A/N: This short little ficlet is a result of an annoying plot bunny that just wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote it all out. All I can say is that this fic is nothing more than pure, unadulterated CRACK. You have been warned.

Summary: "There's no way yours is bigger than mine!" Only the Vongola can take such an 'innocent' topic and blow it completely out of proportions.

Disclaimer: All the lovely characters in Katekyo Hitman Reborn! belong to the amazing Akira Amano. I do not own or claim to own anything.

Warnings: For Gokudera's potty mouth

Mine is Biggest!

"There's no way yours is bigger than mine, baseball idiot!"

"Haha, are you sure about that? Last time I checked I'm pretty sure that..."

"You obviously need to get your eyes checked then, idiot. Anyone with half a brain can tell that mine is bigger. Oh wait, that explains everything..."

"Ah, that hurt my feelings, Gokudera-kun."

"Tch. You head's too thick for you to be hurt by insults."

"You're both wrong! It's obvious that mine is the biggest...to the EXTREME!"

"And who asked you, lawn-head?"

"You don't need to be jealous that mine is EXTREMELY bigger than yours, octopus-head!"

"Why you...you want to go at it, lawn-head?"

"Whenever you're ready, octopus-head!"

"Maa maa, Gokudera-kun, senpai. We shouldn't get so worked up over such a little thing."

"Hahi! Yamamoto-san is right! ...But if Haru had to say, she would think that Yamamoto-san has the biggest one."

"No one cares what you think, stupid woman!"

"Haru is not stupid! Besides, Kyoko-chan agrees with me, don't you?"

"Yes, I do. Sorry onii-chan, but I also think that Yamamoto-kun has the biggest one."

"What? Kyoko! Your onii-chan has the biggest one!"

"No, Haru-chan and I checked earlier, onii-chan!"

"...You checked earlier? But why would you do that, Kyoko?"

"Onii-chan, it wasn't our fault that you just left it out in the open like that."

"What a load bullshit! I refuse to accept the fact that the baseball idiot has the biggest one!"

"Me too! Yamamoto! Let's settle this with nothing but our fists!"



"Oi, stupid cow, go sprout your crap somewhere else. No one wants to listen to your delusional fantasies."

"Well no one likes you either, Bakadera! So blehh!"

"Wait until I get my hands on you!..."

"Everyone, would you all stop comparing bento box sizes already?" Tsuna finally exclaimed, completely exasperated. "Kaa-san packed us all the same sizes, okay? Let's just enjoy the lunches that she took the time to make."

"Well said, Tsuna." Reborn declared. He paused for a moment. "But of course, mine is the biggest."

Tsuna sighed. "I thought we just went over this, Reborn. Like I said, I'm pretty sure that kaa-san gave everyone the same size."

Reborn smirked. "Who said I was talking about bento box sizes?"

A/N: Ah, dirty minds and misunderstandings, you just gotta love them. Did you see that ending coming? Did you crack up as hard as I did when I was typing this? I would love to read all about your reactions and feelings in your lovely reviews!

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