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_Line Break_

Jinx walked beside Raven, both of them behind Starfire and Terra. Jinx had her arms crossed across her chest, very annoyed with her current situation. She had been on her way to see if Kid Flash was finished helping Robin when Starfire had stopped her and insisted she join the three on a mall trip. She had shook her head 'no' and was about to start walking away when the Tameranian grabbed her arm and practically begged her to come. Jinx had still refused until Raven decided that she would prefer Jinx accompanies them so she wasn't alone with Terra and Starfire.

Raven had then whisper-threatened to bring out a piece of blackmail she had acquired when she had found Jinx and Kid at a party that may or may not have been serving alcohol. Jinx's cheeks had turned a dark shade of pink and she reluctantly agreed.

She looked up at Star, who was dragging Terra along with her to a popular clothes store. As soon as the geokinetic and the alien were in the store, she grabbed Raven's arm. Putting a finger to her lips when Raven had turned to her, Jinx gestured the dark magic user to follow her. Raven was hesitant at first, but then nodded when she realized Jinx's idea. The two began to sneak away from where Terra and Starfire were. They ran when they were nearly out of sight of the store.

The two made it to the door and were about to leave when an explosion behind them caught their attention. Groaning, they turned around and went to see the cause of the commotion. Another explosion came from the other end of the mall and the two ran over (well… Jinx ran, Raven flew or levitated) to find Starfire and Terra fighting Mallah and, it couldn't be… Raven's eyes grew wide as her mind began to spin. It couldn't be him, not here, not now, not again.

_Line Break_

Klarion had been very excited upon entering the city mall for it was full of people to bring chaos to. A dark smirk danced on his lips as he began to contemplate which spell he should start with. Finally deciding on some nice explosions, he snapped his fingers and blew up a few stores, each of which threw out bodies, both dead and alive, with its flames. He laughed as the humans were running like crazy, all with terror obvious in their eyes.

'Pathetic mortals.' Klarion thought, blowing up another store until Mallah's accent called out "Look out!" Klarion looked over only to get hit with a burst of green energy, which threw him back onto his butt. "What the hell…"

"You should not have attacked Jump City, please surrender now," a very feminine voice called out, Klarion looked to the source to find an orange girl with bright red hair and a purple outfit. Her eyes glowed green. He looked to Mallah who had been captured in a pile of rock. Behind him was a girl with blond hair and what looked like something some woods explorer would wear. Her eyes glowed yellow, as did the rocks. They were probably the Titans he had been told about. Laughing at his competition, he stood up to face the girls.

"Why do you laugh at us?" the orange one asked harshly, forms of green energy forming in her hands.

"Because," Klarion gave a snarky reply, "you and your friend are pathetic. You couldn't hope to defeat me, a Lord of Chaos." To prove his point, Klarion flicked his wrist and Mallah was free. Confusion filled the blonde's eyes as her powers were so easily contracted. Another lazy gesture with his wrist and she was thrown back into a wall. The orange one called to her, calling her Terra. The other, Terra, sat up groaning. Klarion shot a mystic energy blast at them; the alien turned around and tried to put up a shield, which proved useless against Klarion's magic.

Both girls were easily defeated, thrown to the ground by a force they couldn't begin to comprehend. It seemed Mallah hadn't even bothered to try assisting, which Klarion would never admit he was grateful for. He hated it when people got in his way.

Klarion now stood above them, eyes and aura glowing bright red, a demonic look on his excited pale face. He was ready to be rid of these pathetic excuses for fighters. He sensed magic coming at him from his side. He put up a shield to block the energy, but it, much to Klarion's shock, proved ineffective as the magic threw him away from the two heroes. It wiped the smirk off his face as he hit the ground. He looked up, ready to retaliate against his attacker, but then he saw her, Raven. His eyes grew wide with shock, his body unable to react.

Raven didn't hesitate when she attacked him again, throwing him farther back. She levitated over, landing in front of him. Klarion tried to get up to meet her but was held back when she chanted a short spell.

"Dnib mih," Black energy snaked around his body, forcing him to remain on his knees. He glanced up, his black eyes meeting her purple ones hidden behind the shadow of her hood.

"Hello Raven, long time, no see." Her eyes narrowed at the coolness in his voice, despite being captured. Then again, she knew that he wasn't going to be captive for long, only for how long it suited him. She had grown stronger since they last met, but was still nowhere near his level.

"Then it seems I was successful in avoiding you," she hissed, sounding darker than both had expected, placing her hands on her hips. They had both changed, grown older. Klarion noticed that her voice had grown more feminine, not the extent of the orange chic, but more so since they had been separated. She also now had nice curves that were nicely shown off in her leotard. Her aura had become more closed and isolated, pushing him out. It made him almost want to… He quickly shook the thought off. Attracted to Raven, the idea was supposed to repulse him. It did repulse him. "What are you doing here?"

"That's for me to know, and you to not." He replied, smirk returning full force. Raven's fist clenched. "Well, today was certainly interesting, ha-ha, until next time Rae." Snapping his fingers, he burst into a cloud of ash, making Mallah and Teekl, who had been with Mallah, follow with him. A final cackle could be heard echoing the halls of the mall.

Raven didn't move from where she stood. After a minute, Starfire broke the silence with a question Raven had known was coming.

"Friend Raven, who was that? How does he know you?" Raven sighed, knowing her greatest secret may not survive the week.

_Line Break_

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