E/O Challenge WoW Crush
To be written dialogue only and different to you usual style.
Word count : 200 (combined all aspects of the challenge into this instead of doing two 100 word pieces).
Spoilers : None
Disclaimer : Wanna make somethin' of it?

A.N. So, here I am, two or three galaxies away from my comfort zone, stepping reluctantly into the dark
of a place I said I would never go. Bear this in mind when you read this, the second of my submissions.
This was
really very uncomfortable for me to write. Here goes….

Sam knows where he wants to be & Dean is stunned.

Sam! Dude, what the hell? What're you doin'? You somehow
get lost between the bathroom and your own bed?

No. I'm not lost at all. In fact, I'm right where I belong.

Well, I hate to be the one to break it to you Sammy, but you're
actually in my bed….my bed that's still got me in it. You see the
problem here?

Yup…..we're not naked yet.


Hang on...There, that's better. Now. Do you want to undress
yourself, or would you rather I did it for you?

NO! What? No! What I want is for you to warp speed your naked tush
back to your own bed and…..Ew! Stop…rubbing….yourself against me!
Oh crap. Sam, no hugging…..no hugs…..Sam..mmmmmmm!

I figured that would help shut you up.

Dude! You kissed me! On my LIPSChristos!

Sorry, not a daemon. I'm just hot for you and Dean, I know you're feeling
it too, so?

Am not…I'm not feeling nothin'. See? Both my hands in view. GHAAG!
Gerrof me, you're crushing my...oh...Oh…...OH!

Tell me this isn't good Dean. Tell me you seriously want me to stop. I promise
you, I will.

Sam. Seriously. I want you to...I want you...I want...I...

Me too Dean...me too.

* Author now cringes and sidles off in embarrassment, weighed down by icky this isn't right feelings.
To anyone reading, you'd better ease my trauma with feedback!*