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It was a calm day in Jump City. No bank robberies or attacks on the city. No super villains attempting world (or city) domination. Stores were full; the people were happy, unafraid of any danger thanks to their protectors. The city's heroes, the Teen Titans, were enjoying their day off. Having recently returned from defeating the Brain and the Brotherhood of Evil, they were all exhausted and drained of power. A nice day without threats would let them recharge.

Some of the teens were asleep, along with all the younger children, but Robin had locked himself in his room to look for evidence of Slade's return. He had Kid Flash helping him, which confused most but none dared question it. Everyone knew that the two had known each other for a while, but when anyone asked where or when they had met, Robin would make up some excuse, like it was time for training or that he needed to search for Slade. Kid Flash would just run off and return later, when everyone had forgotten about the question.

Beast Boy, Cyborg, Aqualad, and Speedy were having a competition of various video games in front of the Titans' oversized TV. Starfire was in the kitchen with Argent, Jinx, and Bumblebee, whipping up one of her Tameranean recipes for her two unlucky victims to try.

Raven, clad in her usual leotard and dark navy cloak, was alone atop Titans' tower letting the cool air surround her body as she meditated. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos," she chanted over and over, relaxing for the first time since the Titans had returned. It had seemed after the battle, everyone had wanted a piece of her. Raven do this; Raven can you help with that? It was overwhelming.

Then Terra came back. She had decided that after the fight, she ought to reveal that she remembered who she was. Terra had been on her hands and knees begging for forgiveness, especially from Raven, who refused to forgive her for her betrayal. Beast Boy, along with all the others, couldn't understand Raven's grudge when they had all agreed for Terra to have a second chance with the Titans.

But the half-demon had learned long ago that second chances ended in second betrayals, and they were always worse than the first time. Raven's fists clenched at the mere thought, returning the memories of her old 'friend'. That was the one and only time her trust and affection had gotten the best of her and it ended in disaster; she wouldn't let that happen again.

'Thump, thump' Raven opened her eyes to what sounded like a giant's footsteps, only to jump back in shock, barely catching herself, when she was face-to-face with one of the last people she wanted to see.

"Yes, Terra?" Annoyance dripped in Raven's voice, hissed through clenched teeth. Terra stood in front of her, floating on a boulder surrounded in a yellow energy.

"He-hey Raven. I just wanted to show you something." Hesitantly, Terra moved to the side to reveal the shape of a large raven in the ground. "I made it for you. Do you like it?" She stepped off her floating rock and stood next to Raven.

Raven let out an exasperated sigh. "Yes, Terra, I like it." The sentence came out more annoyed then Raven had intended. Terra gave her a large smile with a tinkle of hope in the geokinetic's eyes, completely unaware of the tone of the sentence. "But I won't forgive you. You nearly destroyed the Titans and you broke Beast Boy's heart."

The look of a hurt puppy crossed Terra's face when Raven finished her sentence. The sorceress turned and headed back into the tower. Terra listened to Raven's footsteps as she walked back inside. Once the door had slammed shut and Terra was, for certain, alone, she snapped. The boulder she had been standing on moments earlier flew to the ground, smashing the raven's face. Tears began to fill her goggles as she fell to her knees.

Terra knew Raven could be cruel and judgmental, but her and Slade's alliance was in the past. She had been trying so hard to show everyone that it was. Most saw that, they knew she was changing, that she regretted her decisions. All except Raven. Raven still treated her like a traitor. It's not like Raven hasn't done anything she doesn't regret in the past.

In fact, now that she thought about it, Terra didn't know anything about Raven's past. All the Titans knew, at least to her knowledge, was that she was born on Azarath and her powers are controlled by her emotions. She hadn't opened up at all.

Terra decided she would ask Starfire about it. Maybe she knew something that would help Terra gain Raven's forgiveness and, possibly, her trust. Hoping Starfire was still in the kitchen, Terra ran into the tower, mind-set on Raven.

_Line Break_

Klarion the Witch Boy stood in the Light's abandoned hide-out, Teekl resting at his feet. It had been nearly two years since he had heard from the old group, so he was quite surprised when the Brain had called the young Lord of Chaos to meet him. Ever since the Justice League had been saved by their brat team and the Brain had quit after Ocean-Master was kicked out, the Light had disbanded and broke almost all contact. At least, that's what Klarion had thought, but despite knowing that Vandal was probably going to get them together again once phase two was complete.

A purr and slight movement at his feet had pulled Klarion out of his thoughts. Teekl looked up at him. "It seems we are the only ones here. Maybe this was just a prank." They had been waiting for nearly an hour for someone to arrive.

"If this is a prank," Klarion said aloud to the feline at his feet, "the Brain can expect a dangerous surprise."

"The Brain called you too?" A feminine voice came from behind him. Klarion turned to find Queen Bee. "I just got here. How long have you been here?"

"Nearly an hour." Klarion tried to remain calm although he was annoyed and bored out of his mind. "Teekl thinks this might be a joke."

"From the Brain?" A new voice came from the shadows and Vandal Savage emerged, "I doubt it, although I too would like to know where he is…"

"Paris, France," Lex Luther strode in. At the blank looks he received, he elaborated. "When I received the call, I traced it back to Paris. But I thought the rest of you would like to know where he was, since he called you too." Lex pulled a remote out of his pocket, bringing up a holographic earth with a red dot on Paris at the touch of a button.

"Then let's go," Klarion waved his hand, opening a red portal and gestured for the others to go through. Vandal walked through, followed by Queen Bee and Lex. Klarion bent down and picked up Teekl and walk through the portal, closing it behind him. After the portal was closed a figure that had been hidden in the shadows moved quickly towards the door,

"I have to warn the others."

_Line Break_

Pairings: Klarion/Raven

Artemis/Kid Flash Spifire or Jinx/Kid Flash Flinx

Robin/Starfire RobStar or Robin/Zatanna

Beast Boy/Terra


Let me know what you think about the pairings, Klarion/Raven is definite; the others are subject to change based on your opinions. Also constructive criticism is welcome.

~Mira Casinova