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Author's Notes: Spoilers for first season Weiss Kreuz episodes.

* * * * *

By Gen X

* * * * *

She watches as he leans against the railing. He stares out at the horizon, watching the subtle movement of the water's surface. She didn't have to guess at where to find him. He always comes here.

He's turned away from the crowd content to be alone with his thoughts. She can see his confusion and frustration from the tension in his shoulders and the flecks of dry salt left upon his face. For one so young, he's seen too much and is just learning the world isn't as simple as it seems. Now, he has far too many questions.

She has the answers.

Now, she's out of the car and headed towards him. Suddenly, she stops reeling in her concern. She has a duty and a mission. She can't be distracted from that. He shares the same goal and their mission cannot waver. Sometimes, she decides, ignorance is best. She steps onto the boardwalk. Her red heels echo on the wood, a sound as empty as her words to come.

"Omi?" she calls out softly. She ignores the guilt that pulls at her. It's not his real name, but for the moment it's all she is willing to share. It's for the best, she reminds herself. The best interests of Kritiker. The best interests of Weiss. And, she desperately hopes, the best thing for Omi.

He looks at her. A week smile is set upon his face. He's done so much good and overcame endless trials but the truth is never a simple thing. Nor is it clean cut. She wants to believe he could handle it but she can't take that chance.

He stares at her. His eyes shine bright with hurt and betrayal. She has just admitting to knowing the answers and she's not eager to share them. She speaks empty words of caution and logic. She tries to tempt him with the allure of ignorance, but it drives him even more. After all, he wants to know what's so bad that it'd be worth forgetting.

They're locked in stalemate. The issue hangs open, threatening to reveal tattered memories. They stand apart staring until the frustration becomes to too much for him and he falls to his knees sobbing. She watches wide-eyed, startled into speechlessness.

Without thought, without realization, she's moving towards him. He warps his arms around her, holding tight enough to bruise. She holds him close in a maternal like embrace. His tears stain her clothes and he clings to her in desperate need. He simply needs someone to be there.

She stays as long as he needs her. Today she can't give him the truth but rather only this small comfort. She only has this moment to give as she tries to shield him from his own life. She looks out towards the setting sun, ignoring his heaving sobs, and hopes her choice is for the best.