"Black. Are you awake?"

Silvery white eyes opened and saw the pitless blacks staring down at him. It was a long moment before he realized he had fallen asleep in White's lap. White placed a hand on the reclining male's forehead and let out a slight laugh.

"You were out for a while; are you okay?" asked the other's voice.

Black nodded and reached up, placing a hand over White's. "Yeah, I'm fine. It's just the heat is all. How are you?"

White looked up to the large tree that covered them. There was a slight smile on his face. Black stared up at his other half, awaiting an answer.

"I'm cool..." White looked down to the other and nodded, smiling deeply. "I'm fine."

Black gave a soft smile and lowered his hand down to his stomach. "Well, if you don't mind... I'm going to lay here a little longer."

White smirked at the male's matter of fact attitude, nodded and leaned against the bench again, looking up to the sky. Black watched his companion for a few moments before looking up to the tree above them. The park was peaceful, and so was he. This was rare: having absolute tranquility. The Sun peeked through the branches of the overhanging tree, spotting his face with light. Life up until this point had been monochrome. Everything seemed monotonous in the way that it was routine and endless. His bleak reality started to brainwash him, and everything ran together. Day into night; night into day. Everything seemed to be one and the same over the past... Hm, he lost track of time now. He forgot to appreciate the life around him. By the time he noticed, everything had been swallowed in grey. He could only see in black and white.


He blinked and looked up to White who had closed his eyes. A small breeze rolled through, feathering the male's dark hair. Slowly, Black reached up with both of his hands, and he cupped the other male's face. White slowly opened his eyes and looked down to his friend.

"What's wrong, Black?"

The mentioned male shook his head and smiled gently. White lifted a hand and cupped one of Black's.

This moment of tranquility was precious. Just like the heat sitting just outside the shade, Black knew his troubles awaited him outside of this moment. Right now, he couldn't let that realization bother him. That fact didn't trouble his heart right now. In this moment, he was absorbed in a newfound - though fleeting - peace of mind.

For the first time, he forgot what it meant to be monochrome. For the first time, he could see the world in full-blown Technicolor. It didn't matter how long it would last. For one brief, sweet moment, without having to give up the life he knew and the experiences he had therein,

... he felt free.