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Summary:They kept each other sane through everything: From rejection, to abandonement, and all sorts of trouble they attracted to their person. So when KID gets shot out of the sky and the balance of their game overthrown, Shinichi finds way to thank him; befriending the hurt thief.

Hints at Romance, though it is Friendship based. It's just a small Three shot so I'm not gonna be overdoing it with the details, but it'll be IC so no worries. Ohh, and this is a Fem!ShinxKai fanfic, since even if Shin-chan is on top, I can't see Kai-chan as a girl. xD

I'm a ShinRan through and through, but I can't help but think this pairing is so creative. They balance each other out, and I kinda hope Gosho-sama would find a way to fit Kai-chan in the Detective Conan plotline. :) Well, enough blabber, R&R! :)

His hang glider slowly descended from the vast moonlit sky, a trail of blood seeping through his immaculate uniform as he grasped his chest where the dark red liquid was leaking from.

She cursed as she ran down the stairwell of the rooftop, passing by bewildered officers of the task force, Nakamori-keibu shouting right at her ear asking what happened. She paid no mind, running as fast as she could through the floor holding the Angel Amethyst, Kaitou KID's supposed prize of the night. This wasn't supposed to happen. She thought. The idiot thief was supposed to stick to their game of cat and mouse. There wasn't supposed to be anyone shot at... especially him. No one gets hurt right?

Her long dark hair billowed against the wind, her weird cowlick following her head as she looked up, trying to remember the way his glider went to. Seeing a flash of white in the distance, she ran, passing by the panicking crowd in a hurry, the Taskforce right behind her. Blue eyes lit up with determination, thinking of a way to lose the officers in her wake. They're not supposed to find him.

A few minutes of zigzagging all around the alleyways of Shibuya, losing his beloved Taskforce, she took off to where she knew he should've landed. The sniper that shot him was already dealt with, having her power shoes in a full grown body had its perks when kicking a soccer ball at the enemy. She paused suddenly, spotting his prone form lying a few meters away from her. Thinking quick, she took off her black cardigan and ripped one of the sleeves, quickly making her way to KID and tying her ripped sleeve around his left leg where another bullet had pierced straight through. "Hey KID, you awake?" she asked, tapping all over his chest to find the other gunshot wound, "Come on, where is it?" she muttered to herself. She needed to act quick or the Taskforce is gonna find them.

A moan escaped his lips as he grasped her hand and dragged it up to his right, just beside his breastbone, "Here." he uttered weakly, his face contorted into a deep frown, pain evident from his voice and face.

She frowned as she slowly grasped both his hands; cold. She let go, pressing her left hand in the bullet wound as she hovered over his right side and quickly grabbed for her phone in her pocket. Speed dialing number two, she pressed the device between her ear and shoulder as she added her right hand to placing pressure in his chest, trying to stop the blood flow as she glanced around his body, noting the amount of blood splattered around him. She's gonna have to deal with that.

"Hello?" Agasa-Hakase answered from the other line, "Shinichi-kun?"

"Hakase!" her panic filled voice answered, "I need you to come to Shibuya, in the alleyway between Mishomo and ¥enDealz. And bring some strong concentrated acid, uhm, HCl would do."

"What do you need that for?"

"I'll explain later!" she shouted, "Just hurry!" and with that she hung up.


A few minutes later, with her constant swearing and his deteriorating heartbeat, the yellow beetle came to a stop a few feet away from them, and there emerged a worry-stricken Agasa, spotting the blood covering his young friend's clothes and hands, "What happened here, Shinichi-kun?"

"KID got shot at," she explained, "I need you to help me carry him to the car." she said as she stood up and motioned for the professor to grab the KID's feet. They lifted him up, KID groaning from the sudden movement on his person, and moved him slowly into the vehicle. From the distance, Nakamori-keibu's continual cursing and orders rang through the night as Shinichi grabbed the bottle of Hydrochloric acid and spilled its contents in the pool of blood KID was laying down in a few moments ago. She watched the blood sizzle as she glanced around the alley for places that had his blood, seeing nothing, she spilled the whole acid all over, dumping her battered jacket and setting it on fire. She ran to the beetle where the professor and an unconscious KID awaited her.

They drove into the night, a somber atmosphere covered the whole of Tokyo as everyone asleep and awake waited for the day to come forth.

HCl doesn't really help remove blood. But it can somehow destroys the DNA present in the blood, destroying the hydrogen bonds and an making some significant damage to the DNA, so I thought, its gonna be impossible to track Kaito down if the DNA in his blood can't be discerned. Though I guess blood type would still be known. I'm not quite sure though, and Shin-chan's panicking so she can't think straight. Oh, and HCl is not flammable, I just needed to get rid of Shin-chan's jacket.

I like it when people write about ShinKai. KaiShin doesn't really appeal to me, since I think Shinichi would hate being 'under', especially by the KID. Also, I like yaoi, but having Fem!Shin is just soooooooo awesome. xD

Also, don't you people get the feeling Gosho-sama is gonna start ending the series soon? I get that feeling. Especially after seeing the spoilers for Chapter 817. LIKE OMG!

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