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Quote: "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover." by Mark Twain.

If one had to truly think about it, then they often found themselves asking this question. What was darkness? Was it bad? It was just the opposite of light right? There was nothing completely wrong with it. It wasn't its fault that bad things like evil were associated with it. It was just there. And yet, why did it feel so heavy? So lonely? So sad? Shion didn't know the answer to any of these questions. She just felt her heart suffocating from the pressure. What was happening? Why was it like this? Shion didn't remember. All her experiences they came to her tenfold. The glares and the whispers whenever she tried to play with other children, the sadness of when her mother was gone. Shion had nobody. No one to comfort her, no one to understand her.

"Yes priestess, give your heart to me. I can make the pain, the loneliness, and the sadness go away. Entrust your heart to me," Mōryō called out sinisterly. Shion clung to her body more in fright. Would it really all go away? Was it that easy? Shion didn't know. She just wanted it all to go away and never come back. She never asked to be the priestess of the Land of Demons. She never asked to have this death-prediction ability. She just wanted to be happy.

Mōryō snickered as his dark aura continued to surround the blond priestess. Soon, soon her resistance would fall and he would be free. Mōryō chuckled at the irony of it all. How feeble this woman thought herself to be. How easy it was to play on her insecurities. It had to be unfair to have this much fun with a priestess. He would devour this woman and then he would work on breaking the seal of this prison melding his body with his spirit and then he would bring about the reign of his Thousand-Year Kingdom. Mōryō licked his lips quickly. No more toying around was needed. Now was the time for him to strike. Now was the time to end her life and begin his own! "You will die here priestess. You will be the same as your mother! Never will you see the light of day again. Now free me from my prison!" Mōryō shouted to himself. As one of his many heads opened its mouth, Mōryō cackled as the wide jaws made their way to the tiny form of the Uzumaki priestess. Shion hunched her body closer.

"Onii-sama isn't coming for me. He never cared about me. Onii-sama, will you at least remember me?" Shion asked closing her eyes. In the pocket of her long yellow jacket, Shion's bell quickly pulsated. A ringing sound reverberated through the darkness surrounding Shion bringing it to her senses. She heard it. Its soothing melody was rich to her ears. Slowly Shion opened her eyes and looked blinked. She watched Mōryō coming for her quickly. It would all be over soon. "How could you say that Shion-chan? How could you think that way about your Onii-sama?" Shion widened her eyes as she heard a small voice. It whispered in her ears before Shion felt encompassing warmth. She watched as a pulse of chakra escaped from the bell quickly shielding her in a great flash of light. Mōryō widened his eyes before he quickly backed away. This light, it hurt his body. His demonic body could not stand such a purified form of chakra such as this. The demon snarled as his heads danced around the bell. As soon as the shield dropped then so would the rest of Shion's defenses. Then it would mark the beginning of the end for her.

Shion quickly blinked as the darkness began to fade away from her person. She soon found herself engulfed by the light. Its aura so soothing and warming that it had no chance for her to doubt herself. Shion didn't know where she was anymore, but she felt free. Shion slowly stood to her feet. "I must be dead and this is heaven. Strange, I thought I'd be in a purgatory first, not that I'm complaining," Shion thought to herself. As she walked the strange light-filled scape that she was in, Shion paused. She quickly rummaged through her pockets frantically. Shion widened her eyes. Gone. It was gone! Her bell was gone!

"Looking for this?" asked a voice. Shion quickly gasped before looking left and right, but finding no one in particular."W-Who's there? Come out and show yourself!" Shion shouted. She looked to her left and right again. She circled behind herself several times, but she didn't see anyone with her.

"My how demanding you are. You certainly didn't get that from me. I swear that she gets it from you," said the voice. Shion wasn't sure, but she felt like the voices around her weren't even taking to her anymore. "Me? Oh no, never. I was never like that. I wouldn't be surprised if that was you though," another voice responded. Shion growled before balling her fists. This is it, this was her hell. She was literally going to go crazy here and then there was nothing she could do about it. It was all too much for her to bear.

"Enough of this!" Shion shouted making the voices silence themselves. "I am not some kind of joke that the you can make fun of! Who are you and what do you want from me?!" Shion huffed out. The voices were silenced. Shion paused before looking out into the seemingly endless vast of light. There wasn't a single sound for a while. It slowly began to unnerve Shion.

"Shion-chan, tell us...can you hear it?" the voice asked. Shion blinked before focusing her hearing. She could hear nothing except for their voices, whoever these people or beings were. Shion took a deep breath and sighed. "Hear what? I don't hear anything," Shion responded truthfully.

"Then you have no yet learned Shion-chan. You have not learned to completely put your faith into someone. Shion-chan, why do you think that your 'Onii-sama' has abandoned you?" the next voice asked. So far, Shion speculated that there were only two voices talking to her and there were no more. She supposed that it would be easier to think of it that way than not. Finally Shion registered the voice's question before her heart sank. She lowered her head until her eyes started at the ground or at her feet, it didn't matter. "It doesn't matter. He'll leave me just like everyone else. Just like Okaa-sama did, just like Otou-sama did, just like the other kids did, and just like everyone else!" Shion quickly said. She could feel the distress leak from her voice prompting the voices to quickly respond.

"Really? Does this look like a person who would lie to you?" Shion opened her eyes and noticed the familiar blond looking at her with a soft smile. His bright blue eyes glared into her pale eyes. The voices waited for her reply before Shion closed her eyes and cursed underneath her breath. "Looks are deceiving. I can't keep doing this. I can't keep placing my trust in someone only to have it broken each and every time. Promises are only broken words and are only there to remind someone of the things that they can't do themselves. Onii-sama wouldn't want someone like me. Who wants the harbinger of death constantly next to them?" Shion asked. She slowly watched Naruto fade away into nothingness before sighing.

"Wow, you can't be an Uzumaki, Shion-chan. You're way too depressing to be one," the voice said with a light-hearted chuckle. Shion widened her eyes before looking up at the supposed clear ceiling. "How did you know I'm a Uzumaki?" Shion asked before she felt two sets of arms wrap around her body pulling her closely into two different bodies.

"Because Kaa-chan denied you her very heritage," Shion quickly turned around, but then she felt hands press to her eyes masking the person's appearance. "Not yet Shion-chan. Now can you truly tell us that you have given up on your 'Onii-sama'?" the voice asked. Though the person couldn't see it, they felt the wet tears in Shion's eyes as they trailed down her cheeks. Shion's knees felt weak before she dropped to the ground, but the figure managed to keep their hands over her eyes, but they quickly pulled her close.

"Take a deep breath and extend your chakra. Tell me what you hear," the figure said. Shion followed instructions. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and pinged her chakra making it reverberate. Shion's felt surprised when she found herself out of the cavern. She sighed quickly. "I hear fighting. A lot of fighting. I hear Sasuke-san's voice. He's throwing out commands to Kakashi-san and Sai-san. I also running, a heartbeat, his heartbeat. My Onii-sama," Shion responded. The figure smiled before they felt more of Shion's watery tears on their hands.

"Yes, you see he has not abandoned you. He is coming for you Shion. He is going to take you home. He is going to make you happy," the figure said before removing their hand. Shion slowly opened her eyes and gasped. "Hello daughter," the figure said while Shion felt the words caught in her throat.

"O...kaa-sama," Shion said. Standing in front of the woman was the previous priestess of the Land of Demons. Standing before Shion was her mother, Miroku.

-With Naruto-

Naruto cursed as he slashed his sword across the front of his eyes. He quickly cut down a stone warrior before quickly moving onto the next. His feet were a blur across the field as Naruto continued his sprint. He could feel his friends fighting just a couple of yards away. Quickly taking his sword, Naruto raised it into the air swiftly blocking one of the countless stone soldiers in his path. "You're in my way," Naruto claimed. His sword was urgently covered in the white flames of his Honshou. With a twitch of his body, Naruto vanished in a burst of speed. He flailed his sword around gracefully while simultaneously cutting each warrior in his vision. His flames seemed to glow brighter with each slash and each movement of his hand. Naruto then proceeded to jump overhead of one warrior. Quickly using the warrior's stone sturdy head for leverage, he launched himself further into the air. On the ground, Naruto watched as his stone opponents suddenly bursted in a large white flames before shattering into pieces along the ground. Naruto quickly landed down to the ground, his eyes zoned in on the cavern in front of him.

"Hang on Shion-chan. I'll be there in just a moment," Naruto proclaimed. He tightened his grip over his sword slightly before moving on his way. Performing a small backflip, Naruto made it to the lower platforms of the temple. He looked out and saw a large streak of lightning coming from just a few feet away. "Uchiha no Hanran: Chidori: Kinshi-sa Remon( Uchiha Rebellion: Thousand Birds: Forbidden Gates)," Naruto heard a certain Uchiha call out just in time to see a large streak of lighting spiraling in his direction. The lightning spiraled viciously across the temple plains quickly ravaging the massive army of Mōryō before making it way in Naruto's direction. Naruto looked at the incoming strike to his person before frowning. He quickly held his sword into the air, coating it in Fūton chakra. The wind swirled around Naruto's sword before he swung it downward and into the oncoming Raiton strike. Being the stronger of the two, the Fūton chakra easily sliced through the lightning and the sword bashed into the ground releasing the pent up chakra before dispersing both the wind and lightning in a single move. Naruto took a deep breath to steady himself.

"If Kaa-chan ever finds out that I did that she will kill me. Maybe even Yuri-chan and Yura-chan might," Naruto shivered at the mere thought of it all. However he couldn't think about that right now. "You're late loser," Naruto looked up from his position and noticed Sasuke smirking at him, his sword resting on his shoulder. Naruto returned the smirk before walking over to the group of three. Kakashi gave an eyesmile before collecting himself. Sai didn't show any visible reaction other than the fake smile plastered on his face. The four quickly joined togehter before Naruto proceeded to punch Sasuke in the shoulder.

"You did that move on purpose teme," Naruto claimed while Sasuke snorted. However no one missed the light smile on his face. It was then that they all noticed more of Mōryō's army advancing on their position. If they stayed like they were then they were sure to be surrounded, but being outnumbered hardly means being outmatched.

"How are you feeling Naruto? You don't have to push yourself you know," Kakashi said taking one of his stances while Naruto offered a small smirk on his face. "Better than ever dattebayo. Shion-chan is in that cave right?" Naruto asked. Kakashi and Sasuke nodded. The male Uchiha quickly turned to his partner.

"You'd better get going loser. It shouldn't have taken her that long to seal the damn thing. Obviously something went wrong with the sealing. No one here knows sealing more than you do at the moment. Get going, we'll cover you," Sasuke stated. Naruto turned a small glance to him before swiftly smirking in response to Sasuke's statement.

"Fine then. Kakashi, Sasuke, Sai, on my command," Naruto said raising his hand into the air. Sai took a glance at Naruto. He had no idea what the plan was here, but judging from the looks on Sasuke and Kakashi's face, they not only knew the plan, but they also knew the best course of action in which to implement it. Something was wrong here, Sai could feel it. He didn't know why, but he never second guessed himself. Sai knew something was wrong and he'd have to report it quickly, but what could he say? Something was wrong merely based on his assumptions? He could never just speculate like that.

"Move!" Naruto shouted. Sai broke out of his stupor to see Sasuke and Kakashi charge at the ground of stone soldiers. Both swords lit up in Raiton chakra. Glancing to each other, Sasuke and Kakashi nodded as they tapped their swords together. Both swords slowly melded their chakra together before Sasuke and Kakashi pulled them apart slowly forming a single chain of lightning. "Raikiri: Raiden( Lightning Cutter: Lightning Transmission)," Sasuke and Kakashi shouted in unison before they quickly charged at the onslaught of opponent. Together they extended the chain of lightning quickly making it slice through the midsections of their stone opponents. Sasuke and Kakashi smirked as their individual sharingan flared and spun wildly. The technique slowly quickly began to open up a path that Naruto took advantage of. Sai merely watched confused by all the actions in front of him as he watched Naruto run in close proximity to the chain of Raiton chakra.

"Honshou: Rasengan( Power of Life: Spiraling Sphere)," Naruto called out quickly jumping over the chain of lightning to take the lead. Sai watched as a large ball came into Naruto's hand. It was an entirely white glow. He watched Naruto slam the ball into one of the soldiers making it break apart. The three dashed through the seemingly endless crowds of solider before finally making it to the end. Sasuke and Kakashi took their stances while Naruto kept on running towards the cave. "We'll hold this line Naruto. Go help Shion-san. You did have a promise to keep after all," Kakashi said smiling underneath his mask. Naruto didn't turn around, but he did smirk to himself as he hopped to the entrance of the cave. Naruto could feel the malicious chakra swirling around inside. It was somehow combating with his Honshou, but unlike the many previous times, his Honshou wasn't being taken from his body. Naruto didn't know what Shin did, but for now it didn't matter. Naruto would take Shion home. No longer would she be alone.

Taking a deep breath, Naruto made his way inside the cavern. He didn't know what he would find, but it didn't matter. He had work to do.

-With Shion-

"Okaa-sama. I...I do not understand. Why are" Shion asked with barely concealed surprise or happiness as she took in her mother's form. Miroku casted a gentle smile upon her daughter before slowly bringing the Uzumaki priestess into a small hug. "Shion, please forgive me for the things I've done. I left you alone to bear the weight of our priestesshood alone. Nothing I do can atone for that. On top of that I didn't tell you our heritage. How foolish I must have been. I am so sorry," Miroku apologized. Shion felt the warmth of her mother against her body before slowly frowning. Shion didn't know how to respond to all of these confessions. She felt like she should forgive her mother. After all it wasn't intentionally her fault that she was left alone. She had a job to do and she sacrificed herself so that people could live and was Shion supposed to deal with all the pain of those years? All those terrified glares at her constantly? How was Shion supposed to deal with that?!

Shion slowly tore herself away from her mother's body, much to Miroku's surprise and pushed the woman back slightly. "Don't apologize to me. You did what you felt was right at the time. Okaa-sama, I can't say that I don't harbor some form of resentment towards you," Shion said slowly almost choking on the words as they came out of her mouth. Miroku merely nodded sadly. The former priestess had expected this. Of course a simple apology wouldn't undo the damage that had already been done. That was impossible.

"Do you know what I went through? Feeling isolated, mistreated, rumored about constantly. I just wanted friends, but everyone pushed me away so afraid that this ability would kill them if they did something wrong. Coming here, I realized that I didn't want to save any of them! I would have been happy if we all merely died and Mōryō would ravage the lands for whoever knows how long. I would have been happy so long as I didn't have to deal with what you put on me," Shion huffed. Miroku widened her eyes slightly. The opposite voice remained silent while Shion tried to take calming breaths. Shion balled her fists making her nails drive into her skin, but she didn't have the time to mind.

"Shion, I...," Miroku started, but a raised hand from Shion caused her to stop. "And now I finally have someone who wants me! I finally have someone who cares about me. Not just Taruho for once. I now have Onii-sama, and another family. He promised he'd take me home. Even now I can hear him. His heart's pounding wildly, his eyes focused, his feet moving through the cavern. He running to me to take me home. Don't apologize for this...," Shion answered. She quickly held her gaze and gave her mother a bright smile.

"...because I now have what I have wanted all along," Shion replied. Miroku widened her eyes before slowly looking down at the ground. "I didn't want to leave you alone. Back when Mōryō was free I knew that there was only one way to defeat him. I had to seal him inside me. I could have done it to you, but I could never subject you to such a future or such vicious chakra. I sealed it into myself. I thought my Uzumaki blood would stop it. Yes Shion, you are a true Uzumaki," Miroku responded. Shion slowly widened her eyes before Miroku continued.

"I sealed Mōryō into my body, but he slowly took over me, devouring me from the inside out. However thanks to our clan's special chakra I was able to, for lack of a better word, detach my spirit from my body. My spirit gravitated to the closed form of pure chakra. Shion, that was you and I was placed inside the bell. I have seen what has happened to you throughout your life. You might be right, I have no right to apologize. Nothing I say now will change the past, but the things I tell you now will shape your future," Miroku quickly replied. Shion raised an eyebrow to her mother's words before she noticed the elder woman take a seat on the white floor. Shion sat beside her while Miroku looked up at the seemingly endless white space.

"Uzushiogakure is our home Shion-chan. It was located in the Land of Eddies. Shion, I will not tell you of all of our clan history for I don't know it all, but if Naruto-san says he will take you home then I am sure that they have clan books and such for you to read. However I will explain to you, the lineage of the Uzumaki priestesses," Miroku explained. Shion slowly nodded while Miroku sighed.

"Ever since the Uzumaki clan was founded, our clan has had a much more special connection towards the spiritual side of chakra rather than the physical. The Uzumaki believed in the powers of beings beyond humans and sought to become like that. The very first priestess of the Uzumaki clan was called Kureha Uzumaki. She was also the most powerful priestess. You see Shion, unlike most Uzumaki, the priestesses were not endowed with the red hair or the physical prowess that most Uzumaki exuded. No, the priestess spent their time mostly praying to Kami or other beings for the continued perseverance of the Uzumaki clan. Kureha-sama established the priesthood for the Uzumaki clan. She had a very special chakra, maybe it had to be that she was the great granddaughter of the first clan head of the Uzumaki clan," Miroku stopped to take a breath before continuing. She could see Shion fixated on her story, but continued on.

"Kureha-san was able to receive divine blessing from Kami or something of that nature. With her power, she was actually able to help subdue Mōryō the first time he was unleashed through Uzushiogakure. She easily defeated him and people recognized her ability in priesthood. So from her line came more Uzumaki female priestesses. Even now most don't know what her form looked like, even I don't, but it was truly a beautiful form is what the scrolls said about it. However word spread of her power and those outside the Uzumaki clan feared her greatly. Most thought her to be a bijuu given a human form. A lot saw her as the ideal mate, one to have under control of her power. Kureha-sama knew this, but she stood fast. Fearing for her clan's safety, Kureha-sama split her power into two divine Uzumaki objects. One, is the bell that you have here, but the second, no one knows. It's been lost to the ages and into the realm of legend. However Shion-chan, you must understand that it is indeed real. Anyway, once Mōryō was sealed then Kureha stated that more Uzumaki priestesses would be needed. The clan head agreed and so for every ten children born, two girls were trained in the Priestess Path. Kureha-sama shortly after had children of her own, two girls and one boy. The girls went on to inherit the will of their mother as well as the title of Uzumaki Priestess, becoming the leaders of the Uzumaki Priestess Shrine. However the single boy she had was the amazing factor as he was the only male to have a chakra that resonated to the shrine and divine objects much more than the sisters. The brother would actually then set up a compound outside of the Uzumaki clan village for monks and the like. Actually Hi no Kuni's Fire Temple is known for subconsciously passing the teachings of the brother throughout their temple," Miroku said with a sudden pause.

Shion widened her eyes to all this information that she was learning before noticing that her mother was continuing once again. "Once the fall of the Uzumaki came, and the survivors scattered, somehow Mōryō got transported as well until he somehow ended up here with us. The descendants of the two sisters and the brother went on to form their own lines. However even until the end of the Uzumaki, priestesses were trained to fight and protect themselves under Kureha-sama's previous orders as the divine beings required those of a fight body and fit mind. The only other priestess I know who came close to her had to be my mother, the priestess before me, Momiji Uzumaki. I do not count her son if only because he was never claimed as a priest or priestess," Miroku replied. Shion gasped while Miroku kept a small smile on her face.

"Shion, I wanted you to live a normal life, but I can see that you are special. I should have given you the things you needed and wanted, not just what I felt you needed. Shion, as a priestess, I will do as you say and will not apologize, but as a mother I will keep this regret in my heart of how I failed you. Shion-chan, please continue the line. Do not let it die out. I have faith in you. You are my daughter and I will always love you. Go home Shion. Be safe. Most of all Shion-chan, do what your heart tells you," Miroku said. Shion balled her fists as she watched Miroku fade away. Shion slowly stood to her feet while Miroku smiled.

"I'm glad I could talk to you one more time. Go and be what I know you can be," Miroku said before she was gone leaving Shion once again. Shion looked up at nothing before smiling when a lone tear fell down her cheek. "I understand Okaa-sama. I will do what must be done. Thank you," Shion replied mentally. She then turned her head to the right and smiled.

"He's here. Onii-sama," Shion spoke with a wide smile across her face. She didn't know what it was that she was supposed to do, but she knew that she felt warm. She felt so much warmth. Warmth enough to take the coldness of her past out of her life. Shion was warm.

Just like Shion had said, Naruto hopped out of the entrance to the cave and landed gracefully to the ground taking into account all the things around him. He noticed the large swirling black ball of negative chakra right in front of his face. Closing his eyes, Naruto forced his Honshou to push past Mōryō's negative chakra before finally coming to the center. There was Shion curled up softly into a small ball with the glow from her bell protecting her. Naruto gave a small smile. "Okay good. Shion-chan is still alive," Naruto said to himself. However he quickly noticed the black ball taking shape. Each shape formed the image of several dragon heads. The heads swirled around wildly in the air before focusing their eyes over Naruto's form. Mōryō quickly snarled while Naruto frowned.

"You! You're the one who will...! NO! I WILL NEVER SERVE YOU!" The great demon shouted before he lashed out a tendril towards the blond. Naruto watched the incoming action upon his person before closing his eyes. "You're the one who was calling me. Very well, we'll have a go, dattebayo!" Naruto thought to himself. Unknown to him, Kyuubi gave a light smirk on his face. Naruto slid to the right to dodge the shot before he noticed a second and third strike coming his way. Naruto quickly made a clone and had it grab his arm sending him flying into the air.

"Uzu no Fukushū: Dai Uzumaki Ikari," Naruto shouted. The first seal on his sword quickly lit up in light before fading just as quickly as it was lit. He swung his body through the air along with his sword. Mōryō watched as water sprayed from the sword in Naruto's hands. It quickly formed into the shape of missiles that launched themselves at his person. Being so large, Mōryō could only take the hits that came on his person as the thunderous sounds of water explosions hit his body. Growling, the demon flew one of his heads towards Naruto's body easily anticipating his devouring of the blond who was supposed to be lord over him. He would not allow it!

Naruto took notice of the incoming head. Quickly slapping his palms together Naruto created a wall of kage bunshins guarding his body. Using one of them for leverage, Naruto placed his feet to its backside and lauched away from it just in time for the dragon head to devour the clones with ease making them go up in smoke. However that smoke covered his eyes as the real Naruto landed on his head. Naruto gave a stern glare before raising his sword into the air. Naruto quickly coated it in white fire before stabbing it into the first of Mōryō's dragon heads. The pure flames of Naruto's Honshou burned into his body making the multi-headed demon screech in a deep voice. Naruto grinned before he quickly moved his feet into a dash. His sword tore the demon's skin with the white flames of his Honshou burning brightly in the cavern. Mōryō quickly used one of his other heads to intercept the blond causing him harm. "Where is Shion-chan?" Naruto asked heatedly. The dragon snarled towards his supposed new lord in waiting. His teeth bashed against Naruto's sword when the blond quickly raised it for a block. Due to their different sizes, Mōryō sent Naruto flying with a loud crash into one of the nearby stone walls.

"You, like her, will be devoured soon enough. I will not be subjugated by a human once again!" Mōryō cried out with an intense glare in Naruto's direction. Shion widened her eyes from inside the sphere that she was in. She watched the outside battle going on from where she was. She shifted herself tighter into a ball. "Onii-sama...," Shion thought to herself. She watched Naruto slump to the ground with a small huff. She watched him rise to his feet before using his thumb to scrape off some dirt on his cheek.

"Are you just going to let him fight alone?" Shion widened her eyes hearing the same voice that had yet to show itself as before. "And what could I do for Onii-sama?! I'm just a priestess! I am not Kureha-san or Momiji-obaasama. I don't have power like that!" Shion exclaimed. The voice stayed silent for a second before chuckling.

"That's not the question you should be asking yourself. It's not 'what can I do for Onii-sama.' The question you should be asking yourself is...'what am I willing to do for Onii-sama?' You might be a priestess, you are a Uzumaki, but you are hardly a Uzumaki priestess. Do you take pride in your heritage? Can you take pride in your responsibilities?" The voice spoke to her. Shion widened her eyes before looking back out. She watched Naruto quickly fling a multitude of shuriken for Mōryō's body. The demon dodged them all effortlessly.

"Uzu no Fukushū: Raimei no Kyoda( Whirlpool Revenge: Intense Thunder Swirl)," Shion heard Naruto call out. Quickly she noticed the white flames of his sword dissipate. The second seal of his sword lit up and then dissipated. The sword was the coated in a furious and angry field of lightning. Taking the sword, Naruto swung it left, then right, and then left again. Over and over he swung it as Shion watched lightning pour from the sword in wide arched forms that quickly bashed into Mōryō body at an astonishing rate.

"Even now I can see he is willing to do anything to save you. Are you willing to do anything to go home? Are you willing to do anything to keep him safe? Are you willing to do anything to make sure that you live up to the standard of an Uzumaki priestess of the Uzumaki clan?!" The voice suddenly shouted. Shion balled her fists as she watched Naruto fight. Quickly Shion raised her hands into her the air and brought them to her face. She wiped her tears away. No more crying.

"Again? What does he mean again? Was he used before?" Naruto thought to himself as he watched Mōryō stand to his feet once again. Naruto readied himself for another strike against his person. Suddenly Naruto groaned as he grasped his head and dropped to his knees. "Kit, he's reestablishing the connection! He's taking your Honshou again. Whatever the Shinigami gave you, it's over now. There is nothing keeping him from killing us now. You have to end this now!" Kyuubi protested. Naruto's fingers drove into his skull painfully. He heard Kyuubi's words and knew he was right. Even now he could feel the life drawing away from his person. He had to restrain Mōryō somehow, but Shin told him that the way for him to make the demon his Shinjuu would come to him when he needed it. He needed it now and he had nothing!

"Kuso!" Naruto snarled before taking his sword into his free hand. "Yes this power is wonderful! So wonderful! I do not need the priestess anymore! Once I have you then I will move on to her. I wonder if the rest of your clan tastes the same! I'll devour them all and then nothing will stand in my way of my goals. My thousand-year kingdom will rise! No one will ever use me again!" Mōryō cried out. Naruto gasped from where he knelt before getting to his feet. His body felt like it was on fire once again. He struggled to stand, but he did. He held his sword as best he could.

"You think I'll let you hurt them? Not a chance. You think I'll let you hurt Shion-chan? Not a chance. You think I'll abuse you? Not a chance, dattebayo!" Naruto suddenly shouted out. Mōryō looked at the blond in sudden surprise of his response before he finally snarled. Naruto quickly gave a smirk as Kyuubi's chakra poured over his body. It coated Naruto's sword and the rest of his form. Nine red tails appeared from his backside while his eyes turned red. His whiskers grew defined. Naruto grinned to himself before he suddenly blurred out of sight. Mōryō widened his eyes before he looked left and then right, but he didn't see Naruto anywhere in sight.

"Honshou: Shōmetsu( Power of Life: Annihilation)," Naruto shouted. Mōryō's heads went upwards as they noticed the young blond above them. With a great shout Naruto's white flames blasted from his sword. In response Mōryō fired one of his claws in Naruto's direction. Naruto watched the incoming action before he bashed his sword against the claws. Mōryō roared as a blinding light came over the cavern. Shion cursed as Naruto's chakra suddenly became too bright as she had to close her eyes from the sight. With a loud crash, Naruto slammed into the ground severing one of Mōryō's claws. The blonde huffed before he fell on one knee. Mōryō snarled at him.

"Enough of this!" Mōryō growled out. Naruto widened his eyes as he watched Mōryō's limbless arm quickly cover itself in malicious chakra. Slowly, but surely he watched as the missing claw grew back before slamming into the ground making it quake. Mōryō's roar echoed through the sealing chamber of the underground cavern. Naruto quickly took hold of his sword and raised it in a defensive stance. He watched Mōryō's chakra scrape at the inner walls of the chamber viciously. "Better think of something fast brat!" Kyuubi said. Naruto snorted to himself. Talk about stating the obvious. Naruto watched as the purple eyes glared into his form before the four heads of the demon quickly raised into the air via their necks. Naruto noticed each head begin to showcase a large red, hot fire. Finally Naruto slowly nodded to himself. The next move surprised both Mōryō and Shion as Naruto stabbed his sword into the ground. His hands left the handle.

"Onii-sama, what are you doing?! Dodge the attack!" Shion urgently requested mentally. Both she and the unknown voice in the scape she was in watched as Mōryō's flames quickly grew brighter. She then watched Naruto take a deep breath. Naruto quickly placed his palms together. Ignore the pain. Ignore the hurt. Ignore the strain. It would have to be worth it.

Placing his hands in front of himself, Naruto grunted and strained as he tightened his hands. His Honshou flared violently making his body burn. This coupled with Mōryō's taking of the power source made his arms heat up quickly. His body felt like it was tearing itself in two. Slowly everyone watched as the Jikūyugami appeared in front of Naruto. They then watched as Naruto's nine red chakra tails rose into the air to surrounded the corners of the portal. The sweat dripped from the young blonde's face. "Shūnkanyugami no Jutsu( Instant Distortion Technique)," Naruto said through clenched teeth. They watched the portal get smaller and smaller.

"You will never get the chance mortal! Burn in the fire of the one true demon! Ruler of the world!" Mōryō shouted. Shion widened her eyes. "Onii-sama's not going to make it! I have to go!" Shion suddenly shouted. The voice remained silent for a second before it made itself known by chuckling softly.

"Oh really? And how do you know he won't make it?" the voice asked. Shion quickly looked outward. "I can...feel it. Onii-sama's power is being taken and that's make him exert more force into the technique and stabilize it. He's not going to make it at this rate!" Shion said frantically. The voice slowly smirked before sighing. Truly this was an interesting individual and why not, this was their successor after all.

"Interesting and what are you going to do about it?" The voice asked and finally for once in her life, for real this time, Shion had enough. She quickly threw off her overbearing jacket and let it fall to the ground of the scape. "Enough of these senseless questions! I don't know who you are and I don't care! I will save Onii-sama! You want to know what I'll give to save him?! Then I'll give my life to keep him safe! Now do something useful and tell me how to get out of here, and if not, then stay out of my way while I figure this out. I am a Uzumaki and I won't let Onii-sama die, dattebakō!" Shion said heatedly. There was nothing but silence through the scape. Shion looked left and right, but it was blank. Well whatever, she didn't have time to think about that. However, before Shion could do anything she widened her eyes when she heard laughing.

"Hmmm not bad for a prideful brat. Very well, since you actually had the gall to talk back to me of all people then I'll help you. After all I can't let the royal lineage die like this," The voice said and Shion didn't know how to reply to that and she didn't have to before the light of the scape brightened. Shion shrieked out as the light covered her body. There were only a few words that she heard in time. Words that she didn't know could ever exist.

"Shinpi Anzen Kane Fūin: Kai( Mystic Safety Bell Seal: Release)," Shion's world blanked out in an instance once those words were spoken. The light scape seemingly exploded.

"Die Uzumaki Naruto!" Mōryō cried out as the flames poured from his mouth. The sea of fire raced for Naruto's body. Naruto grunted before he widened his eyes as the Shūnkanyugami faded into nothingness. Naruto huffed while Kyuubi sucked his teeth. "Tch!" Kyuubi grunted. To think that Naruto had lost so much in that short time was inconceivable. How did Mōryō take so much already? It didn't make any sense. This wasn't good. Naruto quickly grabbed his sword and he noticed the incoming sea of flames. Naruto gave a somewhat wide smile. The flames bashed into the wall with a mighty crash followed by a loud explosion.

Outside, Sasuke, Kakashi, and Sai widened their eyes as the ground quaked and shook. They looked back and noticed the cavern shake behind them. Sasuke narrowed his eyes as did Kakashi. Sai did different and offered a small frown on his face. Sasuke's grip somehow tightened around his sword. "He has the Shinigami contract. He can't die. That loser wouldn't die to something like this!" Sasuke reassured himself. Kakashi felt a bead of sweat fall down his face.

"Stay focused both of you!" Sasuke ordered. Kakashi and Sai turned to Sasuke with his back to the cavern. "We have our roles and the loser has his. He's not going to die. If he does...I don't care if the Shinigami is his summon, I'll make sure he's miserable in the afterlife," Sasuke said with a smirk. Kakashi widened his eyes before smiling while Sai offered a fake one.

"That is true. Naruto is Hinoken's number one, hyperactive, indomitable shinobi," Kakashi said while Sasuke nodded in return. Sai smiled as they watched the last of the incoming stone soldiers.

At the compound, Yugao leaned against the roof of one of the buildings. Inside the building, Yuna kept watch over Sakura as the pink-haired kunoichi remained oblivious to the things around her. Both females looked at the moon from their viewpoints after the shock subsided. "Shikyō-sama, you brought Sasuke to me. I will not allow you to leave our lives like this," Yuna softly replied in her mind.

Meanwhile, Naruto groaned as he opened his eyes. He half-expected to be in a dark place once again with Kyuubi there with him and Shin telling him about his second death. Strange that this death was so warm, inviting and, determined. Naruto slowly opened his eyes. "Not tonight Onii-sama. You're not going to die tonight Onii-sama," came a very soft voice. Naruto groaned before he gasped. He looked at he found himself somehow in Shion's arms. Shion smiled at him only she was...different. Around her face were red markings of some unknown origin. Her hair, for some reason was no longer blond, but light-red just like Tayuya's. It stood up in a strange way defying the gravity of the earth just like a certain one-eyed jonin sensei that he remembered. Her arms were covered in a blue cloth that went down past her legs bathed in the light of her strangely warm, divine-like power and appearance. Her regular clothing vanished leaving her in a thin yellow dress. Naruto couldn't help but blush.

"Tenshi," Naruto said offhandedly. Shion quickly blushed from the comment to her looks before smiling. "What's wrong Onii-sama? I thought you were going to take me home. You weren't lying to me where you?" Shion asked and Naruto quickly straightened up. He looked up around them and noticed a large sphere of light protecting them from Mōryō's flames as Shion set Naruto to his feet. Naruto shifted uncomfortably if only slightly.

"Shion-chan, what...," Naruto wanted to say, but Shion's didn't give him the chance. "Onii-sama, in this form I have the power to completely destroy Mōryō forever. However it will cost my life to do so," Shion spoke. She watched Naruto's eyes harden over her form before she snickered to herself.

"I understand. I thought you might disagree with my choice of action," Shion said while Naruto suddenly raised an eyebrow. However both noticed the flames subside and Naruto could honestly say that if the situation weren't so pressing then he would laugh at the mere shock on Mōryō's face at the priestess and the Uzumaki standing before him. "I will take you home Shion-chan. That's the promise of a lifetime," Naruto responded. Shion gave a wide smile and nodded. She then softly touched Naruto's shoulder. Naruto widened his eyes as he felt an immense invading force of power. This was not Honshou, it wasn't Youki, and it certainly wasn't chakra.

"I know this isn't what you're used to, but bear with it for now," Shion said and Naruto watched as his body glowed in a bright light. "What is this power? They're just mortals! This can't be happening!" Mōryō cried out before Shion's sphere of protection vanished. The light dissipated from Naruto's body. Shion smiled as she watched the blond take a step forward.

"Even over a thousand years old and you still don't understand, Mōryō. Don't talk so easily about taking over the world when you can't defeat two people. Fine, call us mortals, but we live everyday as if it were our last. This is the rule of death, we cannot run from it nor escape it. It will come for us all eventually and the Shinigami will ferry you to the afterlife," Naruto said. Wrapped around Naruto's black Hinoken outfit was a white robe gently covered in a bluish light aura. His sword pulsated and illuminated with the same type of light. There was the kanji for the word 'Death' on the light robe as Naruto brushed his hand through his hair. Mōryō snarled while Naruto looked up at him with silver-colored eyes.

"I will kill you both! I will make sure that you both die! I will enjoy tormenting your souls for all eternity!" Mōryō hollered as he made his way towards the two. Naruto took one of his hands and opened his palm. His sword in his right hand seemed to glow even brighter while Shion clasped her hands together.

"O' Shinigami-sama. You who know life and death as one. You who ferry people to their resting place. Please bless these humble individuals with your divine power. Keep us safe. Keep us near. We beg for you to guide and protect us. Give your servant and summoner the will to succeed. He is worthy. He is right. He is strong. I, Shion Uzumaki of the Uzumaki Clan priestesses, beseech you. Guide his strength to his target and vanquish his foe!" Shion prayed swiftly. Naruto's cloak flapped in a heavy ray of light while his silver-colored eyes narrowed swiftly. Naruto grinned as he placed his open palm over his sword.

"Uzu no Fukushū: Hiryū( Whirlpool Revenge: Scarlet Dragon)," Naruto said, the third seal on his sword lighting before dissipating. Mōryō widened his eyes as Naruto dashed forward inpressively while Shion opened her mouth and sang a strange song. It had no words merely, a melody, but Naruto didn't mind that at all.

Naruto appeared in front of Mōryō and brought his sword back. Quickly coating itself in a swirl of fire, Mōryō seemed to hear the sword roar at him before Naruto swung the sword forward unleashing a sea of roaring flames over Mōryō's body. The demon snarled at the blond over the intense heat. "This is not enough to defeat me!" Mōryō shouted nearly at the top of his lungs. Shion continued to sing her song of melody while Naruto snarled. The flames spun wildly through the cavern as Naruto's sword continued to clash itself with Mōryō dark, malicious chakra. However, Naruto quickly frowned as he felt Mōryō's power flare instantly. Its force of strength was enough as the sword blasted from Naruto's grip and went sailing into the air. Naruto watched it flail around wildly before embedding itself into the ground behind Shion. Naruto then turned back as he noticed Mōryō's heads come together.

"Die mortal! Disappear from my presence!" The great demon shouted as each mouth began to showcase the intense flames of his fire once again. Naruto narrowed his eyes before taking a deep breath as he held out his hand. "It's not that simple Teme! Don't you dare speak of death so casually as if you could understand!" Naruto hollered as his open hand showed a very familiar technique of swirling, condensed honshou.

Mōryō growled before launching his heavy flames at Naruto's person. Naruto noticed the incoming flames upon his person before a large barrier of light came between him and the fire. Naruto looked back and he saw the transformed Shion now had her arms spread out wide. The light from her body illuminating the sealing chamber brightly as she did so. Naruto gave a small grin before turning back to the situation at hand. With the shield of light chakra protecting him, Naruto dove into the flames. Mōryō couldn't stop his surprise he heard Naruto's resounding shout through the cavern. Quickly he watched as Naruto appeared in front of him unharmed. Mōryō widened his purple eyes as the swirling sphere in Naruto's hand only seemed to get bigger and brighter forcing Mōryō to actually close his eyes from the sheer sight of it. Shion slowly opened her eyes as she watched the sight. "Go Onii-sama. Free us both," Shion replied in thought while a small smile came across her face.

"Rasengan: Shinpi Shidama( Spiraling Sphere: Mystic Death Sphere)," Naruto shouted before he quickly slammed the pure white-colored sphere straight into Mōryō's chest. Mōryō screeched out from the sheer pain. It wasn't possible, there weren't supposed to be regular chakra-based technique that could hurt him. It was impossible for this mortal to have intimidating amount of power. What was this?! Mōryō didn't know what to think anymore.

Naruto pushed the ball further and further into Mōryō's body. However it was a surprise to him that he found the next place that he was in. It was completely dark, formless, lifeless even. Naruto blinked as he looked left and right, but he found nothing at all. He couldn't sense Shion, or even his team outside. "Kyuubi?" Naruto called mentally. There was no callback at all. So he couldn't even contact his partner. That was just perfect! "Great, what am I supposed to do now?" Naruto asked himself placing a finger to his chin.

-Inside Scape-

Naruto drifted through the space for seemingly endless amounts of minutes before he noticed a tall, dark cloaked man. He seemed to be sitting in the darkness meditating somewhat patiently. Narrowing his eyes, Naruto drifted towards the individual, albeit cautiously. "Ossan, you mind telling me where the hell I am?" Naruto asked. He watched as the man slowly opened his eyes to glare at the young blond in front of him with a savage glare. Naruto widened his eyes to the thought. He had seen these eyes before. The eyes of the betrayed and the hurt. He'd seen them in himself, Shion, Sasuke, and many others. Frowning, Naruto floated forward. "Leave now mortal!" Naruto heard the man say. So far only one person had ever called him mortal consistently and that person was not Kyuubi.

"Mōryō!" Naruto said before the man stood to his feet to glare at the blonde Hinoken member. The two stood at arm's length of each other. Blue eyes bore into black. The two glared at each other before they noticed chains sprout from the lower pits of the darkness. Black chains wrapped around Mōryō's left arm and white chains wrapped around Naruto's right arm. The two blinked for a short time before looking back at each other. "Keh, to be chained to an insufferable human! How the great Mōryō has fallen!" Mōryō said to himself with a short laugh, though Naruto could see that there was no real mirth in his laughter.

"Hey it's not like I did this you jerk! What's your deal?!" Naruto asked. Mōryō quickly turned to glance at Naruto before snarling. "What's my deal? What's my deal?! You humans are my deal! Everything you do is meaningless and worthless!" Mōryō shouted with some force. Naruto widened his eyes if only slightly before he looked down. It could have been his eyes, but he swore that the chains weren't even anymore. Did a little bit of his white chain disappear? Naruto shook his head softly.

"What do you mean all we do is worthless? The things I do aren't worthless dattebayo!" Naruto proclaimed before he heard Mōryō snort to himself. "You know why I hate you humans? Because you are hypocritical! You never do what you say you will. You're promises are feeble and so is your power. Why was your kind ever given the right to rule over this planet?" Mōryō asked and Naruto raised an eyebrow. Mōryō didn't seem to notice the silence, but continued anyway.

"Always killing each other, always fighting each other back and forth. Your feeble sense of justice is pathetic...," Mōryō visibly spat. Naruto merely let the man talk narrowing his eyes as he did. "...You only ever care about yourselves. Even now you seek to stop me from my goals. I tire of these wars! I also tire of helping you humans and never a single appreciation for it in the slightest. My time in this damn seal was more pleasurable than outside in the human realm!" Mōryō called out much to Naruto's surprise. Naruto's first instinct was to merely shout or rage back, but something told him that this wouldn't work. Naruto could see the man glaring at him heatedly with hurt hidden deep in his eyes. Naruto took a deep breath and sighed.

"What happened to you?" Naruto asked. He didn't know where this sudden wave of concern came over him, but seeing the once great, boasting demon actually look at him this way was a little disheartening and even if they were enemies, if Naruto had thought about it then this man, this demon, in front of him had only lived a life just like Kyuubi most likely did.

To his response, Mōryō sucked his teeth and chuckled dryly. "Don't flatter yourself mortal. Don't think that simply me telling you my story will get me to see you any better. It won't! I won't submit to another human ever again!" Mōryō called out. Naruto looked down and widened his eyes. More of his white chain was gone. Mōryō's black chain came to his wrist. Naruto could feel the negative emotions inside the demon's heart running rampart. It was nearly an overdose. Naruto clutched his head with one hand and knelt on one knee.

"Heh, look at yourself. So pathetic and weak as you are now. No power for you to use anymore is there? I will never..." Naruto slowly snarled before glaring forward. "Would you shut up for a damn second you coward?!" Naruto growled out. Mōryō widened his eyes at the insult before the middle-aged man balled his fists.

"What did you call me mortal?!" Mōryō asked while Naruto stood to his feet slowly. "You're just a coward!" Naruto repeated. Mōryō's response was to quickly grab Naruto's collar and bring him to stare at his eyes heatedly.

"You dare call Mōryō, the Devourer of Souls, a coward?!" Mōryō snarled while Naruto frowned. "Well you're certainly acting like one right now," Naruto replied. Mōryō growled bearing his teeth at Naruto before Naruto closed his eyes for a second before opening them up. Mōryō frowned as he noticed that the fire in Naruto's eyes was gone.

"I don't know what happened to you and I won't pretend that I don't understand. I've been betrayed too by a lot of people. I've been betrayed by Kakashi-sensei, Tsunade-baachan, Sarutobi-Jiji, my teammate, and even my entire village," Naruto said and Mōryō quickly snorted before looking away. Naruto didn't break eye contact, but a small piece of his white chain came back. "Oh I'm sure you're going to 'thrill' me with your tale," Mōryō said with a roll of his eyes. However to his surprise, Naruto shook his head.

"Nope. Until you can trust me enough to tell me everything that happened then I won't tell you. I'd say that was a fair trade, dattebayo" Naruto returned quickly. Mōryō frowned before looking into Naruto's eyes. The two beings shared a glance for but a second before Mōryō let Naruto onto the endless darkness floor. "Hmph, cheeky bastard you are mortal," Mōryō said with a tiny smirk. Naruto grinned before he finally sighed.

"However I know one person who was like that," Naruto said and Mōryō's frown slowly returned as he glared in Naruto's direction. Naruto wasn't staring directly at him, but rather to the side. He didn't seem to be focusing on anything in particular other than his thoughts. Mōryō watched Naruto raise a hand to his stomach or abdomen area. "He's been passed around like some fancy piece of jewelry even before I was born. I can't tell how he truly feels having his freedom restricted. He's been with me for sixteen years. That's just me. He's had two other containers. Each which lived full lives. I don't know how many years he had since he last felt the wind in his furry hair, or the sun on his face. How he must have felt to roam on his own with his life free. I doubt I could understand," Naruto said with a sad smile. Mōryō slowly softened his glare while Naruto chuckled.

"Only a few months ago is when we started talking to each other regularly. He helps me out. Offers me advice from time to time. I wouldn't consider him subservient to me. He's more like my comrade. There are things I can't do alone that he will help me with. I don't want you to submit to me, Mōryō-ossan," Naruto said and Mōryō twitched at the small jab to his age, but didn't reply. The black chain slowly diminished being replaced by a vibrant white chain as the black chains near Naruto's wrist dissolved into the white chain. "Keh, like I'll believe that brat. You'll take the first opportunity see you to seal me back up where I am once you're through with me, if I ever gave you the honor of having me in the first place," Mōryō replied. Naruto blinked before sighing.

"If you're going to continue to act like this then I might have to. Mōryō I don't know your reasons for this thousand-year kingdom of yours and I don't think you'll tell me today, but I want you to know...," Naruto said firmly. Mōryō folded his arms before he noticed Naruto placed a hand over the place where his heart was.

"If I ever do wrong by you, then by all means you are allowed to devour my soul," Naruto said. Mōryō widened his eyes in such surprise that he was forced to take a step back. "Don't toy with me brat. I don't need your pathetic soul. I am Mōryō, Devourer of Souls! How many souls do you think I have in comparison to you?!" Mōryō asked and Naruto scratched his cheek impishly.

"Ummm...hundreds?" Naruto asked and Mōryō deadpanned. "Try thousands upon thousands brat. What makes you think I want your soul?" Mōryō asked and it was Naruto's turn to deadpan to the great demon as he slowly folded his arms.

"Well you admitted it only like the whole time that we were on this island so I would have thought you would have wanted me for something," Naruto replied. The tall black-haired man had the decency to look embarrassed before he sucked his teeth and pouted before turning his head away from the blond Shinigami summoner. Naruto shrugged his shoulders before the two merely looked at each other. The silence seemed to be deafening to them both and Mōryō couldn't help, but be shocked as he watched Naruto fall to his knees and bow.

"Mōryō, devourer of souls, I request your strength to help me move forward, to protect the things important to me, and let me continue to find my own way. On my name and title as heir to the Uzumaki clan, I will not betray you nor forsake you. Please lend me your power and become my Shinjuu!" Naruto said firmly. Mōryō widened his eyes as a chunk of the black chain turned into white chain slowly coming up to Mōryō's wrist and making its way from his arm and to his neck. Mōryō watched Naruto's request before growling.

"Are you deaf brat?! I said that I would NEVER submit to another...," Mōryō growled out before Naruto looked up at him. "Then don't submit to me! Don't say that I'm the ruler over you. Don't say that I'm your lord. Just be my comrade!" Naruto said and Mōryō snarled.

"I am a near millennium-old demon! I do not need to be the comrade to a lowly, whimpy...spineless...," Mōryō slowly drifted off into his own thoughts. His black eyes bore into Naruto's blue once again before he turned around. He couldn't hold a damn eye to the mortal anymore. What was wrong with him? Mōryō felt short of breath of a change. No fighting had ever left him this exhausted. He placed a hand to his chest. It felt unbearably hot, borderline uncomfortable. Naruto raised an eyebrow while Mōryō snarled. He balled his fists in anger. It was so stupid. Everything was so stupid! Bullshit. Bullshit! Bullshit!

"Stand on your feet mortal. Do it now!" Mōryō demanded. Someone like this didn't deserve to have his head bowed, much less be on his knees. Naruto blinked before he stood to his feet while Mōryō closed his eyes. No way! No way could he be thinking about this. No way could he ever think that this was okay! He had learned. Every human was the same. They were not different. No matter how much they claimed to be different, in the end they were all the same! Who did this blond think he was doing this in front of Mōryō with this conviction. He was a Kami-forsaken demon!

"A mortal could never understand, be asked for help so many times to a dying nation, offering that damn help then being praised for a short time only to be condemned to a life sealed for the rest of your life. A mortal like you could NEVER understand!" Mōryō growled out. Naruto lowered his gaze to the ground. He then sighed before chuckling to himself.

"Yep I don't know what that's like. I don't know if I ever will either," Naruto responded. Mōryō frowned before quickly turning his eyes away from the blond. It was obvious that the demon was fed up with this conversation. "Damn right you wouldn't. So stop spouting your self-righteous reasons for wanting me. Be comrades with me? Be comrades with a demon? Don't make me laugh. We wouldn't even be acquaintances," Mōryō replied. Naruto chuckled softly before nodding.

"True. You've got a point there," Naruto replied. "Stop agreeing with me! It's sickening!" Mōryō commanded. Naruto rose an eyebrow before he stopped talking.Mōryō glared back to Naruto with a solid look. Naruto eyes merely stared at his equally before Mōryō finally sighed. "Answer me one question, if I ever wanted to stop this instantly would you let me go?" Mōryō asked with a raised eyebrow and folded arms. Naruto tilted his head to the side in thought before placing a finger to his chin. He thought for a brief moment before he sighed.

"If I did let you go then would you promise never to do this type of thing ever again?" Naruto asked. Mōryō looked at Naruto blankly for about a full minute. However to Naruto's surprise, the great demon suddenly laughed. His laughter filled the dark space they were in before Naruto watched the white chain finally make itself around Mōryō's neckline. The black space quickly turned white as did the black cloak that Mōryō wore. Naruto the noticed the man quickly transform into his demon form, all heads in all. The chain around Naruto's arm slowly unsnapped before it settled into his hand gently connecting with his seal. Naruto widened his eyes before looking up as the multi-headed demon roared through their shared space.

"You are my first Shinjuu. Mōryō, the Devourer of Souls," Naruto said with a wide smile on his face. Naruto snickered while Mōryō's roar resounded through the white space they were in before all became too bright and the two faded out.


Naruto opened his eyes in surprise as he continued pushing the ball through the demon's body. His memories came to him in bundles before Naruto grinned to himself. With a loud, determined shout, Naruto bashed his technique into the ground ensuing a tremendous explosion of the sealing chamber as it erupted in a white light and the soft pinging of a chime.

Outside, Sasuke, Sai and Kakashi looked back in surprise as the mountain exploded. The remaining stone soliders that they were facing slowly dissolved into dust of the ground. The three blinked in surprise before Kakashi gave a small sigh. He dropped his katana to the ground and fell to his knees. His body was swore. Kakashi nearly fell over before Sasuke caught him softly. "Thanks Sasuke, this sharingan can still take a lot out of me after extended use," Kakashi said with an eyesmile. Sasuke smirked with a snort. He turned to Sai and noticed the young boy actually smiling pleasantly for a change.

"Hn, don't mention it," Sasuke said. Kakashi just slowly nodded and chuckled humorlessly. It was then that Sasuke, Kakashi and Sai made their way towards the entrance of the cavern, Sai picking up Kakashi's sword as they did so.


Meanwhile on the inside, the light quickly faded. Shion slowly opened her eyes while her ears picked up on footsteps. The angelic looking priestess smiled brightly as she watched her Uzumaki family slowly make his way towards her. His bright, white cloak flapped softly in a small breeze while he held a small smile on his face. Shion matched his smile and before long, the silver-eyed blond glanced down to the priestess. "You're sword," Shion said handing it to Naruto. The blond took the sword and sheathed it slowly before letting his arms fall.

"If you could stop time for five minutes, what would you do?" Naruto asked brightly and Shion's face seemed to gleam as she took Naruto's hand. "Kukanyugami," Naruto called out and time quickly stopped for those five minutes. It was not a long time at all that Shion got to do what she wanted once time resumed again.

"Take me home Onii-sama," Shion said and Naruto chuckled with a small nod. "Of course, my priestess," Naruto said. Softly, but swiftly Shion's hair returned from pink to pale blond. Her clothes returned to normal as well and her power faded. Following her simultaneously was Naruto as his eyes lost their silver color. The cloak he wore slowly began to fade away into nothingness leaving Naruto in his Hinoken attire. Slowly Shion fell forward into Naruto's arms before passing out. Naruto chuckled as he watched the small smile on her face. Sighing Naruto picked her up bridal-style and held her close. "Hey loser, you okay?" Naruto looked up and noticed his teammates looking up at him. The blonde quickly smiled.

"Just peachy Teme!" Naruto replied. Sasuke smirked while Kakashi chuckled softly. Sai's soft smile faded into a fake one before they quickly began to collect themselves once more. With Sasuke's help, they secured Naruto and Shion while Sai transported everyone to the original compound via ink bird. As they traveled through the skies, Sasuke looked back at the sight and snorted softly with a small glare before his mouth flew up into a smile. Sleeping peacefully there was Naruto and Shion each very tired from the day and its events.

-Konoha, Three Days Later-

Tsunade sighed as she continued to do her paperwork. It was just another early morning that the Godaime Hokage wished she had never taken the job from her predecessors. She truly missed those days of freedom. Quickly stamping down on a request form, Tsunade sighed as she leaned back in her chair and gave a small yawn. Soon there was a knock on the door. Tsunade grumbled to herself as she really wished she could just threaten whoever it was to leave, but then she would have Shizune on her ass about her duties as the Hokage and she just didn't need that right now.

Quickly slipping another piece of paper into a finished column, Tsunade heard a knock on her door. "Come in," she said tiredly. Truth be told that she didn't feel like dealing with anyone, but it's not like she could tell them off...yet. She watched the doorknob twist and turn until the door opened revealing her familiar assistant coming through the door. "Message from Sasuke-san and the rest of the team Tsunade-sama. The mission to Demon Country was a success," Shizune stated happily. Tsunade slowly nodded her head while leaning back into her chair.

"I see, well that's always good news, though why couldn't they come back and tell me themselves?" Tsunade questioned. Shizune blinked owlishly before moving her eyes back to the scroll in her hands. "Umm Sasuke-san says that they would come back, but Naruto-kun has been unconscious for the last three days along with the priestess. Shion-sama experienced a few levels of chakra exhaustion and Naruto-kun has experienced...umm Honshou exhaustion," Shizune said with somewhat of a shrug. Tsunade sighed to herself before rubbing her temples. Granted the Godaime was still getting used to the idea of Naruto having such a contract and thus having to use Honshou rather than chakra. She knew this would happen if she put Naruto in charge of the mission, but Kushina had said that she wanted Naruto to assume the leadership role so Tsunade just went along with it. Well, he did get the mission done, plus she was sure there would be a debriefing on the events that transpired.

"Somehow that's not so surprising, but Naruto's always been unpredictable I guess. Okay I'll have their funds transferred to their account. Anything else I should know?" Tsunade asked. Shizune slowly nodded and cleared her throat.

"Ah yes, before priestess Shion went into unconsciousness she also stated that her compound would be...ahem relocating to...Uzushiogakure," Shizune said and then looked up to gauge the Godaime's reaction. It wasn't a very good one. "Excuse me? Would you repeat that Shizune?" Tsunade asked with a twitch to the smile on her face. Shizune slowly shook her head into a no fashion not daring to repeat what she had just spoken from her lips. She watched Tsunade grumble to herself before the blond woman proceeded to slightly bang her head into her desk.

"That brat. Always doing things like this," Tsunade said to herself. "Well Tsunade-sama, the reason for this is because Shion-san comes from an...Uzumaki priestess line. She's the last Uzumaki priestess," Shizune said reading through the rest of the report.

Tsunade, if she had sake right now, would have done the same thing she did all those months ago and literally toss it out the window into whoever was walking the streets at this time. However after destroying her entire supply of sake, except for special occasions, she had nothing tangible to throw, so she just settled for rubbing her fingers along the bridge of her nose. Actually now that Tsunade thought about it, she had recalled Mito telling her about the Uzumaki clan priestesses at least for a time. Tsunade at the time, had asked what god or being the Uzumaki prayed to, but Mito never told her telling her that this was a part of Uzumaki history that she just couldn't tell unless Tsunade went through the Uzumaki clansmen passage. At her age, Tsunade hadn't thought much of it, but looking on it now, maybe it held a lot more value than she thought to believe.

"Just give me the scroll Shizune. I'll review it later," Tsunade responded. Shizune stood surprised at Tsunade's almost professional answer, but did so before Tsunade allowed her to leave. Shizune left without a word leaving the Godaime Hokage to her thoughts. Tapping her finger on her desk, Tsunade slowly opened up her clothes and took a look at the swirl symbol on her body. It was this that signified that she was an Uzumaki no matter how small the blood was in her body. However, Tsunade knew this, but she was also a Senju. Actually she was in the majority for Senju blood. Tsunade had to laugh if only slightly. Here Naruto was building his clan and she was letting the Senju die out. It had to be some type of irony.

"Hm, well whatever. It doesn't matter," Tsunade said to herself before she continued writing out some of her documents. Suddenly Tsunade widened her eyes. "Hmm looks like I'll need to pay a trip to Uzushiogakure for a moment," Tsunade said with a small smile. Slowly nodding her head she then went back to her work.

-Demon Country-

Naruto groaned as he opened his eyes, the sunlight gleamed into his face once he did so. "What happened?" Naruto wondered to himself. Turning his head he blinked when he noticed Shion sleeping in a separate futon from his own. She seemed to be resting peacefully as far as Naruto could tell with the smile on her face.

"Good to see you're awake," Naruto turned his head and took notice of Kakashi smiling to him. Naruto chuckled dryly before leaning up, pushing the covers off his body. "How are you feeling?" Kakashi asked making Naruto shaking his head slowly.

"A little sore, but nothing I can't handle. How long have I been sleeping?" Naruto asked. Kakashi snickered to himself before he folded his arms. "Oh about three days," he said decidedly dropping the proverbial bomb over the blonde's head. Naruto twitched before his grip on his sheets tightened.

"Three days?!" Naruto hissed silently prompting Kakashi to put his hands up in defense. The one-eyed member of the Hinoken group then took a step back just to be on the safe side. It wouldn't do good for him to have the blond worked up already. Though given the events that transpired three days ago well then Kakashi was just happy that unlike the other times, Naruto wasn't covered head to toe in bandages.

"That's right. You really must have been pushing yourself as usual. I guess you really wanted to live up to that promise right?" Kakashi asked. Naruto slowly calmed down before smirking. He then threw the covers off himself and stood to his feet. As Naruto stood, his gaze fell to the summoning contract seal on his hand. He raised an eyebrow when he noticed that there was now a very small tomoe-like symbol etched into the seal unlike last time. Naruto slowly kept his gaze over the seal for a moment recaling Mōryō or, in particular, their conversation beforehand.

Shaking his head, Naruto yawned before dressing himself in his attire. Naruto silently closed the door to his and Shion's room before he and Kakashi made their way into the main area. He noticed the stares of everyone on his person. "It's about time you woke up loser," Sasuke said with a smirk which earned him a light punch to the arm from Yuna.

"Didn't see you fighting the demon Sasuke. Where were you?" Naruto teased much to his teammate's ire. Sasuke sent a lone glare to the blond which Naruto readily matched before the two huffed and broke their stares much to everyone else's amusement. "Well anyway, it's still good that you're awake Naruto. We sent a message of success to Godaime-sama about three days ago," Yugao spoke and Naruto slowly nodded before he took notice of the person in the corner. The very irritated and slightly tied up person in the corner.

"What are you looking at blondie?!" the person asked. Naruto proceeded to frown before Yugao sighed. "Don't make me gag you again. I spared you on a whim," Yugao replied. Naruto rose an eyebrow and turned to Yugao for an answer. Yugao sighed before slowly nodding with a look that said she would talk with him about it at a later date. Naruto acquiesced to her wants.

"Ah fuck you, ya purple-haired bitch!" the feminie voice called before Yugao sighed once again. She then walked over to her captive and swiftly knocked her in the back of her head with the blunt part of her sword knocking her out cold. She then hoisted her captive over her shoulder.

"Shizuku-san, you're getting very sleepy all of a sudden," Yugao said before walking out of the house with the former enemy. Everyone sweatdropped when they watched her go before they all heard a separate yawn. "What's with this noise so early in the morning?" everyone turned around once they took notice of Shion Uzumaki rubbing her eyes tiredly.

"Good morning Shion-chan," Naruto responded. Shion slowly widened her eyes before she took into account everyone around her. "We did it? We did it Onii-sama!" Shion said and everyone was surprised when she wrapped her arms around his neck swinging around him wildly. Naruto laughed as she did so. Yamato, Sai, and the fully awakened Sakura just watched the scene with interest. However Sakura was the only one who seemed to be looking at Naruto rather sternly. The pink-haired medic had woken up the same night Naruto and Shion returned with the success of the mission. At the time sure Sakura was happy that they completed the objective, but her happiness didn't last for long once she took notice of Naruto. Ever since learning what she had learned from Koharu, Sakura had been looking at Naruto differently. No she didn't hate him, at least she didn't think so. But she hated what he was doing. Not only to Sasuke, Kakashi, and Yugao, but also to even himself. The lie he was living, Sakura hated it.

Shion finally calmed down from her enjoyment. "Now we can go home, right Onii-sama?" Shion asked. Naruto seemed ready to answer, but he was beaten to the question by Kakashi. "Unfortunately Shion-san it's not that simple. While we could take you, it would still be a question of the Daimyo here allowing you to leave. Plus I do not think Naruto could bring this entire compound into Uzushio," Kakashi said rather simply. Shion quickly turned back to the one-eyed Hinoken member with a blank stare before speaking.

"Well I never expected Onii-sama to...,wait Onii-sama can teleport objects?" Shion asked and Naruto suddenly sent a scolding look to Kakashi making the former jonin rub the back of his head sheepishly. Yamato raised an eyebrow while Sai and Sakura remained confused. Deciding that it was already out, Naruto quickly took control over the conversation.

"Hai Shion-chan, it's one of my techniques. However given its size, the Jikūyugami might not be able to teleport the entire compound. I only say might because I have never tried expanding it, or if that's even possible," Naruto claimed. Shion slowly nodded in understanding before moving on with the conversation.

"I see. Well that's fine. I was merely planning to leave the compound as a settlement for the Daimyo as well as the land. You see the Daimyo has no true control over the priestess. I can leave to go anywhere I wish. Okaa-sama settled here because we were the only ones who had the ability to seal Mōryō, but now that he's gone then I can settle somewhere else. I can have my servants clear it with the Daimyo then we can leave this afternoon if you wish," Shion replied. Naruto slowly blinked before turning to everyone else who seemed to be thinking slightly.

"We would have to ask some of the civilians there if they would be kind enough to build another shrine compound for us, but it might be doable. Especially given that we have offered to let them stay on the land for a certain time," Kakashi said. Sasuke and Yuna glanced to each other for a second before Sasuke spoke.

"Building an entire compound for one priestess is hardly something to be done though, unless we know how your clan chose priestesses in the past. I am unsure if even the Uchiha had priestesses, but I was aware that some of the more minor clans did from our history lessons back in the Academy," Sasuke explained. Naruto quickly nodded before sighing.

"Teme has a point. I'll have to ask Kaa-chan about it, but that shouldn't be a problem. But I am capable of transporting a mass amount of people if that's all. We wouldn't have to use a boat," Naruto stated. Everyone else quickly agreed with that assessment. "I can drop Yamato-san, Sai, and Sakura at the mainland then move back to Uzushio. How is that?" Naruto asked. No one seemed to have any objections and decided with that. Just in time too as Yugao returned.

"So, have we decided on anything?" Yugao asked and she only had the lasting smiles of her teammates to go by. Yugao could safely assume that there was something she was going to be let in on. She just didn't know how much of a headache it was going to be.

So the entire morning went like this. Shion spoke of her relation to Naruto and claimed she would be moving along with the others towards their new location. It surprised her that no one seemed to argue with her statement as people began to quickly start packing their things. Shion then sent a separate entourage of servants towards the Daimyo to deliver her message of relocation.

It was close to mid-afternoon as Shion along with Naruto stood over a ledge looking out at the sun-filled landscape of Demon Country. For Shion, it was hard to believe that this was the same land that nearly came close to be ravaged just days ago. "You seem to be smiling a lot more," Shion turned her head and noticed Naruto looking at her brightly with a smile of his own.

"Well I guess I have an annoying reason for that, don't you think Onii-sama?" Shion asked and Naruto merely proceeded to rub the back of his head. Right behind them were the members of Naruto's team. It was all ready to go. Now they were just waiting for the letter to come back for Shion's dismissal.

"I think I'm happy because I got my five minutes and also because, I have learned about my role in our clan. And as such to make sure that the priestess line never dies out I will pass this ability to the next generation. about it Onii-sama? Will you help me out?" Shion asked with a unseen smile on her face. Naruto merely grinned before turning.

"Sure Shion-chan. I'll do whatever it takes. It's the promise of a lifetime, dattebayo" Naruto replied with a shrug. Shion's small smile quickly widened. Kakashi widened his visible eye while Sasuke's eyebrow twitched. Yuna snickered to herself while Sakura gasped. Yugao and Yamato merely looked at the sight amused. Sai offered a small smile. Whether it was fake or not was anyone's guess.

Far off in Uzushiogakure, everyone suddenly stopped working as they heard a crash to the floor. They looked up and noticed Yuri looking at the ground. On the ground was a broken tea cup with the spilled contents on the floor. They noticed Yuri chuckling darkly while she balled her fists hard. "Yuri, what are you doing? What happened?" Yura asked in sudden worry before Yuri looked up to her sister's eyes and everyone's confusion.

"Yura-oneechan, someone one-upped me just now. Oi Suigetsu, get your butt to the training grounds, dattebayen!" Yuri snarled before she stopped off into her room to go and put on her training gear. There was never a time for training than now!

Meanwhile, Sasuke proceeded to smack Naruto over the head. "You are such a loser Naruto," Sasuke said while Naruto growled. "Well fuck you too Sasuke!" Naruto snarled out getting the two to glare at each other. Shion giggled while Yuna sighed. There went her lover/cousin causing trouble again.

It was then that everyone took notice of the three messengers that Shion sent. "Shion-sama, word from the Daimyo. He has sent you off and wished us the best no matter where we go," one of the servants said while Shion slowly nodded. "Well, that's that Onii-sama. Shall we go?" Shion asked and Naruto gave a small smile with a quick nod of his head.

Quickly everyone began to head off the mountain. Yugao collected her strange captive, Shizuku, before moving along. In little to no time, everyone was gathered along standing at the entrance to the compound, the very empty looking compound. Each and every piece of clothing or ornament was taken off leaving the compound to be more of a ghost town than anything else. "Alright before we leave I will take Yamato-san and his group to the mainland and then I'll come back," Naruto said before holding out his hand. He took a deep breath. He felt no pain, his Honshou was flowing calmly. There was no struggle for it anymore. It should be okay now.

"Jikūyugami," Naruto called and everyone watched the medium-sized purple portal appear in front of their eyes. the Hinoken team smiled as no one seemed to have to be worried for the blond anymore. Naruto turned back towards Yamato and his team. "You're sure this is safe Naruto-san?" Yamato asked looking at the technique with interest. He hid it well, his surprise of a technique like this. The amount of energy going to it and from it was amazing. To be able to walk through this was astounding in itself. He turned and noticed Naruto nod before the former anbu nodded.

"Very well. Sakura, Sai let's move. We'll want to make Konoha in two days time," Yamato answered. Sakura and Sai nodded though the former was hesitant and within reason to be so having never experienced the technique before. Taking a deep breath, Team Yamato walked through the portal with Naruto right behind them. Everyone watched the portal slowly close thereafter.


Naruto opened the portal to the near entrance of the port town boat docks letting Team Yamato walk out. Sakura quickly slumped to her knees. "That experience," she said much to Naruto's slight joy. "It was that bad Sakura," Naruto replied before he noticed the pink-haired medic glaring at him harshly.

"Well thank you Naruto. We'll report our side of the mission briefing. I suspect Hinoken will do theirs after all things are settled where you are?" Yamato asked prompting Naruto to give a slight nod of his head. Yamato followed the nod before sighing. "Well I have to compliment you on your leadership skills Naruto. You really have come a long way from what I have read about you. I hope to work with you again." Yamato stated holding out his hand in a friendly gesture. Naruto scratched his cheek shyly before taking the offered hand giving it a firm shake.

"Same to you Yamato-san," Naruto said before letting go. Sai merely bowed before the two walked off. Naruto then turned just in time to see Sakura glaring at him. "Don't think we're done with what we talked about Naruto. I care about you too much to see you acting like this. You'd better watch yourself," Sakura said making Naruto narrow his eyes as Sakura ran off to catch up with her teammates. Naruto merely watched her leave before stepping back into the portal and disappearing.

-Demon Country-

Everyone quickly straightened up when they noticed the portal appear once again. Out came Naruto before they noticed him smile widely. "Your passage to your homeland Priestess-chan," Naruto said with a mock bow. Shion slowly snorted with a small smile on her face. She slowly walked forward. This was it, she was going home. Away from the place that she grew up. New memories would start here. Wonderful memories would start here. This was a new beginning, a new journey.

"Arigatou Onii-sama. I could never have done this without you," Shion thought to herself before slowly closing her eyes letting the sun bring its warmth to her face.

"If you could stop time for five minutes, what would you do?" Naruto asked brightly and Shion's face seemed to gleam as she took Naruto's hand. "Kukanyugami," Naruto called out and time quickly stopped for those five minutes.

Shion gazed into Naruto's bright blue eyes before closing her eyes. "Arigatou everyone. Thank you everyone. Thank you for saving me. Thank you for risking your lives to allow me to see the future in front of me right now. I'm sorry that I let you down before. Thank you Taruho for always looking after me and staying at my side. I pray for your soul to find eternal rest which is what you deserve. Watch over me as I forge my path as the Uzumaki Clan's priestess. Okaa-sama, I will rebuild what was lost to our family. Thank you for protecting me and giving me life. Also, I hated you and still do, but...thank you Mōryō, if not for you, I would never have known the family that I have in front of me right now. I won't be afraid anymore. This is my oath. 'For as long as Shion Uzumaki is alive, she will do what she must for her clan. She is Shion Uzumaki and she is the heir to the Uzumaki priestesses.'" Shion spoke making Naruto's smile widen with her words. Shion expressed her thanks more until her five minutes were up. Truly they were the best five minutes she could have asked for.

Shion walked through the portal and her servants followed behind her. dozens by dozens they disappeared into the portal created by Naruto before finally came himself and his team. "Well looks like we're done here. Let's go so we can fulfill your 'promise'." Sasuke replied much to Naruto's annoyance. Before he could retort, Yuna pushed Sasuke through the portal with a huff before she followed as well. Yugao dragged Shizuku through as well along with Kakashi following right behind. Naruto smiled before taking one last look back to the compound. His gaze then fell to the seal on his hand. The single tomoe on its center being especially apparent to him.

"Let's go home, my Shinjuu," Naruto thought to himself before he disappeared into the portal as well. No doubt his family was going to be in for another surprise, but then again that was Naruto Uzumaki, the master of surprises.

-Somewhere else-

Kusuna huffed before he was roughly dropped to the ground with a large thud. He clumsily stood to his feet with the support of his one arm, the other arm having long been taken in battle by Yuna Uchiha. Out of the shadows stood his masked captor. The animal mask that they wore burned deep into his eyes causing him to shiver if only slightly. "Why have you taken me here?! I have to get back and help Yomi-sama with the sealing!" Kusuna exclaimed. The masked figure did nothing and said nothing. It was after a few moments did the figure slowly bow on one knee in full servitude. Kusuna raised an eyebrow to the act before widening his eyes as a feel of utter despair and bloodlust washed over his body. It literally forced him to fall to the ground. He felt threatened to take his own life right then and there. He felt like biting his tongue and choking on his blood. He felt like taking his one arm and using his nails to scratch out his eyes in pure agony. What feeling was this? It was so...unsightly.

"So this is another person you feel can aid us? An interesting find given the recent events taking hold over the years," Kusuna heard someone speak. The pink-haired male turned his eyes around, but before he could gaze upon this person he soon found the back of his head grabbed and then slammed into the ground denying him his curiosity to be sated. "You should feel lucky Kusuna-san. Had my servant not stopped you in time then I would have sent your soul to wonder through endless torment for the rest of your days. It's an uncanny ability of mine," he said. Kusuna then felt the servant release his hold, but Kusuna kept his eyes where they were.

"Who are you?" Kusuna asked. His ears picked up on the shuffling of feet and the sound of a cane smacking against the ground. Okay so in his mind, Kusuna figured that this man was old. It took some time, but Kusuna slowly heard the person stop. He dared not look up. They say curiosity killed the cat, so Kusuna was going to be the alive cat here. "My name really holds no significance young medic. All that you need know about me is that I am a disciple, a follower, the true heir to...our God of Slaughter, Jashin-sama. Welcome Kusuna-san, to the center and birth of the Jashin Temple and Jashinism," the man spoke and Kusuna slowly widened his eyes as he looked at the ground. He didn't dare look up though his curiosity was even higher than it was before. This was unlike anything he ever encountered and unlike last time, he doubted he would make it out alive.

KG: Okay that arc is now done. I do happen to believe that shrines were a common theme for clans even if they were never given much highlight. From the Naruto world there do seem to be regular earthly gods that they believe in like most of world does, such as the Buddha and Buddhism. There was a section where Kishimoto spoke on Taoism or something of that sort as well as other Indian, Asian, and Japanese gods plus there was the worship of Jashin and Jashinism in the manga which leads me to believe that these religions or at least these shrines were a hidden theme of sorts.

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