Author's Note: This is a little challenge like think that pikinanouart gave me. So, read and review please? I didn't want it to be very long, because I have a million other things to be working on at the moment.

Peaceful and quiet days were hard to come by in the guild of Fairy Tail; something had to be seriously wrong if the members weren't making some kind of clatter. That being said, it was a normal day in Fairy Tail, well seemingly normal; the customary brawl engulfing the majority of the guild's members was missing. Instead, the members were crowded around a long wooden table in the center of the guild hall, watching as a certain rose headed Dragonslayer in a ridiculous get up; something that resembled a fuzzy pink bear costume with a black tutu around the waist. In his hands, were two instruments that were grating on a certain blonde mage's nerves, two bright green and pink maracas.

He was dancing, a ridiculous expression taking over his face, as he shook the instruments in no particular pattern. The Dragonslayer had lost a bet with Gajeel, forcing the flame headed idiot to embarrass himself beyond belief.

"Argh, why did I give Natsu those maracas?" Lucy exclaimed as she let her head fall onto the table. The nonrhythmic sound was driving her insane, it was bad enough that the iron Dragonslayer was singing in the background. "If I had know this was going to happen..."

"Oi, flame head you're messing me up!" Gajeel suddenly shouted from the stage, causing Natsu's dance of stupidity to cease. He turned to face the iron dragonslayer.

"Like you weren't already screwing up, bastard!"

"What did you say?" Gajeel challenged, throwing his guitar to the side.

"You heard me, metal head."

"Flame head!"

It wasn't long before the usual fight broke out. Natsu and Gajeel started at first, soon dragging in the rest of the guild. Lucy and the ones who had no desire to be caught up in the commotion moved to the bar.

"Never again." Lucy swore as she downed a glass of orange juice.