Yes! Here it is~!

America's POV.

Ever since they returned from their mission England seemed uneasy. It was easy to tell England didn't trust Dumbledore, but Alfred saw nothing wrong with the headmaster.

"Reckless I tell you." England told Canada once, "To want a child, a first year, to go through something like that, lesson or no lesson."

"I'm glad nothing bad happened." Canada said in his usual whisper.

England sighed, "But if that's Dumbledore's way of thinking, Harry will end up dealing with something like that again!"

"No worries dude! Harry`s great backup! He'll be fine!" Alfred said happily.

England took a sip of his tea and looked at the two boys on his couch, "I just don't approve of his method."

America suddenly sat up straight, earning a raised eyebrow from both Canada and England.

"Dude! That school is pretty awesome, minus the ghosts," Alfred shivered, "I wouldn't mind going on another mission!"

England looked a bit surprised, "Well, I guess it would work, no one would be suspicious if you went again, and they might be if you didn't go back."

"Really eh?" Canada asked.

"AWESOME!" Alfred fist pumped the air.

"I CAN GET SOME REVENGE- I mean spread democracy." Alfred finished.

England sighed, again, "I suppose it would be best to take extra precautions this time, with what's been going on lately I wouldn't be surprised if anything else happened, by the way what happened to the philosophers stone?"

America and Canada tensed.

England looked at them suspiciously.

"eh…aboot that… It kind of…" Canada began.

"Broke." America finished.

England just stared at them, blankly.

A few seconds went by,

A few moments went by,

A minute went by, and England finally said something, hoping he heard wrong. "what?"

"It-" Canada began.

"Broke." America finished again.

England did not say anything, he left the room and went to his basement.

"Do you think he'll be alright?" Canada asked.

"I thin-" America began but was interrupted by a stream of curses (Not the magic kind) And language that should never be heard, coming from the former pirate downstairs.

"Not." America finished.

England came back upstairs, he looked a little red, probably from shouting, he then sat down and sipped his tea.

"Uh? Iggy?" America asked, but England ignored him, still trying to calm down.

"What. Happened. To. The. Stone?"


"I. Know. It. Broke." England stated.

"Well we only know it got destroyed so Moldy shorts couldn't get it." America replied.

"Moldy shorts?" England asked, as soon as he asked he realized what America had said, "Voldemort was after the stone? That's something you should have told me a month ago!"

"HAHAHA~! Don't worry it-." America began.

"No! If he went after the stone, he's going to want revenge for not getting it! If he got into the school once, I'm sure he could do it again if he wanted!" England shouted putting down his earl grey tea.

He then sighed, "You two, if you still want, will go to Hogwarts again, keep an eye for anything suspicious."

England then gave a pirate smirk.

"With a little help, of course."

End chapter~! Like last time this is just a quick sneak peak at what I've got, other chapters will of course be longer~!