unsheathed it and glared at it's shiny exterior. He marveled at its design, it's razor-sharp edge and its firm handle. Truly it was a great sword. However, it was forged to be just that, just to be a sword. There were no underlying qualities about it that he could see. He finally sighed and then sheathed it back.

"Any experienced sword user knows that it's not the weapon, but the user who wields it correct?" He asked suddenly. His wife suddenly smiled and Yugao slowly nodded. "However! That is entirely too selfish for my taste!" He exclaimed and Yugao blinked taken back by his sudden aggression. His eyes flared at that time, but now they softened as he gazed to the woman in front of him.

"The relationship between a swordand its user is a partnership. The sword will do as its user wants if the user trust in the sword's ability and the sword will come to acknowledge the user bringing forth untold potential. Your sword cares for you very much," he said with a small smile. Yugao just allowed him to talk though she didn't know what he meant when he said that. It was a little strange, but she didn't seem to mind.

"Does that mean you'll do it?" Yugao asked. His wife smiled quickly while the man laughed in an uproar. "Damn right I will! I, Takashi Kaede, will take this challenge. Let's find out how special you and your sword can be!" He said while Yugao brightened up with a wide smile.

"Katon: Hibashiri," Shizuku shouted blowing a fierce flame in Yugao's direction. Yugao watched the incoming flames with little more than a simple stare. In seconds the flames would engulf her and her body which was something Shizuku earnestly wanted to see. She grinned widely as the flames appeared before Yugao. Finally, Yugao sighed and swung her sword.

"Break….and shatter," Yugao spoke and swung her sword down. The blade crashed into the flames and Shizuku watched in shock as the flames got smaller and smaller. It moments the flames disappeared in their entirety. Yugao stood perfectly fine while she looked at the stunned face of her target. "What?!" Shizuku cried out before see Yugao bring her sword back.

"You can have it back. Katon: Hibashiri!" Yugao shouted, but what Shizuku wasn't expecting was for Yugao to swing her sword into a wide arch. Instantly her opponent noticed flames pour from the sword in the same fashion that she had sent them. They scorched the ground as they raced for Shizuku's location.

"Shit, Shizuku said before she jumped into the air. She watched the flames pass under her feet as she blew a sigh of relief. However she saw a figure shadow her view and looked up to see Yugao overhead.

Shizuku quickly took out a kunai as Yugao brought her sword down. The steeled clashed against each other before they two quickly went into a taijutsu battle. Yugao blocked a heavy kick from Shizuku while Shizuku dodged a punch to the face. Utilizing her momentum, Yugao swirled her body sending both her foot and her sword for Shizuku's face. The transformed woman easily blocked both with her left leg and left arm. Yugao frowned while Shizuku smirked as they landed on the ground, but Yugao wasn't finished as she flung three kunai forward. Shizuku quickly blocked those as well before turning her head back to Yugao's form. She barely ducked her head in time to dodge the sword strike that would have taken her head off.

"My sword might not be enough to stop a demon, but it is more than enough to support my team. I have never liked being the center of attention. I will gladly work in the shadows of my team if our goals succeed. They understand that so I will make you understand that you chose the wrong person to attack," Yugao said while Shizuku snarled.

"Suiton: Suishū Gorugon( Water Release: Water Attacking Strong Flow Downpour)," Shizuku shouted releasing a burst of water from her hands. The water quickly formed into a large dragon-type monster as it opened its mouth to crush Yugao in its grip. Yugao quickly stopped her movement and held up her sword. The water dragon bashed into her sword before the pressure overtook her as Shizuku laughed when Yugao slammed into a burning building letting the rubble fall to the ground.

"Take that bitch!" Shizuku laughed uproariously. She actually clutched her stomach in pain it all felt so good. She waited a few moments for anything to happen, but nothing did. Satisfied, Shizuku nodded her head and began to walk off to continue in her dealings before she heard the burning wood cackle. While that wouldn't have bothered her as cackling wood was to be expected from something burning, but she wasn't prepared for a shout.

"Suiton: Suishū Gorugon," Yugao's voice cried from the building. Shizuku gawked as water expelled from the ground up breaking the building's rooftops apart before it danced into the air. The water formed the same dragon Shizuku made before it turned its glare towards her. It roared as it went rushing for her and Shizuku quickly backflipped. "This is stupid! How is she using my techniques? Is it that sword? The fuck is going on here?!" Shizuku thought in outrage. The water bashed into the ground at her feet making her sigh in relief. She quickly looked around, but she couldn't find Yugao anywhere. She was just gone. Suddenly the house next to her exploded.

Shizuku jumped back in surprise before breathing a sigh. However that sigh didn't last long as she felt a presence behind her. She turned around and noticed Yugao looked at her with apparent disdain. Shizuku quickly jumped back from her and skidded across the ground to a halt. "Who are you looking at with those eyes?" Shizuku shouted rather irritated. Those eyes, those were the same eyes as her parents; the ones that looked at her with nothing, but contempt wishing that she hadn't been around. Shizuku frowned quickly, snarling and gritting her teeth.

"Stop looking at me like that! You don't know me!" Shizuku shouted flinging kunai and shuriken at Yugao's form. Yugao blocked each of them easily while Shizuku growled. She dashed in a burst of dust for Yugao's location and cocked her fist back. Yugao watched her come as Shizuku shouted and slammed her fist into the wall that Yugao was behind. The wall crumbled to the ground, but once the dust settled Shizuku didn't have her target. She only had a destroyed wall.

"What is this? I'm strong. I have Mōryō-sama's power! I should not be being toyed with like some child! I am not a child!" Shizuku shouted to anything listening. "From where I am standing. You absolutely look like a child. You actually remind me of Tayuya-san," Yugao said from her place with her sword at her side.

"Shut your mouth!" Shizuku shouted. She flung a kunai for Yugao's face, but by the time she released it she noticed that the purple-haired Hinoken member was gone. Shizuku took a step back until she noticed Yugao on top of a non-burning building. Yugao held her sword into the air.

"I will offer you pity. We both know you're above that. Instead I will offer you the release to death," Shizuku felt her eyes must have been playing tricks on her. She watched Yugao's arms swing into a full 360 rotation, but she felt like she was watching it in slow motion as she did so.

"Oborozukiyo( Hazy Moon Night)," Yugao spoke. Shizuku took a step back, but she watched Yugao disappear instantly like the wind. Her presence was gone entirely. No trace of chakra was present in the air. Shizuku looked left and right, up and down, several times, but she found nothing to tell her that Yugao was around her.

Suddenly a sharp pain flew through her body as Shizuku widened her eyes. She looked down and noticed Yugao's sword plunged through her stomach. Shizuku coughed blood as she slowly dropped to the ground. Yugao fell with her as Shizuku cursed. "Dammit, this wasn't how it was supposed to be. You weren't supposed to win! It…was…supposed…to…be….," Shizuku didn't get to finish as Yugao slowly pulled her sword from Shizuku's body. Shizuku quickly fell to the ground. Despite the heat of the fires around her, she was cold. Shizuku shivered while Yugao watched her.

Two weeks passed, Yugao came to retrieve her sword and unsheathed it. It looked completely normal. Turning towards the man and his wife, she asked her silent question. "Your sword is done. It is special and so are you. All you have to do is trust within each other and you'll find your place on your team. You treat that sword good. I put a lot of work into her," he said while Yugao slowly nodded. "Thank you," She returned and walked away.

"Yugao-san," The wife called and Yugao turned around. "I'm sure no one expects you to be the same as them. You are not normal or ordinary. Your sword will take you places," she said and Yugao nodded.

"If you are wondering, it's not that I copied your techniques," Yugao said. She had to feel impressed that the woman turned a glare towards her in disdain, but she ignored it. "I merely…switched the targets," Yugao said cryptically. Shizuku didn't have the time to ponder her words before Yugao threw something over her. It covered her vision, but she didn't know what. She then felt, alone. She couldn't sense Yugao's chakra. Shizuku shivered. However she couldn't stop the tears that fell down her face. She couldn't move.

Meanwhile, Yugao stopped on a rooftop before frowning. She took a deep sigh and pinched the bridge of her nose and then shook her head. "Naruto, I'm going to hate you for this," Yugao thought to herself. She looked down at her attire and sweatdropped. Looks like she'd need to order a new uniform. Sighing, Yugao looked up at the moon that had come into the sky.

"Naruto, you better hurry. Things are starting," Yugao spoke with a frown to her face.

-Other Compound-

Shion watched in surprise as she was quickly pulled to the side by Sasuke. The young Uchiha growled before he swung his sword effectively slicing a stone statue in half that had just ruptured out of the ground. It had only started a few moments ago. They were all ascending the stairs just minutes ago before they felt a rather moderate earthquake. It rumbled for a bit before settling down. As they had gotten to their feet, Shion and her companions noticed the ground tear apart and stone statues came from it. Each of them held some kind of weapon ranging from spears to short swords. They were all encased in some form of rock armor that made them impenetrable to normal attacks and tactics. Luckily, Sasuke and the others were hardly normal.

Sasuke pushed Shion back slightly as they noticed the figures converge over them. It seemed that Shion's suspicion was very well-founded. Sasuke was ready to end them all before he heard a shout.

"Raikiri: Sōtatsu( Lightning Cutter: Twin Sever)," Kakashi spoke before Sasuke and Shion watched the one-eyed jonin's sword plunge into the stone statue in front of him making it crumble to the ground and into dust. Kakashi watched the action with a semi-interested gaze before turning forward. Lightning ran off the sword like drips of water onto the ground while he leaned up and frowned.

"It seems that the enemy is getting desperate. These attacks are getting to be more controlled than the last time. Shion-san, you must seal Mōryō at once," Kakashi spoke with a tone of seriousness that Sasuke almost didn't think his teammate could possess, but it was probably just those rare times that it came forward.

Shion snapped out of her gaze before finally nodding. She didn't turn around before she ran up the stairs and entered into the cave. Sasuke and Kakashi watched her leave before turning back. They noticed Sai land to the ground next to them. "Do we have a plan?" Sai asked. The area around them was quickly becoming covered in large doses of malicious chakra, inhuman chakra that is.

Sasuke looked back to the incoming warriors as they slowly started to surround them all. "We keep fighting until the priestess seals the demon. It's as simple as that," Sasuke answered. Sai's smile seemed to widen while Kakashi turned and patted Sasuke's shoulder.

"You seem to have gotten into the role of ordering others around. I always knew the Uchiha were bossy, but you take the cake Sasuke," Kakashi replied. Sasuke's eyebrow twitched and he was ready to tell his former sensei off before he noticed the look in Kakashi's eyes. "Maa, that's not necessarily a bad thing," Kakashi said taking a step forward. He slowly brought his sword up and then entered into his stance.

"Tengoku Hakkō: Raikiri: Shishi Jigoku-tai( Heavenly White Light: Lightning Cutter: Lion Hellzone)," Kakashi shouted and before Sasuke or Sai could say anything, they watched as Kakashi stabbed his sword into the ground. However that wasn't what truly surprised them as they noticed a large white light radiate from the sword stuck in the ground. Kakashi tightened his grip over his sword before his feet took two steps before he shot off into a blur. His sword tore through the ground while his exposed sharingan spun in his eyes wildly.

Kakashi crashed through the army of stone statues cutting each one that was before him in a single line. The light didn't settle down, no in fact it seemed to be shining even brighter as it came in contrast with Kakashi's face and his sharingan. The white light behind him brightened the burning gaze of his sharingan before Kakashi frowned. The one-eyed jonin placed his second hand on his sword before he ripped it out of the ground and swung it through the air. Quickly a burst of lightning expelled from his sword and into the stone statues in an arch path reducing them to ash in seconds.

Sasuke and Sai watched in slight surprise while the other stone statues kept coming. Kakashi watched them come before a small smile came on his face. "Maa maa, don't try so hard. You'll be dealt with soon enough. Sasuke, Sai let's go," Kakashi said while Sasuke smirked. Sai nodded without a word before the two went to join their comrade in the field of battle.

-With Shion-

Shion huffed as she ran through the caves twists and turns. It wasn't a very long while before she heard the sounds of the explosions behind her fade away. The Uzumaki priestess wasn't sure how she felt about this. She had hoped that Naruto would be there with her for what she was about to do. Already she truly missed being by his side, the side that was her family. All her life people had told off her abilities at drawing complex seals as a simple child's curiosity. Some of her former advisors told her to stop with the child's play and take things seriously. Shion never liked being talked down to like that, but she did stop eventually. It was only now that she realized that her stopping had been a direct insult to her heritage.

"Nii-sama said that he would take me home," Shion said with a small smile. She remembered Naruto gently offering a hug as she had snuggled into his embrace. It had calmed her soul and she wished that she could return to that. No, she would return to that. Right after she finished this. She hoped anyway. Shion could sense the malicious chakra. It was close.

After finally running, Shion quickly came to the center of the cave. It was filled with spiritual residue chakra. It was coming off in sheer volume or mass. It was almost suffocating. Shaking her head, Shion took a deep breath before she appeared in the direct center of the cave.

Right here, right at her feet was where Mōryō's body was sealed. All she had to do was repair it for the final time and he would never have to show his face around this world again. This seal on the ground. She would do it now. Taking a deep breath Shion smiled. She found it all kind of funny. Most of her teenage life, she didn't care about dying, but now she wanted to live. It was a strange feeling.

Shion calmly placed her hands together before carefully going through her handsigns. These handsigns were different from the standard twelve that Konoha and the other shinobi villages taught. These were seals of the priestess temple. Now that Shion had thought about it, maybe this was an Uzumaki seal given how strong it was, but enough about that. Focusing her chakra she quickly spoke. "Yoshiro no Fūin: Kai( Shrine Seal: Release)," she said. She felt the walls around her vibrate violently and forcefully, but she kept calm. She had to keep her cool at this moment. Shion quickly started weaving through more and more handsigns as the rumbling slowly came to a still. The seal quickly arched up into a barrier. Shion studied on this. This seal had various stages and right now she was just at the start of the first stage. Now came the second.

However, Shion was surprised to hear laughing. She widened her eyes and nearly lost control of the technique before turning around. She widened her eyes when she saw a man right behind her. "Splendid priestess. You did what this foolish mortal couldn't do. You actually managed to unseal my body. I must thank you," he said demonically. Slowly Shion watched as the demon-possessed Yomi came into view. His hands still clapping. His eyes seemed so dead that it actually was enough to unnerve Shion if only inwardly.

"How did you get into this cave? Onii-sama's team would have surely stopped you!" Shion protested vehemently. She didn't want to accept the doubt slowly creeping into her mind. No, positive. Think something positive dammit!

As if reading the young Uzumaki priestess's thoughts, Mōryō chuckled and shook his head. "Oh them. Well they are distracted by what's going on outside. It was easy to slip inside. Let them fight my army as much as they like. They will be in for a terrifying truth soon enough," He said licking his lips sending a shiver down Shion's spine.

"No, they won't! I will seal you before they have the chance to find out that truth!" Shion said turning back forward. Her eardrums bumped as she heard Mōryō cackle at her. "You think I will give you that chance?!" he hollered. Shion didn't have the chance to find out what he meant before she felt pressure on the barrier. She watched as Mōryō threw Yomi's body into the barrier literally breaking his body apart to get through. Shion watched on, disgusted at the scene before she heard Yomi's shouting at the top of his lungs before his body bursted in a pool of blood. Shion didn't even have the time to comprehend anything as she watched in absolute horror as Mōryō's spirit dived into the seal. The same seal that contained his body.

Shion took an unconscious step back as a loud roar resounded through the caves. It made her legs trembled. Shion gasped and dark-purplish energy blasted from the seal easily breaking the barrier around them apart. Shion's hair flapped in the breeze of the air that savagely pressed against her person. She watched in disbelief as the energy swirled in the air before actually bashing against the wall cutting them up entirely. "I will never serve that brat. I will not bow to him! I am Mōryō and I bow to NO ONE!" His voice hollered as Shion found herself confronted by a dark figure. Its body was hidden from view, but Shion could easily make out the form of at least three or four heads. Each of them shaped to look like some kind of demonic, serpentine dragon…thing. His eyes glowed blood red while his flicked his dark blue tongues. He gazed down at Shion and snickered demonically.

"Now then, I wonder how it will feel when I devour you," He said and before Shion knew anything, she was quickly engulfed in darkness. Only one thought came to her as this happened. "Onii-sama…please save me," Shion thought before she found herself in endless darkness.

-With Naruto-

Naruto shouted at his held his hands over his head. The pain of his headache even more excruciating than before. His arms seemed to forget their pain at that time as he clutched his skull. He could feel his Honshou being sapped away forcefully. It was like nothing he had ever experienced. Kyuubi watched with a snarl while Naruto opened one eye. He narrowed his eye as he watched the various explosions outside. His eyes had turned back to their silver color as the spirits surrounding him told him what was going on frantically. So Shion went to go seal the demon. Naruto supposed that he couldn't stop her if she was going to. That was what this mission was supposed to be about. However, he couldn't stop this sinking feeling. He had to go right now. However, he still couldn't move.

"Kuso, move dammit!" Naruto urged his body. It pained him, but he took his hand from his forehead and quickly placed his thumb near his mouth. His teeth bit into the flesh drawing blood before he traced his bloody thumb over his seal. "K-K-Kuchiyose No Jutsu," Naruto called through gritted teeth. He lay still for a moment before he felt overwhelming pressure. He cracked open his other eye as his gaze took in the full form of the Shinigami hovering over him.

"You have called me," Shin said and Naruto slowly nodded. "Shin, what's happening? Ever since I came to this island I have been having my power taken. You said nothing could hold their power and still live and yet something it taking it. I hear a voice. It's laughing at me. It's not Kyuubi. What's happening to me?" Naruto asked while the Shinigami merely looked at his summoner in obvious pain at the moment. He narrowed his steely eyes over the blond before placing a hand to his forehead. Suddenly Naruto found his headache had stopped and his reserves filled. He leaned up.

"What? What did you do?" Naruto asked and the God of Death sighed. "I gave you my honshou. All spiritual beings are comprised of it so it is easy to refill your reserves with my own power. Now then as to what you have told me, it is obvious that you are resonating," Shin spoke. Naruto took a small stretch before turning back to his summon.

"Resonating? What is that?" Naruto asked while the Shinigami removed his hand from the blond's head allowing for Naruto to slowly stand. "It is the feeling of closeness you feel with your Shinjuu. Only you will experience this feeling. Once a connection has been established then it will not break. This likely candidate to be your first Shinjuu is obviously hostile and apprehensive towards the idea of it serving you. Now that you have connected, even if you leave this island it will continue to take Honshou from you until you die making me revive you and then the process will continue," he said.

"Then how do I stop it?!" Naruto asked in increasing frustration which Shin could easily see. He had hoped that his summoner would have understood by this time, but that was beside the point. That's what explanations were for.

"It is fairly simple. You must make it recognize that you are the master and it is the servant, or partner if you prefer. If your heart is weak then it will not respect your strength. However, it is easy to see that if you do go then you will likely die anyway," Shin said and Naruto turned to look at him with a firm glare which Shin turned. He could see Naruto asking the silent question and answered.

"You have your reserves yes, but you do not have long to maintain them. Remember that this is my own Honshou running through you. In no time it will return to me. This was just to alleviate your pain for the time being. If he takes all of your Honshou then you will never use it again. You will still be my summoner, but you will be back to chakra. The process of reverting the Honshou back would most likely be more than you could bear. So in this case, It would bode well for you if you simply just did this right the first time," Shin said and Naruto looked down at the ground. He looked at his sword before he knelt and gripped it firmly.

"Couldn't you help me?" Naruto asked and he didn't have to turn around to know Shin was glaring down at him firmly. "There is nothing to be gained in my helping you. I will respect me, not you. You will need it to respect you. How you do this method I will not tell you. You must learn this yourself," Shin said and Naruto slowly turned around. It rather surprised Shin when he saw Naruto's wide smile.

"Thanks Shin. I understand. Don't worry I don't know what I'm going to do, but I'll do my best dattebayo. After all, I still have to keep my promise and take Shion-chan home. I swore it and I never go back on my word!" Naruto said before he climbed to the window sill and dashed out of the room. The Shinigami watched him leave before closing his eyes. A very, very, very small smile came to his face.

"Interesting Uzumaki Naruto," Shin thought to himself. His right hand quickly glowed white and he swung his arm. Naruto didn't see it, but his sword glowed bright for a second before dissipating. "This is all I will do for you Uzumaki Naruto. I cannot help you anymore. Do not fail me," Shin said in thought before fading out from view.

Naruto grinned as he dashed towards the upcoming battle. So he had to get Mōryō's respect huh? Well then that's what he would do. Then he would take Shion home. He would do it all. He couldn't…wouldn't stop. No, not yet. There were still things he had to accomplish and he'd do it. That was Uzumaki Naruto.

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